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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Heading Into Sunday's Game vs the Texans


NASHVILLE – It's hard to believe, but we're about to close out October.

It's been a good month for the Titans, who've now won four straight games.

The Texans are next, on Sunday in Houston.

Let's dive into another mailbag to discuss what's on your minds…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Tyler Ebert from Hanover, Pennsylvania
Jimmy Dubs! As always, thanks again for what you do and with grace and humor - you're the man!
Just a few questions/comments for you today - rapid fire style:
-Any word on the new proposed stadium having natural grass? I figure it'll be turf but, I'll still hold out hope for natural grass.
-The toughness of this team is incredible! In typical Titan fashion, we'll take those ugly, slugfest wins any day of the week. Hopefully we can get a few of our key guys healthy for the Texans this week. I can't help but feeling like this'll be our yearly trap game....
-Feels so good to consistently kick the Colts a** after all those years of Luck destroying us. The South runs through Nashville ladies and gentlemen!
-Any word on how McMath and Burks are coming along? Having them back for the 5-game gauntlet (Chiefs, Broncos, Packers, Bengals, Eagles) would be huge! I'm looking at the Chiefs/Bengals/Chargers match-ups down the stretch as HUGE games
-Quick prediction for Sunday: The King explodes for 200+ yards and 3 tuddys.

Jim: Hey Tyler. I'll respond in rapid fire fashion.
-The new stadium will, in fact, have turf, not grass.
-Definitely a tough team, and this is definitely a dangerous game – remember, the Texans beat the Titans last year.
-Things have sure changed in the Titans-Colts series since Reggie Wayne and Pat McAfee trolled Titans fans at the 2019 NFL Draft. Who's laughing now, huh?
-McMath isn't close, but Burks is eligible to return on November 13 vs the Broncos.
-Hard to believe Henry has gone over 200 yards three straight times vs Houston.

Dyshon Reeves from Trenton, New Jersey
Hey Jim second time writing you. 4 straight wins after an 0-2 start. Let's keep this rolling. I noticed on Sunday they switched Hooker to Nickel and Adams played Safety. Which worked out well. My question is to you what do you think will happen once my boy Elijah Molden comes back? He's a beast at that position. And also I know Racey and Burks is on IR. Do you see the Titans trading for a receiver? After the Texans we have games like Chiefs, Packers, Bengals and ext. Those games we have to score. Do you see us getting receiver or waiting until Burks n McMath come back?

Jim: Hey Dyshon. Amani Hooker did do a solid job, and so did Andrew Adams. I've always thought Elijah would take over in the slot when he returns, but heck, it's been a while since we've seen him. He'll have to work his way back into playing shape when he return, and then he'll have to earn the spot back. I'm sure you saw where the team signed receiver Chris Conley off Kansas City's practice squad this week. We'll see if the GM has anything up his sleeve at the trade deadline, but I'm not expecting a blockbuster deal tbh.

Kenta Hamada from Toyokawa, Japan
Hi Jim! I'm Kenta. I'm watching Titans game from Japan.
I'm glad to see Titans streak winning.
Titans offense seems to struggle to score points in the 2nd half.
Are there any reasons Titans offense power down in the latter half of the game?

Jim: Hi Kenta. Thanks for the support from Japan!
Wish I had a great answer for you on this one, because it's been a problem all season – the Titans have outscored their opponents 95-47 in the first half of games, and they've been outscored 81-20. A lot of excuses could be made, but the reality is the team is going to have to find a way to be better.

Elaine Hamilton from Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Jim. I was wondering if you think Treylon Burks is on track to return after his 4 games are up after kc?
Do you see him about the place rehabbing? We certainly could do with him over the second half of the season.
Love all you do, best wishes. Elaine

Jim: Hi Elaine from Scotland! I'll be honest: I haven't seen Treylon since he was injured back on October 2. I've seen other guys rehabbing on the field, but not him. I imagine part of his rehab is to stay off the foot/toe, as much as possible. The best thing for turf toe is rest, but even then it can be troublesome. I remember Steve McNair and Eddie George both struggling with it. There's optimism he'll be back at some point next month, but I haven't heard anything definitive, and a lot hinges on if he has any setbacks during his return-to-play program.

Jeremy Snell from Mount Juliet, Tennessee
My question isn't a football question it's about the new stadium. The info that they have given says the capacity is 60,000. One of the reasons for doing this is to host Super Bowls. Doesn't the NFL have a 70,000-seat requirement to host a Super Bowl? And I can only assume the people involved with the stadium is aware of this? And making sure we are set up to be qualified to host Super Bowls? Thank you for your time.

