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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Leading Up to Sunday's Game vs Chiefs


NASHVILLE – It was a memorable Monday night for the Titans and fans of the team.

The rousing win over the Bills will go down as one of the best games ever played at Nissan Stadium. In fact, I've had several long-time fans tell me it was the best game they'd ever seen.

We'll discuss some of that in this weekend's mailbag.

But in the NFL, the next game gets here quick, and now we're just one day away from another big game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Let's dive into another Titans mailbag …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Andriy Lakusta from Edmonton, AB, Canada
Hi Jim. I'm sure everyone down in Nashville is smiling, and you won't have any angry mail after this game.
I emailed you after that Jets embarrassment, so figured it is only fair that I email you after that huge win on Monday night and give the team their props too. It was definitely not a perfect performance, but boy did they gut that one out. That was one great character win. The defense came up big time when it counted, early holding the Bills to 3s, and obviously late as well. That 4th and 1 stand at the end was one for the history books. With all the injuries prior to and during the game, thought you might have to suit up and go play DB. King Henry still amazes me every time I watch a game. They could play with 12 or 13 on defense and not sure they could totally shut him down. Well, no time for them to savor this one for too long with the Chiefs coming up, and there are still things they need to keep working on. Here's hoping some of these injured guys start to come back, and especially hope that Taylor is going to be okay, was a bit of a scary moment. Let's keep this thing rolling.

Jim: Thanks for writing back in, Audriy.

Travis Walsh from San Bernadino, California
Hello there Jim! Long-time fan, first time writer here. All I can say after (the win) against Buffalo is WOW! This game just showed what kind of grit our boys have! It was terrible seeing Lewan go down like that and I wish him the best. But how about that big break by King Henry!? And our defense played a great game, yes they gave up 31 points, but they cashed in when it counted. Plus, our offense had an impressive outing scoring 34 on one the top defenses in the league. I know that our squad has had some setbacks, trials and tribulations through the first 6 games, but I think we proved just how tough and determined we are and that we can be a very dangerous opponent once everything is in alignment. I'm super-stoked for this win and I think it was one that all us Titans faithful really needed. With all that being said, it's not going to get any easier this week against KC so let's keep the faith and Titan Up!!!

Jim: You're right, Travis. The Chiefs have a high-flying offense, with a tremendous QB in Patrick Mahomes. It's a big challenge any time, especially on a short week.

Adam Huxtable from Sydney, Australia
Hi Jim, firstly just want to say a big Titan Up to all the players and coaches, that game certainly alleviated a lot of worries I had about this team and here's hoping we can carry momentum into the Chiefs game. My question is that with the form shown by Randy Bullock, has he done enough to keep the starting kicking position if and when Sam Ficken comes off of IR? Do you have any insight into what the coaching staff are thinking? Cheers mate

Jim: Hey Adam. Well, Randy has been solid. He's 11-of-13 on field goals this year, and 14-of-15 on PATs. With that said, he has to keep it going. I haven't seen Ficken since the Friday before the opener, so I don't know his timetable. Randy just needs to keep making his kicks.

Russell Alexander from LaVergne, Tennessee
Jim, great win by the team (vs Buffalo). I will be the first to admit I was embarrassed to have so many Buffalo people at the game. I realize they travel well, but this was more like a road game than a home game. I have been a season ticket holder since Day 1. I know the answer is likely no, but is there anything that can be done to prevent all our season ticket holders from selling to the opposing team? Games like that need our fans, and the ones that were rooting for us were loud. I am proud of the Titans fans that were there, but it would have been nice to have had more or our fans! Thanks Jim. Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Russell. Bills fans travel well, so I wasn't surprised to see so many of them in town. But I disagree that it was like a road game for the Titans. It was far from it, in fact. There's no doubt in my mind there were more Titans fans there than Bills fans, especially in the lower bowl. And I thought the Titans fans who were there showed out, and they made a ton of noise. As for preventing folks from selling their tickets, hey, they have a right to do what they want to do. But sell your tickets, and you run the risk of missing one of the best games in the 20-plus years the team has been in town, which is what happened on Monday night.

Titan Misterio from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Can we start this?: I say we scream Titan up!!!!!!! On every kickoff u down?

Jim: Go for it, Titan Misterio.

