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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Leading Up to Sunday's Game vs Rams


NASHVILLE – It's been a crazy week in Titans Land.

Running back Derrick Henry had foot surgery on Tuesday, and he was placed on Injured Reserve. The Titans signed future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson to the practice squad, along with running back D'Onta Foreman.

Emails have been pouring in about Henry, and Peterson, and on plenty of other topics leading up to Sunday's game against the Rams in Los Angeles.

Let's go ahead and dive in…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Nicholas Skophammer from Tuscon, Arizona
Good morning, Jim. I'm hesitant to read the mailbag after The King went down because I have this feeling that people are going to just give up on the season and I don't need that negativity in my life. The King may or may not be back this season and he was the engine for the offense. But if you think the season is a wash (not you, the general "You") then you're not paying attention to the little things. Obviously when we have the best running back in the league by far, everyone thinks when we lose him, we won't be successful. I know there is an unmeasurable fire in our team as a whole, from the GM to the head coach, the staff and all the players. We will win games and we will surprise everyone, the Titans aren't just Derrick Henry, the Titans are the spirit of tenacity given flesh. I have faith that they will adapt and prove to themselves that we can beat anyone, if we can beat the doubt within. Not sure how you feel, and since it says to ask a question here, I'll ask you this, am I reaching when I say all this? Or delusional, I did remember to take my meds so that would be worrisome, haha?

Jim: Hey Nicholas. Losing Derrick was a gut-punch for sure. And, replacing him won't be easy. But the Titans aren't throwing in the towel. I don't think you're being unreasonable at all. The Titans are still a good football team, and I think they'll prove it in time. With all that said, Sunday's game against the Rams was going to be tough with or without 22.

Julius Lamont from Waverly, Tennessee
Hey Jim, how is Derrick after his surgery? Was it successful?

Jim: Hi Julius. It's my understanding surgery was a success. Derrick is now back in Nashville, recovering. He was already back at Saint Thomas Sports Park on Thursday, in fact, and guys were happy to see him.

Jimmie Rankin from Nashville, Tennessee
I don't really have a question, just sharing some Thoughts.
If you are a Titan Fan, Please Speak Life into This Present Situation and Not Death. Proverb 18:21. Of course unexpected Life Situations happens and it has. The True Titans Fans need to pray Henry is Healed and Restored to Return when God,The Medical Team deems Appropriate, but during this Phase, pray and have Confidence that God will Supply The Titans what is needed to Press On!!!!!!.
PLEASE show #22 that the "Goal " is still the Focus to Super Bowl and cheer on Mr. Peterson
Please Speak Life and Not Death.
Pray for the Team, Coaches and Staff as we Pray for Henry's Health, Recovery, Rehabilitation and RETURN!!!!!!!

Jim: Well said, Jimmie.

Marian van Soest from The Netherlands
Hi there, I just wanna ask you guys: Let's play for Derrick Henry the next games. You have a good team, Derrick will be missed for a while, but he is coming back stronger than ever, you'll see. Till that time: go for it, for him, for us Titans fans! Let's go for the Superbowl!

Jim: Good to hear from you Marian, from The Netherlands!

Steve Kwiczak from Strathmore Alberta Canada
A very good day to you Jim, as I write this King Henry is having surgery on his foot and Adrian is getting familiar with the offence. I do not have a question but more of an observation. The timeline for Derrick to return from what I am reading is 6 to 10 weeks. Correct me if I am mistaken that still has him back in the line-up for the playoffs? That being the case assuming the Titans play .500 football, with what is essentially a 4 game lead on the Colts. The playoffs are assured as a division winner.....the upside if there is you want to be the team facing a healthy well rested Derrick Henry as the playoffs start?
I do acknowledge that this is all assuming that surgery and recovery go well...and again the Titans play .500 football the rest of the way? What are your thoughts?

