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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Leading Up to Game vs Colts


NASHVILLE – With back-to-back wins over the Bills and the Chiefs, the Titans are rolling.

But this Sunday's game at Indianapolis, against the Colts, is bigger than both of them.

A win would give the Titans a commanding lead in the AFC South. Take a loss, and the Colts will be right back in the division hunt.

Who's ready for Sunday?

And who's ready for the latest Titans mailbag?

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Allan Stewart from Brookings, Oregon
We and the two other couples traveled from Oregon to Nashville (no easy feat) to watch Sunday's game. Just got back home. I can brag that I never saw the Titans lose when I was in attendance. Do I qualify for a free lifetime pass to the games?! Want to thank you for your advice on where to stay and where to go. Nissan Stadium is great! Last NFL game I went to was many years ago in Los Angeles. The staff, security, EMT, concession stands, clean restrooms, helpfulness etc was outstanding. The parking for ingress and egress sucked, especially for the oldsters who have knee, back, and hip problems. Somehow, we made it. Was disappointed that Martin's BBQ didn't have crow on the menu so our Chief friends had something to eat for dinner! The stadium was rocking! I actually saw red shirts being changed to blue or white during the game! Since I'm a veteran the National Anthem, fly over ROTC color guard etc was great. Love the slogan "Fans First"! TITAN UP

Jim: Hey Allan. So glad you had a good time! Sounds like you need to make that road trip for every home game!

Jerry Mills from Camby, Indiana
Hello this is more of a comment with the way the Titans are beating the NFL so called best teams I still think they are not getting the respect they should. Thanks.

Jim: Hey Jerry. I've mentioned this many times in the past: I think the no-respect talk is a bunch of nonsense. If the Titans want respect, then keep the season alive until February. If that happens, then folks will have no choice but to talk about them. The Titans have gotten off to a good start. But the reality is, if the Titans lose the next two games, they'll be tied with the Colts after nine games with a 5-4 record (because the Colts aren't losing to the Jets on November 4th). The Titans need to let their play on the field speak for them.

Bradda Dave Maglasang from Big Island, Hawaii
Alohas Jim, Ive been wanting to come see a Titans Game for a Bunch of years now, and I was looking at the Miami game time frame, well can you tell me a little about the January weather? I wear jeans and surf shorts year-round (Hawaiians in the Sun Year Round). I may have to do some shopping for winter clothes if you can help me out? It's going to be my first NFL game and I want to watch my Titans in action. I know we have a great chance to make it all the way this season, Alohas and Mahalos for all your insights and comments on the Titans mailbag questions...

Jim: Aloha Bradda! I wish I could tell you for sure. Januarys can be tricky here, and unpredictable. But, on average, January is the coldest month of the year in Nashville, with an average high-temperature of 44.1°F and an average low-temperature of 30.6°F. But how about this: This past January it was 53 degrees on January 2, but it was 75 degrees on January 1. The following week the high was 35 degrees. That's surf shorts weather, right?

Gregory Moore from Portland, Tennessee
This is not a question just something I would like to tell Mr. Derrick Henry I have been watching him from the time he was at Alabama. He has always acted like a man doing his job and not carrying on like he never made a first down or scored a TD. I have a lot of respect for a man like that to me he brings his lunch box to work and does his job to the very best of his ability. He puts his heart into his work and that is what makes him King Henry.

Jim: No doubt about it, Gregory. Derrick is a true pro. He's a tireless worker, a great leader, and heck of a football player. He just wants to win, and he doesn't care who gets the credit. He reminds me so much of Eddie George. The Titans are lucky to have him.

Rob Deutchman from Orlando, Florida
Hey Jim, it's been a great few weeks for the Titans with these wins. Our Defense looks like it is getting better. Personally I still think our secondary is a liability but it's getting covered up by the fact that our front is able to generate pressure. With that in mind, do you see the team trying to do something before the trade deadline to strengthen the secondary? There's been rumors about Howard from the Dolphins being a possible trade target. Thanks for all you do and Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Rob. This is a popular question. I tell everybody: Nothing the GM does surprises me. I have no doubt he's making calls, and seeing what's out there, and available. Stay tuned. He said he's always open for business.

