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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Leading Up to Sunday's Game vs the Saints


NASHVILLE – The Titans are rolling, and now the Saints come marching in.

There's no time to let up now, not during a five-game winning streak.

Let's keep the conversation going as well.

This weekend's Titans mailbag is here…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Dylan Nissen from Arizona
Hey Jim, I haven't written in again since I sent my thanks to Marcus Mariota when we parted ways with him, but I still read every week. How about the Titans so far? Anyways, I don't have a question, just wanted to share some thoughts with you and the team. On Veterans Day, I find myself reflecting on life and my service and believe it or not, I feel the Titans have had a large impact. I've been a Titans fan since they came into the league, it was conveniently the first year I was old enough to play tackle football, so it was a perfect time to jump on the bandwagon of the Titans. I always liked the team, but when I left for basic training in 2010, I grew to love the team. You see, during hard times, the Titans provided a distraction. My dad used to send clippings of the newspaper with the scores and update me in letters. My bunk mate happened to be from Tennessee, so we had a natural connection over the team, and we bonded talking Titans. The same can be said over my 24 months spent in Afghanistan. Watching interviews, reading your mailbag, catching highlights whenever I could. There were dark days, and the Titans have always provided a light. I feel bonded with this team and organization. I wanted to just thank you and all the players and staff, it's more than just writing a sports column or playing a game, you all provide a lot of hope and escape for people, and it's a big deal. I appreciate all you guys have done for me in my life, though you didn't know it. Now my service has ended, and I was excited to go to my first Titans game a couple years ago, but I ended up getting hired as a firefighter and going through the academy, missing the season. Now, working as a first responder during the pandemic and of course the fan restrictions last season made it again impossible. But, finally, after years of waiting, I will be at a game this season! I can't wait, it feels like a culmination of things and in a cheesy way more than just going to a game.
So again, thank you Jim, and please pass along my thanks to the team and coaches. The way they battle on the field together translates to a lot of battles people face in life. It's important and we appreciate it.

Jim: Hey Dylan. Thanks for your service, and thanks for sharing this story the week of Veterans Day, and on Salute to Service weekend for the Titans. Best to you.

Jason Key from San Angelo, Texas
With the release of Josh Reynolds, it looks like the Titans are comfortable with their cast of little-known receivers behind A.J. and Julio. Who do you think fits best in that number 3 role?
I love watching this team play, and they do remind me a bit of the 1999 team. Without Derrick playing Eddie's role, it might be tough, but it'll give others a chance to shine as well. Tannehill is a smart guy who plays a tough QB and can run a bit (like McNair did). We have a great TE group and you really can't ask more out of the defense (Kevin Byard is a superstar this year, and barely beating out Simmons as the best player on our D.) I was an Oiler fan, and spent my only year living outside of Texas watching the Titans in their first year as such from just up the road in Bowling Green, Kentucky. So many years later, I wouldn't mind a repeat of the success of that year with a different result, of course. It's possible... Titan up!

Jim: Hey Jason. Behind Julio and A.J., I'm not sure the Titans have to necessarily decide on who the No.3 receiver is, because I think it could be a different guy every week. It was never really Josh Reynolds, because his production was limited. Heck, he rarely played. I think I'd have to say Nick Westbrook-Ikhine and Chester Rogers and Marcus Johnson will all take turns playing role in the offense. How much they'll be needed obviously hinges on the health of A.J. and Julio. Unfortunately, the Titans will be looking for a No.2 receiver again this week with Julio going on Injured Reserve on Saturday.

Lawrence E Hughes from Castalian Springs, Tennessee
Please ask Vrabel what he told the defense after the 15 missed tackles game because that's when the defense started flying around the field and showing vast improvements.

Jim: Hey Lawrence. I asked him, and he said he told them they need to tackle better and play better. Old-school thinking, but I guess it worked.

Brother Lavelle from Memphis, Tennessee
Blessings Jim and the Titans Family. No question, just statement. We continue to make NFL History. Now the only team to have 3/2,000-yard rushers on the Titan roster all-time. How about that! Future trivia, huh! Your favorite word Jim. Huh! Much love TITAN NATION...

Jim: That's heavy, Brother.

