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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Leading Up to MNF Game vs Buffalo Bills


NASHVILLE – Are you ready for some football?

Monday Night Football, that is.

Well, that's what is next for the Titans.

And it's the biggest challenge to date, against a really good team from Buffalo.

Let's pass the time by diving into another mailbag …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Nick Mak from Sydney, Australia
Hey Jim, firstly gotta say I appreciate you being here every week to allow us to get our raw frustrations out and express our strong opinions. There hasn't been a lot of clarity on the Julio Jones situation and that's concerning. The game he injured his hamstring, he appeared to feel good enough to get back on the field, even holding his helmet in hand but now hasn't even trained since then, any updates there? Also what do you think of us using more outside zone runs with King Henry? He's able to do much more damage working on the outside of those stacked boxes that defences have thrown at him. Enjoyed the variation on offence we threw up against Jacksonville "it wasn't pretty but it was beautiful" Lastly, lets give these Bills hell on Monday night!! TITAN UP!!

Jim: Hey Nick. It was confusing, because the injury wasn't announced during the game on September 26, or immediately after it. I think that had something to do with the fact Julio was available to return in an emergency situation that day. The Titans didn't end up using him, and after further examination, the team decided to shut him down for a few weeks. The good news is he's been practicing all week, and he's on track to return on Monday night. He said on Friday he's ready to go. As for Henry, I think you'll continue to see him get his hands on the football in all kinds of ways, and places.

Fred Haling from Hope, Arkansas
Are we ever going to see our two star receivers on the field together? Sure would be nice against Buffalo wouldn't it? I have been a Titans fan since they left Houston and brought on Eddie George and Steve McNair.
Go Razorbacks!!

Jim: Hey Fred. Good to hear from you. Looks like you'll see it happen on Monday night.

Jordan Bell from Tampa, Florida
I'm excited about this Bills game. I still believe no in the AFC wants to see the Chiefs, Titans & Bills in the playoffs (in that order). My main concern is the limited reps all season from our top receivers. Tannehill is tossing it to a lot of back ups & it's becoming too comfortable. That will get exposed if he can't get it to our playmakers. I'm interested in Josh Reynolds as WR3. We may get a breakout game if he can trust himself & deliver. As a #1 last couple weeks haven't been ideal. I can see the defense stepping up big in this game with all the healthy pieces. Tennessee will definitely be on the radar after this game.

Jim: Hey Jordan. It should be a good one. I think I'd flip my order, and put the Bills at No.1, especially after they just smoked the Chiefs. Based on what I've seen so far, Buffalo is the best team in the AFC right now. We'll see if the Titans can change my opinion, and the opinions of others, on Monday night. I certainly think the Titans are capable, but we haven't seen a complete game yet. Now's the time to do it. And, behind Julio and A.J., Marcus Johnson is the guy to keep an eye on. He was the most consistent receiver in camp, and he's going to keep helping this offense. With more opportunities, I think Josh will, too.

JB Kendrick from Madison, Alabama
Hey Jim, Oiler/Titan fan since '75. Happy to see Bum and Fisher go into the Ring of Honor. Both had very similar coaching styles, not unlike Vrabel. My question/concern is the o-line. They have given up 20 sacks, they let Conklin walk, had a 1st round bust, a key backup quit with negative comments about the coaching, a 2nd rounder who can't beat out a gritty but over matched RT, a RG who struggles to pass protect, an oft injured over rated LT, an injured LG, and basically no depth. I do think Ben Jones is solid. Thankfully Henry and Tannehill make them look decent in the run game. Please give me some hope. Thanks for all that you do.

