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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans as Rookie Minicamp Begins


NASHVILLE – Titans rookie minicamp is under way.

All the rookies – draft picks, undrafted free agents, tryout players – were on the field on Friday at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park, and they'll be on the field again today.

In the coming week, they'll join the veterans.

Also, the NFL schedule was bumped from the initial date of May 9 to now this coming Wednesday, so we have that to look forward to as well.

Let's take a quick break in the action and see what everyone is thinking.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Sean Kelley from Delaware
Question: Hi Jim. Pretty impressed with Titans offseason, now they just need to put it together on the field. The idea of Titan fans and NFL fans saying we need to trade Burks now is absurd. He is a first round pick with 2 years remaining on his rookie contract. Also if they trade him, they risk going into to 2025 looking for 3 new WR's with Dhop and Boyd on 1 year deals. All the years hating playing Dhop - he now is my favorite Titan. I hope they extend him. All the best!

Jim: Hey Sean. The team has assembled some pretty impressive talent for sure. You mentioned the acquisition of Tyler Boyd, because that was widely reported by the national reporters this week. And, Boyd posted on social media "Titan Up." The team hasn't announced the deal, because the contract isn't "officially done." Hopefully that will be soon. But yes, the guys now have to put it all together on the field, stay healthy and compete. I've heard the Treylon talk, too. He's in an interesting spot now, no doubt, with veterans ahead of him. But coaches have raved about him this offseason, and he's looked good to me while working in the offseason program. I'd expect the team to keep at least six receivers, and it's going to be competitive behind Hopkins, Ridley and Boyd.

Dan Baird from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: Not really a question, but it's so nice to read about your observations of players on the field.
The draft and all the speculative questions are fine, but personally, I consider Friday's column the official start of the football year. Players and coaches together on the field. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
That gets my motor running.

Jim: Thanks for reading, Dan. And, here's the link for the observations from Friday's rookie minicamp: CLICK HERE.
Saturday's session is closed to media fyi.

Jim Kintzler from Atlanta, Georgia
Question: A few quick questions:
Any discussion on Treylon Burks on special teams ie punt/kickoff returns?
Would Jeffrey Simmons make sense on "green dot" question?
Is new Defensive Coordinator known for blitz packages to augment pass rushers?

Jim: Hey Jim. A few quick answers:
It's funny – Mike Keith and I were talking about this in the office on Friday. Mike believes he's a real candidate, and he sold me on his reasons why because of his size and speed. He's going to be given a chance to help on special teams for sure.
A linebacker generally wears the green dot, and it could very well be Cedric Gray. We'll see if he can earn it.
New DC Dennard Wilson has made it clear he's going to be aggressive, and a improved secondary should help the cause and give him more reason to send extra rushers.

Michael Lewis from Tuscon, Arizona
Question: Good afternoon Jim, what is the likelihood that Leroy Watson from Cleveland is the starter at RT?

Jim: Well, Michael, they didn't trade for him to hold a pads in practice. I've seen him on the field in offseason workouts, and he looks good. It's obvious Bill Callahan likes him, because of his days in Cleveland. But other guys are going to be in the mix, including Nicholas Petit-Frere and Jaelyn Duncan. Like the receiver position, these guys are going to compete and the best guy is going to win the job.

Jim Westbrook from Pasadena, California
Question: Hey, Jim. Thank you for all you do to keep Spring Season interesting for all us fans.
So, I just read an article saying Deebo Samuel could be on the trading block. I wonder what that would take? I mean could you imagine the variety that could add to our offense?!? I'll bet Ran could make it happen.
I am intrigued! Titan up!

Jim: Sorry, Jim, but this is not going to happen.

J.T. Summer from St. Cloud, Florida
Question: Hi Jim. Longtime reader and fan of the boys in blue.
More of a fan question here and less of a team question, so I hope it still fits your column.
What is the most popular food item sold at Nissan Stadium? Are we popcorn fans, or do we stick with the ever-popular stadium hotdog? Nachos? Nashville Hot Chicken? Something wacky?
The inquiring mind of this gastronome simply must know!
TitanUp and EatUp!

Jim: Interesting question, J.T. The first one I've gotten on this subject.
So, I asked Bob Flynn, VP of Facilities and Game Day Operations for the Titans, and this was his answer:
Top 3: (1) Hot dog, (2) Soft pretzel and (3) Chicken tenders and fries.

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Question: Alright Jim. Here's the scenario for you.
JC Latham/Peter Skoronski vs Jeffery Simmons/T'Vondre Sweat in a hot dog eating contest? Who wins and why?

Jim: Oh man, some folks have food on their mind.
I'm going with the Simmoms/Sweat combination. Have you seen the size of T'Vondre Sweat? Talk about a large screen T'V!

Dontavious Bagwell from Clarksville, Tennessee
Question: Now That The Titans Have Signed Tyler Boyd What Does That Means For The Rest Of The Guys On The Roster Like NWI, Treylon Burks, Kyle Phillips, Mason Kinsey, Kearis Jackson, Jha'Quan Jackson, Colton Dowell And Tre'shaun Harrison Do They All Compete To See Who's The WR #4 & 5 Or Do Some Just Get Released Or Maybe Even Hit Practice Squad. In My Opinion I Think This Is A Breakout Year For Burks Especially Since He's Going To Be Competing For A Spot. This How I See Our WR On The Roster #1.Hopkins #2.Ridley #3.Boyd #4.Burks #5.NWI #6.J.Jackson I Think Dowell And Phillips Make Practice Squad And We Release Harrison, K.Jackson and Kinsey. What Do You Think‼️

Jim: Well, it means they'd better be ready to compete, because not all those guys are going to make it. Keep in mind Colton is just five months removed from ACL surgery, so he could be well start off on the PUP list.

Testing lxbfYeaa from San Francisco
Question: 1

Jim: It worked!

Mike Knecht from Wappingers Falls, New York
Question: Hey Jim. Thank you for all you do. I think the signing of Tyler Boyd was really good. Anything about the report of Zay Jones visiting? That would be another steal. Why didn't we try to resign Tannehill as a backup/Quarterback coach? Agin thank you for everything you do for Titans Nation.

Jim: Hey Mike. I feel I need to point out that Boyd hasn't "technically" signed yet. Again, I expect it to happen in the coming days. When he does, the team will report it and make it official. And, I always got the sense it was either/or with Boyd and Zay Jones, who did in fact visit this week as well. Jones reportedly reached a deal with Arizona on Friday. As for Tannehill, I'm thinking he'd rather play than coach. And, if he doesn't get an opportunity he likes, he has a great house in the Fort Lauderdale area, with a wife and two young children. I'd say that's a pretty good back-up plan.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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