Jim: Hey Steve. I'm not going to speculate when, or if, Derrick could come back. Every guy heals differently, and injuries and procedures are different, too. I'm approaching things like he's out for the season, including the playoffs. If he makes it back, which wouldn't surprise me, it's obviously a huge plus. But there's recovery time and rehab time and getting back into football condition and more when dealing with injuries, and I think it's unfair to speculate on when he might return, or add to the expectation that he'll be back sooner than people think/hope.

Joan Dutton from Cerritos, California
Hi Jim, great win vs Indy for the Titans but terrible loss of Henry. Signing Adrian Peterson would make sense if it was ten years ago. I suspect no defense is going to spend much time worrying about him or spending a lot of time preparing for his play. I wonder how smart it was to have Henry continue so many carries after it was obviously a win with the Chiefs and Bills. I will be at the Rams vs Titans game on Sunday. I was so excited I bought tickets for a group of my friends so they could see Derrick run live not on TV. Everyone is disappointed!! I hope that the Titans can find ways to win and show that they can win without Derrick even he will be greatly missed. What are your thoughts on the loss of King Henry? TITAN UP! Everyone keep the faith, we have an exceptional team and many talented guys!!!!! Beat the Rams on Sunday!!!!

Jim: Hey Joan. Adrian looked good in practice this week. I wouldn't dismiss his chances of helping so quickly. Is he going to carry the ball 25 times a game and run for 100 yards week after week? No. But this guy is no bum. … See ya in L.A.

Luis Linares C. from Ciudad de México, México
Hola, Jim. Gracias por mantenernos informados sobre nuestro querido equipo de Titans. Fue una pésima noticia la lesión de Henry. Leí a varios analistas deportivos sobre la baja por lesion de Henry y coincidían en que los Titans podrían perder ritmo ganador e incluso no llegar a los partidos de postemporada. Tú que estás en el día a día con los jugadores de Titans, ¿crees que esta baja de Derrick Henry por varias semanas desmoronará anímicamente al equipo o sacará del fondo de ellos lo mejor de sí para salir adelante, ganar la división y llegar a los playoff? Un saludo y gracias por la gran labor que realizas.

Jim: Hola Luis. Los Titans siguen siendo un buen equipo y todavía van a ganar partidos. Creo que todo el mundo mejorará su nivel de juego sin Derrick. Estamos a punto de ver cómo van las cosas.

Dan Noren from Franklin, Tennessee
Always have enjoyed reading your columns through the years…thanks! Not really a question, but more of a statement. I'm still struggling with letting Sergeant go. It's hard for me to believe that of all the running backs on our roster, Sergeant was the worst. Was he the answer, no. But I think he really could have been a solid contributor. I wish him well and hope he is able to land with another team.

Jim: Hey Dan. This simply came down to this: The Titans feel like they're better off right now with a combination of Adrian Peterson, D'Onta Foreman and Jeremy McNichols. Let's tell it like it is: Mekhi did a good job in the preseason running against back-ups. But he's carried the ball two times for four yards in the regular season in his career. A lot of folks are acting like the team released Jim Brown. I like Mekhi, and I was impressed with what I saw from him in camp, and the preseason. But again, he's unproven. Adrian Peterson is not. I hope one day Mekhi resurfaces, and we get to see him develop further.

Bob Galasso from Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Hi Jim. Second time for writing in. I really enjoy reading your column and you do an awesome job keeping all of us up to date week to week! I have been an Oilers / Titans Fan dating back to the early 70s. I remember the disappointing playoff losses against the Steelers in the late 70's and the awesome times during the Luv Ya Blue era and Run and Shoot offense! Bum Phillips, Dan Pastorini, Earl Campbell, Warren Moon, Steve McNair Eddie George are all names that we will remember - both for their awesome performances on the field as well as the significant injuries they suffered in the past. Now with King Henry out for most of the remainder of the season this team like many before it needs to TITAN UP! I was literally sick to my stomach when I heard the news because of the Kings talent and his drive to hit 2K again this year! This can still be a positive thing and the team can dedicate this year's remaining games to him and the Fallen in years past. Many teams will be expecting us to lie down or rollover with the loss which can actually play into our hands. This year's team is resilient and has overcome so much together... There is still enough talent on this team to win the division and make playoffs... Hopefully then Derrick will be back and blast us into the Super Bowl. Call me overly optimistic, call me crazy... but call me a diehard Titans Fan any time. This is the year the Titans will show the entire NFL that we will not be denied!!! Thanks for listening!!

