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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Ahead of Sunday's Game vs the Falcons


NASHVILLE – It's been an eventful week in Titans land.

Now it's time to get back to the business of playing football.

The Titans return to action on Sunday vs the Falcons.

But first, let's dive into another overflowing mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Dan Baird from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: Reading the Tuesday mailbag was about what I thought it would be. Kevin Byard is a fine player, one of my favorite Titans as well. I am happy he will get to compete for a title. With next year's cap hit, they couldn't have kept him. I get it.
Folks, the brass is trying to build a quality team here. Players that are just too expensive are going to be either released (and we get nothing) or traded to someone who will give us extra draft picks, which IS where you build a roster. We've got so many needs. More guys drafted is step one. Trades are part of getting more picks in the most inexact feeding frenzy known as the draft. So many late round guys are stars and starters.
And let's quit the "never watching again" crapola. It's unbecoming.
We've been through picking in the top 5 multiple years in a row, remember? It's just part of it. Thanks, Dan

Jim: Appreciate it, Dan. I said this Tuesday and I'll say it again: I don't know of a single person that doesn't like Kevin Byard around here. This was a business decision. I understand a lot of folks don't agree with it. KB's cap hit in Tennessee was scheduled to be over $14 million next year. He wasn't coming back for that in 2024. So, this was getting two picks and a player (Terrell Edmunds) in exchange for what would have been Kevin's last season in Tennessee, at least that's the way I see it.

Andrew Crudup from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim! Long time reader first time writer. I really appreciate your presence for this franchise. I was born in Nashville (615) on 6/15, and I've been a Titans fan my whole life. I'm 22 now, and I have my first job, and I've finally got the big boy money to attend some games. That said, I still have one thing I can't quit thinking about:
I'm writing this on 10/26/23 and there's rumors of Derrick being traded. Byard already has. I know it's never good to dwell on the past but I'm frustrated. So many moves have just become hard to stomach all at once. Letting Conklin go, trading AJ, drafting Farley, Wilson, trading for Daley, etc etc etc. I know you've heard it all. But have we ever heard anything about what really happened in JRob's final days? Or what really happened when that AJ Brown trade went down? Personally, I really do blame JRob for the quick dismantling of our great teams from 2019-2021. Too many misses. And one AJ Brown sized stupid decision. Can't stand to think about it, but here we are.
Regardless, I'll continue to love and root for my home team. Thanks for the mailbag Jim!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Andrew. I know it hasn't been easy for Titans fans of late. Tough losses, key departures, too many moments of frustration. It's made a lot of folks want to sit back and bash everyone. I get it, folks are mad. I can promise you no one at 460 Great Circle Road is enjoying 2-4, and the events of late. But no one is sitting around moping, ready to throw in the towel like John ...

John Clark from Chesapeake, Virginia
Question: Hey Jim & Titan fan base!
This probably won't make the cut to get posted but I want you to read this anyway hopefully. The Tennessee Titans ownership, management, staff and coaches never lets me down. I can always count on them being great at one thing and that's being consistent at making horrible transactions from hiring GMs, Coaches and players. I'm glad Byard is gone and I wish they would trade Henry to a team that has a chance of a SUPERBOWL run. I hope Vrabel gets canned for his piss poor coaching and decisions he makes on and off the field. Jim Wyatt I coined this phrase years ago if you can go back and check our past conversations. This team shouldn't be called the TENNESSEE TITANS instead call them the TENNESSEE TITANICS this is a sinking ship a pure shit show. I hope they put a hold on building the new stadium this team should play on a hog farm at best. I feel for you Jim Wyatt I'm sure you probably get a decent paycheck and I'm damn sure gonna miss ranting to you and reading other fans comments but I'm officially don't with being a TITANS FAN along with many other people I know. Be blessed Jim and I hope you forward all the comments and rants to Amy and everyone but hell they're billionaires & millionaires what do they care. They don't love the game or the legacy all they want is ticket sales. Sad day just send the team back to Texas. ✌🏽✌🏽

Jim: So, this is the end of the road, John? I can't speak for everyone, but I'll sure miss you (until things get better and you write back in again) …

D.B. Whitley from Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
Question: WOW....just plain WOW.... Jim it seems like the Titans are folding for the season after another ripoff star player debacle' What do you think? I could have seen Henry going but our Defensive leader? in the back field? where they have struggled for the past few years? 5th, 6th? and the Safety clown that got burned in Philly's last game?! who in the world is making these decisions?! KB is at least, at least worth a 3rd round- Honestly at this point either the Titans have a Philly mole in the organization, or Howie Rosenman made a pact with Satan to pull off these insane trades, I wouldn't have been surprised if Rosenman offered a Starbucks gift card to trade for King Henry....because the titans would do it!?!?!?

