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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Back-to-back wins over the Ravens and the Colts have the Titans atop the AFC South in early December.

Yes, the mood has sure changed since the last time the Titans walked off the field at Nissan Stadium.

But there's no time to let up now.

The Browns are headed to town for what should be a good one.

Hope this mailbag lives up to the hype as well.

Let's go…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Brendan Schultz from San Rafael, California
With the Browns having proven that they can beat bad teams but repeatedly getting blown out by good teams, how much of a threat do you think they pose this week?

Jim: Hey Brendan. The Titans lost to the Bengals about a month ago, so they can't take anyone lightly. Just keeping it real in here. The Browns are 8-3 and they have a tremendous running game, and talent across the roster. They swept the Bengals, by the way. If the Titans don't show up and play well, they'll be taking the L. If the Titans play like they have the past two weeks, they'll be 9-3 when you go to sleep on Sunday night.

Luke Carter from Westmoreland, Tennessee
Hey, Jim the offense is clicking now it kind of reminds me of last year late in the season with Tannehill on fire and Henry being the X-factor. But my question this week is with us facing the Browns there is no doubt Baker Mayfield is a gun slinger and our secondary hasn't been great these days how well do you think that we will have to defend the deep ball to win this game. I will be attending my 2nd Code Blue game and can't be more excited.

Jim: Hey Luke. It should be a fun day at the stadium. Mayfield can throw it around, but he's been more of a game manager of late because the Browns run the ball so well. I've been impressed with Mayfield's ability to cut down on his turnovers – he hasn't thrown a pick in four straight games. If the Titans can get the Browns in longer down and distance situations, they can make him throw it, and potentially force some mistakes. Remember, the Titans picked Mayfield off three times in the meeting between these teams last September in Cleveland. A prediction here: Kevin Byard gets his first interception of the season on Sunday.

Susan Woodard from Bowling Green, Kentucky
Two players on my mind, Jim. I am sure you've addressed this oh-so-many times, but I am looking for any info on Adoree Jackson and his knee injury, as well as why Isaiah Wilson still hasn't played. Does Wilson have nothing to offer at this time, even on special teams? Thanks for your solid reporting on my lifelong fave team.

Jim: Hi Susan. You're right – I've addressed both of these questions so many times I've lost count. So here's the CliffsNotes version: Adoree' isn't playing because he's not healthy enough to play right now, and Isaiah isn't playing because he's not good enough to play right now. Both have officially been ruled out for Sunday, Jackson with a knee, and Wilson with an illness.

James Connery from Las Vegas, Nevada
Fun Fact: Did you know that Nashville had a mayor named Wilkins F. Tannehill? Coincidence maybe?

Jim: This is a great piece of trivia, James. I'm a Nashville native, and didn't realize this. According to the Tennessee Encyclopedia, Wilkins Tannehill "came to Nashville in 1808. He was involved in politics, intellectual pursuits, Masonic activities, journalism, and publishing in the city for the rest of his life. Tannehill's political interests led him to serve as an alderman in 1813 and as mayor of Nashville 1825-26." Story has it 'ol Wilkins Tannehill had a pretty nice finger roll, and he was once quoted saying, "That's why they call them touchdowns, and not touch-ups" …

Garius Jones from Dinwiddie, Virginia
Wow how great was it to see the defense getting third down stops vs the Colts. I've been praying for a game like this. Eight and three, hell of a start. I believe in this team. I wish Steve McNair was here to see this. Hats off to Mike Vrabel and Arthur Smith -- they turned our team around tremendously. I get so emotional watching these games because I know are capability.

Jim: Good to hear from you Garius!

Dan Baird from Nashville, Tennessee
Jim, just read the article on David Quessenberry. As a cancer survivor myself, I am hoping he's there at LT for the rest of the year. Inspirational! Don't know if it was him, or having Saffold back as well, but the entire O line was gettin it done last week. I know they got their hands full again this week, but was a complete performance worth noting. Tannehill not running for his life, real, stable holes for the king to run through. All fantastic.
They're down in the trenches and no highlight reel is gonna focus on them, but I sure saw it. And know they were a giant part of the team winning. Do me a favor and let em know that someone watches them as well as the skill players. Thanks, Dan

Jim: Thanks for reading, Dan. Here's the Quessenberry story you're referring toCLICK HERE. I'll spread the word. The guys on the o-line have definitely been getting it done.

