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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans From the NFL Combine


INDIANAPOLIS – The NFL Combine returned this year, and it seems like old times.

Players are taking part in drills, NFL coaches, scouts and GMs are interviewing players, and reporters once again are meeting in person with all the prospects taking part in the NFL Draft.

Let's take a break to discuss the latest in this weekend's Titans mailbag.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Slava Ivata from Mykolayv, Ukraine

Jim: I have no question. I want to thank all the American people through you! Thank you for your support in Ukraine's fight against Russian troops. I hope to see the new season of the Titans! Thanks Titans for a great season! TitanUp! And thank you again!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Slava. Take care of yourself, and God bless the people of Ukraine.

Jordan Marbury from Birmingham, Alabama

Question: Have 2 questions Jim.

1.On a scale of 1-10 how good of an investment do you think it would be to draft a kicker with our 5th round pick? Our kicker was average at best this year, and from the eyeball test he can't kick beyond 40 yards. It would be such a huge weapon to have a Justin Tucker like kicker who we can have confidence in to at least be able to kick a 50+ yard field goal. Look how it paid off for Cinci, I figure we have to draft early at Rd 5 to get ahead of the other teams.

2.I know most fans want to get Jameson Williams, and as an Alabama fan I would agree, but we need someone who can come in immediately to build chemistry with Tannehill. We don't need to get a receiver trying to build chemistry mid season thats part of the reason in my opinion, that Tannehill threw a good number of those interceptions with Julio. Do you think we need a receiver that can come in immediately or can we risk getting a player that won't play til midseason? Personally I think JRob will do the "3rd time is the charm" technique.I don't think he can resist the temptation of his first round tradition.

Jim: Hello Jordan. I'll be honest: I just can't see the Titans using a draft pick on a kicker, at least not in the fifth round. Now if you could guarantee me you'd get the next Evan McPherson, I might say do it. But with other needs, I just don't think it's going to happen. … I do think the Titans need a receiver. And, I do like Jameson Williams. I actually wrote about Williams and John Metchie and whether the Titans might consider them from the Combine this week. Check out the story: HERE.

Kenya Cobbs from Vicksburg, Mississippi

Question: Hello Jim, I have been an Oilers fan since I watch Earl Campbell's highlights and saw him punishing defenders and getting his jersey literary torn off his body that was very polarizing. And I've seen it all since then(Buddy Ryan punching Kevin Gilbride ,the melt down against the Bill , Ravens purposely hurting Chris Johnson in the playoffs ect.......). In my humled option Derrick Henry only has a few more years of greatness because the work load year in and year out, plus we have a Super Bowl caliber team right now!!!!! Now to my question with the many ways to manipulate the salary cap by moving money to signing bonus and roster bonus voiding out years ect...Why do you thing Jon Robinson(who has done an amazing job of building our team in to a perennial playoff contender) is so sold on Ryan Tannehill? Truth be told Ryan stepped up and out played Marcus Mariota with is not saying too much but he did. Now in the playoff if Derrick Henry doesn't run for 200 yards we are screw and that's when Ryan reaches his ceiling.I watch his body language after throwing picks and he just smiling and laughing them off I don't see and competitive fire!!! Maybe this is because he has got that big contract and doesn't have a legit backup so he doesn't feel a threat of loosing his job. Are the Titans just content with packing stadium and making the playoffs or are they really trying to win a Super Bowl? Jim please help me make sense of all this?

Jim: Watch this video below and tell me with straight face you think Jon Robinson is content with just making it to the playoffs

Tommy Henley from Cookeville, Tennessee

Question: Jim, above it all losing a love one is very hard and I give you my condolences. My question is keeping Harold Laundry I hope do you think we have enough cap in getting the tight end from Miami and Harold an do you think Trevor Penning from Northern Iowa would be a good pick? What's ur thoughts on wat the team really needs thanks Jim an God Bless you an ur family brother.

Jim: Thank you, Tommy. The Titans are going to try and keep Harold, but some things are going to have to be worked out from a cap standpoint to make it happen. Tight end is definitely a need, and I think Penning is going to be a really good pro. But, let's see what happens with Ben Jones first.

Collin Hesselrode from Franklin, Tennessee

Question: Hi Jim. First wanna say sorry about your mom. That's really tough. As a 13 year old I haven't had a long life or had to deal with a big loss but I can't imagine losing my mom. I'll be praying for you tonight. Second, I wanted to talk about the draft. Are the Titans willing to take a first rounder on Malik Willis? He could be a stud. Or are we looking at WR, TE, or a lineman. I really like Drake London, Olave, and wydermyer. Those guys I will be keeping an eye on. Thanks Jim. TITAN UP!

