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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Ahead of Sunday's Game vs the Buccaneers


NASHVILLE – It's been another eventful week in Titans land.

Coach Mike Vrabel officially named Will Levis the team's starting quarterback moving forward, and the Titans began preparations for Sunday's game against the Buccaneers.

Wheels up for Tampa on Saturday.

But first, the latest Titans mailbag …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Tom Angora from Rochester, New York
Question: Hi Jim. Just wanted to chime in with a couple of thoughts at the halfway point. Although we have been accustomed to winning close games in the past we are just not quite as talented as we have been in the past and the margin for error is much slimmer.
That said the NFL is thrilled with parity and honestly most teams have had their ups and downs. We should be proud that we are competitive and we seem to have picked a talented young QB. It's just frustrating because we are letting the window with King Henry close and it doesn't look like we will get him a ring.
But what should send a cold chill through every Titan fan is the prospect of losing Coach Vrabel. Lots of chatter that the Patriots want him to replace Belichick. Draft compensation or not it would be a mistake. He is one of the best if not the best coach that has ever run this franchise. He's not perfect but his teams play hard and with enough talent he will win a Super Bowl. There are many examples of teams that under achieve (Chargers, Cowboys, etc). We need to appreciate Vrabel and hope that he hangs around and we do not watch him get a ring somewhere else.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Tom. Appreciate the comments. I've received over a dozen emails on the Vrabel/Patriots subject. As I said previously, I remember when the rumor mill had Jeff Fisher returning to his alma mater to coach USC, and Mike Munchak returning to his alma mater to coach Penn State. Neither happened, of course. Right now, it's a great topic for talk radio and that's it.

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. First thing I wanna do is thank Ryan Tannehill for everything he's accomplished and done for this organization. He's played with good O-lines, bad O-lines, good weapons, bad weapons, he's fought through injuries and finished games and has never complained one bit through it all. He brought us to our first AFC Championship in 20 years and gave us much needed consistency at the QB position. He's a Titans legend, which I have a feeling that some people might have a hard time admitting. But with that all being said, I'm super ready to see Will Levis starting full time. I'm not expecting perfection, but I just want him to go out there and get better each week and get more comfortable in the offense. I'm excited for Will, but sad to see an era come to an end.

Jim: Ryan definitely deserves credit and appreciation for everything he has done. He's been a real pro, and has been the franchise's best quarterback since Steve McNair.

Joseph Noah from Tenino, Washington
Question: What do you think about the idea of saving Levis for next year instead of having him start behind a O like that clearly can't block for anyone in the QB position? It is clear at this point that we aren't playing ball good enough to do anything in the playoffs this year so why not keep Levis as the 3rd string and let Tannehill and Willis take all the hits the O line is going to give them. Then in the draft and FA we can pick up so O linemen that can actually block for the QB.

Jim: I don't like that idea. Levis needs to play, and he's going to.

Marvin Lucas from Port Gibson, Mississippi
Question: I have been a Oiler fan since 1970's Earl Campbell, Dan Pastorino days Steve McNair , Eddie George, days. My question is what responsibility does Mike Vrabel take in building the roster we have. Last year I wrote a letter asking this same thing, guess it got threw into the garbage, something about this don't add up, I thought you were just ignoring me then , since then some other people are beginning to ask the same questions. Jon Robinson was hired, kept Mularkey on , then hired Vrabel, his boy from Patriot/ Belichick brain thrust , ,, When will. we get this straight, the GM hires the Coach and they pick the best players, Vrabel picked them along with JR, Vrabel is ready to leave for Patriots head coach job. Vrabel picked Isaiah Wilson, Caleb Farley, Malik Willis, Rashaan Evans , #5 overall pick Cory Davis, Jack Conklin , we passed up Mahomes and Jalen Hurts, My point is it's time for Vrabel to go back to Foxboro. What is your thought, Happy Holiday, I know I'm spot on this issue but want to see if you have the nerve to publish it…?..?

Jim: Hi Marvin. Good to hear from you. Next time, spare me with the challenges. … I think you're making quite a leap to say Vrabel is ready to leave for the Patriots job. He's never addressed the topic, and you're basing your opinion off pure speculation/rumor mill stuff as I mentioned at the top. As for Vrabel and the roster building, sure he's played a part. But saying he's responsible for picking Isaiah Wilson, Caleb Farley, Malik Willis, Rashaan Evans, #5 overall pick Cory Davis, Jack Conklin and passing on Mahomes and Jalen Hurts is quite a leap, and as far as Mahomes and Hurts are concerned, you could say that about every other team, too. You think Jon Robinson let Vrabel make all the picks? Use the last two letters of Pastorino for your answer. Ultimately, the former GM was mainly responsible for those picks, and drafts. Happy Holidays.

