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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans at the Pro Bowl


LAS VEGAS – The Senior Bowl is now in the rear-view mirror.

Next up is the Pro Bowl, at least for four members of the Tennessee Titans.

Yes – I know, I know – there's another bowl Titans fans wish the team was getting ready to play in.

But there's nothing anyone can do about it now.

So, let's open up the weekend edition of the mailbag and discuss the current state of affairs.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Troy Jenkins from Harriman, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I'm reading all this rebuilding stuff about us and don't feel the same way. I think we are solid in some areas, with a good draft and fa we can be right back on top of AFC South. I hope we can adjust some contracts and free up some money to bring in some players that can help immediately. It would be beneficial for Tannehill to do so and reap the rewards later. He has what it takes if he can stay upright and not get hit as much. Thanks Jim. God Bless.

Jim: Hey Troy. I've said all along I don't see Mike Vrabel as a 'rebuilding' kind of guy. As long as he's head coach, he's playing to win. I talked to NFL Network's Charles Davis while at the Senior Bowl, and he feels the same way. CLICK HERE to read that story. And, I haven't gotten the sense Ran Carthon took this job to start over either. Yes, there wil be changes for 2023. Things are going to look a lot different. But the Titans are going to be in it to win it. Let's just hope that means more than seven wins next season …

Ken Goodwin from Lavergne, Tennessee
First off, thank you for your great coverage! Secondly, not really a question as much as a statement. How the heck can Stonehouse not be the ProBowl punter? To me that shows so much disrespect, not only to him, but the team! Broke an 80 year old record! 🤨🤨

Jim: Good question, Ken. Keep in mind the National Football League doesn't decide who goes to the Pro Bowl. The players are selected through a voting process that includes players, coaches and fans. I think we all know Stonehouse deserved to be a Pro Bowler. The way the Pro Bowl seems to work a lot of times is guys make the team the year after their breakout season. Ryan just needs to keep doing his thing and he'll earn plenty of awards, and Pro Bowl trips.

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Hey Jim! What are your thoughts on the status of the interior offensive line this offseason? I thought Corey Levin did a pretty good job when he was asked to step in, and I hope he's back at least for depth. I'd like to see us bring back Nate Davis but from everything I've read, it seems as those most in the know feel he's as good as gone.

Jim: Hey Joe. Always good to hear from you. Hope you enjoyed the road trips I saw you on this season. I like Corey Levin as well, and I agree it would be good to get him back in the mix for depth. As for Davis, I'd be surprised if he's back in 2023.

Tim Edwards from Cornersville, Tennessee
Dear Jim: I triple dog dare you to actually answer my question in NON-HOMER fashion … evaluate our offensive line. Starting with Daley.

Jim: The offensive line was not good enough last year and is under construction for 2023. ... I only hit dingers, Tim, especially on softball questions …

Ayan Natarajan from Mason, Ohio
Hi Jim, do you think that the Titans should draft Jalin Hyatt or Paris Johnson Jr?

Jim: I think this is a question for a whole lot of teams…

Delontre Blaylock from California
Why did we trade AJ Brown??
And I Believe we need a big-name receiver no lie and pick up care are someone...

Jim: C'mon Delontre, this is old news by now.

Keith Veltman from Springville, Utah
Great job keeping the pro's and con's separated in the mail bag, and answering the questions of people like me who barley understand the game being played.. It is good to see that the problem with the HAM-STRING pulls of a year ago got solved. I really don't have a question but rather an observation, Years ago the league opted outside the box and used soccer style kickers which proved to be an advantage, I was just wondering that another avenue for imprudent could by trying good quality sumo wrestlers as linemen. They seem to have the same push and pull that is required to move people an could possibly b a resource for up-grading the line positions., Just a thought outside the box!! Keep up the wonderful work you do to keep us idiots informed

Jim: Nice idea on the sumo wrestlers, Keith. Hakuhō Shō is regarded as the best sumo wrestler of all time. He's now 37. Maybe he could get it done, but I'm afraid most of his salary would be eaten up by fines from uniform violations.

Daniel Bates from Nashville, Tennessee
Born and raised in Nashville. I'd like to see Munchak back as O-line coach and Derek Mason as DB coach. Do you think either of them would be interested? Hopefully Miss Amy reads and it be out in the atmosphere 🤞

Jim: Dropping this in here, Daniel.

Bob Warzeski from Blountville, Tennessee
Jim. I know all 32 NFL teams have reporters such as yourself that report weekly on each respective NFL team. My question is: Do you all ever get together during the year professionally and/or socially? Also, do any of the other 31 reporters consider a "translator feature" in the mailbag questions to allow fans to see/understand the questions/answers when they are asked in Spanish? Luv ya Blue/2 Tone Blue. Thx for taking the time, Jim

Jim: Hey Bob. I've been around a while, so I've developed friendships with a lot of reporters covering the league's other teams. During my days with The Tennessean, I used to chat with them even more regularly to be honest because I was chasing news more then and we'd trade info/numbers/get background etc. It's great to see them at league events. I don't know what they do with the translator feature. You'll have to brush up on your Spanish I guess… 😊

Kenneth Tripp from Edgewater, Florida
"Jim: Stay strong down there, Bud. I say the Titans should trade for Brady and Rodgers, and then sign Lamar, Geno Smith, Jimmy G and any QB from the NFC East and then let all of them compete with Tannehill, Dobbs and Malik for the starting spot. I think that would make everybody happy. 😊" OMG Jim you make my day every time there is a new mailbag!!! Keep up the awesome job. I will let the GM and coaches make the decisions and cheer them on. But I do make a draft board every year to see how it stacks up and I can look back to see if the current free agents were once on my radar.

Jim: Thanks for reading, Kenneth. I'll be here for the mailbag twice a week…

Have a great weekend everyone!

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