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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Leading Up to Game vs Patriots


NASHVILLE – Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

We're now on to Christmas.

But first, the New England Patriots.

Let's dive right into another batch of questions in the latest Titans mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Romeo Ford from Columbia, South Carolina
: Hey Jim. To get straight to the point, are we going to give D'Onta Foreman more carries as running back? His style of play is similar to Derrick Henry. If we keep giving him more carries we could take pressure off of Tann17. Share that to the coaches :)

Jim: Hey Romeo. Now that Adrian Peterson is gone, the options are certainly even more limited. I do think we're going to see more of Foreman, but I liked the looks of Dontrell Hilliard on Sunday as well. He has a burst, and some shiftiness. The reality is how much work these guys get will hinge on how games go. The Titans didn't run it as much against the Texans because they were playing catch-up the whole game. If the team can get a lead, we'll see more runs.

Jaden Brown from New Orleans, Louisiana
Have been a fan of the titans for a long time now, and it was sad to see the Titans lose to the Texans a game we should have won. My question is when will we see rookie Racey McMath he was good on special teams and camp but after his injury on October 8th we heard nothing about him. Is their chance of getting him in at this sudden decline in our WR position?

Jim: Hey Jaden. Hard for me to say the Titans should have won when they were behind the whole game. I get what you're saying, because the Titans are a much better team than the Texans and they served the up five turnovers. But the Titans laid an egg, and paid for it. As for McMath, he remains on Injured Reserve. I get the sense his Return to Play could start relatively soon, but he's been doing his rehab inside. Hopefully we'll see him at some point after the bye week. The Titans could use any help they could get at the receiver position at this point.

Blake Collins from Saltville, Virginia
Hey Jim, hope all is well in the mighty Music City. Got a few things to say if ya don't mind. First I would like to thank Adrian Peterson for his time, I just know he talked to king H and gave his input on a few things on what he sees and how he prepares..time well spent thanks more thing...Golden Tate? Wow what an addition...Get Julio healthy (which i know people are mad at him being available) but let's get him ready for the post season agree? No rush...imagine this....Tannehill drops back to pass.
Option 1 Golden in the slot...option 2 Julio on the post..option 3 AJ deep...option 4 (when hes back) check down to the what a team Jrob and Vrabel are building..mic drop...:)

Jim: We'll see Blake. A lot of "What ifs" here. The Titans just need some guys to get healthy at this point.

Harry Prentis from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
I know we don't replace a Derrick Henry but is there any thought to giving one of the back a little more time making them the number one? It seems hard to me for any rhythm when changing so fast.

Jim: Someone needs to step up and earn it, Harry. I think this would be a great scenario, but until a back emerges you're going to see split carries.

John Clark from Hampton, Virginia
Hey Jim! Just wanted to say thank you for always being here for me and us Titans fans. Ask Jim and watching Titans football is the closest I can get to feeling like I'm part of the team. I always wanted to go to a game but my 20 years of being in the Navy never really allowed me to stay out long enough to make that road trip from Virginia to Nashville. Now a family man with 6 daughters a dog and a granddaughter my money goes everywhere but I do have enough for NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Lol tell the staff and players I said Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays and I pray for them to have a safe speedy recovery, healing courage and everything else that's positive in this world blessings to all! TITANFOOTBALL BESTFOOTBALL

Jim: Appreciate it, John. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to you and your family! And thanks for your service!

Hector Hernandez from Teziutlan
Que tal Jim buenas tardes, espero este bien de salud, quiero externar mi punto de vista respecto al partido de ayer en contra de los texans, Ryan Tannehill tuvo un mal juego y que bueno que allá sido ahorita y no vas adelante o playoffs, con esto no digo que la culpa de la derrota allá sido de Ryan; si tenemos un problema grande en la ofensiva no somos contundentes tampoco verticales y eso hace que nuestra defensiva este mucho tiempo en el campo mantuvieron en 12 puntos a los texanos por un buen tiempo del partido al alcance para darle vuelta al juego y salir con la victoria pero en fin se tendrá que trabajar más durante la semana.
Insisto que a nuestro OC le falta más imaginación en el plan de juego para explotar las armas ofensivas que tiene, es muy predecible la ofensiva y malas jugadas llamadas nos ponían en tercera y largo rápidamente; está derrota me duele mucho como aficionado y quisiera ver a nuestras estrellas ofensivas jugar como estrellas Julio Jones, AJ Brown, Tannehill, Swain, Firsker, entiendo y se que para que esto suceda el PlayBook debe ser más diseñado y pensado en atacar por aire tenemos a chester Rodgers, Marcus Johnson, Ikhene que refuerzan este gran grupo de wide receivers. Por favor HC Vrabel revise el playbook ofensivo y ahí estará la clave para ganar y volver a hacer contundentes. La defensiva no entiendo porque no tuvo Blitz contra Taylor y hasta la segunda mitad se empezó a ver cómo a venido jugando dominante sin ser tan espectacular como lo hizo contra los Rams. Gracias por darse el tiempo de leer mi comentario y ojalá se lo haga llegar al Coach Vrabel, es un comentario de un aficionado 100% comprometido con mis Titans desde hace más de 40 años. Titans up!!

Jim: Hola Héctor. Parece que eres un gran fanático y leal. El equipo agradece su lealtad. Haces algunos puntos justos y válidos. Pero creo que es un poco injusto culpar al coordinador ofensivo. Muchos de los muchachos que mencionaste están heridos y no han estado jugando. Todd Downing está trabajando con muchas copias de seguridad, y esto ha afectado la forma en que puede llamar a los juegos. Los Titanes necesitan estar saludables y jugar mejor. Sé que estamos de acuerdo en esto. Qué tengas un lindo día.

Franky Markle from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Jim, I woke up this morning and the sky wasn't falling anymore. I saw some crazy stats, we (the Titans) have played 11 different O lineman, 10 different WRs, and 39 different players on Defense. WOW!! All I can say after seeing that is GREAT JOB to our staff. Hopefully we can come together and pull out a win vs the Pats. I hope everyone (had) a great Thanksgiving!! We as Titans fans have a lot to be thankful for. Jim let's win this week and I hope you enjoy the bye week. Thanks for all you do!!

Jim: It's been crazy, Franky. Happy Holidays to you.

Dan McFall from Four Oaks, North Carolina
Tough one last week, but everyone was all gloom and doom after the Jets game also. This team is different from years past and I believe will still be a contender at the end of the season. They may not meet all of the impossible expectations that we as fans put on them, but it won't be from a lack of effort on the staff or players part. When have you ever seen so many attempts to bring in help for this team to win? I'm doing the same on my fantasy team because I forgot about draft night. Have some faith, show up at the games and support the team, If I were closer, I'd be there. This team will be OK. Jim, to you and yours a Blessed Holiday season and hopes for happier mail bags to deal with. TITAN UP

Jim: Well Dan, I've never seen anything like this season from an injury standpoint for the Titans, and I've been around for every season. The Titans are going to set at NFL record for most players used in a season. The team needs to get healthy, stay healthy, and play better than it did last week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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