Beau Siddens from Covington, Indiana
Question: Hey Jim, I wanted to thank Mr. Tannehill for his time and effort playing for our Titans. Hats off to him. Q1- Do you think he will stay for the remainder of the season or ask to be released? He's too good and still has gas in his tank to not get snatched up in waivers. Q2 - I have always been impressed with Julius Chestnut's play during Preseason games. In your opinion, why doesn't he ever make the 53? Looking forward to Sunday #TitanUp

Jim: Hey Beau. Thanks for taking the time. Ryan is going to be with the team as the back-up quarterback, once he gets healthy enough to play. As for Chestnut, he made the 53-man roster, but got hurt in Cleveland in Week 3 and went on Injured Reserve.

Rodney Dixon from Richmond, California
Question: Hello Jim! Thanks for keeping all of the loyal Titans fans up to date with your excellent coverage of the team. Well with the announcement of Will Levis being named the starting quarterback this week I am excited with the direction in which this team is headed. I think we now have found a QB and with over $100 million dollars that the team has to spend in free agency and draft picks our future looks bright. I think that will bring a spark to the offense and it will be interesting to see how the offense evolves around him. Titan Up from here on out!

Jim: Certainly some things to be optimistic about moving forward, Rodney. But everyone around here is focused on 2023, and the Buccaneers, right now.

Michelle Carpenter from Madison, Tennessee
Question: This is a comment on coach for making Will Levis our starting qb...Thank God that man has the cahoonies to make a move like that!!! Can I get a hell yes??? It ain't that we don't love us some Ryan T. But Will has a hot hand and nerves of steel, I'm way impressed with this young man and that ARM! Thank you Jim for letting us know, thank you Coach for making that call. And to Ryan T. Much love and Respect always to you.Thank you for letting me vent.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Michelle…

Roy White from Smyrna, Tennessee
Question: Left Tackle a big question mark,,,,, Vrabel decided long ago Radunz isnt a tackle . My question is why? When npf got hurt and dillion came in at right tackle TJ Watt was stopped . Was watching that match up because how bad vrabel leads us to not believe in Radunz . Got to thinking last away game titans won was in greenbay last year. If i remember right Dillion played that game and the titans won . He then got hurt was out for rest of the season where titans won no more games. With the quest of looking for a left tackle such a priority why hasnt Radunz beeen given a try ..... If he does well that means the left side of the line could be there a long time with him and Peter anchoring the left side ....Just curious what Vrabel has againt Radunz lots of tells about someone on the team dont like him out there which since its Vrabels team i assume its Vrabel ,,,, Jim please in lighten us with your Knowledge

Jim: Right now, coaches just think Dillon is a better option at guard, and that's where I expect him to play this weekend. It's not just the head coach, it's the position coach and others. Plus, it's where he's most needed right now.

Steve Seburn from Haileybury, Ontario, Canada
Question: Good Day Jim, Happy early Thanksgiving to you folks in the USA! Happy and sad to see Levis get his shot at being a starter even with Tannehill healthy...As a lot of people have already wrote that it wasn't that long ago people were praising Ryan for guiding us to the AFC championship game but given the last 2 years it seems he just cant stay healthy. My question for is have you heard any rumblings about Tannehill going back to his roots and playing WR since Burks is out? Even if you haven't what are your thoughts on him as an NFL WR?

Jim: Hi Steve. Happy early Thanksgiving. This is not going to happen. Ryan Tannehill is a quarterback now. He's not switching back to receiver.

Steve Jaramillo from Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Question: Jim thanks for all you do for us. I wasn't mad about the loss Thursday disappointed yes. But I told my wife the future is bright with Levis. I told her I would do what I could to get Henry signed because to me he helps Levis so much. If we can have a good draft by beefing up our Oline add another receiver and a DB we could contend for a title. I would let Levis be our stater from this point, and see if he can make a run to at least give us a winning season. As for the play calling I wish we would use Henry on third down at least 50% of the time. Henry has showed he can catch the ball and we he gets loose he is a beast. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Jim: I've said in here more times than I can count Derrick needs to be utilized more. There's really nothing else I can add.

Corey Barlow from Cookeville, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim! I was wondering if you had any information about Caleb Farley? I haven't heard anything regarding his health lately and hope he can still return at some point and help this team. Is there a chance he returns this year or is he taking this year to get fully healthy looking to return for next year?

Jim: Hey Corey. I mentioned Caleb in here a few times over the past few weeks. He's recovering, but I'd be surprised if he plays this season.

Terry Anderson from Edmonton, Kentucky
Question: Hello Jim. I hope you're doing well. Thanks for all your hard work bringing us the best Titan news. First I want to say Ryan played some good football here. Lately it hasn't been but historically he's been good. We had some good seasons. I still find it so hard believe that we fell off as much as we did losing AJ. Honestly that single moment in Ryan's tenure here derailed the whole thing. Jon got the boot and we been playing catch up since. I know more things have occurred, but that one can be linked to the fall of the team's performance on offense anyway. Secondary still needs to improve. Looking forward to Levis playing man. I'm excited to see him throw deep but just not into cover 2 on the sideline! Hope the trip to Tampa is good.

Jim: I'm looking forward to seeing more of Levis myself.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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