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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Before Tonight's Preseason Game vs Vikings


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Two joint practices down, one preseason game to go for the Titans and Vikings here in Minnesota.

It's been an eventful week, and we'll now get to see these two teams in action one more time.

While we wait, here's the latest edition of the mailbag…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Lee Hampton from London, Ontario
Hi Jim. My question is simple: Do you think our corners are going to be an Achilles heel again this year? They got torched last year and didn't do much to improve besides Murphy-Bunting. I believe if the offence stays healthy we can take the division again but those corners man ..they scare me…

Jim: Hey Lee. Watching the secondary here this week, I feel even better about the group. Kristian Fulton has been good throughout training camp, and he was really good in practices against the Vikings. He had a great one-handed INT in Thursday's practice. Roger McCreary had two picks up here, and was sticky. Sean Murphy-Bunting had a good week. I think Titans fans should be encouraged by the developments in the secondary in recent weeks, and I must say Amani Hooker is having a really nice camp alongside fellow safety Kevin Byard.

Jason Sansom from Gate City, Virginia
: Ok, so I don't know what is really going on and something seems a bit off. Why are we not seeing more updates on Will Levis's progression? Why are we hyping up Malik so much, I mean dont get me wrong I like Malik and glad he is improving, but are we trying to maybe see if we any potential value from him? If you think about it, we are for sure going to keep Tanny and Levis (because he was a high second round pick this year and you pretty much have to keep him on the roster) so this battle that is being built up for the back up roll is super irrelevant if we are keeping three quarterbacks, maybe Malik is battling for a roster spot since we can keep 3 qbs now? I thought Levis played pretty well considering it was his first NFL game, with that back up O-line that needs some work, but I have faith they will get there. He looked poised and confident, had pretty solid footwork, made some really nice strong throws. He really didn't make any terrible decisions and looked like a vet out there to an extent. Looked like he belonged. I was pumped with what I saw. Malik played pretty well on that first drive, but struggled to hold on to the ball, made more bad throws and turnovers. I just would like to see more updates on Levis's progression and it seems like its being kept a little quiet?

Jim: Not sure what you're talking about, Jason. No one is "hyping" anyone up here. I can only speak for myself, but I've reported the good and bad with Malik, just like I have with Will. The reality is Malik is getting more work, mainly with the 2s, and he's earned any praise he's received.

Ignacio Ordaz from Spain
Hi Sir! Thank you let me feel a Titan fan more despite the distance. I live at a small town close to Madrid, Spain. I was Oilers/Titans fan since 1991, at the Warren Moon era. I started to play football here in these years, in Spain and I did It for twenty years ! Anyway... I just want say you I watch whole games wearing my Titans t-shirt and cap... preseason Game incluyed! I've had lucky to see a Titan Game in the field, in London vs Chargers and at Tampa, FL (my wife is a Buccaneer fan) in the Mariota debut... What a day!!! And I'll to London again this year against Ravens... I already have tickets ! Just to ask about the players personality ... Who's the friendlier player? Or smarter? Or good persons in your opinión???
Thank you so mucho and TITANS UP!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Ignacio. … I might get in trouble trying to pick the friendliest or smartest player … This team has a lot of good guys, and I'm at least smart enough not to pick just one. 😊

Chris Miller from League City, Texas
Hi Jim. Sad day for us fans. We can't even start a season without massive injuries. I'm aware your job is to say they are part of the game and not anyone's fault. I hope Burks is ok and prayers to him. We are now looking to make it a 3rd year in a row of injury dominance to this team. For 2 years in a row we ranked 32 of 32 team in this category. Was anyone held accountable? Bears game we had more injuries than them. Now Burks. We had to have Burks and Hopkins for a chance at a run. Prayers to Treylon and a devastating day for Titans fans.

Jim: I figured I'd get at least one of these, and this is the one. Sorry, Chris, but you're wasting your time trying to blame the injury to Treylon Burks on someone. And my job is not to say "injuries are a part of the game and it's not anyone's fault." The reality is I've covered the NFL for 25 years now, and I've seen everyone from Steve McNair to Kevin Dyson to Blaine Bishop to Jevon Kearse to David Givens to Marc Mariani to Roydell Williams to Kenny Britt to Jake Locker to Michael Roos to Marcus Mariota to Delanie Walker to Taylor Lewan to Harold Landry to … OK, I'm wasting everyone's time now. The Cliff's Notes version: Guys get hurt playing football. Burks is going to be OK, but brace yourself, because some other guys are going to get hurt this season.

Mortimer Sneed from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Jim. After the number of Titans injuries over the last two years, and Treylon Burk's LCL sprain, before we even get out of camp, I feel moved to overreact.
Let's get Titan's healthcare partner St. Thomas Hospital to sponsor a multi-shamanistic sunset banishment of evil injury spirits ritual, complete with a cloud of sage burning up from a cauldron atop the Titans logo at the 50-yard line. We can throw all old foot, ankle, knee, hip, rib, shoulder, neck, wrist and elbow wraps into the flames while calling on the spirits of NFL players past to banish these injury demons into the alternate multiverse. Johnny Cash can sing "Hurt" and "I Won't Back Down" over the speakers. Archie Bell and the Drells can sing "Do the Titan Up." There will be strange juju dancing and caterwauling by whatever Nashville "Woo-Hoo" girls are roaming the city on their pedaling bars (well, actually that's pretty much normal).
What do you say, are you with me?