Jim: I do not think the Titans are "folding" for the season. I think the team is going to show up Sunday and try and win the game. The Titans are 2-4 this season, with Kevin Byard – not good enough. We'll see where things go from here.

Hunter Phelan from South Pasadena, California
Question: Hi Jim, Hope all is well with you and Titans Nation. As always thanks for all the great articles, and the mailbag platform for us fans. I wanted to spin some gratefulness on what I know has been an emotional week with the trade of Kevin Byard for us fans. First off we all want to bash Jon Robinson for all the bad moves and missed draft choices. But its not like he didn't have a lot of makes as well. And that includes # 31 KB. Thanks for a great run Mr. Byard ,and wish you great success except when you come back to play the Tites!! I trust Mr. Ran is doing what he feels best for the teams future. Maybe next time Philly calls though lets maybe let it go to voicemail lol.
I want to give a big thanks again to Amy Adams Strunk for the bringing back the Oilers throwbacks this weekend. I'm pretty sure I will get teary eyed seeing those classic uni's being a fan since 1978.
I am excited to see the young qb's play this week. Go Tites. Lets get that W!!!

Jim: It should be a fun weekend, Hunter. It needs to end with a win. Take care.

Joni Daniels from Antioch, Tennessee
Question: I read the responses sent to you about the Kevin Byard trade. I am also a PSL and season ticket holder but my take on this trade and this situation is slightly different. I understand that this is a business and some of the decision being made are based on business. I appreciate Kevin Byard for the leader he has been and the value he brought to this team but his production has not been what it was in the past. He is aging and this team needs fresh, young developing players that bring a future to this team. As for Ran Carthon, he just got here! Give the man a chance!! I'm sure he has a plan in mind. As for the A.J. Brown trade, I will always consider that one of the biggest mistakes Jon Robinson made in his tenure as GM and probably cost him his job.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Joni.

Guillaume D'Astous-Gagnon from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
Question: I hope you're doing well, but I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in our Titans fanbase. The Byard trade shook the Titans world, and I'm no exception, I was pretty depressed when I first heard the news, but the NFL is a business and it is what it is. As you said, Byard gave us some really great years and he's one of the best safeties in the league if not the best, but it was probably his last year with us with the contract dispute going on since the offseason. I wish him the best but not a Superbowl because I really can't stand the Eagles ahah.
Now what really bothered me are the fans reactions. It's like there's no team anymore, we lost a big piece of our defence, yes, but we still have great leaders on that side of the ball, I mean our front seven is one of the best in the league, I can't praise Roger McCreary enough, I love watching him play and he's going to be a stud for our defence for years to come, and with Fulton, Hooker and Molden, we still have a good secondary. Fans seem to have lost faith in our head coach and GM. I think Ran Carthon is going to be a great GM, I like the acquisition of guys like Azeez and I also like the draft class him and Vrabel put together this year.
Now let's talk about Mike Vrabel. As much as fans have a good memory for some things, they seem to have short term memory about our head coach. First of all, he is, in my opinion, one of the best head coach in the league, I'm really really really glad we have him at the helm of our team. People tend to forget the carousel of head coach we went through after the firing of Jeff Fisher and before the hiring of Vrabel. Vrabel came in with questions at quarterback and a lot of other positions, but he still put up a winning record. He brought the Titans back up from the depth of the league and made our team relevant again and other teams have to respect us now, something we didn't really have since the Chris Johnson days. That's why we must not lose faith and trust in Vrabel, he knows what he's doing. Franchise head coach do not come by really often, and we are lucky to have one like Vrabel.
The only thing that I agree with the rest of the fans is that Derrick Henry needs more carries, he's the king after all and my all time favorite player,
Thanks for reading me and I'm wishing ourselves a great end of the season.
Take care and have a nice day

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Guillaume. It was a pretty negative mailbag on Tuesday. Like I said before, I get it, because Kevin Byard is one of the best and most popular guys to ever put on a Titans uniform. I also understand why the trade was made. As for McCreary, unfortunately he's been ruled out for Sunday's game because of a hamstring injury.