Jim: Hey JB. Some of this criticism is fair. Yes, the Titans let Conklin walk. But the reality is, Conklin made a business decision himself. The Titans made him a fair offer, and he left for money that was too much to turn down. … There's no doubt Isaiah Wilson was a bust. You'll get no argument from me on that one … The third guy you're referring to is Ty Sambrailo, and I haven't seen him quoted anywhere making negative comments. Yes, he was placed on the Reserve/Retired list, but that was also his decision. And I know there's always two sides to every story … It's too early to write Dillon Radunz off. Has he been slow developing? Yes. But he's still a rookie, and he's talented. His time is coming … Lewan has been to three Pro Bowls, so he's done something right. And he's working his way back from a torn ACL …. Nate Davis has been mostly solid, imo. … Rodger Saffold should be applauded for his toughness and willingness to play through injuries instead of being dismissed. He's had too good of a great career. … I do agree depth is now a concern. … You are right on as it related to Jones. He's a gritty pro … As a team, the Titans need to get better. And yes, that includes the offensive line. But I wouldn't give up on these guys yet.

Felipe Padovan from Brotas, Brasil
Hey Jim, nice to meet you. I'm from Brazil, Titans fan since 2008 when Chris Johnson ran for 2000 yards. I follow season by season but never stopped to write here, satisfaction, analyzing the games I see Tannehill very hesitant on the pass, season past looked confident, was it just impression?? King Henry comes to MVP, I feel. Hugs, cheering from afar!!TITANSUP

Jim: Nice to hear from you, Felipe. Thanks for writing in. As far as Tannehill is concerned, I do think there have been times when he's needed to get rid of the ball faster. I wouldn't say he's looked hesitant, I just think he's been under the gun and probably a bit skittish at times because he's been sacked so many times.

Kyle Endsley from Smyrna, Tennessee
Hey, Jim. I have a question about our pass rush. To me, it seems to be predictable. It seems to be our front 4 rushing every time. The other team knows who is rushing the passer on every play which makes it way too predictable. Why don't we rush guys like Byard, Fulton, Brown? Give it new looks and confuse the defense so they never know who's coming. Dean pees used this strategy and guys like Byard and Adoree Jackson had 2-3 sacks. Do you think it's a possibility we see different pass rush looks like this at all this season?

Jim: Hey Kyle. I think you'll see more blitzing as the season goes on, and guys get settled in. Two of those guys you mentioned – Brown and Fulton – are now hurt. Byard has never been a guy who has blitzed that much. He's been used on spots. Personally, I'd rather see guys like David Long an Elijah Molden in the blitz packages.

Darin W from Pueblo West, Colorado
I remember Arthur Smith's first few games as OC, people were calling for his head, too. But he ended up being pretty good and earned himself a head coaching job. Let's give our new OC some time to find his groove before we take him out to pasture.

Jim: I agree, Darin.

Jeffrey Henry from Jacksonville, Florida


Alberto Armando Téllez Salcedo from Durango, México
Una vez más escribiéndote Jim. Cuando crees que puedamos ver jugar a Dillon Radunz y a Monty Rice en la ofensiva y defensiva. Crees que puedan estar listos para el lunes Julio y Bud. Me da gusto que regresé Avery Williamson y que Amani Hooker haya salido de la IR. Espero ver a Monty Rice pronto pues es un apoyador muy rápido y buen tackleador que demostraba cubrir todo el emparrillado y n la Universidad de Georgia, sobre todo sabiendo que hay mariscales veloces a los que nos enfrentaremos Allen, Mahomes, entre otros. Ojalá y el DC Bowen le de oportunidad. Me despido y esperó que se le pueda ganar a Bills. Titan Up, Vamos Titanes.

Jim: Hola Albert. Sé que el entrenador Vrabel dijo esta semana que Radunz es el próximo hombre. Ya veremos. Sigo pensando que Kendall Lamm probablemente esté por delante de él. Sin embargo, Dillon está mejorando y es capaz de jugar algunos lugares, como guardia y tackle. Monty está lidiando con una lesión en la ingle, lo que ha ralentizado su progreso. Va a ser difícil vencer a los Bills, pero es posible. ¡Qué tengas un lindo día!

Alberto Sosa from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. México
If Derrick Henry has got a much better performance during second half, wouldn't be worthy to waste opponents defenses with Mekhi Sargent or Jeremy McNichols during first half and give DH less snaps but with a much better performance?