Pat Keeley from Aurora, Illinois
Hey Jim, I know it's been a while since I've emailed you, but I enjoy your articles and responses on this website, thanks for all you do!
Great win Sunday night, wow! Questions for you...
1) Anthony Firkser seems to have dropped off in production and the other te's are getting their names called (Swaim, Pruitt)...i just noticed he's #3 on depth this because he was injured early on?
2) I'm really concerned about the offense minus Henry, I know they have a trio of rb's to help out with it, but I worry now that defenses aren't going to load the box and now start to double AJ. I do feel that Julio Jones or Chester Rogers are going to really have to step up. Your thoughts?
3) What has gotten into the defense? Has this been an ongoing process and that they are finally starting to jell together? I know the KC game may have been a solid performance but man, this game vs LA was truly eye opening. I just hope they can stay healthy on this side of the ball.
I miss Nashville and hope to get back down there soon. Go Titans!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Pat.
1. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised by Firkser's minimal role as a pass-catcher. I thought he'd be more involved myself. His injury definitely slowed him early. But credit Geoff Swaim and Michael Pruitt for making the most of their opportunities as well.
2. Time will tell on this, but it's completely understandable to be concerned. The Titans lost their best player to injury in Derrick Henry, and, let's face it, the offense struggled at times without him vs the Rams. The play of the defense disguised some of the shortcoming on offense. Guys are going to have to make plays in his absence.
3. The entire defense is benefitting from a much-improved pass rush. And, what's encouraging to me is some guys are getting healthier and that should help the improvement as well.

Richard Colestock from St Cloud, Florida
As an almost 80-year-old football enthusiast and a die-hard Titan fan, I feel compelled, for the 1st time ever, to express how I feel after that thrashing we gave the Rams sunday night. WOWOWOW!!!!
I wanted to write to you on monday but the excitement of the win shot my blood pressure through the it took a day or so to settle down. Now I look at the remaining games on our schedule and salivate over it......we can win EVERY game......and SHOULD....if we keep our noses to the grindstone.....and don't get too full of ourselves just yet......not until Mr Vrabel is hoisting the Lombardi trophy for all of Titanland to see!
I've been a Titan fan ever since McNair beat the Jags to go to the Super Bowl....we barely lost to the Rams then but we sure beat their collective asses sunday night!!!
I believe this team has something special.....quality players as well as quality people......not a prima donna in the bunch!
Thanks for all you do Jim, you are my required reading every week.
Btw, will somebody PLEASE sign King Henry to 15 year deal??

Jim: Great to hear from you, Richard!

Hank Koebler from Clarksville, Tennessee
Are they going to get rid of the lame version of Folsom Prison Blues and bring back the Johnny Cash version? The new version does nothing to get the fans engaged. I never used to see anything but folks singing along and clapping, now they go to the restroom during it.

Jim: Hey Hank. I must admit, I get this question – or at least some version of it – on a pretty regular basis. And that includes from my 83-year-old father, who prefers the Johnny Cash version himself.

Joel Meadows from Oakland, Tennessee
Do you think the Titans will play with the same heart and intensity for the rest of the season? I hope they stay hungry and not get complacent.

Jim: If you're asking me if I think the team will go undefeated the rest of the way, I guess I'd have to say no. It's just hard for me to imagine a 13-game winning streak to close out the season. But I think the Titans will play to win each Sunday.

Dennis Boom from Gordonsville, Tennessee
After Sunday night's game against the Rams I am glad to see some national recognition and respect at last. The doom and gloom cried was ready to bury the Titans without King Henry but I was telling my friends that we were going to be alright. I pointed out to them that in the previous two games Derrick did not have his typical stats but we still beat two solid teams.The key to success was good play action and making the opposing defenses have to respect the run. In the Rams game our run by committee approach was enough of a threat to keep the defense honest. Now I'll be the first one in line to welcome the King back but in the meantime we are in good shape and will continue to Titan Up!!

Jim: Thanks for delivering the Boom, Dennis.

Ed Lake from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Maybe the Titans' ongoing "Don't Get No Respect" mantra seems overplayed at times, but then along comes another example that it ain't necessarily so. Case in point: Chris Berman's MNF halftime recap of Sunday's games highlighting a bunch, including the nothing-burger Dolphins-Texans, Cardinals-49ers, and Patriots-Panthers snoozers. Not included? Da-dum--the Titans "who woulda thunk?" beatdown of one of the top NFC teams, the Rams! Keep that chip on your shoulders, Titans! You get no respect.

Jim: I hear ya, Ed. But I think everybody saw the Titans beat down of the Rams, and it kind of spoke for itself.

Mike Miles from LaVergne, Tennessee
Jim, thanks for keeping us up to date on our Titans. Who would have thought we would be 7and 2 half way thru the season. A LOT OF US WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT. Keep believing in our team one game at a time. I have said from the Bills game until now play our game. Now we have five home games in regular season left. It is very important that we fill each game at our house with our fans. Yes the rest of this season the games are going to be in cold weather, dress for it. We need to keep the two-tone blue going. Titan fans need to show our support for the team. TITAN UP AND BE THE 12TH MAN ON THE FIELD.