Gina Williams from Gallatin, Tennessee
Hi Jim! I'd like to give a shout out to one of the many unsung heroes on the team, and that's Ben Jones! The job of a center is so important, and when he's out, it's noticeable! Do the Titans have a decent back up for him? Doesn't seem to be from past games.

Jim: Hi Gina. Ben deserves some praise. He does fly under the radar. The team does have options behind him, from Aaron Brewer to Daniel Munyer to Corey Levin. It's tough to get Ben to leave the field though.

Joel Avery from Platte City, Missouri
Hey Jim. Read you're posts everyday, quick question, are you fluent in Spanish? I always see you replying in Spanish so I am curious.
Thank you #Titanup

Jim: Si.

Peter Sloan from Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
Just finished reading your Ask Jim Wyatt. You da MAN. Anyway I have been a season ticket holder since Vanderbilt stadium. I was at every home game until I moved to Missouri. I maintained my season tickets but was able to sell my seats to Titans fans that I knew. But eventually things changed and I couldn't find any buyers so I put my seats up for sale on Ticketmaster. At that point I had no control over who bought my seats. Mr. Porter from Hendersonville is right, it is very disappointing to see opposing fans fill our stadium, but our fans aren't buying up all of the available seats, dog gone it. So maybe we need to get our fan base back. I think that the recent wins might help.
Anyway my question is, what's up with Taylor Lewan. Hope he's doing well. The whole Titans organization deserves our support. Let's go Titans fans Titan up. Thanks for the great reporting Jim.

Jim: Hey Peter. Appreciate your loyalty. And, I do get the sense the fan base is growing and growing. As for Lewan, he's been practicing all week, and he'll be back in action on Sunday.

Damian Lee from Mesa, Arizona
hi jim so my dad is in jail for drawing on me go titans lets smoke the colts.

Jim: Titan Up Damian.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, if the Titans had won the Jets game they would number 1 in the conference right now.

Jim: This is true, Jimmy Dee. But had the Titans lost to the Bills, they'd be 4-3 and playing to hold onto the division lead this weekend.

Chris Mickle from Lebanon, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I was at this past game and what a wonderful atmosphere it was. TITAN UP!!! My question is I noticed that Julio Jones wanted to go in on a ton of plays but the coaches brought him back on the sideline and didn't let him in the game a lot of times. Is this because he still isn't a full 100% or are they trying to save him to unleash him come closer to playoff time?

Jim: Hey Chris. Everything surrounding Julio has been a little confusing, even for someone who works for the team. I just think the team is being careful not to overwork him, partly to make sure he doesn't have a setback, and partly to make sure he's available and able to help down the stretch. He didn't practice all week this week, and he's already been ruled out for Sunday's game in Indianapolis.

John Clark from Hampton, Virginia
Morning Jim!!!! and Tennessee Titan fans!!!! Great win against Kansas City we have beaten two top teams in the NFL that was supposed to have the highest scoring offense great job to the Coaches, Staff and Players. I know I have been hard on them and as a long-time fan I hold them to a high standard. I'm glad to have a question instead of a comment this week. With all of the injuries on the offensive line also with Saffold showing heart and playing through the pain is there any word of signing sone Offensive line players before the deadline they're getting pretty thin and we're all praying for a speedy recovery for all of the players.

Jim: Hey John. The Titans have some depth on the o-line, but adding more is an options as well. What the team needs most is for the starting five to get healthy, and stay healthy.

Brett Heard from Nashville, Tennessee
I wonder how many of those "Titans fans" that were "done" with them after the draft are back on the bandwagon??? Hopefully they jumped ship and chose the Chiefs! Thanks Jim!

Jim: Hey Brett. I looked back at some of the comments after the losses to the Cardinals and Jets, when a lot of folks wanted a lot of folks fired. The tone in here has changed in recent weeks. Here's hoping the Titans can keep it that way with good play.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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