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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's been an eventful week in Titan land, as the team released four players – LT Taylor Lewan, WR Robert Woods, LB Zach Cunningham and K Randy Bullock.

Next up is the NFL Combine, which begins in the coming days.

Let's dive in and see what everyone is thinking before I hit the road to Indianapolis.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Bud Stein from Jacksonville, Florida
Top of the morning Mr Jim. Hope all is well in Titan Country. My questions/concerns are this with the recent release of offensive line, defense, receiver which we hardly had any and the field goal kicker. And (after) some internal hires this almost seems like heading in a rebuild year. I know its early but doesn't seem like the front office is very interested in top players out there. I've had QBs and receivers in mind but that's probably as far as it goes. I've even seen online about Derrick Henry. Why would the powers to be if the case go toward rebuild year in 2023 when honestly the AFC South is a weak division up for grabs. Titans just had a down year and the Jags dont get me started LOL. Please let me know what you HONESTLY think and if you forsee any big names out there Titans pursue or sit back and be content. Thanx Mr Jim Take Care. Respectfully Bud.

Jim: Jeez, Bud, it sounds like you're already panicking down there in Duval. Surely you weren't too surprised by the moves. I think we all knew Lewan and Cunningham were going to be released. They played in eight games combined last year, and they were scheduled to make big money in 2023. Robert Woods was never going to be back on that hefty salary either. A lot of fans had expressed frustration in Randy, so you should have been suspecting that as well. These moves say nothing about the team not being interested in top players – the moves say the team isn't interested in overpaying for players who aren't producing like they did previously. Be patient, go for a walk on the beach, and let the offseason play out, Bud. 😄

Joe White from Kingsport, Tennessee
: Jim, last week you said you didn't know what "blow it up" even means. Well, I think we know now. I have seen rumors of trading Derrick Henry. That would most definitely blow up any chance for this team to compete next season. The only way that would make sense is if we got a "Herschel Walker" size return. And by that, I mean the draft picks the Cowboys got from the Vikings to build their Super teams, not some recent political thing. And quite frankly, I think that is unlikely. So, are the Titans really thinking of completely torpedoing any chance to win by trading The King? Say it ain't so Jim!

Jim: Joe, if you believed every rumor out there then Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady would be teammates with the Titans and Mike Vrabel would be coaching at Ohio State. And, when the time comes when Derrick Henry is no longer on the team's roster – and I can promise you that will happen one day – it won't mean the team is "blowing things up" then.

Brad Baker from Knoxville, Tennessee
Why, Randy Bullock?? He was 28 for 28 extra points last season. Titans give the impression they want to spend all the money on one player. Let all the good guys go so we can get just one star player, hopefully, I don't get it. There is a reason the other teams are letting their "Star" players go. I am for change but money cant buy everything. Thank You

Jim: Hey Brad. I always find the reaction interesting when someone like Randy gets cut. My Twitter mentions on Randy weren't very nice all season, no matter what he did – and I do agree he was better than a lot of fans gave him credit for in 2022. But when he was released this week, I heard from several folks questioning the move. With all that said, he certainly doesn't have the leg that other kickers do in the NFL. … As for your take on the "Titans give the impression they want to spend all the money on one player," I definitely don't understand where you're getting that vibe. Reading it made me go, huh?

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Good day Jim! I hated seeing Lewan go, but, everyone knew it was coming. Why Woods was so salty is a little head scratching to me. I think we should keep #17 one more year, with the Jets making it known they are looking for a more Veteran QB, why not wait to see which one of their young QBs they cut and pick him up and let him sit behind 17 and learn the system? Just a thought. Unfortunately with this winter blast in SoCal, grill is off, however beer is cold and cigar cut! Thanks Jim, TITAN UP!

Jim: Hey Jeremy. I saw where Robert Woods tweeted "Free!" right after the news of his release became official. He then followed it up with "Where should I go?" I'm not sure he's "salty," and I'm not going to say anything bad about Robert Woods in here. He's a great guy who has had a great career. And, put yourself in his shoes: He joined the Titans last year thinking he was going to be the team's No.2 WR while coming off of an ACL. When A.J. Brown was traded, a lot changed for everyone, including Woods. He then played in a struggling offense with young receivers around him and a back-up QB a good part of the season. … Is Robert Woods the same player he was earlier in his career? No. But he's always been a great pro and he was a good teammate during a difficult season.

