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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans From Super Bowl LVI


LOS ANGELES – Welcome to Super Bowl LVI weekend.

Soon, it will all be over.

Yes, I know most of you out there aren't too fired up about this year's game, especially after the Titans lost to the Bengals.

But it's still the pinnacle of the sport, so we can't completely ignore it.

So, do the best you can to get through it, and then all 32 teams will be striving for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in 2022.

Let's get going with this mailbag…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Carol Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
CONGATULATIONS to Coach Vrabel for being named "Coach of the Year" at the NFL Honors. I have to admit it will be hard watching the Super Bowl on Sunday because I still feel this should have been our year to be there and win. However, I'm pretty sure there are other fans who feel the same way about their teams. Here's my question: What are the chances we will be able to keep as much of the team together that got us a division win and number one seed?? I know there is a salary cap and it will help determine many of the decisions about who stays and who leaves but maybe that won't be the ONLY factor. Hopefully, the team will get some time for themselves to relax, get healthy and ready for another exciting year. From the looks of our schedule for next year it will be just as tough and challenging as the 2021 schedule. But I believe we will do even better to meet those challenges. TitanUp!!

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Carol. Definitely a well deserved honor for coach Vrabel. As for the team, the core will remain in place, but there will definitely be some changes.

Eli Rodgers from Corinth, Mississippi
Hey Jim. Now that the season is over for the Titans, what do you see as the biggest need for the team? It seems to me the only position we consistently lacked in was a pass catching TE. We have spend years with great play from the position but this year it seemed to fizzle. I don't feel that we're lacking a deep threat, we're lacking a middle of the field threat.

Jim: Hey Eli. This is a tough one, because I can't tell you right now what is going to happen with some of the team's own players. Some contracts will need to be worked through, and decisions will need to be made that could change the look of a few positions. The team has a number of players scheduled to be free agents. But right now, when I look at the roster, I think the biggest needs are at receiver and tight end. I suspect there will be changes on the o-line that could make that a need as well.

Zeke Anderson from White House, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Big fan here. I have an important question. Are we gonna resign Harold Landry? He deserves to be back he has helped this defense so much.

Jim: Hi Zeke. I asked the GM about this while I was at the Senior Bowl. This is what he said: "I think Harold wants to be (with us), not to speak for him," Jon Robinson said. "We are going to do everything we can to try and keep Harold, but we understand there's a lot of other things that need to go down, too." And here's what Harold said when I saw him at the Pro Bowl: "It's no secret that I love playing for the Titans, and my family loves living in Tennessee. So hopefully we can get a deal done." Stay tuned, Zeke.

Marc Swan from Kirkcaldy, Scotland
Jim loved the play we got out of our front seven on defense, getting pressure from rushing 4 always seemed the trademark of past success to our franchise I'm wondering how much of an impact did our former d coordinator Jim Schwartz had on that after helping as a consultant.
Lastly with all the pressure we brought we seemed to give up a huge number of passing yards and got beat deep often even by rookie QBs. Why do you think that was if we are not blitzing do our cbs lack speed,are they over aggressive and bite on double moves or just a little raw? Do you think Farley can make an impact early next year or will he need much of the season to get fit. Hoping ur find time to reply, best of wishes from bonnie Scotland.

Jim: Hi Marc. Schwartz definitely made a positive impact, but make no mistake, it was DC Shane Bowen's defense, with input from coach Vrabel as well. Plus, the team's personnel on defensive improved significantly compared to last season. As for Farley, I've heard good things about his recovery, and I'm expecting him to be in the mix to start in 2022.

