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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Ahead of Sunday's Game vs the Texans


NASHVILLE – The mood was better around Saint Thomas Sports Park this week after Monday's win over the Miami Dolphins.

But the focus had to change quickly, because it's now time for the Titans to play another game, on Sunday vs the Texans.

And, it's time to open up another mailbag.

Let's get right to it …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Lance Harbour from Sunapee, New Hampshire
Question: I am sure that I share the shock and sadness of many writing in this week hearing of Frank Wycheck's passing. I was blessed to be a season ticket holder from 1999-2008 and got to witness Frank's greatness firsthand including the Music City Miracle. However, all that pales in comparison to the person he was off the field. Because he was so accessible, I have had many interactions with him over the years. I will limit this to one of my most memorable.
You will recall the year that Jeff Fisher took the team to Clarksville for training camp at Austin Peay. I stopped in at a local hotel that Frank and the 104.5 crew were broadcasting from with a Music City Miracle poster that Kevin Dyson had signed and was missing Frank's signature. I patiently waited for them to take a break and then approached Frank about signing the poster. He took his time signing it and then we got into a very personal conversation about family and family dynamics. He encouraged me to stay through the next couple of segments so we could continue our conversation. I am certain this is how he treated anyone wanting a few moments of his time. I would challenge anyone to show me a more kind, gracious, approachable person let alone a highly regarded professional football player.
I sincerely hope he eventually is inducted into the HOF along with Eddie, Steve and others from that era who are also deserving of that honor. I also hope that his memory lives on through the CTE research he was so passionate about.

Jim: Thanks for sharing this story, Lance. Frank was a really good football player, as you mentioned. But I know a lot of people remember him for the way he was off the field as well. He was always friendly, and approachable. He came across as just a regular guy. I'll always remember how he treated me, and everyone else, so well. He'll be missed for sure, but memories of him – like your personal interaction – will last forever.

Cody Willoughby from Memphis, Tennessee
Question: JW! What's up big dog!? What a game on Monday night! Heck of a win for this team. Let's win out and see what happens!
My question is about Kyle Phillips and Treylon Burks. I had such high hopes for them this year and it just hasn't panned out like I was anticipating. I know those guys were expecting to contribute more and I was just curious on where do you think they are from a mental aspect? I know it has to be tough with injuries, limited opportunities and not living up to the expectations. I'm hoping down the stretch both guys contribute like we were all hoping.
Come on Coach Vrabel, do it to em and wear the cowboy hat Sunday!
Let's goooo!!

Jim: What's up Cody? I really thought both guys were headed for a jump this season. It hasn't worked out that way for one reason or another. For Treylon, it's just been a tough year from an injury standpoint, first the knee, then the concussion. He just hasn't been able to get in a flow. Kyle's situation is different, and he's been caught up in a numbers game of late, along with a hamstring injury. … As for Vrabel, I'm hoping to see him outfitted in the cowboy hat myself!

Roger Piccirillo from Bridgeport, Connecticut
Question: Hey Jim how's everything with you and yours. My question is about Tannehill and why he hasn't been released. I personally think he needs to put himself above the team at this point, he's been a good teammate since he got here in 2019. He has won a lot of games he has played hurt he's been beat up over the last few years behind a putrid offensive line and never once has complained. The only reason I can come up with for them not releasing tannehill and saving a fair amount of money. Is that they don't trust Malik they don't want to end up in week 17 or 18 still in it and having to go to Malik. Therefore I can see why they want to hold on to tannehill. But as a Tannehill fan I would like to see him get a chance to play down the stretch for a contender such as Cleveland Cincinnati Minnesota and such. It probably won't happen because tannehill is too good a guy and teammate to rock the boat although it would be in his best interest thanks for listening.

Jim: Hey Roger. Well, Ryan hasn't been released because he's the team's No.2 quarterback. If something happens to Will Levis, he's the guy. And, it's not up to him what happens. His fate is up to the team.

William Talley Springfield, Tennessee
Question: It seems that the Titans play their best football on the biggest stages. Sunday night, Monday night, and Thursday night. National TV. Is it my imagination, or do Vrabel's Titans excel under the brightest lights?

Jim: Hey William. This is true in many cases (certainly not Buffalo last year), but the reality is Vrabel has mostly had success during his tenure, day or night, aside from this poor stretch that started last November.

Michelle Moore from Houston, Texas
Question: Jim, Does Vrabel really dislike Will Levis? It seems that no matter how good Levis does, Vrabel says nothing about the good things and only focuses on any negatives.
Thanks and RIP Frank Wycheck.

Jim: Of course he likes Will Levis, Michelle. He's his coach, not his bestie.

Paul Gambini from Maryville, Tennessee
Question: Bruh- Levi's will be as good as he wants to be. IF…he does two things.
1) Avoids off field drama.
2) Stays upright.
I have no reason to believe he will be an off field distraction kinda guy. But I have EVERY reason to believe he will NOT stay upright, with his reckless, if not admirable way he has played. The attempted hit on the very large defensive end..after the pick….after dude was in the end zone already. I thought Will died on that play. Thankful for more to watch though…ps if another titans tries to field a punt he shouldn't I'll lose it. Xoxoxoxoxoxo

Jim: Hey Paul. I have no reason to think Will is going to get in any off-field drama. Heck, less than 24 hours after Monday's game Will was on a holiday shopping spree with kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs. He's a guy who seems to be hyper-focused on football, and being great. I do have a few reasons to think he could have trouble staying "upright." He's been rocked in back-to-back games, and he's a competitor. He doesn't shy away from contact. Levis avoiding big hits/sliding has been a big topic of this week.

