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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans From Super Bowl LVIII


LAS VEGAS – Who's ready for Super Bowl LVIII?

It's been a busy week here, and I hope you've been reading along at or following along on Twitter, make that X. Either way, it's @jwyattsports.

Lots of Titans content, and more.

Now, it's (almost) time for the Super Bowl.

First, I took a quick break to bang out a mailbag ….

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Jason Orr from Grand Rivers, Kentucky
Question: Hey Jim! Back in October, in London, my wife and I were about to leave the Admiralty. We muscled our way out towards the front door and found ourselves in the thick of the crowd. Before we continued, we looked up towards the balcony to see if there were any other Titans royalty we could spot. Amy must have recognized my bald head from when we met just a few hours before at the Tower of London. In a short series of events in something I could only describe as a fever dream ended up with my wife and I getting to chat with Ran, and Delanie, and yourself. You had asked me that night the moment that I had become a Titans fan. Well I had been a Titans fan for as long as I can remember, but it was that night that I felt like part of the Titans family. When Amy said in her interview with Mike that she wants to win because the fans deserve it, I believed her. So my question Jim is this, what has been your favorite moment so far as a Titans fan?

Jim: Hey Jason. I remember that night. It was great meeting you and your wife, and chatting for a bit. Hope you guys have been doing well. My favorite memory? Well, and I must say, my favorite memory covering the Titans (I was with The Tennessean at the time) was Super Bowl XXXIV. It was a day of celebration for the franchise, but also for the city of Nashville. My parents were there. My wife was there. It seems like everyone from my hometown (I was born and raised in Nashville) was in Atlanta for the game decked out in Titans gear. Titans fans from all over the world were there. And, it's a day I'll never forget. Plus, it was my first Super Bowl as a member of the media. I'd covered the Clinic Bowl, the high school state football championships for The Tennessean the year before, so it was surreal to be working the Super Bowl in my first year covering the NFL. I know the game didn't end like Titans fans wanted it to, but Super Bowl XXXIV was a culmination of an unforgettable season and playoff run, and again, a proud moment for a lot of people. So, that ranks No.1 in my book.

Alan Ray from College Grove, Tennessee
Question: It's been a minute since I've written in. I thought I read right after the season ended that that was the last Mailbag but then I see them each week. Great! Thanks. Anyway, after these last two seasons and all the disappointments that came with them, I see the transubstantiation occurring within this organization from the top down and it's exciting. From Ran, to Brian, to Bill, et al, our restructuring is underway. I liken it to the movie "The flight of the Phoenix." The original one with Jimmy Stewart. Their plane crashes in the desert and things look pretty grim. But from the broken parts and scattered debris a new plane is built that flies them from the ashes of defeat to a soaring victory. I see Brian as Jimmy in this role. Or the Team as an ugly caterpillar emerging from its chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly the following season. I'm happy with either scenario. And kudos to Miss Amy...she can not only take the heat...she can burn down the kitchen and rebuild it better than ever. She is an incredible person, woman, and business executive. We Fans are blessed to have such a wonderfully involved, brilliant and tough Owner like Miss Amy. She is awesome. She must be having some fun because she looks even younger and prettier now than she did when she first moved to town. I feel thrilling times ahead, Jim! How you feeling about it all? Thanks a lot and Titan Up!

Jim: OK, Alan, you don't see the word transubstantiation used much in the mailbag. I'm familiar because I'm Catholic, and went to parochial schools… That's quite a nice compliment for Miss Amy – hope she reads the mailbag! As for the future, I'm excited about what's ahead myself.

Keith Traverse from Union City, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim, hope all is well! Best of Times Kurt Russell sitting at the dining room table with the women and ask, what about Beriut? His wife ask, what do you know about Beriut? Russell, Beriut, he the best dam baseball player who ever lived! Classic! I hope people don't get ahead of themselves about the draft. Let's see who we sign in free agency. Our draft needs will surely change. I'm excited to see what Cally Sr. does with this offensive line and who they sign in FA. Same with the new DC what players are out there that will fit his scheme. Hopefully with a huge salary cap, some good players are headed our way! Titan Up!

Jim: Oh man, The Best of Times, one of my all-time favorite movies. Makes me smile just hearing the reference, kind of like Can't Buy Me Love, another 80s favorite of mine. Good to hear from you, Keith. Little known secret: I started out at Tennessee-Martin, and actually took a college night class at Union City High School back in the day.

