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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's been a busy week in Titans land.

Now, things are about to get serious.

A week from Saturday, the Titans will board a flight to New Orleans for the regular season opener next Sunday against the Saints.

As we head into Labor Day weekend, let's open up the latest Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Isaac Goins from Cleveland, Tennessee
Hey, Jim. The Tennessee Titans have arguably the most loaded running back room in the NFL. Do you think the Titans would be open to moving Henry for picks, or players? There is concern about how Derrick Henry adjusts to the ripe age of 30, which is a huge milestone for running backs in the NFL. Do you believe the Titans will stay under the run-heavy old-school Mike Vrabel? Or will we adjust to the modern throw-heavy offense over time?

Jim: Hi Issac. The Titans have one of the best running backs in the game in Derrick Henry. Behind him, they have a talented but unproven rookie in Tyjae Spears, a guy with a lot of potential, along with Julius Chestnut, a promising young back with 12 career rushing yards in the NFL. So no, I'm not even thinking about trading Derrick Henry right now. I'm thinking about how he's going to play a big role again this fall … As for what the offense will look like, well, we're going to find out in eight days.

Greg Ericson from Franklin, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Just a thought here. Seems like everybody's jumping on the Jags bandwagon for the division title this year. Yes, they won it last year, but let's not forget that it required a COMPLETE collapse by the Titans, and a near record number of injuries, for the Jags to clinch it in the last game of the year. In that game, the Titans were playing without starters, right & left, and were basically playing a 4th string QB who had been with the team for less than 2 weeks. Even with all that, it took a near miracle play late in the game for the Jags to win it. Yes, injuries and "miracle" plays are part of the game, so the Jags won what they won. But that was last year, and as I look at the Titans (on paper) this year, I do feel they're better now than they were at this point last year. I'm sure the Jags feel they're better as well, but I just can't understand why so many people think the scales have tipped so heavily toward the Jags this year.

Jim: I'm all for the Jaguars getting all the preseason hype, and personally, I think they're going to be pretty good myself. But the last time they were getting this much buzz was coming off their AFC title game appearance in 2017. I remember them being a popular Super Bowl pick in 2018 – and they went 5-11. The Jaguars, like the Titans, will have to prove themselves on the field.

Kintae Harris from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Thanks for always being available to answer our questions giving us more insight on the team. A co-worker and I were discussing the ways the team might use TE Thomas Odukoya. We were thinking with only 3 TEs being on the roster he might get called up on game day. How does compensation work for players who are on the practice squad but get called up? Are they paid more for the games?

Jim: Hi Kintae. Yes, practice squad players get paid the veteran minimum when they're called up for gamedays. So, it's a pretty good bump. But here's something to keep in mind with Odukoya, and I don't think this is widely known: Since he is the international player exemption, he can't be elevated to play in the games at the start of the season. He can start there and then move over to become a member of the practice squad, but there is a three-week waiting period before he is eligible to be elevated. The team also loses the exemption for the remainder of the season.
Here's the full language:
Promotion. Beginning with the 2021 season, an assigned club may add its IP to the Active/Inactive List by removing the international exemption and counting the IP on the Practice Squad for a minimum of three consecutive games (a bye week will count as a game). During the three-game period, no club may sign the player to an NFL Player Contract.
(1) The IP must first terminate his International Practice Squad Contract by signing the Termination by Player form. The club may then sign the player to a standard NFL Practice Player Contract. After the IP has counted on the Practice Squad for a minimum of three consecutive games, any club will be permitted to add the player to the Active List. The IP may be added to the active roster either by terminating his Practice Squad Contract and signing an NFL Player Contract, or through the Standard Elevation Addendum.
(2) Once the club has removed the player from the International Practice Squad exemption, it will not be permitted to receive an exemption for the player for the remainder of the season. Such exemption will be available for any future seasons that the participating club has remaining.

Tracy Hinson from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
What happened to Taylor Lewan?

Jim: Hi Tracy. Lewan is living his best life right now, doing his thing with Bussin' With the Boys and Barstool, and spending time with his wife and kids – and Will Compton. I suspect he'll announce his retirement at some point down the road, it's just a matter of when.

Barry Stagner from Goodlettsville, Tennessee
Hello my question is about the top of the new stadium. It is round in model I saw last. My idea is change it to look like a guitar pic shape and print pick Nashville on it.

Jim: Thanks for the suggestion, Barry.

Pat Wickhem from Sierra Madre, California
How do we purchase tickets for a tour of Nissan Stadium?

Jim: Hi Pat. I'm hoping someone from the stadium reached out to you directly on this. But also passing this along in the event others are interested: At this time the team is only able to private group tours and does not offer a public tours program at this time. Anyone looking to book a private group tour can go to this link to request:

James Delaney from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. A buddy of mine recently got me into checking out the NFL in advance of the coming season.
A week ago I knew nothing about the sport and am still yet to watch a match.
After checking out a couple of teams I've landed on the Titans! So you've got a new supporter from the other side of the pond.
I'll admit i've got a lot to learn about the sport but Mike Vrabel seems like he's very well respected by the team and has built a great atmosphere at the Titans for the upcoming season.
I'm excited to see how the final 53 shakes out and what the folks on the OTP make of it.
I'm looking forward to watching the Titans vs the Saints on the 10th but as a first time viewer what pre-game rituals and chants do I need to know for game time? Titan Up!

Jim: Sounds like you already know the lingo, James! Welcome aboard.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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