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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We've reached the final week of the regular season.

Hard to believe, huh?

And, it's a big game on Sunday for the Titans, who have a chance to clinch the No.1 seed with a win.

Let's see what you're thinking…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Ed Biddix from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
After Sunday's great win against the Dolphins I made my usual channel flipping journey through the sports world listening to the talking heads. I felt I was in another universe. The Titans had just won the AFC South, now with a loss by the Chiefs and win against the Texans could win the division, claim home field, get a first-round bye. Tell me about those Titans!! A modicum of respect and love for what this team has accomplished this year. But n-oooo! All I heard was why the Dolphins had their winning streak ended, the Colts loss, and that the Chiefs were still the top team in the AFC. It was as if the Titans didn't exist. Thanks for nothing. When we win the Super Bowl, and I believe we will, I guess the headlines will probably be why the team we played lost. Such a shame.

Jim: Hey Ed. Great to hear from you. The "lack of respect" angle always seems to come up when the Titans are playing well, all the way back to the 1999 and early 2000s. And, I get that fans, and even players, get frustrated by it. But I always tell folks not to worry it, because it means nothing. If the Titans – and their fans – want respect, then the team needs to keep winning. Winning the AFC South in back-to-back seasons is great. But the best way to earn respect is by winning the Super Bowl, and no Titans team I've covered has done that yet.

Joshua Cooper from Millbrook, Alabama
Hey Jim! Great and impressive win for our boys against the Dolphins cause we're the back-to-back South champs!!! I have always been in love with the way this team plays football and all the philosophies set by them and Vrabel. We're not satisfied yet as Byard said and we have a Super Bowl to win and that #1 seed will most definitely help as we all are ready to see the king return in glorious fashion! My questions an easy answer: How confident are you that this is the team to win that Lombardi? I'll tell u I sure am confident and excitedd!

Jim: Hey Joshua. The Titans need to win on Sunday to get the No.1 seed. I'm confident they'll show up ready to play. But sorry, I'm not going to make any bold Super Bowl predictions.

Jerrell Jones from Springfield, Tennessee
The Titans have truly been amazing this year with everything they have gone through this year having to play some 88 different players... Hats off to Coach Verbal and his staff.. they have been great keeping this team together to make the playoffs. My question is: Why is it that so many Love to hate on the Titans even when they are winning, which nothing new…as far back as can remember the Titans have always been hated on.

Jim: Hey Jerrell. I've heard some folks say haters gonna hate, so I guess that explains it

Brian Arden from Knoxville, Tennessee
Now that the Titans and Packers have won their respective divisions, does this mean that the Titans will travel to Lambeau next season as part of the new 17 game format? My understanding is that the AFC South winner will travel to the NFC North winner in 2022 for the 17th game.

Jim: You are correct, Brian. The 2022 opponents are nearly set. The Titans play at Green Bay, at Washington, at Philadelphia, at Los Angeles (Chargers), at Kansas City, at Indianapolis, at Houston and at Jacksonville, and at either at Buffalo or New England (whichever team wins the AFC East. The Texans, Colts, Jaguars, Broncos, Raiders, Cowboys, Giants and Bengals will visit Nissan Stadium.

Todd Wilder New Braunfels, Texas
Well here we are. Final regular season game, and an opportunity to clinch Home Field advantage. what it's all about. Even when things looked bleak, y'all put your heads down and went to work. We're proud, proud of every single one of you. You turned adversity... into opportunity. Now it's time to Capitalize. Forgot all the outside noise. "Worst #1 seed ever, not flashy, no name QB, average at best, boring, etc." WHO CARES. Those same exact people, told us our season was done on November 1st. And look at where we are now. Standing on top, looking down at the rest of the AFC. No arm chair QB or Power Rankings ever won a Super Bowl. Keep stacking these Wins and let the doubters keep doubting. Like Vrabel said last week, we are a Family. And we are going to FINISH this as a FAMILY.
Go 1-0 in 4 consecutive games..and WE are WORLD CHAMPIONS. That's it. No more no less. And it all starts with a division opponent this week. We are the most physical team in this league. PERIOD. Keep playing Bully Ball, 4 quarters at a time.. and we got this. Believe in yourself, that person next to you- and we'll be partying down Broadway soon enough. To quote the great Mike Keith.." Finish the Deal!"

Jim: Hey Todd. I'll let coach Vrabel you're available for a pre-game pep talk!

Drayden Rupe from Clinton, Tennessee
Jim. How have you been? Hopefully safe with Covid! My question for you is will Tory Carter be able to return to the Titans roster this season? He is one hell of a full back! Also any ideas on if we are signing a Tight End with Pruitts injury? I know Vrabel said we will look at all options, but we will need one!
Drayden #Titan UP we run the south!!!

Jim: Hey Drayden. Hope all is well. I was chatting with someone about Tory this week. I've heard some optimistic things about his chances of returning in the playoffs, but I haven't seen him with my own eyes rehabbing to get a better idea on the possibility. So, stay tuned here.

