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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Ahead of Sunday's Game vs the Commanders


NASHVILLE – Week 5, here we go.

This weekend's Titans mailbag, here we go.

We're getting right into this one before I jump on a plane to see the Titans-Commanders game at FedExField in Landover, Maryland.

Let's do this …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Kevin Mack from Cookeville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Great reading your comments.
Second half observations:
1. Defense. We certainly do not lack the skill set and will only get better in the second half as team gets healthy. Great players get tired.
2. Offense is starting to roll and will only get stronger as the year progresses. That means more points later in the game. Less work on defense.
QB Ryan is a commander regardless of what some have said. 14 and 3 win ratio against our division rivals says we can and will win our division and that's our first priority.

Jim: That's an optimistic take, Kevin. Time will tell … As for Tannehill, he's definitely been a lot better than some folks give him credit for, with this as evidence: He's set to appear in his 50th career game with the Titans this Sunday, and his stats look like this: 32-15 record as a starter, 67.2 completion percentage, 81 TDs vs 30 INTs, 101.4 rating, 11,079 passing yards. Yes, he needs to be better in the postseason, but he's done a nice job in Tennessee. I've said this before and I'll say it again: Ryan Tannehill is the best quarterback the team has had since Steve McNair.

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Hey Jim! Great catching up with you at the Colts Game!
I was wondering what your thoughts were on our tight end group so far this season, specifically Chig Okwonko.
I've seen quite a few folks talking about Chig looking like Jonnu used to for us, but I'm not sure I agree with that assessment other than they're both productive and extremely athletic. It feels like Chig is starting to come into his own and build a nice role within the offense. He seems to have a little more wiggle and a little less blocking acumen that Jonnu did---but I am excited to see him develop!
Do you think he'll start to eat more into Swaim and Hoopers snap share as the season progresses or do you think we might start to see more two and three tight end looks?
Side note--he's one of the nicest Titans I've met so far. It's really, really easy to root for this guy.

Jim: Hey Joe. It was good to see you and your wife. Great seats you had! I really like Chig, and I think he's just going to keep getting better. I think Geoff Swaim has done what he's been asked to do, and that's been doing his job as a blocker and helping out occasionally in the passing game. Frankly, I'm surprised Austin Hooper hasn't been more of a factor so far, but maybe that's coming.

Eric McClellan from Metropolis, Illinois
I am heading to the game in D.C. Jim, where can I find a great Titans tailgate party in Washington? Let's Go!!!!!

Jim: Hey Eric. You're in luck, because I have an update here. The folks at Two-Tone Blue Nation are planning a tailgate at the Red Lot at FedEx Field parking lot from 8 a.m. up until kickoff. They'll be there with the Titans Fan Club of Washington, D.C. and other Titans fans. Have fun! Also, I saw on Twitter that Titans fans are planning to meet on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at the Lincoln Memorial for a group picture.

Timothy Valentine from Los Angeles, California
Last week a lot of teams wore throwback jerseys and helmets is there any chance we will get a definite answer to when Titans can wear theirs?

Jim: 2023.

Morris Lewis from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey, Jim, I need a Teair Tart jersey. That man has got the right attitude, and the joy on his face even after the game just makes me smile every time I see him. I hope he stays a Titan for the rest of his career. Tell the Titans shop this 22-year season ticket holder wants a #93 jersey! And please tell Teair he has a new fan! :-)

Jim: Hey Morris. Will do. Teair made a great play, and he's had a great week. It's been fun seeing him enjoy the moment. And, he deserves it. He's been busting his rear and he's done a lot of dirty work that hasn't gotten noticed.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, Since the Colts beat the Broncos that means that if the Titans lose to the Washington football team the Titans will be in 3rd place in the AFC south. I'm really surprised the Colts beat Denver. The Colts are a better team than I thought they were. And Denver really screwed up giving up all those draft picks for Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson will get a lot of money but Denver did not improve as a result of the trade for Wilson. Isn't it something that Denver gave up two 1st round picks, two 2nd round picks, Drew Lock, Noah Fant, and Shelby Harris for Russell Wilson, a 4th round pick, and a 5th round pick? Seattle got the better end of that deal IMO.