Jim: Appreciate it, Bob.

Devin Douglas from North Memphis, Tennessee
First giving all due RESPECT!!! to the KING, get well at your pace, hey Jim could you please let the AFC Defensive Player of the month (OCT) Kevin Byard know I am depending on him as much as I am the RB's we need our defense to shut it down on each play. Thanks

Jim: I'll let him know, Devin!

Roman Jones from Brentwood, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I was wondering about if the offensive scheme as changed as of late considering Derrick's injury. If it has, will that be including a cycle of running backs or just one (like AP). Either way thanks for what you do JIM!

Jim: Hey Roman. I think this will evolve in time, depending on performance. But I think we're going to see rotation of running backs, not just one.

Ryan Gilpatrick from Indianapolis, Indiana
Hi Jim. It's obviously tragic what happened to King Henry over the weekend, and I wish him all the best in recovery. With that being said, it does leave a significant hole in our running back room. AD and Foreman will help, and I think Jeremy McNichols is capable of more than we have seen from him so far. However, I did want to inquire about the status of Racey McMath. I haven't heard much after he went on IR earlier this year, and at 6'3 and 217 pounds, I would be interested in seeing if he could make some plays out of the backfield. After watching Cordarrelle Patterson tear it up this year with the Falcons, I think it could be worth looking into if he is healthy.

Jim: Hey Ryan. Racey is developing on the practice squad. But he won't be lining up in the backfield.

Harmonee Atcheson from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim I hope you're having a great day and just wanted to send prayers at your Derrick Henry I am sad that we lost the best running back and can't wait to see what AJ Brown and Ryan Tannehill and Taylor Lewan.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Harmonee.

Peter Palmer from Miramar, Florida
With the loss of Henry in the backfield is certainly a big loss to the team. I know many Oilers / Titan fans including myself look at it as a big catastrophe. What gives me hope is how resilient our team is. I forsee our offensive line stepping up to the task at hand giving Tannehill time to throw the ball to his receivers. All we have to so now is to become a pass first mentality that will then open up our run game no matter who's in the backfield. If we can do that we will be dangerous when Henry comes back hopefully in time for the playoffs.

Jim: We're about to find out how this is going to go, Peter.

Cliff Cushman from Spring, Texas
Salutations, Jim! Like everyone else in the mailbag, I am feeling the sting of 22's injury & its impact on the team. I hope Henry knows we appreciate the player & the human being he is as we wish him a speedy recovery & long career. Having said that, I wanted to share a few things I noticed. We all knew this was a dangerous Colts team coming into its own that regarded this match-up as a playoff game. When we went down 14-0, I was concerned that panic might set in. No, even after penalties & poor technique, Vrabel stayed strong & steady as an oak on the sidelines. Can't expect the players to remain calm & focused if the coach comes unwound. That persona of his has been adopted by the team. We aren't the healthiest or most talented or most experienced squad, but we are tough as any in the league. Henry cannot be replaced, but I am a bit giddy that we could be watching A.P. play for us. Will we be seeing 8 man boxes or will defenses play us honest? Who knows. Personally, I think NFL defenses had us figured out but 22 would run through them with sheer will power. Now, we must evolve & develop more balance. Jones has to be part of that. Finally, I am encouraged by the fact I haven't seen those hoodies on the sidelines that look like chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles from my daughter's last birthday party. Grown men, serious men, wearing that on national television!

Jim: Way to close us out, Cliff.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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