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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans as Training Camp Approaches


NASHVILLE – Training camp is now just days away for the Tennessee Titans.

The reporting date is Tuesday, and the first practice is scheduled for Wednesday.

We're still banging out position previews and mailbags here, and another mailbag is up.

Let's open it…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Radley Martin from Franklin, Tennessee
Hey Jim, how is Chig doing? I'm quite excited to see him play, he sounds quite good.

Jim: Hey Radley. You're referring to tight end Chig Okonkwo, the team's fourth-round pick out of Maryland, of course. Well, he's off to a nice start. I liked what I saw from Chig in the OTAs, and then he ended the offseason with a bang. He caught three touchdowns on the first day of the team's minicamp, and added another score on Day 2. I'm looking forward to seeing how he does when camp starts on Wednesday.

Major Hudspeth from Orange Beach, Alabama
Hey Jim, Im Major and I'm 12! I'm a huge Titans fan! I was wondering if Malik will play in preseason? Also, I want to know if our passing offense will be changed in anyway as the result of AJ Brown and Robert Woods being completely different players with different bodies, pros, and Cons? One more thing, Should we be worried about the Colts? A lot of hype is speculating around them and wanted to know your opinion if we could have another year with a solid chance on winning our division and getting that guaranteed spot in the playoffs. I know this is a lot of questions but I just need to feel a little more comfortable about our upcoming season.

Jim: Good to hear from you Major. I'm expecting to see a lot of Malik in the preseason. In fact, I think we'll see Willis and Logan Woodside get the bulk of the work in preseason games since the starters won't be playing much. It makes little sense to put Ryan Tannehill out there much with back-ups. The offense could look at little different, at least how the team chooses to attack, not only because of changing personnel, but also because of the addition of new Passing Game Coordinator Tim Kelly. But we'll have to wait to get more clues. As for the Colts, I don't know if "worried" is the right word. But they're definitely a formidable foe, and I'm expecting them to be better this year.

Luke Atherton from Pennsylvania
I was looking around to see if there were any words or anything on the changes to uniform rules for next season. The Texans, Saints, Bengals, and Falcons have all made announcements for throwbacks, alternates, etc. Is there any words yet on whether or not the Titans will be doing anything this season?? Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your week!

Jim: Hey Luke. I've received a ton of questions on this in the last week. Nothing has changed here. The plan is for the Titans to wear the Oilers Luv Ya Blue throwbacks – light blue jerseys, white britches, white helmet with a red facemask – in 2023. This won't happen before 2023.

David Jenkins from Ashland City, Tennessee
Hey Jim! I am ready! I know there are a lot of questions about The Titans offensive line and receivers but even with all of those questions I can't see how we are not in a better situation now. Last year Jones was a bust, Brown did not gain 1000 yards and there was virtually no production from TE. Right now we have three new guys in Hooper, Burks, and Woods that I am confident will way exceed the those former players. If we add an additional WR that will only help more. My question is what are the chances that either Dupree or Weaver receive suspensions for the off-season incidents they had?

Jim: Hey David. That's an optimistic take for sure, but I do agree the team does have some talent. As for potential suspensions, I'm not going to speculate on that.

Braulio Cárdenas Cantu from Saltillo, Mexico
Hola Jim!! Saludos desde México!!
I hope you and yours are well. Thank you for keeping us informed about our beloved Titans. On this occasion I do not write any questions because it is a time when we must wait for all the planning and preparation to yield the expected fruits. But I do have an appreciation that I want to share and know what you think of it. Our team likes challenging games, usually our best performances are when we face elite teams, when it is not like that, the results can actually be very bad. I think we're more comfortable when we're not favorites. What do you think..

Jim: Hello Braulio. Well, it's an interesting observation. I think you could find similar results for most teams. There's no doubt the Titans won some games as underdogs a year ago, and the team also laid a few eggs (losses to the Jets and Texans the worst). I know everyone is looking for more consistency in 2022 for sure.