Raymond Farrar from St. Louis, Missouri
Question: Hey Jim! When I first heard about the KB trade, like most TITANS fans, I was disappointed. However, when I found out later that that trade increased the salary cap to over $99 million, I was like, " Whoa!" Now it's way too early to think about free agency. But it's nice to believe that the Titans could be a major player when the free agency period begins, don't you agree?

Jim: Hey Raymond. Yes, the team is going to have a lot of cap room to work with next offseason. The team is going to look different in 2024. But let's worry about this season first.

Edward McKinney from Antioch, Tennessee
Question: We have made it through a bye week and will be playing this Sunday. I have not heard anything about Treylon Burks, our 2022 1st Round WR. Has he been practicing? Do you think he has a chance to play on Sunday? People have been critical of him, but I still believe this young man has what it takes to thrive in this league.

Jim: Treylon practiced all week, and is expected to play.

Thom Pabor from Fort Worth, Texas
Question: As an MTSU alum and forever a titans fan, Kevin Byard was my favorite Titan player. I came off of the vouch on draft night when they called the Blue Raider's name in round 3.
Although I can NOT cheer for the Eagles, EVER! I truly wish Kevin great success with his new team. He will always be a Blue Raider and TITAN to me. GOOD LUCK

Jim: I know you're not alone, Thom.

Curtis Murray from Clarksville, Tennessee
Question: I am a season ticket holder for several years. You want me to buy new PSL for the new stadium. But you are not showing appreciation to your fans. We give Tannehill millions after losing a game that we could have went to the SB. Get read of AJ, and now KB, I am trying to make sense of this. I have been a fan sense the team has been in Tennessee. Why and I ask what is going on??? Trying hard to keep my season tickets, but I don't know. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️😡😡😡😡.

Jim: Hang in there, Curtis.

Rex Greene from Athens, Tennessee
Question: Jim. I don't know if I've ever appreciated you as much as today. To see all these fans ripping our leadership is sickening. Until Ran fails I'll believe in him. Team spending can now go to the right positions. Can't wait to see what they'll do. #TitanUp

Jim: Time will tell, Rex.

Steve Furry from Cape Canaveral, Florida
Question: Hi Jim. I am very frustrated hearing all the negatives with our Team. I understand the trade that happen it's part of the process. Please Titans fans this isn't the end of the season. Trust In your team management. It will work out it will take a few games. Just Titan Up and Relax and enjoy some football.
Jim Love you your mailbag

Jim: Good to hear from you, Steve.

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Question: Hey Jim, I'm going to disagree with your entire mailbag (from Tuesday). If you love your Titans... Let them go get rings in their final years. I'm ok with trading Byard, Henry and Hopkins because we don't have it this year. Only the most delusional homer can think we're going 10+ wins this year and heading to the Super Bowl. Financially, the GM is handcuffed. Talent wise, the GM is handcuffed. We had our shot a couple years ago when Tannehill was brilliant and we had prime DH and AJB. The defense will stay mostly intact, we'll rebuild the OL, find a QB in house or through the draft and add a couple play makers. I'm perfectly happy with Chestnut and Spears and Willis and Levis plus Burks and Chig. We'll be competitive again soon. I'm going to remind Titans Nation... Two years ago the Texas Rangers lost 100+ games and now they're in the World Series. They added a few veterans to a young talented squad with a brilliant coach. We got this thing... Stay loyal and Titan up. Jim, did I mention I'm pumped up about the Rangers? Can Adolis Garcia throw a pass?

Jim: What a win for the Rangers last night, Jack!

Beau Siddens from Covington, Indiana
Question: Hey Jim. There's no doubt we fans are split right now. I believe true fans know that KB just got selected to go to the Superbowl. Bless his heart. He deserves it. These are the downs folks. You gotta love them not only through the ups.
I really like Vrabel. I'm glad he's starting Levis. We have to see what he can do. Heck, he may be the spark we need to revitalize. If not, at least we know now and can trade for a QB. As much as I love him, my Bro Tanny is not gonna fully recover from this injury if he tries to play this season. Which may jeopardize what chance we have of winning some games. He's in a tough spot and I'm praying for him.
Question: Will you do us all a favor .....and take that awful hat Vrabel wears and burn it? Did he lose a bet or something? I will buy him a flat bill Oilers hat for crying out loud! Titan Up!!!