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim! Couple of questions for you. Already looking to next season, it looks like there's the Music City Grand Prix during what would be week 2. Fair to assume that would mean an away game most likely that week? I'd hope that would increase our odds of a home opener. Second question, I've heard rumblings of Tyjae Spears changing to a single digit number. Any truth to that?

Jim: Hey Joe. Man, you're thinking ahead. I didn't realize that about the Grand Prix – it's scheduled for September 13-15, so that makes sense. As for Tyjae, I've heard those same rumblings, but don't know which number.

Steve Hay from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: Why don't the Titans keep Derrick Henry w/a 2-year cap friendly deal? Most defenses play to our run, and w/Henry lined up in the backfield; the defense is already thinking "run". The defense is thinking run-stop; and w/Brian Callahan now calling plays it allows your offense more creative passing plays w/1 more defender likely in the box. Think more quick screens, slants off play-action, double moves, w/post routes down the sideline or seem?
It is completely within the realm of improving the offense, while also moving towards what I hope is more of "scheme based" attacking defenses!

Jim: Hey Steve. We'll see what happens with Derrick. He has to do what's best for him at this stage of his career.

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. It's been a minute since I've typed in here, but I just saw a clip of Brock Bowers being asked where he would want to play football next year if he could choose, and he said the Titans. Do with this information what you will, but I'd be lying if I tried telling you on draft night that I'd be upset with Brock Bowers becoming a Tennessee Titan. I understand the whole rule people have about drafting a tight end in the first round, but I think Bowers can make an exception to that rule. What was your initial reaction when you saw it?

Jim: I shook my head. See below.

Larry Gann from Athens, Alabama
Question: Do you think the Titans will trade up draft picks to try to get 1st pick and get a tight end or offensive lineman? I say pick Brock Bowers with pick.

Jim: Hey Larry. I do not think the Titans will trade up to No.1. As for Brock Bowers, he's a good player. I have to admit I chuckled at all the overaction to Brock Bowers saying he wanted to play for the Titans here this week. When pressed, he said he liked the region. Brace yourself, because at the NFL Combine you're going to hear about hundreds of players saying they wouldn't mind playing for Team X, Team Y or Team Z. And, let's not forget the teams pick the players, not the other way around.

Bud Stein from Jacksonville, Florida
Question: Hi Jim. I emailed prior my displeasure in management, no loyalty to anyone didnt make the mailbag I guess for that reason but if you are afraid to offend you cant be honest. To follow up my thought this way short and sweet. Hiring all these new coaches doesnt make the Titans any better. Who will be left Levis, D hop, Simmons Landry, Sounds like a last place. Management says all the right things to lead fans on Put a competing team on the field etc!!. Where is it?? They are killijg the fanbase. Building a new stadium wont fix it . Attendance will be food vendors and security maybe Mangement thinks thats good enough.WAKE UP FRONT OFFICE YOU CANT FOOL US ANYMORE!!!!! Take care Jim respectfully.

Jim: Dang, Bud, sounds like living in Jacksonville is starting to get to you…

Brad Stejskal from Franklin, Tennessee
Question: What is Bruce Matthews up to?

Jim: Speaking of Catholics, how's it going Brad? Well, Bruce is living in Houston area as far as I know. I talked to Warren Moon this week and he said Bruce showed up for his induction into the Houston Hall of Fame induction. … Tell all the Stejskals I said hello, and Go Dodgers!

Rodney Dixon from Richmond, California
Question: Hello there Jim. Keep up the great work in providing all of the up-to-date information regarding the Titans. I've been a fan since the Bum Phillips/Dan Pastorini/Ken Burrough days. Wow this last month has been a world wind regarding all of the changes that the team has done to its coaching staff. I am really excited about the hires that have been made, especially the Callahan hire of head coach. Nothing against Vrabel, but the team needed to change its philosophy of being a run first team. The NFL is a pass first league now and you have to also have the right components to succeed and to have any kind sustained success you need the right coaches and players. I feel building smart thru the draft and spending wisely thru free agency should get us back in contention fairly soon. I think with the leadership and guidance that Ms. Amy and Ran Carthon are providing we are well on our way to building a sustainable winning culture and hopefully some championships. Titan WAY UP!

Jim: I know a lot of folks hope you're right, Rodney.

Have a great Super Bowl weekend everyone!

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