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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Well, the long wait for another game is finally here – almost.

It's been a busy week of questions/comments here, and we're going to go through another round today before Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Let's go…

Warnis Hightower from Rosharon, Texas
I am sick and tired of fans trashing Marcus. The Titans, which I love, seem to never concentrate on improving their offensive line. After the Ravens game last year, this should have been a priority in the off season. Comparing Marcus to Brady is not fair because Brady is seldom sacked or rushed. If he faced pressure, like Marcus does, his numbers would go way down.

Jim: Hey Warnis. Well, we saw how Brady performed last year in Nashville when the Titans pressured him, so you may be on to something there. As for the Titans offensive line, well, it was addressed. But things didn't play out as planned. Taylor Lewan was suspended for four games, and projected starting right guard Kevin Pamphile got injured, so he's missed three straight. He had to be replaced. So the Titans moved Dennis Kelly into an unfamiliar left tackle spot, and Jamil Douglas had to step in to play right guard, which might've been third-round pick Nate Davis' job from the beginning had he stayed healthy, which he didn't. Now he's catching up. In time, the Titans will have their o-line in place. Until then guys are going to have to step up and play well against the Falcons.

Emmanuel Gijón from Madrid, Spain
Hi Jim! From Madrid. I need to know what happen with the offensive, where are the WRs? Why not have a big plays in the offensive? Since 23 years ago I am Titan, but this year our team, specifically the offensive is very poor, it's predictable all times, until people like me knows what will happen, the team have a very good players, but it's like they play at university not in NFL

Jim: Hello Emmanuel. Thanks for weighing in from Spain. The team definitely needs more big plays. All the guys, from A.J. Brown to Corey Davis to Adam Humphries to Tajae Sharpe, have had their moments, but it hasn't happened consistently enough. Part of the problem is the QB hasn't had time to sit back and find them. The expectation is things will come together in the near future. Humphries had his best game vs. Jacksonville, and same for Tajae. Now Corey and A.J. need to be more involved. There's talent.

Steve Johnson from Jackson, Tennessee
Hey Jim I'm a huge Titans fan and I will always be supported of them in the good and bad and maybe one year we will get that Lombardi Trophy and bring it back to Nashville. I do have a concern about our head coach and I have all the respect for Vrabel as a player but I just notice after every press conference he just has no sense of urgency and doesn't show a lot of passion to get this mess we have been dealing with of losing behind us. Maybe I'm wrong but I believe the last few coaches we have had shown the same characteristics as Vrabel. I think we just need someone to come in and light a fire under our guys and I just haven't witnessed that with the last few head coaches. I would like to see a coach be furious when we lose just as some of our veterans are after losing. I'm just sick of the mediocre seasons just like the rest of the fans and want us to get back to winning in Nashville and have the loud atmosphere at Nissan stadium again. Thanks for your time Jim I appreciate everything you do for our organization.

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time Steve. But I'll say this: Vrabel is as fiery as any coach I've been around. You'll have to trust me on this. He's not afraid to call guys out. After games, if that's what you're referring to, I think he's emotionally drained from the week, and the game itself. But the guy can get ramped up, even if he's not yelling and screaming all the time. He definitely doesn't lack a sense of urgency.

Bob Clouse from Yukon, Oklahoma
Hey there Jim. A few things to think about: Houston started last year 0-3 and won the division, Tennessee made it to the AFC championship after starting 1-4, Jacksonville shut down one of the best QB/WR duos in Watson and Hopkins in week 2 this season. Most offenses are going to have trouble in Duval, especially if playing from behind. No reason to get toxic with so much football left to be played. Not to say we're definitely going to get things turned around but it's way too early for such negative reactions. Mariota is a very good QB and this is an excellent roster and team that could do some pretty special things this year. I'd like to see the fans get behind them a little more and bash them a little less. With that said, what do you think is the most crucial factor to get this team back on schedule?

