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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're rolling through March.

Next up: NFL owners meetings in Arizona.

Before heading West, let's deliver another Titans mailbag.

Here we go…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Omar Parker from Bay Area, California
With the league year being covered 365 now I know you've been busy so thanks for taking the time to respond to us "fanatics". A few comments and a question. I like the moves Ran has made so far. I never realized all the "dead money" JRob left us stuck with so I guess maneuvering this year will be hard but next year we're in a much better place. I understand this is a business but, don't understand asking Byard to take a pay cut. At some point there has to be loyalty for the mainstays of your team who have given their heart and soul on the field. As I stated earlier I know we're in cap hell but Kevin's and Derrick's (if need be), are two worth restructuring. And pay Big Jeff. My question is do you think (I realize there is no way you can know) Andre Dillard will be given a true chance at LT or do you see us drafting one? I hope somehow we can trade back for more picks and pick up an extra weapon such as Jahmyr Gibbs (yes wishful thinking). As always, thanks for all you do Jim.

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Omar. It's my understanding Andre Dillard will compete for the left tackle spot. And when he talked to reporters on Monday, that's the job Andre said he's aiming to win. But we'll have to see what happens in the draft. The offseason is still young.

Derek Sayhi from Dallas, Texas
Hi Jim, it's always interesting reading your feedback and sometimes it's even interesting to read what other fans are thinking. But I'm a little nervous about any team that we build. Can they stay healthy? I guess we're changing the turf, but it almost seems like a scapegoat - the thing powers-that-be are blaming, instead of taking a hard look at approaches to strength and conditioning. Have there been any changes in the S&C department that you know of? And how much does technique and approaches to conditioning really affect the amount of injuries we've seen over the last two years?

Jim: Mike Vrabel said the team is going to take a hard look at the strength and conditioning program moving forward. The offseason program starts on April 17, and there will be OTAs and minicamps that follow. I think we'll get some clues on potential changes then, as well as how the team approaches training camp.

Dan Chilson from Franklin, Tennessee
Jim, I just read the mailbag comments (from Tuesday). I had not heard about Josh Dobbs agreeing to terms with the Browns until you mentioned it. I am disappointed to see him go. I thought he would have been a better investment as a back-up to Tannehill versus Willis. As I mentioned in prior posts, I believe that Tannehill, given a competent O line, will be great. That is not to mention what Henry can do with some blocking. I did take a look at some videos of Henry from college. Anyone who has any doubts about him might also consider watching the videos. Lastly, I am growing tired of this GM already. Fans are getting ticked off when we see the Titans having the audacity to ask Byard to renegotiate. He deserves every penny especially considering how healthy he has remained.

Jim: I'm really not surprised Dobbs signed elsewhere. If he thinks the team is committed to Malik as the back-up, he'd be setting himself up to get released during final roster cuts. … As for Byard, I haven't met one person who dislikes him, inside or outside the building.

Garrett Bane from Cambridge, Idaho
Jim, hello again from Idaho!
It's hard to imagine that the organization is content with the wide receiver group currently on the roster. I do believe Treylon Burks will be more comfortable and ready to make a bigger impact in year 2. I hope Kyle Phillips stays healthy and can contribute. I know most of the focus had to be on the O'line in this years FA period, but do you see any viable options that could at least elevate the WR group? Would you consider taking a WR Rnd 1 @ pick 11, based on the O'line moves made, and with the lack of options out there via free agency and the draft? As always, thanks for putting up with us, and providing answers to our questions.

Jim: Hey Garrett. I don't think the organization is content with what the team currently has at receiver. The team needs more. I know it, you know it, and I'm sure the GM and HC know it. So, I do expect more additions will be made here in some fashion. So, who will the team get? I wish I could tell you. I sure expect at least one to be drafted, it's just a matter of who and when. And, more guys are still available in free agency.

Sean Williams from Germantown, Maryland
Let's assume there is a 1% of getting rid of Derrick Henry, so that 1% has to be thought of as 100%. Can Ran give one reason why trading away a pretty cheap RB who has been literally within the top 5 backs the last the last decade. There's literally no excuse.
Also from a morale and financial standpoint. Trading away a franchise player. Ticket sales will take a hit, merchandise will take a hit. The feeling around the entire program would be to expect nothing good this season.
Not even sure trading The King for Mahommes is worth it. I hope he doesn't make another JROB "grass is greener decision. It's almost as unthinkable as Warriors trading away Curry.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Sean.

Rex Greene from Athens, Alabama
Do you see a reason all of those new offensive players were signed to just basically one-year deals? Is this because they don't see a future with those players?

Jim: I wouldn't interpret things that way, Rex. Look around the league and you'll notice one-year deals are pretty common. A lot of time players even prefer them as a way to prove themselves with the hopes of getting a bigger, long-term deal following a "prove it" year. The Titans have only signed two offensive players, by the way, and one of them (lineman Andre Dillard) was actually a three-year deal.

Barbara Bolton from Memphis, Tennessee
OK, you got rid of AJ Brown, huge mistake but I love my Titans and I may be able to live with that horrible mistake because there are other young and hungry athletes out here and maybe some older veterans that we can pick up, but don't even think about losing the King because he was always strong about the fact that he wanted to be in Tennessee with the Titans so don't even play with my head like that and get some help for my quarterback Ryan Tannehill because he is Texas Tough and I know a little about that get him some protection please and that's my two cents worth, thanks.

Jim: Thanks, Barb.

Sean Labbe from Warren, Ohio
Hi Jim, just a quick question really. Why on earth would the Titans get rid of Henry? What should happen is... Build the offense differently this year. Build it around Henry and not so much of a run and chute. Tannehill isn't built for that. Just like he's not able to throw the long ball. Obviously. So, why change the players instead of tweeking the offense? It can't hurt any. It's not like we have McNair anymore. Pick up Jackson and get rid of Tannehill. How bad you guys really want a Superbowl? We don't have one of those yet.....

Jim: I asked around, Sean, and it appears everyone around here wants to win a Super Bowl.

Peter Ortensie from San Antonio, Texas
Hey Jim, I've never been one to sugarcoat anything. In fact my greatest weakness is not being able to keep my mouth shut. So with that here's my question(s) Does there ever come a point where you get tired of the fans freaking out over social media posts that are blown way out of proportion? Or the obvious troll posts from some guy who claims to be an "insider" yet only has 3 followers on Twitter? Or getting asked the stupid questions every week? Thanks, and have a great week.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Peter. Hey, I get a kick out of some of the off-the-wall questions. Plus, it adds to the variety of the mailbag. But as someone who formerly worked as a beat guy for a newspaper, chasing news and developing sources, I'd be lying if I said some of the fake "insiders" don't irritate me, those pretending to be in the know when they're really clueless. It stirs up a lot of wasted talk and energy in the fan base.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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