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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's been a busy week for the Titans.

The team signed edge rusher Harold Landry to a long-term deal while also signing four more players – Logan Woodside, Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, Teair Tart and Morgan Cox – to one-year extensions.

Also, the team parted ways with three players – Rodger Saffold, Kendall Lamm and Darrynton Evans.

Free agency, by the way, officially starts on Wednesday.

The latest Titans mailbag, meanwhile, starts now…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Jeremiah Clapp from New York, New York
Thanks for taking the time to keep us fans involved, informed and engaged! I've been a fan since the 1999 Superbowl (I was 9!), and even after moving from Texas to Ohio and now New York it's Titan Up forever! We've had winning seasons for the past 6 years, 3 playoff wins, and 1 win away from returning to the Super Bowl and it seems this new coaching staff (led by Coach of the Year!) Has really pulled it together as far as identity and work ethic. So here's my question: Is our window for returning to the Super Bowl closing, or just opening up? I ask because it seems like we've gotten close, but haven't gotten over the hump and now we got Russell Wilson in the middle with all these young guns in the AFC seemingly making the path to a Super Bowl that much more difficult. Anyway, thanks for taking the time! TITAN UP!

Jim: Hey Jeremiah. I appreciate fans like yourself writing in. It's hard or me to say with a straight face the window is jump opening up. Let's face it – the window has been open for a few years, I believe starting with the 2019 team that advanced to the AFC Championship Game. The 2020 and 2021 teams were also capable of winning a title as well, but those teams failed to get the job done. So yes, there have been some missed opportunities, just like there were during another great window in Titans history, from 1999-2003, when the team went to the playoffs four times in five years. But there's nothing that says the window is closing either. The GM and the HC have proven to be winners, and they'll continue to surround themselves with players they want along for the ride. Sure, some of the players currently on the team might not be around in a few years, but every team's plan is to be in the hunt year after year after year and I can guarantee you the GM and HC are never going to ease up or concede anything.

Brian Cutler from Woodstock, Connecticut
Hope all is well! I have full faith in our GM and Head coach. They have made watching games fun again.. Last year was amazing to say the least. The team did great with everything that happened. But with that said, another year down and another year we haven't at least made it to the big game. Ryan has been a serviceable QB on getting games won during the regular season. But he just can't seem to throw the team on his back and win those playoff games. (With my opinions done)
How do you think the Titans get over the hump in the playoffs in your opinion?
Do you like a late round QB in this years draft that could take the reins at the end of Ryan's contract?
One last thing. The titans D had some weak moments this year with deep ball coverage. But man do I like the look of our D. Reminds me of the 2008 D. Not many "household names" but they were feisty.

Jim: Hey Brian. How do the Titans get over the hump? Well, the answer is play your best in the games that matter most, in the playoffs. The Titans proved last year they're capable of beating anybody – they smoked the eventual champs in their own building in November. But you can't turn the ball over like the team did against the Bengals. At the quarterback position, I'm not sure a late round QB is going to be the answer myself… As for the defense, I have few concerns about that side of the football.

Jim Branigan from Suwanee, Georgia
Hey Jim. New quarterbacks have led their teams to victory in the last 2 Super Bowls. Here's how our Titans get it done this year.
Talk to the Arthur's (Blank and Smith), we offer Tannehill, Fitzpatrick and our 1st and 2nd round picks for Matt Ryan and their 2nd rounder. Arthur Smith did wonders with Tannehill and can set the Falcons future with this draft. We get a proven MVP who's hungry for the prize and can lead this team for the next 3 years… winner, winner Lombardi dinner !! Whatcha think?

Jim: Hard pass. Plus, the Titans don't have a second round pick.

Drayden Rupe from Clinton, Utah
Wow great resigning of Landry, I just hope he doesn't let up next year because he got paid! Bringing in Clowney and Beasley we severely overpaid and look what happened with them. I don't picture Landry being that way. When are the Titans announcing their cuts??? We need some dough for free agents.

Jim: Well, three cuts were announced this week in Saffold, Lamm and Darrynton Evans. That doesn't mean that will be all, but that's it so far.