David O'Neal from Portland, Tennessee
Hey Jim, Will there be a open practice at Nissan Stadium this month? or will it be one of the days in the first week of August!

Jim: Hi David. As of now, I don't think so. The stadium is being used for so many events in the coming weeks, and it's just not available.

Jose Herrer Jr from Agua Dulce, Texas
Hi Jim! So i just saw the Titans released the two training camp days available to fans and sadly my wife and I would be leaving the day before. I had already booked us to go to Nashville July 27-29 and try our luck to see a practice. My question is do you know if there is any way between those days we'd be able to get a few autographs after a practice if we wait around the practice facility??

Jim: Hate to be a party pooper, Jose, but I don't think that's going to be a possibility. Sorry.

Jon Kerlikowske from Franklin, Tennessee
What is the update on the new stadium plans from the one true source of all things Titan? Retractable roof? Projected opening year? When will they break ground? Thanks Jim!

Jim: Hey Jon. I think we'll get some more clarity here in the coming weeks. Just based on what I've heard so far it's sounding like a dome (not retractable) with an opening year of 2026 if things come together.

Roy Gulley from Pulaski, Tennessee
With Robert Woods being obviously our #1 WR this year and with the Loss of Brown even though we have a good depth of young guys in our WR group. Do you think adding another veteran is something that the Titans might do?

Jim: Hey Roy. I've said in here multiple times I think it's a possibility, but it could be a little while longer. I suspect the GM and HC want to see what they have at the position first. If you bring in a guy early, he could take away reps from young guys competing.

Scooter Redd from Memphis, Tennessee
Do you think the titans will add another G, & WR to the roster before training camp. I'm very intrigued by Ereck Flowers & Will Fuller. I think Flowers can be a solid Guard in our offense & Fuller can add the vertical threat we need desperately. Thanks Jim you the man PS love when you say 🗣SAAAAAAACK

Jim: Stay tuned here, Scooter. I'm not ruling anything out. But let me correct you on this: It's Mike Keith who says 🗣SAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

Alan Ray from College Grove, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Well, shucks. I was so looking forward to the Titan's upcoming season, but according to some writers there's no reason to because it's over already. And so soon, too. Like before Training camp, even. You only have to go online to know this. These people are experts, Jim. They know the Titans much better than we do. They say there are just too many concerns with the team for them to be contenders this year. Too many issues. Too much uncertainty. Seriously, I don't know why the Titans would even bother to suit up. Anyway, the following are all real article titles that I saw online the other day and one quote.
Titans Pass-Catchers Ranked Dead-Last in Separation in 2021
"The Colts will win the division on the back of 2021 rushing champion Jonathan Taylor and a stout defense."
Titans' Taylor Lewan Ranked Dead Last in PFN's OT Rankings
Mike Vrabel Tied for 8th in Top 10 Coaches That Could be Fired in 2022
The Tennessee Titans Are On The Brink Of Disaster
"Malik Willis Will Be QB Starter in Week 1"
Derrick Henry is in Huge Trouble
Is Treylon Burkes a Bust?
Will Robert Woods Be Ready for Training Camp?
And apparently, or should I say apparel-ently, we're not rockin' the fashion world either.
Tennessee Titans' Road Uniforms Ranked Worst in NFL
That last one did it for me, Jim. Lose a couple tough Playoff games, okay, it happens. But I can't support a team that has no sense of fashion. Anyway, kidding aside, like every year, the Titans are going to have to go out there and earn it. And I truly believe they will. And I think we might even be better this year. Offensively, a full complement of hungry WRs, to me, is better than 2 guys available half the time and rarely at the same time and only for a short time, most the time. Heck, the first Receiver that scores 2 touchdowns doubles Julio's production for his entire year here and I believe AJ was in the 800 + yard range in receiving for '21. I feel The Collective will out-produce that, easily. Maybe Treylon by himself. Am I dreaming, Jim?

Jim: Glad to see you've been doing your research, Alan.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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