Jim: Good points Bob. I think pass protection, and being better on first and second down, are both key. And those two things really go hand in hand. Help is coming in the form of Taylor Lewan, and the potential for change at right guard at some poimt. But as an offense, the Titans are going to have to rise up and be better as a whole to help out the defense, and get the team back on schedule.

Joe McAdams from Mexico City, Mexico
Hi there Jim. Before I say anything I want to thank you for all your hard work with this team and for keeping us fans informed and up to date. The first thing I do every day as soon as I arrive at the office, is reading your updates and mailbags. I'm not going to rant about our QB. I do think the O-line is the main fracture of the Titans' offense but I would love your sincere opinion about something that concerns me a lot. I'm a big MM8 fan, I love his passion, his attitude and how he never gives up. However, I honestly see him suffering a regression in his play. Marcus primary weapon used to be his athleticism and ability to extend plays, but it seems that he's been more static lately, hesitant and unable to move efficiently inside to pocket to avoid sacks. I remember a game Vs the Colts a couple seasons ago when he literally dodged a blitzing LB to make a TD throw to Andre Johnson. Of course I'm not expecting him to do that every single play, but it seems like he isn't as confident and in rhythm as he used to. I don't know if it's the pressure on his contract or him worrying too much about not making mistakes, but I don't think he is comfortable anymore. He misses easy throws, he projects urgency, he is unsure about throwing the ball and he has been taking bad decisions inside the pocket. Are you in the same page with me on this and do you honestly see a regression in Marcus' play? And if so why do you think is the main reason?

Jim: Hola Joe, y gracias. I can't sit here and say Marcus has looked like Patrick Mahones this season. For one reason or another, things haven't taken off like everyone hoped. He's had his moments, both good and bad. But I believe he has it in him, and we've seen flashes. Marcus didn't play poorly in the season opener, and in the second half vs. the Jaguars I thought he looked like a gamer because the dam broke and he got sacked again and again. Still, he was slinging it. But he has been inconsistent throwing the football, and I'm talking about his accuracy here. He hasn't turned the ball over, or been careless, though. There's still a lot of football to be played, so let's see how this thing goes.

Clifton Sims from Washington, D.C.
Hi Jim, I was wondering why do you think the titans don't put Mariota in the shotgun or pistol in about 85% like Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, or even a bit like Russell Wilson? As it seems like in college and in the pros he has played much better in shotgun than under center. As he is one of the better play action passers and is good in the short and intermediate game. Also, do you think the Titans are set up as a roster to take advantage of Mariota's skill set, for instance Henry is an i-formation back not a typical spread offense back and the receivers lack a third level threat especially on the outside opposite of Davis.

Jim: Hey Clifton. It wouldn't surprise me to see some new wrinkles at some point, but the reason you don't see a ton of shotgun is because it doesn't match up with what the team wants to do in the run game, and it would make play-action more difficult. Again, I think OC Arthur Smith will incorporate some newness in the coming weeks, but I can't see a complete overhaul. The team wants to run the football, and the best way to do it is to have Henry in the backfield, behind Marcus.

Ardie Melton from Fair Oaks, California
Hi Jim. It bewilders me that so many fans are quick to blame Marcus with their opening statement, but then move on to how bad the offensive line has been. I mean, seriously, how can you play quarterback in the NFL with this offensive line? Is it possible that we make opposing teams count out MISSISSIPPI's or Alligators before rushing Marcus? It only seems fair! This offensive line has been a problem throughout last year. It got much better when #22 got the start and the same goes for this year. I know that JRob addressed the offensive line in free agency and the draft, but we haven't gotten a chance to see how that is going to work out just yet. A couple weeks ago i asked you about possibly moving Conklin over to left guard, you assured me that wouldn't happen. In your last mailbag, someone asked about Kelly moving to the interior. You said that wasn't going to happen, either. So how about this? When Lewan gets back, move Conklin over to RG and Kelly at LT? That would put 4 of our best offensive linemen on the field at once. (i'm not a Ben Jones fan, but i'm not sure who else can snap it?) If these (or some) changes aren't made, or they don't work, do we start looking at the offensive line coach? Again, it just amazes me that so many fans do not realize how important the offensive line is to running a successful offense. If this team moves on from Marcus, i would be amazed. They need to get him protected in a hurry, because Tannehill will fair no better. Bench Marcus and the Titans are admitting they are going into rebuild mode. If Marcus goes, the Titans will have another losing season next year, and Vrabel will be following him out the door. Nobody wants that.
On a side note, I want to send some love to Dean Pees. His defense has yet to give up more than 20pts a game and without him, the Titans would be getting blown out. I really like how he calls his games.

