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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Ahead of Sunday's Game vs the Chargers


NASHVILLE – The Titans are headed West.

And, hoping to get back on track.

Before Sunday's game against the Chargers, let's dive into another mailbag.

Here we go…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Hunter Phelan from South Pasadena, California
Well Jim, I would like to start off with a comment. It's been rough sledding lately for the our team. Man its tough looking at all the negative comments our (loyal) fans put on social media. I've stated before on the mailbag, I have seen almost every Titan/Oiler game since 1978. This team is currently on the struggle bus no doubt, but still has everything in front of them. Fans we need to TITAN UP, and stick with our guys when things are bad. You would think me, and my daughter need to wear paper bags over our heads this week at SOFI stadium with the comments I have been seeing. Yes its frustrating I get it. If you bleed Columbia and two tone blue let's Step up our fandom and support our team even in the dark times. This current team even with some glaring holes can hang with anyone in the league when healthy imho they have shown that.
Question: Jim how do you feel the about the state of the team? Are you as hopeful as I am we can still turn it around? Last question lots of rumors on Vrabel to Ohio State. Thoughts?
As always thanks for the platform and all that you do! See you at Sofi this Sunday!!!

Jim: Hey Hunter. Give me a shout if you see me at SoFi.
Hey, you said it best – the Titans still have everything in front of them. But this season is not going to end well if the Titans keep playing like they have been the past few weeks. Can the team get on track? Well, it needs something good to happen – like winning on Sunday – to create a spark. And, it needs some key guys to get healthy, and stay healthy. As for the Vrabel rumors, I remember the Jeff Fisher-to-USC rumors and the Mike Munchak-to-Penn State rumors. And, I remember thinking then it was a whole lot of nothing.

Reuben Alvear from San Francisco, California
Hi, Jim. This weekend I'll drive down to LA to see Titans v Chargers. Let's hope the two-tone blue resemble the squad that only lost one game between Weeks 3 through 11!
Any information you can pass along on where any Titans gatherings/parties/tailgates will be? On Sunday I plan to arrive to the stadium pretty early. Is it possible to meet you?

Jim: Hey Reuben. Here's what I know: A pregame party is being hosted by "California Titans Fans" on Saturday night from 5 pm to 1 am at the VIP Lounge at 9200 Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles. Also, a tailgate is planned on Sunday at the Pink Lot at SoFi Stadium, starting at 9 a.m. … I don't know that I'll be able to make either event, but I'll be on the field for several hours in pregame. If you see me, give me a shout. After corresponding here in the mailbag over the years, I'd love to meet you in person.

Martin Benitez from Montevideo, Uruguay
Hi Jim, this is Martin from Montevideo, Uruguay. Long-time fan of the titans since i like nashville, country music, team colors and in a way the attitude the style of play and the mentality of the team has a lot in common with our soccer team (always underrated, always fighting and many prefer to avoid us)
unfortunately I see many "holes" in the roster, I think due to bad decisions when choosing the picks in the draft, and also due to many injuries, which clearly affects the overall performance of the team. I think that at this point in the calendar we don't have much of a chance to play a good role in the playoffs... I even think that we run a certain risk even in being able to qualify for the playoffs.
I think we should already be thinking about strengthening the team for next season... and speaking of this, what is true in some rumors about a possible arrival of Brady to the team? Personally I think it would be an excellent option, I don't know if to play the whole season, but to help the
Development of Malik Willis. I see "things" of Mahomes, of Murray in him… I think it could be a great bet for 2023-2024. Happy new year and a big hug from Uruguay!!

Jim: Hello Martin! Oh dang, now a Brady-to-the-Titans rumor? Is that a new one or one still lingering from a few years ago? Hope all is well in Uraguay!

David Stalder from Albuquerque, New Mexico
I hope Mike Keith knows there are a lot of fans out here who appreciate and depend on his play by play.

Jim: He's a good one for sure, David! I'll let him know.

Cliff Cushman from Magnolia, Texas
Hey, J.W.! I just read the mailbag & I want to call out Titans fans. Don't get me wrong, I wanted a win, too, but ended up disappointed like the rest of us. Here's where I'm not going. Not bringing up 8 year old daughters & Madden, not breaking out the thesaurus too express my hurt feelings, not firing EVERYONE & not finding another team. Some of you out there are idiots & some are just ignorant when it comes to football. Let me point something out. Ryan Tannehill is getting pressured A LOT. Sunday, he faced a front seven which included three high first round picks. Titans were blocking with a sixth rounder, a fourth, two third rounders & an undrafted free agent. Yet we led most of the first half. Did Robinson miss on a few draft picks for the offensive line? Yes. Have we had injuries on the line? Yes. Vrabel has been coaching guys up who perform at levels higher than their talent would suggest. These players on t.v., the ones we criticize while sitting on our fat asses, are the top 1% in the country. These coaches deal with injuries, screaming asshole fans, players that sometimes earn more money than they do, inept general managers, overbearing owners, a %@#$ for a commissioner & a vicious press. I don't want to be 7-6. The only thing worse than losing is the crap some of you guys write in after a loss! Change teams, watch golf instead, do whatever. Just remember; you are disappointed because the Titans made you believe they were winners & they have lost 3 games now. At 7-5, that is still a winning record. I'm out!