Jim: Hi Jeremy. There's definitely been a lot if confusion on this topic. There is no capacity requirement to host a Super Bowl. I was at Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium a few years ago and the attendance for that game was 62,417. The current capacity for State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, where this year's Super Bowl will be played, is 63,400.
I also asked Titans President and CEO Burke Nihill about this for a Q and A earlier this month.
Here's his answer:
"We've had conversations with the NFL and other promoters and the idea of more seating being a prerequisite is old thinking. What the NFL cares about, what the other promoters care about, is the same thing the team cares about and other events care about. It's not the quantity of seating, but the quality of seating. At 60,000-capacity, the NFL would be very excited to bring its biggest events to a stadium with the characters and seating mix we are promoting, and the same holds true for other promoters as well, so there is no need to scale up. There's just not a bad seat in the house."
And, don't just take Burke's word for it.
This statement is from Peter O'Reilly, Executive Vice President, Club Business and League Events for the NFL:
"The National Football League is excited the team, the City of Nashville and the State of Tennessee have reached this point as they look ahead to a new stadium for the Tennessee Titans and the community. While there is still more work to do in the process, this new stadium will undoubtedly create a first-class experience for NFL fans.
"The Super Bowl host city selection process is a thorough one, guided by the League's Fan Engagement & Major Events Advisory Committee and voted upon by full ownership. A number of factors are considered when selecting a Super Bowl host including: stadium quality, local venues and hotels, participating team experience, vision for fan activities and more. There is no minimum stadium capacity that precludes a stadium from hosting the Super Bowl, America's most-watched event."

Dan Lorenz from Fairfield, New Jersey
Are there Titans fan groups traveling to Houston to meet up and tailgate with?

Jim: Hey Dan. Yes. The folks with 'Tennessee Titans Fans in Houston' have a tailgate planned for the Blue Lot at NRG Stadium on Sunday morning, starting at 11:05 a.m. Remember, it's a 3:05 kickoff. Have fun! It should be a wild night in Houston on Saturday night, with Game 2 of the World Series in town.

Troy Rogers from Sunland, California
Hi Jim. Just want to thank you for keeping us fans informed. After 23 seasons of seeing every home game from section 146 Row K seat 9-11, I missed my 1st game. With new opportunities in CA I moved to LA and am starting a new life out west. But still being 2-tone blue I'm looking forward to seeing you at SoFi stadium on December 18 for Chargers game. I now really appreciate all you do to keep the info and opinions coming. TITAN UP!

Jim: Appreciate it, Troy. Man, what a great run by you! Best of luck out there, and give me a shout if you see me at SoFi!

Gary Goodman from Tennessee
We have tailgated at the same spot in parking lot A for 20 plus years. With the new stadium will we still be able to park and tailgate close to the stadium when the project is complete? Thanks.

Jim: A lot TBD here, Gary. We're years away, with a lot of construction ahead. But I do know parking is going to be much different with the new stadium, and there won't be a lot of surface lots.

Scott Martin from Satellite Beach, Florida
Hey Jim. Huge fan, love your candor as always. You published my unflattering statements a couple years back about Isiah W, anyway, I digress
Now the Question: Why is it we struggle so much and have such close games with the Houston Texans after DWatson was removed? It seems they would be the patsy for us and DWatson used to kill us, yet we struggle to get victories against unknown Texans. We have such a dominance over Indy in recent times and For many years Jacksonville, what gives? Why do we play down to this division foe who seems to be in rebuild mode for a few years? Thank you for your consideration, and god bless, btw I lost mom to cancer and I hope yours and her are Resting In Peace.

Jim: Hi Scott. Sorry for your loss. Losing a mom is rough. As for the Texans, they have been a tough out for the Titans. I just think division games are hard, because the teams know each other so well. The Titans have won four of the last five in the series, but some of the wins have been close games (28-25, 41-38, 42-36 OT and the 35-14). I think it's going to be a tough game again on Sunday, and the oddsmakers agree. The last time I checked the point spread the Titans were favored by just two points.

Jeff Fradsham from Crewe, Virginia
Hey, Jim, Happy fourth.... consecutive win! I admit I spend too much time engaging with the internet talking titans heads, but I gotta get this off my chest, so to speak. Yes the 2022 titans are not a perfect team, but we have a good kicking game, a world class defense. ok, our offence could be better, but we have derrick henry! So many people take shots at Ryan Tannehill, but he is one beast of a quarterback. I dont know how many times he has been hit sofar this year, but I am sure it is a bunch, That pass to Hilliard he completed in the second half against the commanders with 300 pounds of defensive lineman draped across his back was unreal! I hope Malik is paying attention! Plus, whenever things go bad, he does not call out other players, he just says " We have to play better" Leadership in every possible way. This is what Vrable wants in all his players, TEAM!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jeff.