Rodney Dixon from Richmond, Virginia
Thank You Jim for your coverage of the Titans! You are always very thorough with your coverage. What a dramatic win on Monday night football against the Bills! Way to go D-Line! As soon as the game finished I called my buddy Ian Talley, who is just as big a Titans fan as me, and we talked about 'The STOP' for about 30 minutes! Injuries are starting to pile up with our team but we have to keep shuffling people in with the NEXT MAN UP mentality. With Batson out I am hoping that we bring in Mason Kinsey as a WR\KR. We are really thin at CB. I am hoping that J-Rob can work his magic and make a trade for a CB. If we beat the Chiefs this week. I think that we are on the road to the AFC Title game if not the Super Bowl. Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Rodney. Kinsey has been practicing, and he's available. So, stay tuned on this…

Randy Porter from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Hey Jim! After attending possibly the best game I've seen in Nissan Stadium Monday night, I wanted to offer appreciation to all who made it happen. First, a big hats-off to the Titans organization for putting on a great show. The stadium was in epic form and came alive with lights, sounds and excitement. Plus, they worked hard to keep our fans in the available seats. Next, the fans. Titans fans came in numbers (finally) and were LOUD! Bills fans efforts to take over Nashville and the stadium, fell way short. In fact, Titans fans even took security into their own hands, when a few adolescent Bills fans got out of hand and turned violent. With no security nearby, unamused Titans fans immediately assisted the offensive inebriatants "out", with gusto and a touch of southern hospitality. And last, a huge thank you to the all boys in blue. From the coaching staff, to the players, we were treated with seeing the real Titans ! Injured, bruised, beat up, sick and missing a staggering number of players, they found a way to win. The Bills were arguably the best team in the AFC, if not the NFL right now. Vrabel and Co. had a plan to contain the hot Bills offense and they found a way. David Long, Harold Landry, Kevin Byard, Jeff Simmons and the entire rotation of defensive players, kept Josh Allen out of his comfort zone and the pocket. Our offense started slow, but came alive in the second half. Tannehill, Henry and every receiver on the roster (it seemed) stepped up. And.. the O-line protected! The Bills have a vicious pass rush and my worst fears were put to rest by the effort of the line. In short, I thought this team gave it everything they had, until the very last play. Was it pretty ? Of course not. It seldom is. But, it was a joy to watch and made us PROUD to be a Titans fan. I think the team was proud of the fans as well. So thank you to everyone for helping make this a special night. Before the game, we all heard "Here we go, Buff-alo !", over and over, with the charm of nails on a chalkboard. But, it ended with "Time to go, Buff-alo" (I'm being kind) at the end. Last, our prayers and best wishes to our injured players and wish them a fast recovery. Thanks as always Jim, see ya Sunday!

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Randy. See ya Sunday.

Jason Knight from Cleveland, Tennessee
How's it going Jim? I'm sure its always better after a win. I am glad the team played hard, and that the defense made a stand to secure the win. What's the deal with all the injuries I know it's to be expected cause of the game, but is there anything that can be done as far as strength and conditioning. Seems like something could be done to help mitigate the injuries. Hope everyone is ok Thanks for listening to my question. GO TITANS

Jim: Hey Jason. The Titans have had bad luck in the injury department. I've been getting a lot of emails from folks wanting to blame it on the strength and conditioning. Torn ACLs and concussions and shoulder injuries and ankle injuries have nothing to do with strength and conditioning. It's a physical sport. Believe me, the Titans are doing everything they can to prevent injuries. The Chiefs have 16 guys on their injury report this week. Every team is working hard to prevent these injuries, but a lot of these come from the physical nature of the game.

Donnie Brown from Ashland City, Tennessee
Hey Jim, wanna say big shout out to all the players, personnel and fans at the Monday night game!
Fans showed up and were extremely loud even though there were a lot of band wagon Bills fans there.
Don't think tanny was sacked once and josh was 3-4 times. Offensive line and defensive line showed up and played some ball. Henry as everyone knows is a beast and a machine.
My concern as is everybody's else's, is the CORNER'S and safety's. We may need more backups. We need improvements! Can we not sign some free agents or practice squad corners. It's the same scenario every week with great quarterbacks and rookie quarterbacks passing for high yardage. I see a lot of blown coverage, I know we play a lot of zone, but we should have a man that has nothing to do but stick with a Beasley when going down field. Same with other route runners. Ty for your time, enjoy reading your column. NOW LET'S BACK THAT WIN UP WITH ANOTHER ONE OVWR THE CHIEFS!!

Jim: Hey Donnie. The Titans are definitely banged up at cornerback, with Kristian Fulton and Caleb Farley now both on IR. Fulton will be back at some point. The team signed Greg Mabin this week, and other options are on the practice squad on Chris Jones and Briean Boddy-Calhoun. Everyone is going to have to keep doing their best to play better. The challenge this week is another big one. The Chiefs are ranked No.2 in the league on offense.

