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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's rookie minicamp weekend at Saint Thomas Sports Park.

On Saturday, I'll be watching a Titans practice for the first time since January.

We'll have updates here, so check the website.

And since you're here, check out this weekend's mailbag….

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

George Gettle from Brazil, Indiana
Jim, I cannot help to think that we are not going to make a big move for another wide WR or two. AJ is best in AFC, Josh Reynolds should be fine, great rookie talent, but no Jonnu Smith, no Corey Davis. I mean no way we enter season like this? What are you hearing?

Jim: Hey George. I'm not hearing anything. What I suspect: The draft picks and other guys battling for playing time and roster spots will be given a chance to prove themselves this offseason, and in camp. But I think another addition is a real possibility, just because right now the group is loaded with guys with little experience.

Eli Decko from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't exactly happy with the draft as it was happening. Farley isn't healthy but neither was Jeffrey Simmons. After watching some YouTube of Farley I'm into this pick if he can get healthy. The Tackle from FCS wasn't flashy as WR is a much bigger need, but all this Trey Lance highlight reel stuff is primarily because of this Tackle not even letting someone get close enough to call it a pressure let alone allowing sacks. He is also a heck on a run blocker, so I'm happy there. The CB out of the Pac12 is also a stud, reminds me so much of Logan Ryan and I am guessing Vrabel and JRob saw that too. So ok. The draft was better than I thought, but AJ Brown is only 1 guy and we all know he benefited from Corey Davis on the outside and Jonnu occupying defenders in the middle of the field and underneath. With that being said do you think the Titans make a serious trade move on a vet like Julio Jones, Odell, or even one of Dallas' million receivers? Thanks for reading.

Jim: Hey Eli. Good to hear from you again. I touched on this with George earlier. A lot falls in the "TBD" category here, from the development of the rookies to whether the GM has something up his sleeve.

Brett Beard from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I kind of thought one of the later round picks might end up getting used on a kicker after the trouble we have had at that position the last few years. Tucker McCann is still the only kicker on the roster. Do you think they will just roll with McCann or do you see some kind of competition coming in?

Jim: Hey Brett. The team agreed to terms with former Ohio State kicker Blake Haubeil on Thursday, and he's taking part in this week's rookie minicamp. Haubeil kicked in 50 games for the Buckeyes and was 28 of 35 on field goal attempts with a long of 55. He did not miss an extra point, converting on 146 of 146 for his career. He's very much a contender. Will someone else be added? Well, it depends on how McCann and Haubeil do this offseason.

Jason Rolen from Ennis, Texas
Hi Jim, I've been seeing talk about Julio Jones. Are the Titans still looking to pick him up?

Jim: Not sure. Last I heard is he was down by the schoolyard...

Charlie Boren from Prattville, Alabama
Hey Jim. I am looking for training camp dates open to the public in July 2021. I am trying to coordinate at trip to the NFL Hall of Fame with a team practice open to the public.

Jim: Hey Charlie. No dates have been announced. And I'm doubting there will be any open dates at Saint Thomas Sports Park because of all the construction on the new facility. The place is a mess right now. But that doesn't mean there won't be open practices at Nissan Stadium or somewhere else.

Gabe Varney from Kingsport, Tennessee
Hello again Jim. It's been a while since my last write in to ya. First things first, got to give my dues. Thanks for keeping me and the fans up to date with all of your articles and posts. I really appreciate it. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. I have a simple question this time around: Do you know if the Titans are going to have their Titan Caravan this year? I'm highly doubting it, especially with covid and all of the problems it has caused, but just want to be certain. It has been many years since the Caravan stopped by Johnson City so I'm about due for some autographs and pictures :-) Thanks again Jim and stay safe. GO TITANS

Jim: Hey Gabe. You're always welcome in here. Unfortunately, no Titans Caravan again this year. It usually happens right after the draft, so the window has passed. COVID-19 is once again to blame. Things have improved dramatically in recent weeks and months, but we're not there yet. Hopefully, we'll be back in business next year.

Jake Adam from Hendersonville, Tennessee
With all the talk about tight ends, did we not sign Miller Forristall – the Alabama tight end whom I thought was pretty decent?