Eddy Willette from Cookeville, Tennessee
Jim, I wanted to make a comment about our QB, Ryan Tannehill. I know he has faced a lot of criticism over that last game. I was as mad as anybody myself. But i believe in Tannehill. I remember in the early 90's before TN had a NFL team, i was a 49er fan. I was a BIG Steve Young fan, not as big of a Montana fan. I remember hearing the same thing about Young. He can't win the big ones. Until the day he beat San Diego in the Super Bowl. That is what is going to happen for us and Tannehill! Write this down, remember it, get the tattoo, that Eddy from Cookeville Tn said that Ryan Tannehill will win a Super Bowl for the Titans! I believe in Ryan Tannehill and am thankful we have him! For the ones who lost their faith, check out his highlights during the season. He can do it! And when you start doubting, just look at your tattoo and it will be alright.

Jim: I bet Mitch Firkins is headed to the tattoo parlor now

Radley Martin from Nashville, Tennessee
What do you think we're going to do with the running back position? Are we going to split Donta Foreman and Derrick Henry?

Jim: Derrick Henry will be the workhorse. Personally, I'd like to see D'Onta back in the mix myself. He's scheduled to become a free agent on Wednesday, so his status is TBD

Mike Ruark from Berlin, Maryland
Hey Jim, I have a few things I want go bounce off of you. As you know, Saffold, Lamm, and Evans were all cut recently. Were any of them a surprise to you? Also, is there anybody you like as a fit for us in FA? Lastly, what position/positions do you feel need to be addressed first? Have a great weekend Jim.

Jim: Hey Mike. I can't say I was surprised. With the team's cap situation, I knew cuts were coming. I hate to see Rodger go, because he's such a good guy. Darrynton just couldn't stay healthy … And while I'm not going to name specific players right now because of NFL tampering rules, the positions of need to me have become clear – TE, WR, OL, back-up RB on offense, and additional depth on defense. The team needs to make a decision at kicker also. Have a good one, Mike.

Jeffery Raney from Pittsburg, Texas
Hello Jim. Do you think due to the release of Evans the chances of resigning Foreman have improved? I am not sure the Titans would have made the postseason without him.

Jim: Hey Jeffery. I don't think the release of Evans impacts Foreman one way or the other. I think the team just decided it was time to move on from Darrynton after two injury riddled seasons.

Jordan Bell from Tampa, Florida
After ruling not guilty, any chance of us exploring Jeff Gladney? I know we looked at him in the draft 2020.

Jim: I'm not saying yes or no on this one. I haven't asked the question. It's just too soon. But keep in mind the Titans secondary looks different now than it did back then.

Jesse Bridges from Henderson, Texas
First off, I want to say thanks for all you do to keep the fans informed. I have been an Oilers/Titans fan since I started watching football in the late 90s; but I live in East Texas so it's Cowboys country around here. It is nice to be able to still feel connected through your insider information.
So on to the point of my question. My wife and I are taking our honeymoon on the 11th and we have decided (not without considerable encouraging on my part) to enjoy it in Tennessee. While we will be in the Pigeon Forge area for most of our stay, I insisted that we stay a few days (3/17- 3/19) in Nashville before we go home. We booked a condo that should be within view of Nissan Stadium so I will finally get to see the home turf of my favorite team. It is my understanding that stadium tours are currently suspended, but are there any other opportunities to get a good look at the stadium? I am not sure when I will have another opportunity to be this close. Where do the hometown heroes hang out in the off season? Sure would be awesome to run into the Mayor of Murfreesboro on the street. Also, do you have any must-see places in Pigeon Forge or Nashville? What is your favorite BBQ or Burger Joint? Just hoping to make the most of our trip.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jesse. Wish I could help you more. You're right – stadium tours are currently suspended, and unfortunately players aren't gathering at this point in the offseason. You'd have to get lucky and spot somebody. As for BBQ spots in Nashville, you should definitely go to Martin's BBQ while in downtown Nashville. The Southern is a great place to eat. And enjoy the action on Broadway! If you have spare time and the weather is good, you should head down to see the Parthenon and walk around Centennial Park before heading across the street to see the VandyBoys – Vandy baseball begins SEC play next weekend. Plus, the Predators play at Bridgestone Arena on the 19th.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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