Cliff Cushman from Spring, Texas
Hey, Jim! Let's take a minute to appreciate this win before I ask a question. First off, this game reminded me of the Chargers game from 2 seasons ago. Simmons making a play near the goal line to close it out. We caught a glimpse of what he could be which silenced some of our critics for drafting a hurt player. Side note, I hope Farley becomes Simmons & not Tyrone Calico (2nd round) or Andre Woolfolk. We gutted out a win and just made more big plays than mistakes. I personally think we are in Josh Allen's head. Now a question or two. Given our lack of healthy corners, do you think JRob will trade or sign a free agent? With our offensive line getting thin, do you think Dillon Radunz will be in the mix, even if it is at guard? Finally, I'm glad to see our kicker situation settle down, but do you think Amani Hooker is the long term starter?

Jim: Hey Cliff. When asked about trades, I always say: Nothing the GM does ever surprises me. I have no doubt he's exploring his options. … Radunz is a back-up at guard and tackle … Yes, Amani Hooker is the starter, opposite Kevin Byard.

Hunter Phelan from South Pasadena, California
Good Morning Sir JIM!! Wow what a win. Congrats to the fellas. What a battle , you could see the passion and fight from the opening kick off all the way the amazing goal line stand. Want to give a shout out Randy Bullock. He has been pretty darn solid putting it through the uprights. What we have been witnessing with KING HENRY is something crazy special, and I know he's been approaching some elite company with a lot of stats.
My question is (looked online but could not find) Do you know who has the most 50 yard plus runs in NFL history? Imagine Henry has to be getting up there. Prayers out to Taylor Lewan and Caleb Farley We will see Caleb stronger then ever 2022!!!
Thanks for the time JIM, and giving us fans such a great platform to hear our opinions and questions, makes us really feel part of the team. It's much appreciated by this fan!!! Go Titan!

Jim: Hey Hunter.
Here's a list of players with the most 50-yard touchdown runs since 1950:
Adrian Peterson – 16
Barry Sanders – 15
Jim Brown – 12
Derrick Henry – 11
Chris Johnson – 11
I don't have access to non-touchdown runs going back that far.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, are the Titans really going into the KC game with Jackrabbit Jenkins as their best CB versus the Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes at QB? If they are then that sounds like a big mistake to me.

Jim: You expecting Deion Sanders and Darrell Green to come out of retirement to suit up?

Alberto Armando Téllez Salcedo from Durango, México
Hola Jim, otra vez yo ahora principalmente para felicitar a todo el Equipó por la tremenda victoria contra los Bills, que llegaban en el No. 1 del Ranking de la NFL, el equipo con más puntos anotados y el equipó con menos puntos recibidos. Fue muy emocionante volver a ganarle a Buffalo, pues hay una rivalidad que data del partido "El Regreso" y que continúo con el "Milagro de la Ciudad de la Música". Felicidades a Derrick Henry en especial, para mí el Rey desde hace tres años, esta teniendo una temporada sacada de un libró mágico que lo pone en la conversación al lado de puros corredores HOF.
En cuánto al partido contra KC Chiefs, siento que nuestra ofensiva tiene todo para tener un tremendo partido y la defensa, viene de un cierre impresionante. Espero gran duelo de Tyreek contra Chris Jackson y Janoris Jenkins, así como Travis Kelce contra Kevin Byard. Harold Landry está impresionante, juntó con Autry, Simmons y Dupree deben ponerle presión a Mahomes. Espero que esté de regresó Murchison y Rice, así cómo Reynolds y Evans. Un cordial saludo a todos los jugadores y asistentes. Arriba los Titanes.

Jim: Gracias por el correo electrónico y las amables palabras, Alberto. Fue un gran juego. Pero como mencionaste, el desafío del domingo contra los Chiefs es grande. Los Titans necesitarán jugar bien una vez más, en ambos lados del fútbol. Disfruta el juego.

Ronald Sweet from Henfield Sussex UK
Hi been a long-time fan, ups and downs happen in sport, teams come and go ,the same with the Titans. Monday night was special, and Henry is an extreme sports man. But the defence really played outstanding considering who they were playing. But I have just seen the video on the Titans website of Mike Keith. Before Game pass came along I have listened to Mike for years sometimes late at night because of the time difference and his descriptions of the games always kept me imagining the scene in Nashville, a city I have been to a few times but also I feel very at home of. Mike always does a fabulous job as does his team so Jim please pass on my good wishes. I always remember The Late Rob Bironas last minute long distance game winning field goal against the Colts.. That video from Monday night was just so much fun,and the game was a real cliffhanger and that is why we all love the NFL, even that all us UK fans live so far away. Thank you.

