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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's hard to believe, but we're now just over a week away from the season opener.

Titans vs Giants next Sunday at Nissan Stadium.

As we head into Labor Day weekend, let's tackle some questions before the real tackling begins.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

McKeeg Russell from San Luis Valley, Colorado
: Good evening, Mr. Wyatt! Seems like an easy question and the obvious answer would be "only time will tell". But in your opinion, as you get a better look then we do from pre-season and clips from practice... do you think Burks will be the impact we're all hoping for? I can't lie, the conditioning issue early gave me concern and I know pre-season is just that, but I'm not convinced yet. I do feel for the kid as he's being thrown into a situation where the expectation is extremely high, being brought in specifically to fill AJ's shoes is a tall order. Side note, with Woods looking healthy do you think he'll be able to take enough to give Burks time to grow into that role?

Jim: Hey McKeeg. Well, I can't say anything for sure about Burks. He's in a situation where he's just going to have to stay healthy, and prove it. I will say he's made great strides since OTAs. He's in better shape, he looks more confident, and he's shown flashes in the preseason games. In practices, he was very good at the start of camp, but a little quieter toward the end. So, consistency and health will be key for him. I've always said in here I really liked him at Arkansas – I saw him in person during his mammoth game in Tuscaloosa, and his college tape is impressive. But this is a new deal now, and he's going to have to prove he can get it done at the next level. It's about to get real. So, as you said, time will tell. As for Woods, he's looked good to me.

Harrison Moore from Brentwood, Tennessee
Hey Jim! How do think Josh Gordon has looked with his short time with the Titans? Do you think he has a shot of making the active roster with McMath on IR? Thanks for your time! Titan Up!!!

Jim: Hey Harrison. Heck, it's been such a short time, I haven't even seen him yet. He was signed to the practice squad on Thursday, and the team didn't practice Thursday or Friday. I'll see him for the first time next week. Bringing him aboard makes sense to me, because if he performs well during practices, he could be called up to play at some point. If things go really well, sure he could land on the 53-man roster. But I need to see him first before making any bold predictions.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, I don't know what to say about Harold Landry's injury except UGH.

Jim: Enough said, Jimmy Dee.

Rich D from Homestead, Florida
Hey Jim, I love the work you do answering questions from the fans. I love reading your answers. My question is about the wide receiver unit. The receivers don't strike any sort of fear into any defense. Robert Woods cannot be looked at as a true #1 at this portion of his career. Why haven't the Titans been more aggressive in trying to find some more receivers? I don't think we have a receiver capable of 1k yards this season. As much as they use Henry they still need to have valuable receiver options. This is borderline depressing with the season getting underway. THANX Jim!!!

Jim: Hey Rich. I understand your concerns. I will say Robert Woods doesn't deserve an ounce of shade – and I'm not necessarily saying you're giving it to him. I just think he's established himself enough in the league, and he's been such a professional since he's been here, that I'm not worried about him doing his part. But I say it's fair to question this group as a whole heading into the season. Nick Westbrook-Ikhine has made great strides, but he's never been a No.2. Treylon Burks and Kyle Philips have never played in a game. Cody Hollister has been a reserve for the most part in his career. Some guys on the practice squad are intriguing, but they have question marks attached to them, including Gordon. But don't go into depression about it yet. Let's give these guys a chance first.

Richard Colestock from St Cloud, Florida
Hi again Jim, this note is more about your column than the an 80 year old BIG Titan (and Predators) fan, and a past resident of Sparta TN, your weekly columns help me hang onto my sanity......being sandwiched between the Jags and the Bucs (ughhh).....and the Lightening and the Panthers (double ughh). I read your columns every week, in season and off season, so I just want to thank you for being my Tennessee lifeline. No doubt the Titans will the division again and the Preds will be in the playoffs too....if one can bring home the trophy....OMG....better than sex!!
Thank you for all you do!!!

Jim: Hey Richard. I appreciate you taking the time to send this, and for reading. Take care of yourself down there in St. Cloud! It sounds like you're doing great!

Devon Weller from Fairview, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Could the Titans have been able to trade Brett Kern instead of releasing him? Since he might be valuable to the Bills or Colts, we might have been able to get a good deal. Can you help me understand when players can be traded and when it makes sense to release a player instead of trading him? Thanks.

Jim: Hey Devon. When a player is traded, the new team takes on the player's contract. The league knew the Titans were going to have to part ways with either Brett or Ryan Stonehouse, so no one was going to give up anything. And, I'm not so sure Brett wants to play anywhere else...

Cory Brown from Memphis, Tennessee
If the Titans ultimately decide to make Malik Willis QB2 do you see him playing a similar role as Marcus Mariota did in 2019 doing RPO packages?

Jim: Well, Malik is the No.2 for now. In time, this makes sense to me for a number of reasons – Malik is a weapon, and he'd be someone other teams would have to prepare for each week. But how far down the road is a big question.

Drayden Rupe from Clinton, Tennessee
Why did the Titans release David Anenih? That guy made a huge impact in the pre-season. Personally, he played better than Dupree.

Jim: Hey Drayden. You're right -- Anenih did a nice job. He finished the preseason with a team-high three sacks. He is back on the practice squad after being released, in case you missed it. But c'mon Drayden, Dupree played just eight snaps in the preseason compared to 116 for Anenih. You can't compare the two.

Ed Kersey from Smithville, Tennessee
Is Jordan Roos any kin to Michel Roos of years back Titans tackle?

Jim: Hey Ed. He's not.

Elden Neemia from Honolulu, Hawaii
Do you like what you see so far from our rookies and new players/back-ups?
So far am not too impress with back up QB. I would think he should have been ready to be the number 1 any given time in and out of season. Can tell his trying to do too much which seems chaotic. Thats the kind of thing I expect from a new QB. Now with Malik, it's exactly what I expect to see from a new QB and I actually like what I see.
Overall, knowing the kind of coaches Titan got, I can see improvement and am thinking after regular season week 2, we should seeing some consistency. Right now, the coaches again gonna work even harder to solidify their knowledge to match players individual strength and skills.
Ok now defense: I like what I see. Yep glad to see #3 playing.
Despite all I mentioned, it's never too late for all to start focusing and paying attention to detail as coach always say. Why not Continue whats been proven to win the prize such as paying attention to detail. Hope all players are well and got paid well to start this season. cheers! Time to earn/make that $$$$$$$ Titans. Great job Jim.

Jim: I do like what I've seen from a lot of the rookies, from Malik to Treylon Burks to Roger McCreary to Nicholas Petit-Frere to Chig Okonkwo to Kyle Philips and more. Eight of the team's nine draft picks made the team, and Theo Jackson is on the practice squad. But it's not easy being a rookie in the NFL, so we'll see how it goes during the season. Aloha Elden.

Steve Whitmore from Augusta, Georgia
Why cut Mason Kinsey? This young man is leading all receivers in yardage for the 2022 preseason, has proven his worth throughout the past three years and to me resembles a Julian Edelman and Wes Walker that both were late round draft picks but became Superbowl MVPs while catching the short yardage passes of Tom Brady at the New England Patriots.

Jim: Hey Steve. Mason Kinsey has done everything right since he's been here. He's a hard-working kid, and a good and tough player. But I always thought it was Mason vs Kyle Philips for the 53 because they're a similar skillset, and Kyle has been even better. Mason remains on the practice squad, and he remains an option. He just needs to keep working.

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!

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