Jim: Good to hear from you Ardie. The GM and head coach are fans of Ben Jones, and that's why he got an extension. And once again, I don't get the sense Jones has been the problem. And I stand firm in thinking Conklin isn't going inside. He's the right tackle. Good shout-out for Pees.

John Eltvik from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Hey Jim I've watched titans all my life and I'm getting g tired of these complaints about Mariota. 1st he's the best about we had since Vince. Say what you want Vince won games, Marcus has not been protected but 1 year since he's been here our offensive line has been way overrated for years now there's been no consistent play but from tackles and Ben jones is one of the biggest problems he should not have been resigned all our sacks come from the middle for years now, our guards has been trash maybe they have one good year but no consistency never. Also all these different coaches and offence doesn't help Marcus, he can't get comfortable with all the changes and hearing footsteps on every play. Resign Marcus 5yr 90mill and get a new center in draft or make a trade say bucks for c jassen and guard marpet or just marpet he plays both c & guard get rid of jones and all right guards also Saffold is at his end too. Sorry Jim for this long list but I can't bite my tounge no more also our d line does get pressure for years now but it's overated as well Casey the only real asset we have that's our 2 weaknesses o-line c&g and d-line,true titans fans know I'm right fix these two problems we will be fine via draft or trade or free agency I know nt from ravens pierce is fa we need him to fill the gap and get the double teams off Casey and yes our run d has been stout for years now but Casey pierce and Simmons sounds great and that will help our Db's as well as they age via butler & Ryan.

Jim: Well John, there's a lot to take in here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Sean Lewis from Chuckey, Tennessee
I'm not gonna ask a question just make a few comments. Did the Titans look like crap against the Jags? Yes. Did they lose yet another game to the Colts? yes. However, Indy is very well coached and the score was 19-17. Are there areas where the Titans need to improve ASAP? Yes. Does the coaching staff need to make better in game adjustments? Yes. BUT...we are Titans fans. We are 1-2, not 1-8. Coach Vrabel will get better each week. Marcus is going to improve. The O-Line is going to improve. Arthur is going to get better at play calling. We are gonna get better at getting after the opposing QB. My point...I am a Titans fan. We will get better. #TitanUp...Have a great day Jim.

Jim: Now that's a winning attitude Sean…

Bill Holton from Chattanooga, Tennessee
I want to focus on the positive this team is doing. The D is playing really good football. Jayon is everywhere. Landry Evans Wake Byard Casey Mack Jones Ryan are doing their jobs consistently. The d is swarming to the ball gang tackling. They should only improve and look to be dominant. Outside of a muffed punt special teams looks good. Kern is a weapon and is the best punter in the league. Let's hope the other phases catch up to the Ds level of play.

