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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's been over a calendar year since the Titans have put together a two-game winning streak.

Can they make it happen this weekend against the Colts?

We'll find out on Sunday.

In the meantime, here's the latest mailbag:

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
Question: Not really a question Jim, just a huge shout out to Eddie George for being a semifinalist and hopefully heading into the Hall of Fame! I enjoyed every yard that Eddie made and even made it to the Super Bowl when the Titans faced the Rams for the trophy! Sadly, we lost, but I still consider this one of the best Super Bowl games of my era and I have been watching football since the early 50's with some of the best out there! I was a season ticket holder for the Titan's since they started playing in Memphis and then Vandy when we sat on those horrible bleachers. Had great seats in the new stadium and sadly had to sell those PSL's as we moved to Florida for a few years, but never missed a game on TV.
Good luck Eddie, you had a stellar year and deserve this honor!
Thank you Jim for all you do for us fans through the good and bad! Let's go Titans and finish off this season with a winning streak to salvage this season and hold your heads high!

Jim: Appreciate it, Joe. Eddie has a really good resume. During his playing days in Tennessee (1996-2003), George never missed a game – a span of 128 starts. He was a 1,000-yard rusher seven times, and a four-time Pro Bowler. On a list of the NFL's all-time rushers, George's average yards per season ranks an impressive 7th overall -- ahead of five running backs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was one of the most productive running backs of his era. George racked up 36 100-yard games in his career, and the Titans recorded a 30-6 record in those games. He did it while being the focal point of defenses, and while playing in a division that boasted some of the league's top defenses during most of his career, where he played Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, and Baltimore twice a season. In fact, during his career with the Titans, Pittsburgh fielded a top 10 defense four times, Baltimore three times, Jacksonville twice, Cincinnati once, and Indianapolis once. So, hopefully he'll get further consideration this time around. I've talked to a bunch of Hall of Famers over the years about Eddie, and they think he deserves it.
Some quotes I've accumulated on Eddie:

Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson
"The way I think about Hall of Fame players is being dominant in your generation, and you can't tell me Eddie George wasn't dominant in his generation – he was. Eddie was one of the best running backs of his generation. And so I do think he needs to have second consideration, because that stretch that he had, it was pretty phenomenal. Not many people can say they had a stretch like that."

Hall of Famer Rod Woodson
"I think he should have consideration for the Hall. I think he played well enough, and he has really good numbers. The hard thing is, we don't get to vote. Guys that are in (the Hall of Fame), they don't get to vote. We can talk about them a little bit, but at the end of the day the voters have to figure out what the qualifications are for each position to get in. Hopefully he'll get some … momentum going for his name to get in. "It is not about (the Titans) winning or losing (Super Bowls), it is about what he meant to the team. Was he considered one of the best backs of his era when he played? I would say yes. He was one of the top backs in the league in his prime. And those types of things put you in consideration for the Hall of Fame."

Hall of Famer Terrell Davis
"Absolutely Eddie deserves it. Numbers are tricky, and you can't look at just numbers. You have to look at that era, and when you watched him, what do you remember about that player? It shouldn't always be about the numbers, it should be about the impact a guy made on the game, and Eddie certainly deserves that. "When Eddie came in, he was that pounder. And he was a back the Titans were riding a lot – he was leading them to a lot of wins, just a real, big, physical cat. I watched him coming out of Ohio State, and he went to Tennessee and did his thing. Eddie was an incredible back. I loved his running style. He was 6-4, probably 240 pounds coming downhill, and he never bowed down to anybody. He was a tough back."

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, a Hall of Famer
"Should he be (in the Hall of Fame)? His body of work spoke for itself. I judge a man from the impact of making everybody else better around him. When you're carrying the ball, 400-plus times in one season, that's a problem. "Eddie is at the top of all backs I've ever faced, I mean top, top. What a load. (When you faced the Titans the game plan) was simple: Slow down Eddie. … The No.1 objective on our board every week when facing the Titans was control 27."

Ravens Coach Brian Billick
"I definitely think he has a case. Of course I am biased because I have such an affection for Eddie, and he was such a competitor. But you are going to have to look hard to find someone who carried the load as consistently and as long as he did. During his playing days he had constant productivity, and the fact that he had so many carries, I think that puts in a different class. "I wouldn't know who to compare him to. You typically would see backs with three, four, maybe five years of productivity with the workload he went through. But to have the run that he did, with all the 300-plus carry seasons, to me that is rare air. That distinguishes him among all backs." "Eddie, he was such a dynamic force. It has been while since we have seen a running back like him. He was 300-plus carries every year of his career until his last year in Dallas, and of course he was just so dependable. "What he was able to accomplish, and the way that he did it, sets him apart from others."

Steve Kwiczak from Strathmore, Alberta
Question: A very happy weekend to you Jim, i hope you and your family had an excellent thanksgiving.
I have a couple thoughts on the Titans as they are now and for next season. First to everyone calling for Tim Kelly to be dismissed, he calls the plays yes. However as everyone is painfully aware the O-line is bad and that makes it incredibly difficult for a play to be called and executed when the Qb has zero time and nobody is blocked.
Going into next season I for one am optimistic....we have 2 QB's on rookie contracts (not certain what Willis will become), we have 100 million in cap space, and of this writing a top 10 draft pick. I personally hope we re-sign Derrick and see what he can do with a (hopefully) improved O-line.
Am I disappointed thus far this season ..of I also except that time moves on and re-build/re-tools need to occur...also yes.
I guess I am just frustrated with all the negative commentary from fans. No team is going to win every game and excluding the Tom brady team is a contender every year.
Have a great weekend Jim....lets go beat Indianapolis.

