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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Another week down in April, another week closer to the NFL Draft.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe out there.

It's been a busy stretch in Titan Land, huh?

Let's dive into another Titans mailbag and see what is on your mind…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Alvin Palmer from Tacoma, Washington
Why don't the Titans get a good WR to go with AJ?

Jim: Well Alvin, the Titans have already added one in Josh Reynolds. I liked him at Texas A&M, and with the Rams, and I think he's going to be a nice addition for the Titans. But he's just a part of the equation. Stay tuned for more additions at the receiver position.

Jordan Bell from Tampa, Florida
Don't be surprised Titan nation if Tennessee selects a running back early. If Travis Etienne slides I could see Tennessee going for him or another pass catching back.

Jim: This sounds like a prediction, Jordan. I know the team likes Darrynton Evans, a third-round pick from the 2020 draft, so I'd be surprised if the team took a running back early. But adding another back at some point wouldn't be a jaw-dropper.

Dennis Utterback from Louisville, Kentucky
No question, just a statement. I feel so much better that we got a big-name defensive coordinator to help out on the defense. Now if we have a good draft day … we might be talking Super Bowl. TITAN UP!

Jim: Adding Jim Schwartz certainly isn't going to hurt, I know that…

Reuben Alvear from San Francisco, California
I like the hiring of Jim Schwartz. Technically, he won't be running the defense. Yet, I still like him as a mentor or guide. He may have some good insights and suggestions because when Schwartz ran Tennessee's D the run defense and 3rd down defense were both stout.
Schwartz's 2008 Titan D was one of the best Oiler/Titan defenses I've ever seen. They had a good number of sacks. And I seem to remember them generating a fair amount of pressure with just their front 4, as I don't believe they ran a lot of blitz heavy packages.

Jim: This is true, Reuben. I think he's a great addition.

Ed Lake from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Hey Jim. What's with Vrabel's non-answers this week as to why he promoted both Bowen and Downing? Not exactly a PR win. You're an ol' media pro--maybe you can coach him up? :-)

Jim: Hey Ed. Well, I'm not a PR guy, so no "coaching up" from me. Hey, Vrabel is his own guy. I think part of the reason he didn't say a whole lot about Bowen is because of the Schwartz news, which wasn't known until a day later. Could he have added more? Sure, and I can't tell you exactly why he chose to approach it the way he did. But his No.1 goal is to win games, not press conferences. Bill Belichick has never been known for a forthcoming approach in dealing with reporters, but he sure has a lot of rings. Vrabel, of course, doesn't have one yet as a coach, but I can guarantee you he's more focused on winning a title than being a media darling.

Douglas Sullins from Johnson City, Tennessee
Dear Jim, I was just watching "Speak for Yourself" on FS1 and apparently a player rep Sam Acho said that most players in 2-4 yrs. after retirement are either depressed, bankrupt or both except at TN, where that is more rare. Apparently the Titans teach their players how to handle their money for which I am elated since most careers only last about 4 yrs. I believe so my hat is off to the Titan org.! Second, is the TN front office taking notes from TB and other teams? They need to apparently give larger signing bonuses and smaller salaries in order to take a smaller hit to the cap space. Third would you be kind enough to explain to this old man Coach Vrabel's strategy in letting go of 3 CB's and 3 ends and not having a good backup to RT. If Henry goes down we become a passing team but if Tannehill goes down we become a 7-10 team at best I fear. My best wishes to you and yours. God bless you.

Jim: Hey Douglas. Life after football can definitely be a challenge for a lot of guys. I do know Chic Ejiasi, the team's director of player engagement, does a great job. As for taking notes from the Bucs, 31 teams are doing that this offseason. But every team's cap situation is different. As for the roster, it's a work in progress. Right now, the team has options at right tackle, from Kendall Lamm to Ty Sambrailo to David Quessenberry. But the NFL Draft will provide more options as well, at tackle and really all over the roster.

Pam Edmond from Dickson, Tennessee
Hi, Where does Derrick Henry purchase suits? He had on an amazing green suit in a video 2020 I am writing in regards to my nephew Harris Adams. Harris a great guy graduating from Nashville Christian. He is a big guy and prom is coming up soon. It is hard for big guys to obtain tux's it even fitted suits. He and his mom were shopping for his prom outfit tonight and I was invited. Harris made the remark Derrick is a big guy and dresses well. So, I am asking for help name of some places to obtain a prom outfit.
You can go on NCS to see a pic of Harris #76, 6'3, 300#, Defensive Tackle. Also, Twitter, or Hudl has highlights.
Thank you. Pam Edmond, Proud Aunt

Jim: Hi Pam. Good to hear from you. And your nephew is a big young man! Derrick works with Alba Legacy, with a designer named Jhoana Alba. She does everything custom for Derrick. I'm told some of the ideas are his, and some are hers. She's @albalegacy on Instagram. And here's the website link: CLICK HERE.

Paul Minton from Johnson City, Tennessee
I've seen a lot of questions about the helmet rule and throwbacks, but instead of having to worry about a rule change, has the organization ever considered just doing a decal swap for a few games and putting the secondary logo (the Sword logo) on? I know a lot of people would love to see it, no rule change necessary.

Jim: Hey Paul. I haven't heard any internal discussions on this. I will say I'd love to see that look myself. I'm a big fan of the sword logo.

Jesse Cano from Corpus Christi, Texas
Hey Mr. Jim..... Chuy here all the way down from South Tx. I'm really glad and excited to see the team improving on the defense with some veteran, talented players. I hope to see the defense make a statement this year just like our amazing offense did last year. I believe these new players can bring more leadership, drive and support to our defense. Then......playoffs, AFC championship.....then Super Bowl baby! Titan Up!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Chuy. I like the positivity!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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