Jim: Man, we have some positivity pouring into the mailbag this week…

Andy Jaekel from Cologne, Germany
Hi Jim. How are you doing? So many angry mails, after that loss at Jacksonville...I think you got headache...
So, here is not another one like that., i think it´s a hard time to read and answer to all of this mails, so i will give you something to read, what may give you a better mood.
First i want to say: Sorry, English is not my native language, so my grammar is not perfect, i am a german titans fan, i learned english at school, long time ago and now i am only using it, if i go to vacation. But it´s good enough to understand 99% of the questions and answers in your mailbag. ;)
Second Thank you for your work, i always like to read all the news, questions and opinions.
And here comes the reason: I am NOT a long-time Titans fan. Or better to say, i am not a long time nfl fan. But, NOW i am a big Titans fan
Why? Good that you ask.
My Story:
I am a Soccer Fan all my life, from my childhood to now. Sometimes i watched the superbowl, but football seems to be boring to me. So many breaks "they are more talking than playing" i thought.
Football was not so present and popular in germany, if you are not try to find it, It´s all about soccer here. But TV always broadcasts the super bowl. but it became more...
In the last years, it´s possible to sea two NFL games in free television here in germany, sunday evening.
Some of my friends always watched it, and they chatted about it in our facebook group during the games. Sunday evening, nothing to do, relax and get ready for the work on monday, so i started to watch it too, chatted with my friends, asked them about some rules and things like that.,, and it becomes more interesting to me, every sunday more and more.
But then, one of my friends asked me: "Andy, now you are watching football with us every week, so, YOU NEED A TEAM. who are you supporting?"
Good Question. Yes, every sport is much more interesting, if you are supporting someone. So i take a look at all the teams in the NFL. NOT THE PATRIOTS, about this i was sure 100%. A team, that always is winning, is the most boring thing in sports. My friends are Fans of the Seahawks, The Redskins, the Steelers, the Packers. No way, i need something different. TENNESSEE TITANS? That sounds cool. Good Name. Never won a super bowl. This is something that suits me (can i say this in English? not sure, but i think, you understand). I have never been in the United States, so i could not choose a city. So i chose a name, also i love the "remember the titans" movie, i like to drink Jack Daniels, Tennessee whiskey. ;) Ok, here we go... This is my Team
Of course, today, i know a lot of more about the Titans (And the NFL), the history. The Music City Miracle, our super bowl loss to the Rams, all this. Today i understand, what happens on the field.
All this happened in the last some years. I got the NFL gamepass the last two years, so i can watch every Titans game. i was celebrating so loud, after our overtime win against the Eagles last year, I was feeling bad after the loss to the Colts, no play offs.... So, i think i can say, yes, i am new, but i am a fan 100% now. And we are playing Fantasy Football too :D
Maybe all this is not interesting for you to read, but i wanted to let the Titans know, there are Titans Fans in Germany also!!!
Let´s talk about the Things on the field, and, this is "Ask Jim", my question.
Marcus is my first Titans QB, i still hope he is the guy. Yes, i wish, we would play more 40,50 yard plays, he can do it, that throw to Tajae Sharpe last Thursday showed it again. JUST DO IT!
If i watch the Highlights from the other games, i see everywhere the receivers get wide open, why our WR´s can´t do that? I am not only talking about last Thursday. this was the worst o-line, impossible to get open for a big play in 1,5-2 seconds... But it happens not often. Of course, everyone wants a QB like Patrick Mahomes, wow, what a player, but i am ok with Mariota, if he plays on his highest level. But it seems like, he has not the self-confidence. I hope he will get it.
About the words for this. you will have a lot of mails about that.
What i want to know: We are going to run the ball. But Henry can not do everything alone. Dion Lewis. I don´t know, if he runs the ball, we have to be happy, if he got FOUR yards. Yes, i know, he had some good runs last year (the chargers game i remember) but would it be possible to trade here for a better player?
Ok, Jim, thank you for reading. Have a nice day and, if you talk to coach Vrabel, tell him, i want a Win in Atlanta. I woke up two o´clock in the night, last friday, to see the Titans in Jacksonville, and when the game was over, i had to go to work. Bad night, so i want a better sunday evening, next week ).

Jim: Hi Andy. I left your story in here because I thought it was interesting, and I think Titans fans will agree. I'm always curious to see where fans are from, and how they became a fan of the team. I like the way you chose the Titans as your team – a classic movie, and a classic whiskey! I believe the only question you had here centered on Dion Lewis, and the possibility of a trade. I just don't see that happening. He's a change-of-pace guy for Derrick Henry, and he'll continue to have a role.