Jim: Hey Beau. I'll let Vrabel know you don't like his hat…

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Question: Hey Jim, what is Vrabel doing? Wanting to play both Willis and Levis? Really! Willis has gotten a chance, maybe too many chances. Let Levis get in there and play. I think the kid wants to have a "look at what everyone passed on" type is season. Let him sling it and get hit (a little) so he gets the NFL feel. I know Vrabel and Ran won't say the R word, but... if they are going to Rebuild, lets see what Levis has and build from there. Have a great weekend Jim, as always TITAN UP!!!!

Jim: Let's see what the quarterback situation looks like first, Jeremy. The reaction to Vrabel saying he planned to play two quarterbacks has been a little over the top. You really expected him to say exactly what he's planning to do at the start of a game week?

Jarin Sloan from Miles City, Montana
Question: Jim, I get the trade of KB but I do think we could have possibly got a couple better draft picks. I'd rather have kb have a chance at a ring with his passion and loyalty to the Titans since entering the league and get trade value while there. Due to prior free agency and draft bust I'm surprised we haven't traded Henry for draft capital. These trades stink but when we leverage too much on players to work out we don't have a choice but to save cap space and trade beloved players. Thanks for your time. TITAN UP!!

Jim: If Ran could've gotten more in that trade, he would have…

Asher Bowman from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. Thanks for putting up with all the mailbag rants of armchair QBs. Anyways, not here to do that. I understand you're not the offensive coordinator, but I'm curious if you could tell me why the Titans do not run some of these plays more often.
1. Wildcat run to Henry: (Last usage, Ravens game)
2. TE screen to Okonkwo: (Last usage, Chiefs game '22)
I feel like the screen uses Chig's RAC ability very well, and if we're being honest, Derrick Henry with 10 blockers in front is a scary sight for any defense. Anyways thanks for your time!

Jim: I'll pass this along, Asher. 😊

Jefferson Pendergrass from Rainsville, Alabama
Question: Hi Jim. This is my first time writing-in with a question. I have been a Tennessee Titans fans since 2008. The first game I ever attended was in 2008 when the 10-0 Titans played the 8-2 Jets who were quarterbacked by Brett Favre. Needless to say I thought that I must be a bad-luck-charm when the Jets handed the Titans their first loss of the season at home.
Anyway, my question is when do you think we might see Caleb Farley return to action?
Thank you for all you do!

Jim: Not sure we will, Jefferson.

David Stowe from York, Pennsylvania
Question: Hey Jim, how are u and the family doing down there in Titans Country hope all is well. Now honestly I have something to say about the Kevin Byard trade it definitely hurts to see a true pro on and off the field leave but at the end of the day it is a business ,he'll definitely be missed and he is always gonna be a Titan no matter what hoping he and A.J Brown get a ring and continue to be successful in life as always Titanthafu*&up.

Jim: Stay strong up there David!

Lee Cullop from Bradenton, Florida
Question: Good day Jim. I want to start with I love the way you are always giving us updates as unbiased as possible, even when the boo birds come out. That said I can relate I want to ask a few quick questions and get your feedback. First why are we not following a tried-and-true blueprint of getting King Henry 20+ touches a game? The analytics are out there and that has method has proven to be our best winning factor, on top of the cumulative damage he does to the D over the course of the game, most of his explosive plays come in the second half.
Second question is more at Vrabel \ the organization, understanding it is Ran's first year, the team has shown a concerning trend of letting good staff and coordinators leave, and elevating from within. I get the concept but if you are having constant turnover at some of those key positions, and the next guy up has no experience, that seems to me like a recipe for disaster. Do you see a point that Vrabel would move away from that philosophy, very Belichick, and start bringing in some more big-name veterans in those positions?
Ending on a positive, the D is showing promise, I like what I am seeing from Spears, D-Hop was a good get, and I always love the core of this team which is the player values which start top down. We may be trending downwards this year and if so, I am fine as long as next year we handle the draft \ free agency a bit better. The salary cap hamstrung us this year, so getting Willis or Levis game time experience this year maybe our best solution. We lose Tannehill's next year and that should open up more financial options. Thanks for keep in real with us fans.

Jim: Appreciate it, Lee. I'd like to see Derrick Henry more myself. … As for the coordinators, this is Vrabel's call. And, I'm not going to pretend I think he's on the verge of changing his philosophy on hires … Thanks for weighing in, and for reading, Lee.