Jim: I agree, Mike.

Héctor Hernández from Teziutlan, Puebla; México
Hola Jim buenas noches, espero que esté bien, quiero externar mi comentario, no sin antes que el DC Shane Bowen me ha callado la boca y eso me alegra por qué he Sido un duro criticó a la defensa que habíamos venido jugando más específicamente contra los New York Jets y en algunos otros partidos, anoche contra los LA Rams la defensa dió un muy buen partido aunque hay detalles a corregir en la secundaria sobre todo con los corners, espero que con el regreso de Fulton se mejore en ese rubro. Es por demás mencionar la gran falta que nos hace THE KING a la ofensa y ahí espero que el OC tenga la creatividad y el talento de de explotar esas armas como AJ Brown, Julio Jones, Firsker, Rodgers y Peterson, tiene muy buen talento, mi gran preocupación es la línea ofensiva y eso se lo comente a ud desde la pretemporada no tenemos backups de nivel anoche el LT Hart se vio muy mal seguimos batallando para poder darle protección a Tannehill y mientras no tenga el tiempo necesario para lanzar batallaremos en poder ser contundentes para marcar puntos, anoche la defensa prácticamente anoto dos touchdown, ojalá JROB y el coach Vrabel busquen mejores OL para suplir cuando se necesite a los titulares, muchas gracias y soy fiel seguidor de los Tennessee Titans!!

Jim: Es bueno saber de ti, Héctor. Definitivamente hubo muchas cosas alentadoras que surgieron del juego de los Rams. La defensa ha mejorado mucho y, como mencionaste, DC Shane Bowen merece mucho crédito por la mejora. Pero los tianos no pueden ceder ahora. Apenas estamos a la mitad de la temporadas.

Troy Patterson from Iowa Falls, Iowa
Hi Jim- What a wild and crazy last 4 weeks, who would of thought the Titans would be sitting at 7-2 at the half way mark? Hopefully they can get the offense rolling with Henry out. Like most Titan fans I would love to see them bring a Super Bowl win to Nashville. There is still 8 games to play yet and alot can still happen. At this point in the season I feel like the Jets loss has a turning point for them. Their remaining schedule is not as tough but after some of the upsets that happened last week they can't take anybody lightly. Every team are professionals and they are not going to lay down and just let them win. I know they will never be completely healthy but I hope they can get most of their guys back without suffering any more season ending injuries. GO TITANS!!

Jim: All true, Troy, all true.

Terry Harris from Valencia, California
Hey Jim, long time Oiler-Titans going back to the Dan Pastorini days. I was finally able to see the team play live at the Rams game last Sunday night. What a thrill to see the team in person after all that time. I got to see Earl Campbell at the 1979 pro bowl game in Los Angeles, so I was sad to miss the opportunity to see King Henry have some fun with Jalen Ramsey. Prayers to Derrick and his family. I got to tell you, I didn't have too high of expectations going to the game with all the injuries, hoping maybe they could steal a close one. Didn't see that beat down coming, but man it was awesome. So my question to you is what did you think of SoFi Stadium, I can only compare it to the Coliseum, Rose Bowl and Anaheim stadium, I'm sure you might have been in a few. Hope the boys can go check it out again in February. If they do, anyone thinking of going may need a pretty fat wallet. $125 plus for parking now, I can only imagine how much for the Super Bowl will be. Thanks.

Jim: Hey Terry. You definitely saw a great game. And, I thought SoFi was incredible. It's the best NFL venue I've been to, and I've been to every stadium but Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. I'd love to go back in February.

Mark Mccullough from S Padre Island, Texas
I am loving the way the D has come together and is making things happen. It is good to see some of those guys healthy and back out there balling as the D seems to have come together and is playing as a cohesive unit. "Offense wins games, Defense wins championships.": Back in the dark dismal days before King Henry during the reign of the last front office I use to joke about our best player being the Punter, (who is actually one of our best players). I wanted to write in and give props and thanks to a great Professional who has been on our team since 2009 doing his job week end and week out at a level that most people at his position only dream about. Brett Kern is the best in the business and we should be thankful he is back out there doing his job Like he has for over a decade. Sunday night's win started with a dime dropped in a bucket by our boy Brett. Flipping the field like that over and over is huge and in Sunday night's game it started what would be a heck of an outing for our D. Good Game Sir.
As of last season, I have been a Titans fan longer Than an Oiler fan, Lot of us old Oiler Fans down here in Texas still rooting for the boys in blue. Its great to see the success this team has had in the past few years and hope to see it continue. Thanks for keeping us informed Jim. TITANS!!!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Mark.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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