Jamie H. Steele from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Founding member & have listened to Mike & crew 104.5 Every Home game (sorry missed 3) anyhow I know there is a delay in broadcast (generally 2-3 seconds But Sunday (Colts) it was far more 5-7 seconds. Several fans said same (North end zone) Are we just slow? Thanks appreciate your reporting. 😎Chief:

Jim: Good question, Jamie. I asked Rhett Bryan of Titans Radio this, and here's what he replied: "Sounds like someone didn't take the game out of delay on the Zone. That's the only reason I can think of that would cause that. … It's normally around 2-3 seconds. The Zone runs in delay 99% of the time so that they can hit the dump button in case someone swears on-air." Since you said several folks dealt with the same thing, it makes me wonder myself. Hopefully it's back to normal for the Texans game, and for the next home game vs the Broncos.

Rick Pinkerton, from Terryville, Connecticut
Jim, What a game against the Colts. We were at this game, looking for you but with no luck. It seemed to me that the crowd affected the Colts. Were we louder than usual. I didn't hear many Colts fans. It is something that we can win without scoring many TD's. We have yet to have a 4 quarter offensive game which when it comes it will be awesome. It would also be awesome for Derrick to tie or break the TD record at Houston, where it all began. We stayed at La Quinta. When looking at the stadium across the parking lot, is that where the new stadium is going to be built. Finally please say a prayer for the two fallen Bristol Ct, police officers, one whom we had a connection to.

Jim: Sorry I missed you, Rick. Yes, the new stadium will be located in the area East of Nissan Stadium, in those parking lots. And, I'm sorry to hear about your loss, and about the terrible tragedy. Prayers up.

Franky Markle from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Jim, I gotta say that video of Vrabel and Ben Jones in the tunnel is a CLASSIC!! I've never been more proud to be a Titans fan. Vrabel is the man and no wonder that our team would run thru a wall for him. Shoutout to the whole team. The toughest team in football !! I know you can't say much about players that play for other teams, but do you see us making moves to make our football team better? Thanks for all you do!!

Jim: Definitely an emotional video, and shows how much each one of them cares. I think the GM would tell you he's trying every day to make the team better, whether that's adding guys to the 53-man, or the practice squad. Heck, this team continues to add players one way or the other. We'll have to wait and see if he has anything planned for the trade deadline. I'm skeptical, but he's surprised me before.

Aaron Kintzle from Estherville, Iowa
Hi Jim! First time writing here! Just attended my second Titans game (first at Nissan stadium against the Colts) and wow what a game it was! Stadium was rocking and defense really stepped up and made some plays!
I know we are awfully tight when it comes to cap space before the trade deadline. Do you anticipate us making any moves before then? I would imagine we would have to restructure some contracts? Love to hear your thoughts/opinions! As always, TITANUP!!!

Jim: Hey Aaron. Glad you had a big time. As for a potential trade, you're right on the cap space – it's tight. That why I'm skeptical, as I mentioned to Franky. It would require restructuring some deals, and I'm not so sure the team is going to want to take that road. We'll all find out by next week.

Tim Wynn from Kodak, Tennessee
Hi Jim, hope you're doing well. My question is, why isn't more attention being paid to improving the quality of Titans offensive line? It seems to me every issue the team has relates to the performance of the line. Tannehill is 34-15 as a starter, I'll take that any day of the week. I believe his decline last season was due to the line not doing well in pass blocking, but they were still doing a good job in run blocking so everyone pointed their fingers at Ryan. This year I think they are doing poorly in both categories. No blocking, no points. No points, no wins. Hope more focus can be put on this area. Would appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thanks.

Jim: Hey Tim. The Titans have had some bad luck here – left tackle Taylor Lewan lost for the season after one game, right guard Nate Davis sidelined the past two weeks. I admit, the group has had its share of struggles as a whole, but it hasn't been all bad – center Ben Jones has been dependable, rookie right tackle Nicholas Petit-Frere has performed well. Aaron Brewer has held his own for the most part at left guard. But there's no denying the fact the team has had issues at left tackle, with Dennis Daley. The group is going to have to be better pass blocking, but I think the run blocking has been better of late.

Cliff Cushman from Magnolia, Texas
Howdy, J.W.! Just finished reading the Tuesday mailbag & I was wondering if I was watching the same game as some of these so called Titans fans. No one mentions the 3 critical plays Hooper made or the fact that we ran out the clock pounding the Colts with our running game. I did hear about how the offensive line sucks but I saw Henry run for over 100 yards AGAIN with two starters out and Ben Jones barely able to stand. We are what we are right now. We are going to win ugly for a while. Two things I noticed. Hooper and Tannehill gave us a taste of good things to come in making our passing game more dynamic as they build chemistry out there. Henry is getting more passes thrown his way on play action this year, which means defenses can't plaster the tight ends and receivers as much as last year. On that first interception in the Bengals playoff game that Tannehill threw, there was no player within 10 yards of Henry after the play fake. The receiving threat will also get Henry more touches which is always good. If we can avoid any more injuries and win the turnover battle, I like our chances for a ring. Either way, you won't hear me pissing and moaning about how many points are on the board when we are getting W's. Sorry, Jim. Just venting. TITAN UP!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Cliff.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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