Jim: Hey Jake. Yes, Forristall signed as one of the team's 10 undrafted free agents. Here's the complete list: CLICK HERE.

Benjamin Fanicos from Knoxville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. This is a question I've had for a few weeks but just thought to ask now. How come the Titans traded Isaiah Wilson, a low value player, instead of releasing him, whereas they cut Malcom Butler, a high value player, instead of trading him? Thanks

Jim: Hey Benjamin. On the Wilson deal, the team pretty much just swapped seventh round draft spots with Miami, and the Dolphins ended up cutting him. At that point, I was surprised the team could get anything by trading Wilson. Butler's contract made him pretty much impossible to trade.

Lee Cullop from Denver, Colorado
Jim, been a fan since the Oilers moved to Tennessee, and I was deployed overseas. Watching this team for so long and seeing some of the questions can comments that have come in upsets me a bit. So here is a comment for them and I want you take. As for our past, GM's / Draft guru's Floyd Reese was outstanding, just look at his picks. That was until Fisher pushed him out and took over the draft while Reinfeldt just occupied the title and GM. Fisher rode the Reese draft picks till he replaced them all by 2010 and the team went into step decline that lasted till 2010. We moved on to Ruston Webster the next year and went through 3 head coaches before we got it right with J Rob. Who after his first year brought in Vrabel and made many good draft picks along the way. Finance, coaching, schemes, past performance, all affect resigning players and the structure of personnel. This year's draft has some questions for sure, but almost everyone's draft has questions. Personally, anyone criticizing the Caleb Farley pick obviously does not realize who this kid is. First without injuring he is the #1 CB in the draft and would have gone in the top 10. Second, his last season was also under one of the best DC in all of college football (Bud Foster). The combination of Farley, and Jenkins has great potential not only for turnovers but great press coverage which slows the QB's delivery and gives the front 7 time to get to the QB or change reads. Under J Rob we have (five) winning seasons and three playoff berths. We need to believe and I think the addition of Jim Schwartz along with our player changes will get that D going again. Let's go Titans and fans be Tennessee Tough. We got this.

Jim: Hey Lee. Thanks for your service, and for taking the time to write. Good perspective.

Gwendolyn Thomas from Anna, Texas
Why didn't we draft a secondary QB to be with Tannehill?

Jim: The team has two other QBs on the roster: Logan Woodside and DeShone Kizer.

Reuben Alvear from San Francisco, California
Armchair GM's in cyberspace spew hate and venom at Jon Robinson and the Titans' staff for this year's draft class, the 2020 draft class and FA "busts" the Titans have acquired during J. Robinson's watch. If it's so easy to run an NFL franchise and work in the scouting department, then maybe the armchair experts should show us how it's done?
Some haters say Titan fans are willing to overlook "the bad" of J. Robinson. Mr Robinson has overseen squads that have 5 straight winning seasons, played in the franchise's first conference title game in 17 years and won the franchise's first division title in 12 years. Plus, TEN has a reputation under J. Robinson's watch for being a gritty, tough-minded and hard-nosed squad that "does it the right way."
Clowney and Beasley may have not worked out. Yet, Tannehill, Firkser, Saffold, D. Kelly, Ty Sambrailo, Khari Blasingame and K. Vaccaro were non-draft personnel moves that worked out well for TEN. For people who keep criticizing Robinson's draft choices it's worth noting that J-Rob also brought on board D. Henry, K. Byard, Jayon Brown, Jonnu Smith, AJ Brown, J. Simmons, Nate Davis, David Long Jr, Corey Davis, Harold Landry, Dane Cruikshank and Amani Hooker, who have all played well for Tennessee. I try to keep perspective and focus on the positive. Negativity and hate are a waste of time.

Jim: Hey Reuben. Appreciate you taking the time. I saw this week the Titans are one of just three NFL teams with five consecutive winning seasons. I get that fans want a Vince Lombardi Trophy, and they should – that's the ultimate prize. Winning the AFC South was a great accomplishment last year, but it can only be touted so much because the 2020 Titans ultimately fell short of their goals. But the fans that write in making it sound like there's a dumpster fire around here. ... Give me a break.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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