Jonathan Easley from Los Angeles, California
Question: Hey Jim - That Monday night win was total thrill for a fan base that's been hurting for going on two years now.
I'm curious to get insight into the coaching staff's decision to not run a two-minute drill at the end of the first half...and then getting a second crack at it and going for it. It seemed absurdly cautious to run the ball three times and punt it back to Miami, who for most of the season has scored at will. We ended up needing the 3 points Levis/Hopkins got us in the abbreviated 30-second drill at the end of the half, but it sure made it tougher on the whole team after they initially tried to run out the clock. It seems like the coaching staff is overly cautious with Levis until they're backed into a corner and forced to let him throw. Will his Monday night performance change the thinking, and convince them to open it up?
Also, has the offensive line improved? It seemed like Levis had a bit more time to throw on Monday night, although he was still getting hit on almost every play. The penalties on the offensive line are still a problem, but it would be great if the offensive line was trending up from a protection standpoint.
Thanks as always, my Dad (Bob Easley, who writes you often) and I are huge fans.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jonathan. It was definitely a much-needed win, and a mood changer. At least for a week. Now the team needs to keep it going. It will be interesting to how Levis is treated going forward. I think the decision to be conservative the first time around was field position and time (not wanting to give the ball back to Miami before the half), and falling into a 2nd and 15 (from their own 16) after the hold. I admit I was actually shocked when the team was so aggressive when it got the ball back at their own 21 with 28 seconds left. Getting three right before the half ended up being important.

Bob Easley from Austin, Texas
Question: Jim, 2 actual questions 😀❗️
First, I know, I know - Garror should not have tried to field that punt… it was too risky. I know, I know… but I like that he had an aggressive mindset and thought he could surprise the Dolphins and make a play. I even think if he had caught it cleanly, it could have been a big play… but I know, I know😀.
Two questions about this play are 1) Would you please rewatch that play in slow motion? 2) Do you see that just before Garror fielded the punt, the defender hit Garror's arm - BEFORE Garror touched the football? This is what caused the fumble.
Very interesting at least. I actually even saw Garror explaining this to Vrabel on the sideline. I'm not sure I could have expected the official to catch this… but wish the announcers had caught it on the replay as I did.
Great win👍✅❗️ Great job OL❗️ Great job defense. Oh, one last question. Can you please get someone to teach Will Levis to slide so this young star can be around for a while😀? Haha

Jim: Well, look here, we have an Easley family reunion in the mailbag! I love it! 😀
And you're right on the contact on Garror (even though I agree he never should have fielded it). My thinking is that was a legal play by the Dolphins after the ball hit the ground, but not 1,000 % sure on this.

Matthew Simmons from Hershey, Pennsylvania
Question: Hi Jim. I know the chances of making the playoffs aren't great, especially with the large number of 7-6 teams in the AFC. What are the different scenarios for the Titans making a run in the postseason? Do we need to win out in order to have a chance?

Jim: Playoffs? Playoffs? The Titans just need to win (another) game… Honestly, it's a real long shot, Matthew, too complicated for me to rattle off in here.

DJ Johnson from Plainfield, Indiana
Question: Not a question a statement. TITAN TITANIUM TUFF. Frankly A Miracle. Then the Dolphins danced to Remember the Titans… THAT DID IT!!!

Jim: Thanks for spinning this one, DJ.

Sue Levitan from Miramar Beach, Florida
Question: What is the true story about Vrabel and the Patriots?

Jim: Yes, it is true he used to play for the Patriots.

Howard Turner from Atlanta, Georgia
Question: Waddup, #SlimJimWithThePenIntheVisorBrim
As a diehard fan, I follow every game even if to merely scout for the next season outlook. I never thought I'd say this about a 5-8 Titans team, but this team is fun to watch. Vrabel coaches these guys in a way that makes you tune in because you know that we're gonna fight. I must say Levis may be a perfect match for him. I like the way Levis responds to miscues and setbacks that happen during the game whether it be his own or the liability of linemen in front of him. He's not a front runner. It's not just the wow plays for me. He's not all deep balls either. I loved his use of Spears in the flats and Chig underneath. He's not a finished product fasho but I see a tenacity and the team galvanizing around him as their leader on both sides of the ball. Your clips have shown their affinity for him. They expected him to make plays and he did. If it weren't for special teams, this would be back to back game winning drives for him. You gotta watch the games to see that. He has the command of the game you need to win. #ILikeWhatISee #HopefullyHeLearnsToSlideTho It will be revealed with time but he appears resilient and responsive to correction.
Can't wait to see how we close out this season. The record looks grim, but you never know what can happen if we figure out a way to keep winning. We can always do what Jax did last year when we crumbled down the stretch due to injuries. #StrangerThingsHaveHappened
It appears we won't have to make it 3 years in a row of spending early draft spots on young signal callers. If Ran does what he's paid to do with all that cap room next year, the South will have a real problem on their hands in middle Tennessee. #ImHopeful #TitanUptimism

Jim: #TakeiteasyHoward.

Luis Macouzet from Victoria, Mexico
Question: Hello Jim, nice to greet you.
Thank you my dear team, Mondays like these make me happy all week, my team is great, I am proud of the temperament they showed. blessings.

Jim: Glad to hear it's been a good week, Luis. Let's see if the Titans can keep it going on Sunday

Have a great weekend everyone!

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