Andy Stambene from Lethbridge, Canada
Hello Jim hope all is well! Not a question just a comment or two...Initially thought that a few players would be saved and maybe the Titans would try one last time to put it all together. But the axe fell hard and not surprisingly really. I expect Dupree and maybe Tannehill to get chopped too cause the cap hits are astronomical and really an albatross. No sense keeping Farley either after 2 injury plagued seasons. After those there has to be some players maybe wanting out I'm thinking. What do you think Jim? I know you like Tannehill but there has to be cheaper options out there. If Tannehill took a pay cut I could see it because when he's healthy and team blocks in front of him and the running game(Henry) is going full tilt the Titans Offense is formidable...well before AJ got traded! Another thing I'd like to say is JRob sure hamstrung the Titans badly and hope Ran can find his way through this quagmire! Good Luck to the Titans and thank-you Jim for all the comments. It keeps me sane during troubled times.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Andy. The offseason is still young. Buckle up.

Rick Smith from Union, Kentucky
Hey Jim. I have one rhetorical question though that has me concerned. Knowing we had an obvious OC issue and anyone who watched a Titans game knew it, why was Tim Kelly not good enough to try out in 2022 but is good enough to now be the OC for 2023? SMH. Since the Coaching staff does not go against the cap, there were more proven OC's the Titans could have pursued who are now no longer available. I believe Ran was an excellent choice, however he is somewhat tied as to what he can do under the current conditions. I love this team, I will support this team, but to think this team will be relevant for at least the next few years is a pipe dream. Good FA want to go where they are going to win. 7 wins against losing teams is not an attractor for a FA. There is way to much that has to be done before this team is going to be a real threat. An (OK) QB, outside of Ben Jones no OL, corners are an issue, receivers have shown very little (when they are able to play) really outside of the D line, Henry, and Okonkwo not much to brag about. I don't want to sound like a Debbie Downer, but being realistic, this team has a long way to go. There is nothing I would like more than to be proven wrong, and I will be the first to write in and admit it if that happens. So my only question to you Jim is, can you dispute any of the above, I do value your opinion. Be safe and enjoy your upcoming time off in June/July.

Jim: Hey Tim. I think that's a fair question, and Mike Vrabel was asked this earlier in the month. I think he wanted to let Todd Downing finish the job. Plus, Vrabel got a chance to see Kelly work when he was OC with the Texans. And, let's be honest: Would it have been fair to judge Kelly based on the personnel he would have been working with at the end of the season? Hey, I know Tim Kelly is going to have to prove himself on the job in 2023. As for expectations for 2023 and beyond, I think we all know the team has some work to do. Let's see how things look after free agency, and the NFL Draft before making too many predictions.

Mortimer Sneed from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hey Jim. If we were sitting around a bar table having a beer, I'd want to ask you how shocked would you be if the Titans didn't draft an offensive lineman in the first three rounds? Because our new general manager has been vocal about the value to be found in later rounds of the draft. I know early-rounders aren't guaranteed winners, but we really have needed a good offensive line draft for the last three years.
After another drink I'd ask, why is it that the Titans can't find and keep an excellent wide receiver? Some teams seem to do it without effort and we can't. I hope we don't pick up a veteran wide receiver anymore because it's like the definition of insanity. It never works for us. I'd love to hear of an example where it did and how far back you'd have to go.
If these two questions sound sort of mopey, I think that's sort of where us fans are, as we say goodbye to "Bobby Trees" and Cunningham and Lewan. Those are good players to be saying bye to. And Randy Bullock? Is it that easy or cheap to find a reliable field goal kicker? I'm having another drink.

Jim: Sounds like it would be a festive night, Mortimer. Back in the day I'd probably have a Jägermeister. Then I had a bad Jägermeister experience. … Make it a Yuengling for me!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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