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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans as the NFL Combine Continues


INDIANAPOLIS – It's been a busy week at the NFL Combine.

Interviews and workouts continue, just like the questions coming into the mailbag.

I'm going to take a quick break to tackle another batch right now…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Hey Jim, Love the way Ran came out stern and confident, making it known Tannehill is here to stay. To me, it never made sense to step away from 17. Now my question is, from what you have seen at the Combine, how are those Left Tackle's looking, and while you are at the Combine, what is your favorite part? Thanks again Jim. Grill is hot again and beer is still cold! Titan Up!!!

Jim: Hey Jeremy. I thought it was interesting how different folks interpreted what Ran said about Ryan in different ways. Some thought it was a 100 percent, definitive statement that Ryan would be back. Others thought it wasn't a full-fledged guarantee. I thought it was somewhere in between. As for the combine, the access is great, and everyone across the league is in Indy. It's an action-packed event to cover. But after being on the road so much already this offseason, my favorite part will be coming back to Nashville! 😄

Trevor Hepburn from Saskatchewan, Canada
Hi Jim. I'm up in Canada and yes, it is very cold right now however there apparently is spring happening soon! That being said, I have been to a Titans game for every year except this year. One of the games I went to was when the Titans wore beautiful uniforms that resembled the old Houston Oilers unis. Unfortunately, they lost 59-0 to Tom Brady and the Patriots on an ugly "Saskatchewan-like" game weather-wise. The Titans performance wasn't great either. The uniforms were quite lovely. White with b baby blue Oiler helmets. Curious if there are any hints on future Titans uniforms or throwbacks and if there is an announcement is it just one colour or will it be home and away? Thanks!

Jim: Hey Trevor. Oh man, what a rough game that was for the Titans! As for the Oilers throwbacks, nothing has changed from what I've said previously. The plan is to wear them for a home game in 2023. The exact game is still TBD, but I've already said I suspect it will be for the game vs the Texans. Wouldn't that make the most sense?

Will DaBarber Brown from Houston, Texas
Hey Jim, do you think it's cheaper for us to sign Dobbs to backup 17? Also since we're kinda stuck with Malik, do you think he can help with Special teams or wide receivers? Last do you think in the draft we should focus on OL our 1st two picks?

Jim: Hey Will. We'll see what happens with Josh Dobbs. Plenty depends on what he wants to do as well. And, the Titans aren't "stuck" with Malik. Ran Carthon, Mike Vrabel and new OC Tim Kelly all said nice things about him here this week. CLICK HERE to read that story. The reality is, if they don't think he's worth investing time in, they could part ways with him. I'm not saying that's going to happen, I'm just saying they're not "stuck" with anybody they don't want. I think we all know Malik has a ways to go, but he's not moving to special teams or receiver. I'll have a better idea on draft needs and potential early picks after free agency.

Arnie Creekmore from Miami, Florida
Two questions: one Titans-related and one Nashville sports-related.
1.) Would you predict the Titans use a coveted draft pick on a kicker, or wait to see who can sign and tryout as an UDFA?
2.) Have you ever bowled with your Dodgers All-Star and Nashville native Mookie Betts? I heard he has a bowling alley in his Nashville-area house and has hit the perfect 300 score a few times.
Thanks for all you do!

Jim: Hey Arnie. I actually wrote about the kickers, and the possibility of the Titans drafting a kicker, from the combine this week. Here's the story: CLICK HERE. (It's been since 1992 since the franchise drafted a kicker). The team likes Caleb Shudak, but he's going to have competition. The former GM didn't seem all that concerned with the kicking situation over the past few seasons, so it will be interesting to see how Ran handles things there alongside Vrabel. ... I have not bowled with Mookie, who is a great bowler! He'd get tired of all my gutter balls I'm sure.

Allan Stewart from Brookings, Oregon
With the Falcons releasing Marcus Mariota do you think there is any chance of him rejoining the Titans? I have a bunch of Mariota T shirts , caps and jerseys which I still wear but would love to see him back in the two tone blue! He was the reason I became a Titan fan. Thanks for keeping us informed and lets all look forward to a successful '23 season.

Jim: No.

Kelly McDowell from Post Falls, Idaho
Hey Jim. I hope everything is going smoothly over in Titan country. It's nice to see change happening since the end of the season. With so many changes I really hope that Ran, Vrabel, Bowen, and Kelly will put together a fun team to watch. My question has to do with Taylor Lewan. Although the last couple of years have not really gone Lewan's way in terms of playing, he was a fundamental piece to the Titans restructure. He was named to 3 pro-bowls during his time with us, so why would the Titans organization put his belongings (from the Titans facility) into 3 trash bags and just leave it on his front porch? Is this a customary thing that the Titans do to their players? I feel like Lewen definitely deserves more respect than that for all he has done for the Titans organization.

Jim: Hi Kelly. I'm actually glad you asked me about this so I can try to clear this up a bit more, even though to some degree the damage was done when Taylor hit send on the initial tweet (of the picture with the trash bags on his porch with his stuff in it). That's because a lot of people overreacted, including Terrell Owens. Taylor's items were dropped off on his front porch because Taylor asked someone with the team to drop them off for him. It was a bunch of leftover stuff from his locker. A friend of his who works for the team was doing him a favor. Go back and watch Taylor's video on Twitter a few days ago, when he tried to quash all the noise after his initial post blew up. The Titans have treated Taylor with plenty of respect, and he said so himself. Only the uninformed overreaction was trash.

David Kennedy from Scottsboro, Alabama
Slow week for "Ask Jim", not much happening right now so a non-football question: What was your bad Jägermeister experience? Quality or quantity?

Jim: Back in college, too much in quantity. The quality of my night, and next day, suffered because of it. Just the smell of it makes be nauseous now.

Lil wayne foo rl from Duck of
fire vrabil tannahil, the gm, the off, cord.

Jim: Sounds like someone hasn't sworn off Jägermeister …

Joel Meadows from Oakland, Tennessee
Hey, Mr. Jim. Can you please pass along to upper management to try to sign Tony Pollard? Do you think the Titans organization could attract him? He's a free agent, and he'd be a tremendous help to Derrick Henry in back field. I'd love to see what this hypothetical dynamic duo could do. I watched Polllard in college at the University of Memphis, and I'd love to see back in Tennessee. I think he's been better than Ezekiel Elliot during his tenure in Dallas.

Jim: Will let the fellas know, Joel.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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