Jim: Hey Cliff. Believe me, I could've let the negative emails completely fill up this mailbag as well because they poured in all week after the loss to the Jaguars. Hey, I let fans air out their frustrations in the Tuesday mailbag, but at some point you have to change the subject and move on. Appreciate you taking the time.

Scott Taylor from Dayton, Ohio
Greetings & Happy Holidays. Jim Hope you & yours are doing well?
Jim I have to say after Sunday performances and then watching the Bolts (Charger ) that night I AM CONCERNED. This is uncharacteristic of our beloved TITANS the turn overs and Henry having 3 in about as many games is really unusual? Jim I have to say that there's more than just J. Rob getting fired going on in that building? I don't know I am a concerned fan on the outside looking in but from were I'm standing IT DOESN'T LOOK GOOD.
Having said that someone else who wrote to you on here ask if the team could get players from other P.S like Atlanta did with Logan Woodside so my question is why haven't the team looked for some offensive line players to maybe be a improvement over some of the players we have now surely there's someone who could be a big improvement 🤷 and why they haven't even tried to pick up anyone? There's 4 games left and 2 are division teams and the Titans haven't locked up the south yet. So here's to hoping that we do manage that or maintain our standing??? Well Jim thanks for listening to us fans and giving us a little venting area. Hope you & your family have a happy & safe holiday. God bless. AND COM'ON TITANS LETS GET BACK TO TITANS FOOTBALL

Jim: Hey Scott. It hasn't looked good. I'm not going to deny that. The past few weeks have been rough. As for acquisitions, the team has been busy filling holes, making transactions, mainly to replace injured guys. The reality is not a lot of All-Pros are on the street this time of the year, so there's only so much you can do. For the most part, the Titans are going to have to find a way to win with what they've got.

David Siler from Thousand Oaks, California
Hey Jim hope you are doing well. My question is, what is the status of Kyle Phillips? Seems like he's been on IR forever. I remember seeing film on him from UCLA and seemed like very similar to Cooper Kupp. I was really looking forward to seeing him in action on Sundays.

Jim: Hey David. There was a time when I thought we'd see Kyle Philips again this season. I no longer think that's going to happen. There's one IR spot left and I suspect it's going to David Long Jr.

Dakota Houston from Knoxville, Tennessee
Hello Jim, I hope you are doing well! I had to write in after this last mailbag… I see a lot of people speaking very negatively towards Jon Robinson now that he is gone when I don't recall seeing many calling for him to be let go before the parting of ways. Let's keep it factual here: Jon did, for some reason, have some horrible draft picks after his first couple of drafts and started declining in FA pick ups etc. BUT… he highly assisted in us raising our expectations, he did A LOT to turn our team around and hired, in my opinion, the best coach in the NFL. I do believe, unfortunately, that we are going back to a rebuild because our team is not great, and I do believe that IF we make the playoffs we may be exiting early again (which I know this sounds bad to say, but I would rather us miss it this year to get a higher draft pick). I don't like to speak negative of others so I will just say that I hope that Todd Downing is able to find an amazing opportunity with another team that suits him better to where he can thrive and succeed because, statistically we have struggled with him as OC. Still rooting for this team and hoping for that Super Bowl one day! It'll make it that much sweeter as a true fan! TitanUp!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Dakota.

Ray Turner from McEwen, Tennessee
Always interested to read the mailbag. Kudos to you for keeping our collective heads up. Maybe you can shed some light on a couple of questions that just popped into my head.
I believe the first 15-20 offensive plays are scripted. We've all seen the Titans well in the quarter and a half, then fall short.
1) Can you tell us who is involved in putting the plays together?
2) Do you think scripting additional plays would be beneficial?
Perhaps doing this might be helpful AND take "some" heat off the OC?
Merry Christmas and let's go Titans!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Ray,
1— I believe it's a collective effort, but it's my understanding OC Todd Downing is leading the way.
2— At some point adjustments have to be made, depending on how the defense is responding. I've obviously heard the complaints in here questioning the lack of adjustments.

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Hey Jim! What are your thoughts on Roger McCreary so far this year? I thought he's been playing exceptionally well for a rookie. I've seen quite a few terrible comments from some of our fans about that dropped pick against Jacksonville, but am I wrong for thinking he's been pretty darn solid for us other than that?