Beau Siddens from Covington, Indiana
Question: Hey Jim and all who read the Mailbag. We all love our Titans and get emotional when they lose. We have some great players and a great Head Coach in my opinion. What we don't consistency. Where does consistency come from? Coaches, preparation, and accountability. Without these key elements, our team fails, which has been the case as of late.
Tim Kelly, You win on the plays where you put Young Peyton Manning in Wildcat and give him the RPO. You lose when you call a run play on the goalline because everyone knows what you're gonna do! Get creative man! You have great weapons. Everytime you call a play that is wild and unthought of, your team rises to the occasion and gets fired up! If you want to be successful, build on what is working and abandon failures.
Vrabel, Let's see what Levis can do. He may be the missing piece, but until he's on the field.... who knows. Willis needs a puffy knife to scrape the ball out of his hand. We see you chewing his tail for not throwing the ball away. Put the rookie in man. What do we have to lose?
Jim, can I get an Amen 😉

Jim: Thanks, Beau.

Gary Manley from Key West, Florida
Question: Hey Jim, I know the coaching staff watches tons of tape and they have to see what us fans do. So why is Gipson not getting more snaps. The man is a pressure machine but has been very limited in snaps played. Landry is still obviously slow from his injury. Key is fast but not powerful and doesn't get the pressures he was hyped up over. You draft an ELITE linemen in Skoronski who's a LT and don't even give him a shot at LT bc he projected at G. Shorter arms come on. He hits his point of attack way faster than Dillard and there for has way more room to work with. The wr tree outside DHop is super inconsistent. Maybe simpler routes sprinkled with younger guys (Dowell) might bring in more speed and separation. Just my 2 cents.

Jim: The best answer I can give you on Trevis, Gary, is they're electing to play other guys instead. But I've said in here before I like what I've seen from him, and he's definitely making the most of his opportunities. I hear ya on the other points.

Anthony Hamm from Atlanta, Georgia
Question: Why is vrabel trying to be so much like belichick? He's failed at numerous draft picks, free agent signings, coaching hires/promotions, he loves to throw certain players under the bus but protect players like Tannehill and Phillips, releases the wrong players like Cunningham conklin brown David long jr but keep players like chig burks Phillips tannehill brewer nwi and just coaching decisions in general like flying to london late! Will there be ultimatums presenting to vrabel like previous coaches?

Jim: There's just too much stuff for me to try and clear up in here, Anthony, starting with the fact all the guys you named weren't released by the team. You blaming those road losses to the Saints, Browns and Colts on travel too?

Chris Spalding from Denver, Colorado
Question: As I sit here in the bye week on Sunday I have more of an assessment and little bit of ventilation on our Titans through 6 weeks (2-4) So first of all we should be (4-2) The Saints non call fumble return TD they took back cost us that game and we should of beat the Colts but we beat ourselves... We're only (0-1) in our division and we have 2 good wins...And losses to CLE (No.1 overall defense just knocked off 49ers) Saints and Ravens are decebt defenses as well... That being said I expect us to beat Atlanta..Malik is a good dude but hes not ready... RT hopefully healthy but I do wanna see what Will "The Thrill" Levis can bring to the table, let's amp the run game and he is mobile with a killer arm , he was gutsy and tough for Kentucky when he was healthy... Titans still have 5 division games left , let's also remember the NFL has no undefeated teams left... 1st time since 2017.. The league leader in Passing TD and rating is Tua .. RT might only have a pair (2) himself and it looks terrible statistically but the NFL is really competitive and theres a fine narrow line of inches on these games....I mean Jalen Hurts for example threw 6 ints last season ..he has 7 already this things happen... I've been a die hard fan and been through a lot ... I'm not giving up on this team even though Its not going are way so far..... Whats great about the bye week is the Titans can't lose and I'll root for AFC South teams and AFC teams to lose😆... So I'm her to say stay optimistic about are Titans and believe that we will win! Titan up yall

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Chris.

Jim C from Lavergne, Tennessee
Question: Hello Jim. Mark my words, when things like this (bad record, unexpected trade, key injury, fan base panicked, etc.) happen, this is when Coach Vrable is at his best. It would not surprise me at all to see the Titans win the next two! How great would that be? Titan up!

Jim: From one Jim to another: Well, we're about to find out…

Have a great weekend everyone!

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