Jim: Appreciate it, Steve. Fair points. I've definitely heard from plenty of frustrated fans over the past few months, and I get it. But I do think there are reasons to be optimistic moving forward – as long as the team identifies the right players in the draft and free agency.

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim! Great seeing you at the game Sunday!
I think it's been pretty obvious that Azeez Al-Shaair has been quite an addition to our defense. In fact, I feel like being at the stadium and watching the energy he brings on defense is truly infectious to both his teammates as well as our (undefeated) home crowd. He's the type of player that seems to bring a charisma to the entire defense that few have at the middle linebacker spot in recent years, and I've had a blast watching him develop into a heck of a leader. I'm hoping he's rewarded with a long-term deal because I think he needs to anchor the middle of our defense for years to come. I guess this is more of a shout out than question, but wanted to write in in support of an awesome player and person. Titan Up!

Jim: It was good to see you, Joe. Azeez is a good one for sure. Thanks for taking the time.

David Towry from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim , I think it's time to put in Christmas list for Our Titans draft. Dear Santa (Ran)
1 Best center available. I feel this should be where we start. 2 left tackle or a great #1 receiver.
Alter those 3 we need to get big Jeff some more help! Right now we just can't score enough points to b competitive. What do u think Jim?

Jim: I can't endorse making center priority No.1, David. But I do agree o-line and receiver have to be among the top priorities in the offseason.

Tim Worthington from Utah
Question: Hi Jim!! i've been a fan othe team ever since we was bleedin oil back in in 92!! i have just one question? (i mean no disrespect to HENRY!! (guys my favorite *moth$r-f$&k!r) but it seems to me that when we RUN the ball, we do it GREAT!! so, how come when we run the ball less than 15 times a game( just makin an average outa my head!) we lose!!!! but when we RUN!!!!and like im sayin, RUN!!!, not just HENRY!! BUT RUN THE DAMN BALL MORE THAN 15 TIMES!!!WE WIN!!whether it be SPEARS (which he's a bad ass and i cant wait to see his future!) or the BEAST THAT IS HENRY!! i say again WE WIN!!!these guys callin the plays cant see WHAT WE DO!! WE RUN OFF OF PLAY ACTION!! i spend my sundays wonderin??? how can this be!! how can i be WATCHIN football knowin this and they cant??? anyways Jim, love the work you do and i love this team!!! HOPKINS GET YOURS!! and WISH WE HAD BURKS ON THE FIELD!! and damn'it NICK WESTBROOK-IKHINE KEEP BANGIN IT OUT LIKE YOU DO!!! just wish i wasn't shakin my head so much these days!!! TWO-TONE BLUE FOR LIFE!!FORGET ALL YOU FAIR WEATHER FANS THAT CANT STAND UP WHEN WHEN WE FALL!!!TITAN UP!!!💪💪😤😤

Jim: I like the enthusiasm, Tim!

Randy Porter from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Question: Well Jim, great win Sunday and it felt good to be back in our Stadium. The fans made me proud as well. I expected an anemic crowd who were less than enthusiastic, considering the team struggles and the weather. I was wrong. The fans showed up and were giving their support to the guys. I have to say, the surprise performance by Lee Greenwood was one of the best things I've seen during a home game. It was inspirational, moving and the perfect tribute during "Salute to Service". Fans who missed that, missed a real treat. However, I have to comment on the video board operation during Lee's performance. While it was great to see fans engaged and singing along, I could not believe the video operator cut away from Lee singing several times to show fan antics. Especially at the important finale of the song, the board cut from Greenwood to a fan unfolding a Titans flag. While a blue flag is fascinating, I agree with other fans who commented that it was bad timing and bordered on disrespectful to Mr. Greenwood and that iconic song. Especially since fans may not get that opportunity again. But, this has always been an issue during games as well. The start of countless plays each game are missed by fans watching the video board, because the operator opts to show fans spilling beer, pounding their chest and other inebriant behavior, instead of the start of plays on the field. I understand the attempt at creative camera cutaways, but fans are there to see the game, including the START of every play. Many fans rely on the video board during play at opposite ends of the field from their seats, but haven't seen an audible, man in motion, or even the snap of the ball in years. Instead, we see screaming fans and kids eating nachos. This doesn't happen in other stadiums I've attended, or on live TV broadcast, so why in our stadium? Again, it was a great game to attend. Fans love seeing Henry more, a focused, more aggressive defense and the team having fun and making plays. A big thank you to the Titans and Lee Greenwood for providing a memorable tribute, and congrats on a much-needed win.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Randy. And thanks for sharing your concerns. I've heard from a few folks who enjoyed seeing Lee Greenwood. I actually saw him as Home Depot in Cool Springs a few years ago

Have a great weekend everyone!

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