Bob Galasso from Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Hi Jim! How about those Titans! As it played out the Titans stepped it up and took care of business when it mattered most with a stunning 34-3 win over the Dolphins. Miami was also one of the hottest teams coming into Nashville until they ran into the Titans Wall of Blue. - The defense played a great game and the offense played complimentary football. The running game looked great and what a difference it makes when we take care of the football - right? Being able to establish the running game also opened up the passing game and Ryan played a great game as well. As Coach Vrabel said, Winning takes care of everything right... On to Houston this weekend where the Titans can control their destiny and hopefully lock up the AFC's first seed and secure home advantage throughout the playoffs. - I know you have probably heard this a thousand times but have you had any update on when we may see the return of King Henry? It can only make a good running game that much stronger!! In the 45 years I've followed the Titans / Oilers this team is really one of the most resilient teams and its been awesome to watch them grow and continue to improve. One last thing... Coach Vrabel should definitely be considered as a front runner for Coach of the Year with the awesome way he planned, coached and kept everyone motivated to succeed throughout. - Go Titans - Tighten up and secure that #1 seed. - Thanks for listening and stay safe!!

Jim: Hey Bob. Good to hear from you. It was great to see Derrick back on the practice field this week, just to get the process started. I thought he looked good. Is he going to play on Sunday in Houston? No. But the plan was always to have him back for the playoffs, and that's still on track to happen.

Robert Alsup from Lexington, Kentucky
Love your column and TTITANUP!!! What a win on Sunday and we got to get one more to close out this regular season and move on to the playoffs!!! I'm feeling good about it!!! Can I get a shoutout to my brother from another mother, John Bailey from Ohio? He has been an Oilers/Titans fan for over 40 years!!! No one is more loyal to this team than John!!! He is THE Titans fan of the decades!!! Thanks buddy and see you in Houston!!! TITANUP!!!

Jim: I know Will Compton and Taylor Lewan say no free shout-outs, but this won't cost you anything here… Shout-out to John Bailey! Sounds like he's earned his wings.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
It's been a few weeks since emailing you but so much has happened and it feels really good to be a Titans fan right now. Sure I've bickered on here like a lot of fans but I do have a gripe I'd like to ask you about. As you know I watch the hell out of the Titans, probably 5 or 6 times a week I watch the game from the weekend. There is a few players on our team who are absolutely incredible and get almost no credit, from not only the media but EA's current Madden installment. Kristian Fulton is about as close as it gets to a true shut down corner. His fire reminds me of Cortland Finnegan and his coverage skills makes me see Rolle on the back of his Jersey sometimes. Madden hates on him unjustly. But that's. Not the big snub. Elijah Molden is absolutely a gamer! He is so fast, and EVERYONE called him slow. His closing speed is second to none in the NFL and he seems to make THE play when it needs made. And Madden has him at a 70 overall!?!?!?! He is the best nickel defensive back in the NFL. Hands down. He is a far superior athlete to another amazing and familiar nickel back in Logan Ryan. Once he gains the feel and mental aspect which only comes with experience he is going to be legendary. How do you feel about these two young players? I mean this is really the equivalent of a redshirt for Fulton and he is killin it. Everyone thinks Diggs is this incredible CB but he has allowed the most yards in the NFL and doesn't really made many plays outside of his interceptions, whereas Fulton makes QBs afraid to throw his way. Have a good New Year Jim, can't wait for The Return of the King!!!!

Jim: I hear ya, Eli. Happy New Year!

Franky Markle from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Jim, no matter what happens on Sunday, to be in this position is AWESOME!! I started going to games in Memphis, because until then I was just a fan of the NFL, who doesn't like to watch a game? Then we had a HOME team, and I mean the state of TN had a home team. I just want to thank you for posting everything, good and bad. What a roller coaster of emotions. Tell the boys, Vrabel, Jon, and Amie that we said thanks!! No matter what happens, WE have the coach of the year. Let's get it done!! One more game this year versus a NFC team. TitanUp

Jim: There's definitely work to be done, Franky. Have a good one.

Randy Porter from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Jim! First, I wanted to echo other fan's praise of the players and staff. Last game was a complete effort, where everyone seemed to contribute. Facing record-setting injuries, this team has found a way to position themselves as an elite AFC contender, while many around the league wrote us off. Second, I wanted to complement the fans for showing up and supporting these guys. Fair weather variety or die-hard, I'm happy to see them in the stands. To that end, a big shout out to Mike Clement from Bell Buckle, who made this point eloquently, with a touch of sarcastic humor that only like minded fans could appreciate (like you and me perhaps ? hee, hee). All true Titans fans hate seeing opposing colors in our stadium and cringe hearing them cheer. The worst however is being forced to reside in seats next to these loathsome fans, while they spout their misguided support by waving yellow dish cloths, or chanting inspiring words of encouragement like "Who Dat!" (whatever the hell that means). They brandish threatening mascots like a cow, a spotted house cat, and most recently a fish. There's even what appears to be a commercial toilet seat on white helmets. All, enduring symbols of pride no doubt, but seen too often. Just saying. Certainly nothing as classy and dignified as the fire and cold steel, that adorn our beloved Titans (in my totally unbiased opinion). This brings me to the last point, which is "Thank you !" to the Titans organization for taking steps to try to fill every seat with Titans fans. They continue to offer season ticket members the option to buy up available seats at face value, for friends and family. I've taken advantage of this and encourage all fans to purchase these "at cost" seats. This gives other Titans fans a chance to be a part of the fun, and it makes finding tickets for non-Titans fans more difficult (which I find saddening indeed). That said, keep it up fans, the team notices and appreciates us. We've earned the right to be obnoxiously loud and the team has sure earned the right to see and hear us there. Thanks Jim as always. Your insight throughout the week is greatly appreciated. Just hope you don't tire of hearing that. Titan Up !

Jim: You always send us out with a dandy, Randy! Go Vandy! (Sorry, I got carried away).

Have a great weekend everyone!

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