Jim: Thank you, Collin. Always be sweet to your mom – moms are special. I know mine was and I'll miss her. … As for Willis, I have a lot of folks asking me about a QB in the first round. I just don't think I'd do it. Without a second-round pick this year, I just can't see the Titans using their first-round pick on a guy they'd have to develop. I'm taking someone with that pick who can help in 2022. Plus, I'm not 100 percent sold on any of these QBs. … I'll have a better idea on the team's draft needs after potential salary cuts, and free agency.

Héctor Hernández from Teziutlán, Puebla. México

Question: Buena tarde Jim, antes que nada recibe mis condolencias por el sensible fallecimiento de tu señora madre, entiendo muy bien por lo que estas pasando, yo también hace no mucho perdí mi madre. También quiero reconocer el enorme trabajo que haces para mantenernos informados de lo que pasa con nuestro equipo y así hacernos que se nos pase menos lenta la espera para la próxima temporada, como verás Jim ahora no hay comentario duro y crítico de mi parte para mis TITANS ni para algún coach o jugador en especifico, y si los hice anteriormente fue con el único propósito de externar mi opinión y mi manera de ver el football. Espero le vaya bien a JRobinson y al coach Vrabel de tener una buena agencia libre y reforzar esos puntos débiles que tenemos. Muchas gracias Jim Titans UP!!!

Jim: Gracias, Héctor. En cuanto a los Titans, conozco a Robinson y Vrabel y estoy decidido a llevar a los Titans al Super Bowl y ganarlo. Una vez más, estas próximas semanas y meses serán fundamentales en el proceso de creación de la plantilla.

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim! I was wondering if you had any idea if the team is leaning towards allowing fans in for training camp for this upcoming season. I know with STSP construction and the pandemic it was impossible the last few years, but as someone who would regularly look forward to those practices I am itching to know if we'll see a return to a normal Titans offseason. Thanks!

Jim: Hi Joe. Right now, I think the answer to this question will end up being yes. The facility – and the work around it – is nearing completion. By training camp, everything will be done. And I know the plan is for fans to return. So, stay tuned here for the logistics, assuming it in fact will be open.

Jordan Turnage from Paducah, Kentucky

Question: First, my sincere condolences to you and your family for the loss of your mother. May God continue to bring you all peace. I'm usually getting ready for Cardinals baseball this time of year, but since baseball stinks right now, I was looking into the upcoming NFL draft. The Titans have not had a good run at taking number one picks the past couple of years. They're sitting at 26 right now. I wonder if they'll swap their first round pick with say the Jets for their two second round picks at 35 and 38. Titans don't have a second round pick this year, so they'd move down nine spots, but get pretty much back to back second round picks. Anything can happen, and I have complete faith in JRob and his crew. What's your two cents on this? Thanks for all you do, Mr. Jim!

Jim: Thank you, Jordan. I don't hate the idea of trading back myself, for the reason you mentioned. I think some of that might depend on what the board looks like as the 26th pick draws closer.

Jonathan Hess from Roanoke, Virginia

Question: Hey Jim I've heard some speculation about Rob Gronkowski possibly being a option for us at tight end don't get me wrong I like Anthony Firkser but I do think it would be a improvement in all phases of our offense do you think that could possibly help get us over the hump on offense or who would you see in free agency being a good fit for us. Thank you for all you do.

Jim: Now that would spice things up, huh? The Titans definitely need help at tight end. Gronkowski would be fun to cover, but I haven't heard any buzz about interest, if he's available. Keep in mind Bucs general manager Jason Licht said this about Gronkowski here at the NFL Combine this week: "We'll be talking to Rob's agent here. Rob just wanted a little time to think about his future. But, once again, he's another great player at his position. So, I'd be excited if he wanted to come back."

Lee Bejarano from Houston, Texas

Question: Wear the throwback jerseys this year!!!!!!

Jim: Hate to tell you, Lee, but I don't have one

Rick Pinkerton from Terryville, Connecticut

Question: Jim, I want to offer my deepest sympathy for the loss of your mother. You are like family to me, with us interacting over the years. I lost my Mom 6 years ago. I know that she is still with us. I feel her spirit around me. May God surround you and your family with his loving presence. Your friend, Rick

Jim: Hey Rick. I appreciate the kind words. Thank you. I already feel her spirit with me as well.

How about this for a quick story: My mom loved birds. She had a bird house in her back yard, a feeder on her back porch. She had pillows with birds on them, and other bird collectables. On the morning of her funeral, I was standing in between the hearse and my car before the service, and a Cardinal swooped down and brushed against my left leg. I've never had that happen in my life. I'm taking that as a sign she's still here in spirit.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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