Jim: Back-to-back Alberto questions from Mexico! ¡Excelente! I think part of the reason Derrick has so much success in the second half is because he gets into a groove as the game goes on, and he wears defenses down with his battering ram approach. Plus, I don't think anyone would want to be the guy to tell Derrick they're going to limit his snaps in the first half – that might prompt the fiercest stiff-arm of all time.

Billy Holton from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hey, Jim, thanks for keeping us all informed and being positive for us all. Yes our O-line has to play much better, and our D has to play much better, but we have a lot of positives going on. Landry is playing with incredible energy, Fulton looks like a star. Byard Tannehill and Henry are playing up to their paychecks. Dupree, Lewan, and Farley will get stronger from their surgeries as the season goes on. AJ and Julio should be contributing soon and when they both get healthy this offense should be unstoppable. Our receivers are stepping up and getting experience in their absence. A convincing win against the Bills on MNF would go a long way for us. My 2 questions for you: 1 Do you think it's time we look to add an experienced RT in the trade market? This would mask some of our injuries and clearly the answer to a solid starter is not on the roster. Andre Dillard and Mitchell Schwartz come to mind. 2 How much bigger do you think the King is than when he came in the league? His arms and legs are definitely bigger, and I'm thinking he's easily 257-265lbs coming at defenses (and don't think they haven't noticed too!). Tackling THAT MAN with a full head of steam is a business decision. ALL HAIL THE KING!!! And TITAN UP!

Jim: Hey Billy. I hear ya. As for your questions:
1. Yes.
2. He's definitely bulked up. Derrick was listed at 6-3, 240 in his final bio at the University of Alabama. He's listed at 6-3, 247 on the current Titans roster. But when I see him now compared to when he first got here, he definitely looks bigger.

Will Anderson from Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Why is it that we don't wear the Captain's patches on the uniforms?

Jim: Hey Will. I've asked this question myself. It's Coach Vrabel's decision, and he hasn't really elaborated on why he's decided not to have them like other teams.

Justin Clark from Hohenwald, Tennessee
Are there any COVID restrictions or requirements for the Saints and Titans game Nov. 14th?

Jim: Hey Justin. As of now, no proof of vaccination or a negative test result is required for games at Nissan Stadium. And, based on the declining case numbers, I don't see this changing.

Brad Harrison from Unionville, Pennsylvania
What is the health status of Sam Ficken? Is he expected to be activated soon?

Jim: Hey Brad. He's still on IR, and I haven't see him since he left the practice field with a groin injury on September 10, two days before the opener.

Malcolm Sell from Louisville, Kentucky
1st and foremost, Welcome Home Avery Williamson. Let's get Bud back up to speed and let's show the NFL what damage a couple of Wildcats can do.
2nd. I was glad to see us bounce back from that Jets game and hope to never see another performance like that.
3rd. We have our toughest stretch starting on Monday night. Do you think our injury bugs are leaving or getting worse during this stretch?

Jim: Hey Malcolm. I'm glad to have Avery back as well. He's one of my all-time favorite guys to deal with, and he's a good player. Trying to forget that Jets game. … Unfortunately the injury bug hasn't gone away yet. This week's injury report still reflects that…

Jordan Newbury from Cushing, Texas
Some may call me crazy for predicting this, especially considering our MNF opponent is among the elite teams in the NFL. But I have a feeling this is the week things start to click on all cylinders for our Titans in all three phases, from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. I'm sure a large chunk of the Offensive game plan will revolve around King Henry running the football, but I can see McNichols having another productive day in the screen game and catching the football out of the backfield on checkdowns for some nice chunks plays. My bold prediction is that Anthony Firkser is going to come alive and have a breakout performance versus the Bills. Landry is going to live in the backfield forcing Josh Allen to either make inerrant throws or scramble straight into the waiting arms of Simmons or Autry. Final score: Titans 34 - Bills 27

Jim: Calling your shot, huh Jordan? I like it

Have a great weekend everyone!

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