Kirk Heather from Waianae, Hawaii
Jim, thank you for allowing Titan fans to vent their dissatisfactions after these last two games. Maybe I'm Pro-Marine Corps when I say this. On the snap of the football on passing plays, why do the O-line take those steps backwards? Why move backwards, why not establish the blocking at that point (LOS)? I believe we should neutralize any D-Line push at the point of Attack (LOS). Our O-Line should fire out at the D-Line on every pass play and then move into proper pass protection techniques. Make D-Lines work for every inch of Ground!! It would create proper spacing for O-Line & QB? Three things come to mind for a successful Pass Play. 1. O-Line Protection 2. Receivers get into their Routes Immediately 2. QB Get ball to open receiver. And to all those True Titan Fans out There!! Semper Fi!! Remain Faithful!! Gods Blessings to you Jim!!

Jim: On pass plays you'll see them drop back – it's part of their technique as you know. I'm no o-line coach, but if you surge forward as defenders fire off the line there's potential for a lot of misses, and sacks. (Not that we haven't seen too many of those already). The Titans need to be sturdier, with improved technique. Semper Fi!

John Kay from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hey Jim, thanks for reading and sharing. I've read a lot of comments of people being disappointed which I understand, I wanted a win as well. However, I don't understand those who are saying the Titans are an embarrassment. Yeah, the past two games have not been pretty, but I'm so proud of the character displayed by this team as a whole, starting with MM8. He represents TN well. Not once have we heard him say anything negative about a teammate or coach. I'm sure the majority of fans would say winning isn't everything, so lets celebrate the caliber of character representing TN and stand behind these men rather than tear them down. I'm not saying this to sound cliche. The fan base has more influence on a team's success than it realizes. Lets stop the fighting and discouraging comments and get behind this team. Mariota has character, class and discipline. We have also seen that he has talent. If there is a piece missing in order for him to have more success I'd argue its his confidence. There are a multitude of factors that effect his confidence, but the one that matters most, in my opinion, is the support he gets from Titans fans. That is something we can all have a role in. That is how we fans can have a positive effect on the team. Mariota, Coach Vrabel, and Jrob are all men of character and discipline and they will sort this out. Rather than tear them down lets try to build them up and see what happens. Week 4 is coming up, and I'm all in! Heck, as a small gesture, I'm starting MM8 on my fantasy team. If you see MM8 show him this post and tell him he has a lot of support and love in Chattanooga. Titan up and show some love!

Jim: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I've noticed a lot of feedback from Chattanooga, which is great.

John Clark from Knoxville, Tennessee
Jim Wyatt I'm a die-hard Titans fan I'm retired Navy I'm from Knoxville Tennessee and I have the hardest time defending this team. We have several issues 1st our offense coordinator is predictable he runs the same formation time after time. The offense has the same pattern run, pass pass then run run pass. Next our Qb I love Mariota because his ability to scramble but his accuracy is horrible he's scared to throw deep and he holds the ball way too long. Our defense weak link is Adoree Jackson I been screaming it since his rookie year he's a pure bust couldn't cover a bun on a hamburger please sit him down he's way to small and has no instinct he plays way too far off the ball. I wish coach Vrabel the best with what he has but we should be 3-0 going 4-0. They better produce and please put in Tannehill our passing game would improve 50 percent.

Jim: Hey John. For starters, thank you for your service. Secondly, I hear ya. Tough to defend what happened last Thursday. It's too early to judge the OC, though. His playbook has shrunk with long down-and-distance situations on third down. He looked like a genius in the opener, but losses, third-and-longs and sacks have made it difficult. Give him a chance. Not sure I agree with you on some of your other points/jabs. I do agree Adoree' needs to improve, but his biggest issues have been as a returner.

Duane Falls from Bobcaygeon, Ontario
Hello Jim, I'm a big Mariota fan and here's hoping he can turn in a great rest of season. I have noticed that it seems he is going down very easy compared to earlier in his career. Is that him trying to protect himself from injuries or is it just me. It seems for us to get a sack it takes more effort to bring down other QBs.
Titan up and let's see some good football the rest of the way!