Jim: Hello Ronald. Appreciate you taking the time. And I'm sure your kind words will mean a lot to Mike. He takes so much pride in what he does, and in doing the best job he can to give Titans fans a memorable listening experience. It's cool when I hear his impact is being felt all over the world. Take care.

Jack Essner from Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Hey Jim! I've been a Titans fan my whole 23 years of life and really enjoy your Instagram page. My question to you is, what changes for the defense in the red zone or pressure situations to where they seem to become more effective and rise to the occasion? It seems like the chunk plays have been what's killing us all season, but when our back is against the wall in the red zone or in a crucial situation, the defense seems to rise to the occasion and make the stop (Jags on the 1 yard line, Bills end of game, holding the Bills to a field goal twice in the first half when they got to the red zone). I hope we can carry this momentum from the Bills win all the way to January! Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Jack. Good to hear from you. Red zone play has been one big area for improvement. And, providing more pressure on opposing QBs.

Michael Caldwell from Columbus, Ohio
Hello Jim. Hope all is well with you, I sent you a letter earlier this week before the Buffalo game with not a question but a concern, I stand by what I said in that letter, That was a must win game and to be honest with you I think the next 5 are the same way, K,C is coming into this game like Buffalo a heavy favorite, Which I can't blame the media for what they predict , we just have not put enough games back to back to back to give them any other ways to view these games, We have shot our selves in the foot way too many times, Patrick Mahomes is a top tier QB and their offence is rank 1 in many categories and we are ranked bottom 5 in pass defense. I hope we can start a win streak, but I really hope Jon and Mike well go after a CB and OL in trade within a couple weeks. I would loved if we had went after a TE but now because of all the injuries The 2 needs outweigh the TE position (pass catcher) I like a lot of the moves we made, I know some fans are down with the injuries, but people have to understand. We need Jones and Dupree at the end of the season and going into the playoffs. Here is to us getting another huge win and to the rest of the season. Titan Up .

Jim: Hey Michael. Appreciate your feedback. This is another big game on Sunday, but by no means is it a "must win" game. No matter what happens on Sunday, the Titans will remain in first place in the AFC South. It would be great to win it, but there's no such thing as a must-win game in October during a 17-game season.

Omar Parker from Bay Area, California
Hope all is well. No complaints this week, but a question. Do you anticipate the team making any moves before the trade deadline? I read the article that mention a possible trade for Xavien Howard CB Miami which I think would be a good move if the trade was reasonable. I think a high caliber corner and a solid offensive lineman would help solidify this team, especially as people return from IR. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks Jim

Jim: Hey Omar. I probably got a half dozen questions about Xavien Howard this week. My thoughts: Sure, the Titans could use some help in the secondary. Caleb Farley is done for the year, and Kristian Fulton is going to be out for a bit. But I have to be careful talking about specific guys in here for tampering reasons because this is the team website, after all. I've said this before: I'm sure the GM is checking all the options out there, and he's proven he's not afraid to make trades. That's how he got the nickname Trader Jon. But he also doesn't want to get taken, so he's not going to make a bad move in desperation. So, we'll just have to see what he has up his sleeve.

Steven Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
Hey there Jim, based on A.J. Brown's food poisoning do you think A.J. Brown should have his stomach pumped?

Jim: Um, no.

Henry Martin from Kingsville, Tennessee
Hello from Kingsville, TX! Man Oh Man! What a game, what a last stand! The defense is making a name for itself with these 4th and goals! Even though the Offense took care of business late I just wanna give a shout to the ENTIRE defense. It wasn't pretty but they made plays when it counted. Now, even though Big Jeff crashed down on that 4th and inches denial, we should be looking at the play before that. Amani Hooker made a stop on Josh Allen, he was holding on for his dear life! Also, we need to credit our backup corners. They weren't great but they did enough against a VERY talented group. Lastly, PRAYERS for Taylor, Cameron and Caleb (Idk what it was but something just seemed off about him when I was watching him play). As always, love reading your post!!! #GOTITANS #TITANUP

Jim: Appreciate the take, Henry. Hopefully Caleb will come back better than ever in his second NFL season.

Damian Lee from Mesa, Arizona
Hi Jim. CHIEFS VS TITANS REMATCH OF the AFC TITLE GAME who is going to win? I pick ten 44 -kc 33 in my mind it's going to be a high scoring game meanwhile down here in the Valley the Cards are 6-0 I'm thinking Titans 1 seed in the AFC Chiefs 2 seed the AFC. In the NFC the cards 1 seed Bucs 2 seed Super Bowl 56 Titans vs Cards and Cards win.

Jim: Calling your shot early here, Damian. We'll see….

Have a great weekend everyone!

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