Jim: Hey Joe. Well, I think he's struggled more of late. He got beat deep in Philly, and yes, the football escaped his grasp on the touchdown at the end of the first half vs Jacksonville. DC Shane Bowen said this week Roger needs to be more consistent with his technique all the way down the field, not just at the line of scrimmage. But overall, I think he's been pretty good, especially for a rookie. And, I think he's going to get even better in time and come up with more turnovers.

Rodney Dixon from Richmond, California
Hey they Jim, thank you for your coverage of the Titans. Wow this season sure started out great but the last three weeks have been disappointing to say the least! The Jon Robinson firing was somewhat surprising but he did build this team. The lack of depth in key positions and some day 1 draft misses to me is what did him in. This week's game against the Chargers has plenty of meaning. We need a win badly! Even with the injuries I still think that the Titans can pull this out. Many people have written this team off, but I haven't. It's Titan Up until the day I die!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Rodney. We're coming your way!

Steven Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
Hey there Jim, should we hit the panic button since Denico Autry is ruled out again as well as Kristian Fulton and Amani Hooker?

Jim: Hey Steven. I can guarantee you Mike Vrabel doesn't own a panic button.

Howard Turner from Atlanta, Georgia
Waddup #VisorJim
Hope you're gearing up for the most wonderful time of the year!! #HolidayPlayoffPush
I, like most of us, have been recovering from the gut punch of our display
against the Jags. #TheJagsTho?!
I'm watching the first half like Todd is calling a nice balanced game,
we're in control, we are the better team and should be up by 3 scores.#AtLeast
Instead Trevor, Evan, and Zay take the 4 turnovers and jam them down our throats at home
and make us look like the scrappy AFC South underlings they've been to us for some time now.
We couldn't respond off schedule which concerns me about our play going forward. #WeCantFallBehind #NoOffScriptCreativity
Even small late game deficits seem insurmountable lately. #CrucialSacksPenaltiesTurnoversHaveBecomeTheNorm
Our last 7 wins we saw a Titans team on schedule, limiting mistakes/giveaways and dictating the game.
We've seen glimpses of greatness. #SweetMusic Even in KC with little to no offense to speak of, had we tallied 3
more points in regulation, Mahomes falls short. Not a moral victory, but this is to say
when we are able to control the game with the King and play action strikes from Ryan, we know our Titans hallmark works.
This is what we MUST do in LA against Herbert to get #ASkidEndingMoraleChangingVictory
My concern is there is nobody in our building who is equipped to win an off schedule contest:
The plays aren't in Todd's playbook.
The tissue paper OLine can't hold up for anything over 5 yards downfield. #IfTheyDontFalseStartFirst
The once stout DLine depth has withered #PassRushAttrition
And the secondary, comprised of mere masking tape at this point, #MakesAverageJoesLookLikeAllPros.
Having said all this, Jim
Yes, the playoff spot is still ours to lose.
Yes, we still have a chance to lock it down with a couple wins in the 4 games left.
So as long as we're in the dance I will remain hopeful we can turn all this around and find a way to hoist the Lombardi

It's agonizing during games watching and knowing there is little to no margin for error before the strings pop and the music stops.

.#ButMiraclesStillHappenInMusicCity #AGlimmerOfHopeForFaithfulFans #TheFightAintOver #TitanUp

Jim: Oh man, Howard. You take the hashtag game to another level. Good to hear from you again.

Bob Galasso from Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Hey Jim! Hope you have been doing well. Been a while since I dropped you a line. To say the Titans have not been playing good football lately is obvious. Costly turnovers , the inability to score and a shaky defense all contribute. Coach has also admitted that they have been outcoached as well lately which you have to give Coach Vrabel credit for shouldering some of the blame is alarming.
People are constantly blaming Tannehill for his inability to move the offense, but he has constantly been running for his life and its hard for any QB to complete passes while lying on his back. The same thing can be said for the running game. Derrick showed he hasn't missed a step with a decent game against Jacksonville, but prior to this game he had two bad games, primarily because he was getting hit in the backfield before he could get moving… it all starts with everything upfront right? The line has to do a better job protecting 17 and opening up lanes for 22 to rumble through…
Defensively injuries have contributed to the inconsistency and hopefully they can get healthy soon and play up to their potential. Easier said then done, but I think both sides of the ball need to get back to the core basics – offensively protect the quarterback, open some holes and most importantly don't turn the ball over. Defensively – get healthy, communicate better, tackle aggressively and force turnovers…
What was once a comfortable lead has evaporated and we need to find a way to win a game. I'm not giving up on them, but the truth is they need to improve on both sides of the ball and we're in December now and time is running out. I'd like to end on a positive note… it is nice to see Chig Okonkwo breaking out with two nice games and hopefully will be put in position to make more plays down upcoming games. Maybe running two tight end sets with him and Hooper would be more beneficial. GO TITANS

Jim: Hey Bob. I'm with you on Chig. He's definitely been a positive, and I think you're going to see him involved a lot moving forward.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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