Jim: Hey Duane. I admit I kind of noticed this a little late against the Jaguars. It kind of reminded me of the game against the Ravens last year, when he was sacked 11 times. Not sure I can say it's something I see on a regular basis, though. I just think it was one of those games where he was under so much pressure and was hit so much he probably got a little leery of where pressure was coming from after a while.

Larry Wilson from Greensburg, Kentucky
No question here Jim, No comments about MM8, No comments about the O-line. Not gonna give you my perspective of the state of the NFL today. Nope, not me.
I want to congratulate our new Tennessee Titans cheerleaders for making the team. Whether we win or lose, pull out your yearbook and look for Ryan! That's the way we're supposed to enjoy our game.

Jim: Woot! Woot!

Alan West River from Pearl City, Hawaii
First off, thanks for all the information you put out weekly on the team. Being so far away, it keeps all of us in Hawaii up to date on things. I only started watching NFL football again on a regular basis when Tennessee drafted Marcus back in 2015. Sports fans here in our state always root for locals kids who go on to the pinnacle of their respective sports. We're such a small state, but are so proud of our home grown athletes. It's sad to see fair weather fans of the Titans make him out to be the reason the team is struggling. Let's be real here, a lot of players are struggling and they know who they are. I believe in order to be successful, the players you have need to be able to do what is required of them in any respective system. Until which time you develop a system, and fill it with the type of athletes who can execute what you want, you will never be successful. No matter how hard you try, a square peg will not go into a circular hole no matter how much you try and force it to. The organization needs to figure out what that system is, acquire players who can do what is expected of them, and stick to it! Sorry, this was more of a comment than a question. Have a great day!

Jim: Comments are welcome, too, Alan.

Frank Honeycutt from Duncan, Oklahoma
Dear Jim, Oiler fan Titans fan since the days of Earl Campbell, Dan Pastorini, watched Warren Moon running the shoot, I have seen players come and go, I served in Desert Storm, this is to all my fellow fans out there, MM8 is a franchise QB, stop the bashing, everyone has heard the saying one bad apple spoils the barrel, well one good missing apple makes the pie not very good. Lewan will be back after the Falcons, and all the doubters will see the line come together, Dozer will start running over people and JC and the boys will dominate on D-fence. Jim thank you very much for keeping us informed with the news I enjoy reading the articles every day, with me I am still upset with Mularkey being dismissed after taking this team from 3-13 to 9-7 and a playoff contender, the jury is still out on Vrabel.

Jim: Thanks for your service Frank. Much respect and appreciation. Thanks for reading, and you're certainly Ok feeling the way you do about Mularkey. He's a good man who did a good job changing the culture, and the result. The owner hired Mike Vrabel to help the team take the next step, and in time I think he'll do it…

John Clark from Knoxville, Tennessee
Good morning Jim. I'm a retired Navy veteran and I have been a huge Titans fan since day one. I have the sword logo tattooed on my arms. I believe in teamwork but being in a combat unit I also know every man is accountable for his own actions. We have a few weak links 1st Adoree Jackson is way to small in the NFL he's been a complete bust and gets burned like toast every game and why does he play 5-10 yards off the ball the quick passes kills us. The middle of the field is always open and every 3rd they throw it right down the middle on us. Our offense is very predictable our formation is the same and I'm frustrated that the coach hasn't made adjustments. The Qb position really needs to be addressed cause Mariota holds on to the ball way to long and seems like he's scared to use his legs maybe because it's the last year on his contract and he's trying to prove he is a passing qb which he's failing at. I know it's still early in the season but I believe we should make the switch at QB so Tannehill can make the team chemistry before it's way too late. All in all I'm praying for a turn around this Sunday against the Falcons. We beat teams we should lose to and lose to teams we should be. Very concerned fan.

Jim: Hey John. Man, we have the armed forces covered in today's mailbag! Thank you for your service. Your commitment to the country and the Titans is impressive. You hit on a lot of the same concerns other fans have pointed out, and there's no doubt the team is going to need to improve in a lot of these areas. We definitely agree on this: The Titans need a turnaround vs. the Falcons.