Jim: Hey Jimmy Dee. I don't know how you watched that game and came away thinking the Colts "are a better team that I thought they were." Both teams looked awful. With that said, the Colts deserve some credit for beating the Chiefs, and the Broncos in Denver. … And, I'll say this about Russell Wilson: Back in the offseason, a lot of folks hit me up in the mailbag, upset because the Titans didn't trade for him. How do you think the Broncos are feeling about that trade (which included first and second-round picks in the next two drafts), and the big contract ($245 million over the next five years) they gave him, about now?

Steven Simpkins from Nashville, Tennessee
Could we see Racey McMath after the bye week? With Treylon Burks out, we could sure use him.

Jim: Hey Steve. I discussed Racey in here last week. I'm not expecting him back any time soon.

Dylan Dougherty from Houston, Texas
Hey Jim. Do you think that with Burks being down a few weeks we might see Josh Gordon in action?

Jim: Hey Dylan. Not this week.

Tony Driver from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Really enjoy reading your posts and answers. Question any reason why we always play the Colts almost back-to-back every year? Thanks Titanfan for life .

Jim: Great question. It's on the schedule makers. I'd prefer to see the games more spaces out myself, too. Not quite as bad, but the Titans will face the Jaguars in two of the last five games, too.

Alan Taylor from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, are there thoughts of getting Kyle Phillips back in the WR mix when healthy? Hope coaches are not giving up on him for a couple of muffed punts. I thought he looked really good and seems to be able to create a nice possession receiver for Tannehill. Thanks

Jim: Yes. And the good news is he was out of the yellow caution jersey this week in practices. It's unfortunate Kyle got hurt, because the shoulder injury really slowed his momentum. But I still think he is going to make a nice impact this season as he gets healthier, and that could start back on Sunday. He's looked good in practices and he's off the injury report.

Cedric A from Memphis, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I wanna piggyback on Dawn's question and your answer from Tuesday's mailbag. Beyond frustrating to NOT be able to watch an important divisional game against a rival when the boys are at home. If I had known in advance, I'd have driven to Nashville Sunday morning and visited a friend JUST to watch the game. Believe me, I definitely fired off some remarks to the folks at the Fox station.
I guess the reasons for it are complicated. I know there's this little in-state rivalry between Memphis and Nashville, but I think that's mostly from old blood, middle-aged and baby boomers. I promise you the younger generation does not care. I'm a die hard Grizzlies fan and a Titans fan, and, living in Tennessee, I just wanna be able to watch them both.

Jim: Hi Cedric. As I mentioned to Dawn, I heard from several folks from Memphis over the weekend, and a few from East Tennessee as well. I'd be ticked, too. And you need to stay on the stations. As I mentioned, unfortunately it's not something the team controls. The local stations select the games they want. They selected Dallas/Washington this past week. I'm betting the FOX station in Memphis probably shows a lot of Dallas games. Most of the remaining games are on CBS and the Memphis CBS station regularly selects Titans games, so that's good. But every frustrated Titans fan should contact their local stations and let them know they want the Titans games on their local station. Good to hear from you and thanks for fighting the fight.

Dimitrios Kosmas from Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Hello Mr. Wyatt, I hope all is well sir
I was wondering if you caught on "what we learned" on the NFL for the Titans game.
I was pretty impressed, that they caught when Denico Autry was signed with the Titans, in less than a day. He did get 2 QB hits on Wentz, in his first game against the Colts.
Have a wicked awesome week Jimbo. Titan Up!!

Jim: I missed that segment, Demitrios, but I saw what he did against the Colts on Sunday. Denico is reminding the Colts they should've kept him any chance he gets – he was disruptive in last year's game in Indianapolis, too.

John Clark from Chesapeake, Virginia
Jim my Tennessee Titans compadre!!!!
How's it going Big Pimping? Lol
This Sunday we have the Washington Commanders, I'm not expecting anything shorter than excellence in every phase from coaching, special teams, offense and defense. 3 things I wanna see improvement on 1) Offense line provides better gaps for Henry to run the ball to get to that second level. 2) Better coaching all the way around and 3) We all can agree a better second half performance without spiraling down in the 1st half so we can go into this bye week with the Win and get ready for the 2 divisional games we have coming up back 2 back!! GOOOOOOO TITANS!!!! KING HENRY 364 yards I'm calling it🤞🏾🤞🏾

Jim: I've been called a lot of things, John. First time I've ever been called "Big Pimping." I'll take it as a compliment.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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