Jordan Marbury from Birmingham, Alabama
Jim around this time last year i sent my top rated college cornerbacks for mid/late rounds to you to pass on to the organization and I'm happy to know that Elijah molden who the Titans picked was at the top of my list.I have more players this year and a question and comment. Titans are in a lose/lose situation for the draft.We have a late first round pick and no 2nd round pick which means we will blow it on a mediocre receiver because JRob always seems to draft the players that we need one year too late. When we were all expecting a WR in Rd1 last year he drafted a guy that hadn't played in 2 years and our offense suffered. This year MARK MY WORDS we need a Center because Jones will get injured like I predicted Henry would get injured. We have to trade our 1st rd pick with a player to get 2 second round pick. Thanks for reading Jim, here are the mid to late round steals:

LB Chauncey Manac Louisiana Lafayette
LB Demarvion Overshown Texas
TE Ben Sims Baylor
WR Danny Grey SMU
CB Marcus Jones Houston
DE Isaiah Foskey Notre dame

Jim: The NFL Combine will be here before you know it, Jordan

Jonathan Lindsey from Boonville, Indiana
Hey Jim thanks for all you've done this year, you are the best in the business! I'm a Vrabel, JRob fan, Tannehill supporter, don't like or want Aaron Rodgers kind of guy! Just wanted to get that out of the way, lol. My question is with us extending Vrabel and JRob, does that affect the salary cap at all, or is that from a separate pot? Wasn't sure if all members of the team played into that or not. Again, thanks for all you do!

Jim: Hey Jonathan. Thank you. And those extensions don't count against the cap. Only the players count against the salary cap.

Bill Engels from Mount Juliet, Tennessee
Greetings Jim, this is not really a question but if you would allow me to comment on a disturbing situation regarding U Tube and in general social media. The other day I witnessed several U Tube videos criticizing our Titans QB in the ugliest most negative way. To those fans that choose to spew your negative psycho babble regarding our team and our players on social media I would say please find another team to follow. All of your negativity is not welcome. We without a doubt have a team that can beat any team any day. Coach Vrabel said it best, we win as a team and we lose as a team. Negativity only breeds contempt and leads to a losing culture. To those folks I would ask to stop and support our team, otherwise find another team to follow, we don't want you here. TITAN - UP !!!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Bill.

Andy Stambene from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Now that the season is over its time to get excited about the Draft and the free agent signings and player releases. Priority number 1 has to be Harold Landry. But do the Titans dump B DuPree after one underwhelming season? REvans is gone for sure with the signing of Z Cunningham. Good on J Rob for picking him up...great player!J Brown will also look for a new address...California,NY? And the OL is in need of replacing a RT and maybe very soon a LT,LG. The CB position will see the release of J Jenkins so as to get the cheaper youngsters playing to see if they can cut it at the NFL level. Having said that C Farley was a disappointment thus far hope he turns it around.And TE needs another top flight prospect or player after J Smith was left go. G Swaim is pretty good but not the long term answer. Firkser? No!Hopefully M Pruitt can rehab himself back he's great in the run game and receiving skills were only getting better especially in the Red Zone. So do the Titans draft a OL or OLB in the first round? Our DL looks pretty impressive but another DL wouldn't hurt. I imagine the Titans will get extra 4ths with the losses of J Smith and C Davis right?Will J Jones be released after after a injury marred season? That cap hit was/is monstrous and the Titans need to run a tighter ship with money going to Landry and soon to be AJ and Simmons who are the great great youngsters and our future! I expect some releases from the current line up and some signings by JRob its what he's been known to do. Good Luck to him and the Titans! And thanks Jim for the informative material and interesting comments over the years,salute(cheers)!

Jim: Hey Andy. Dupree isn't going anywhere. You have to remember he tore his ACL in December 2020 – I thought he closed the 2021 season well as he got healthier. … Thanks for sharing your thoughts…

Johnathon Burke from Clarksville, Tennessee
Any word on how Mycole Pruitt's recovery is coming along? I really enjoyed the energy he brought onto the field, and I really felt like he could have been our #1 TE for the future as well. Thanks for always keeping us updated on all things Titans.

Jim: Hey Johnathan. Last I heard MyCole's recovery was coming along well. He still has a ways to go – that was a nasty injury. But it sounds like he'll be healthy enough to play in 2022. We'll see if it's with the Titans.

Carl Duncan from Post Falls, Idaho
Do you know when Titans single game tickets will go on sale? I will be visiting from Idaho at the end of September and would love to see a game.

Jim: Hi Carl. It's going to be a little bit. The NFL schedule – with all the dates – should come out in May. So look for single-game tickets to go on sale at some point after that.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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