Al Stu from Forest Grove, Oregon
To Mariota or not to Mariota.
- Drafted onto arguably the worst team in NFL.
- New OC every year. Current OC promoted from within, but still a new OC. A rookie OC and play caller at that.
- Three head coaches in 4 years.
- Numerous other coaching and associated scheme changes.
- Supporting cast weak at many positions over the course of those 4 years, and looks to be continuing. Even you have recently commented that even Brady couldn't play behind that o-line.
- I'm sure there is more to this list.
The Titans organization has failed Mariota.
Even so...
+ Better stats than Steve McNair in first 4 years. You yourself recently said not even close I believe.
+ Three consecutive winning seasons.
+ Took team to playoffs. Largely on individual effort.
+ Won a playoff game. Largely on individual effort as well.
+ I'm sure there is more to this list too.
The Mariota haters/naysayers and I have something in common though. We both want Mariota off of the Titans roster. Though for our own different selfish reasons. Mine are for him to be on an actually "good to great" team. He deserves better than to have a bunch of unrealistic thankless fanatics throwing him under the bus. So yes I hope Titans and Mariota part ways.
I'm not so sure Mariota would sign a contract at this point even if the Titans offered one. Don't think I would and hope he doesn't.
Job interviews, evaluations, assessments between employees and employers go both ways. I think Mariota is sizing up the Titans just as much as they are sizing up him. From my perspective Mariota is the one in the driver's seat. Titans need him far more than he needs the Titans. But what the Titans need even more is an NFL caliber team.
I've said since the very beginning of Mariota's rookie season that the Titans have 5 years to field a serious contending team or Mariota would be gone. The season is young and can still be salvaged, but it's not looking good for the Titans. Besides the fans throwing Mariota under the buss don't deserve it anyway. Hope Mariota is on a different team soon so I can stop following the Titans and not be associated with these unrealistic thankless fanatics.

p.s. If Titans bench/cut Mariota they had better cut Adoree Jackson and Malcom Butler first. They cost too many
games for their worth. And also sit down and cut right next to Mariota every WR/TE/RB that drops an uncontested pass the is right in their breadbasket.

Jim: Oh man, Al, you're coming with some high heat here. Not going to challenge you on a lot of your hot takes, because in some cases you are right. Can't agree with the take that Marcus took the team to the playoffs and won a playoff game "largely on individual effort." Yes, he played well and he showed guts, but he had a lot of help, too. I always say it's not always the QB's fault when a team loses, so I have to say he doesn't deserve all the credit with the team wins. But I let you make your points in here …

Alan Ray from College Grove, Tennessee
You must feel like you're in a tag-team match without a partner. Referring of course, to the volume of negative emails you have had to wrestle lately.
I want to say that I feel the same pain and frustration many other Titans fans do about our Titans and our QB. Marcus has been off his game of late and it's not fun to watch. I yell at the TV too when he misses an open receiver. Just as I do when the receiver drops an easy catch. That's natural fan-frustration. However, it hurts to read all the vitriol and mouth-foaming anger people are expressing toward and about Marcus. I mean, it's the wounded.
He may not be The QB, I don't know. But he still has a season to prove it and he needs our support and encouragement to get his spirits up, not our disdain. He realizes everything that's going on. Better that we do, I'm sure. He has gone to war for us. He has sacrificed his body for us scoring touchdowns. He has won games in the clutch...even at the last second and usually with a great throw. Andre Johnson and Corey Davis come to mind. Sadly, he's also been sacked or pressured on seemingly every play this year. No quarterback can fire under those chaotic conditions or establish any type of rhythm, let alone, chemistry.
MM8 has a lot of talent, athleticism and a Warriors' heart. He can do it and we can help by believing in him and pulling for him the rest of the year no matter the record. After they go from bad to good to great, then we can go into therapy. Until then...TITAN UP!

Jim: Thanks Alan. Well, we'll find out Sunday where the conversation takes us next week...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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