Andy Stambene from lethbridge, Alberta,Canada
Just loved watching the Titans pile up the points even if the Colts were somewhat banged up. It was great to see the Defense play well, get some picks and a sack or two. This Sunday's game will be the Litmus test against a much-improved Cleveland Browns squad. Haven't been able to say that from the North Ohio Football in... Well since the Titans were the Oilers from Houston. Those were some great rivalries and that ol' division was the best in the NFL. I like the Titans and how they have handled all the injuries. And of course the play of the Offensive players (Henry,Brown,Davis,Tannehill,Smith...) and everyone else. It was fun to watch last weeks game and hopefully there will be more where that came from...PS I hope the Titans sign Davis...he deserves to stay...question Jim? Where is OT Wilson? Thanks Jim for all you do! Titans all the way!

Jim: On the same page with you on a lot of this, Andy. And I remember those Oilers-Browns, Titans-Browns games well back in the day. I'd like to see Davis stay. As for Wilson, he's still on the roster. He's a back-up.

Scott Saling from Bowling Green, Kentucky
Good afternoon Jim! Hope all is well. First thing is I am and have been a proud supporter of this team all the way back to the Oiler days. I have went through the good the bad and the very bad lol but have never wavered my support for this team and never will. Titan for life. I have noticed in the past 2 games that the defense is starting to play better and better yes still giving up plays here and there and every team will give up plays!! But to look back at the start of the season up to this point and you can see the progress this unit has made. With the defense playing better and the offense with Henry, Tannehill, and Brown and the play of Davis which has really came on as of late I feel this team can be as dominate as anyone out there and a real that no one wants to see come January. I just want to give props to all the coaches and players on the defense starting to turn there unit around. We have the players and it's good to see it starting to come together on that side of the ball. Have a good week Jim thank you for all you do to keep up as informed as you can. TitanUp!!!!!

Jim: Hey Scott. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm sure the players and coaches appreciate it.

Henry Martin from Jacksonville, Florida
Hello from Jacksonville! As always, awesome job you are doing! The only thing I want to say is that dealing with injuries and COVID-19, I want to give a shout out to those players we don't hear or talk too much about that have been contributing and making every moment count. Breon Borders, D'Onta Foreman, Derrick Roberson, David Quessenberry, Ty Sambrailo, David Long, Jeremy McNichols and Aaron Brewer to name a few. Even though we don't see them on the highlight reel like Ryan, Derrick and AJ, they are stepping up and doing their job. I love it! Oh, last thing, how is Adoree' doing? We need him back in this rotation that is looking much better. GO TITANS!!! #TITANUP

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Henry. Appreciate the kind words. All those guys you mentioned have stepped up and played well, and the team is going to keep needing them. Adoree' continues to work his way back. He's hurt, and has been since the first of September. As long as the team doesn't need the roster spot – and right now it doesn't – he'll continue to be inactive until he's ready to play, if he's able to play this season.

Dominic Velotta from Chesterland, Ohio
Hey Jim. How does Tennessee plan on stopping a fresh Myles Garrett after sitting out the past two games?

Jim: It won't be easy Dominic. Myles Garrett is a beast. It's going to take o-line, tight ends, running backs, some chip blocking, etc. The best way to slow him down? Run the football and keep him from pinning his ears back on obvious passing downs.

Kelly Benitez from Rochester, New York
Hey Jim! Thank you for this outlet to ask questions it's pretty cool! With the way Arthur Smith is calling plays could he potentially get offers come next year for a HC position some place else? I mean look at Matt LeFleur - we seem to lose our OCs to HC positions when there is such a nice rhythm going on and then our guys have to adjust yet again. Thoughts? And as always #titanup

Jim: Hey Kelly. I appreciate the email, and I hear the buzz surrounding Arthur, too. But right now, Arthur has a game he's preparing for in Tennessee, and I can guarantee you he'll be with the team the rest of the season. I prefer to answer questions about his fate in 2021 in 2021…

Have a great weekend everyone!

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