Jim: Maybe talk to Chris about this, Mortimer …

Carol Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
: Happy for the start of a new season. Not happy with the injuries that always seem to plague our team at the start of each new season. Last year it was Harold Landry's injury. This year it's Treylon Burks injury, however thankfully it is not a season-ender for him. Is there any chance he will be back by the time the team heads to London to play the Ravens? Malik Willis seems much improved over last year and Levis looks like he can be a good back-up once he learns to get that ball out of his hands faster than he did last week. No doubt for many of the players straight out of college football that first hit by a Defensive Lineman is a big time wake-up call to the NFL even in a pre-season game.😁 Looking forward to a good season this year with the hope as always there are more wins than losses. TitanUp!!

Jim: Hi Carol. Unfortunately, a lot of teams have been dealing with injuries in training camp, and in preseason games. It sounds to me like the Titans got favorable news regarding to Treylon's injury. Mike Vrabel said as much the other day. And while coach Vrabel didn't put a timetable on it, the hope is he won't be out too long, and London is a long way off in my eyes. Have a great weekend, Carol.

Brad Lewis from Booneville, Mississippi
Hey Jim, I really appreciate your hard work and keeping all us fans informed. I really hate that Burks got injured but I am glad it turned out to be the best news possible. I hope Levis will be good news to. So here is my question: When teams travel for games and even more so for the extended stays for practice and a game like this week, where do the players get all the rehab that they need, does the hosting team provide their equipment for the traveling team?

Jim: Good question, Bob. For extended stays like this – and I was a part of joint practices a few years ago in Tampa as well – it's like a mini-training facility on the road. It's quite a production, as the team sets up operation. The Vikings have let the Titans use their facility and equipment, but the team also has areas inside the hotel we're staying in for treatment as well. I've noticed that some of the guys who haven't been practicing made the trip to work here. There are also guys who remained back home in Nashville for rehab at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park.

Chuck Rhoten from Kingsport, Tennessee
Thanks Jim for keeping us updated with all the Titans news. Do you think Burks will be back for week 1? After watching the first preseason game Nicholas Petit-Frere looked bad, I know he is suspended for the first 6 games but he was getting beat by 3rd string DL, Hubbard look a little better but not sure I would want to count on him. Is Radunz getting close to returning so he can compete for RT, or do you think we should try and sign a better option?

Jim: Ask me in three weeks about Burks. As for Radunz, he's still on PUP, and Vrabel has given no updates about his health. He is in Minnesota with the team, continuing to work, but that's all I can tell you.

John Deane from Wellingborough, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. As I watched the game v Chicago a few things stood out 1st team O line did a good job and clearly it helped giving Malik much needed confidence, interested to see how Will handles things with the 1st's. The other thing was i noticed 33 making a number of stand out plays, hope Mr G gets a bit more time on the field. Cheers Jim

Jim: Hello John. I agree on Malik, and his growing confidence. The 33 you're referring to – defensive back Eric Garror – has been a pleasant surprise in camp for sure.

Brian B from Orange, Texas
Hi Jim! I love your work and I appreciate you for keeping us diehard fans who aren't in Nashville informed. I just wanted to say I my opinion from what I have seen during training camp thanks to you and I know it's too early to predict anything but I watched the first preseason game and I think we really have a championship team if it all stays together the whole season even the backups did great except for the oline..if RT can be that guy I think we make it to the big dance this year! Thanks again Jim TITAN UP!!

Jim: I like the optimism, Brian!

Jeff Martin from Friendswood, Texas
Jim. I know it was pre-season but the kicking doesn't have anything to do with it. The 41 yarder barely goes in, and then can't hit from 48. Entirely different game if the 48 goes in when you think about the final 2 drives. How many years will this be an issue? Passed on spending money on Fant which from the looks of the OLINE vs the Bears that's a miss. Please tell them to pay a real kicker.

Jim: Hey Jeff. Time will tell what happens at kicker. One of these guys is either going to win the job convincingly, or the team will explore other options. … As for the o-line, the first-team didn't have any issues in Chicago.

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
: Hi question this week; there were enough questions on the field in Chicago. But I was happy just to see my Titans playing football - even in a practice game.
I did want to chime in to say that Mike Vrabel's gesture to feature/honor Terrell Williams was another example of why we are so fortunate to have him as our Head Coach. He's a straight shooter and a great football mind, but I'm equally impressed by his leadership and character. Makes me proud to be a Titans fan.

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Bill. I agree on the Terrell Williams situation, and Vrabel giving him a chance. Pretty cool for sure.

Enjoy the game everyone!

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