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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Ahead of Sunday's Game vs the Colts


NASHVILLE – We're now a quarter, well, almost, into the NFL's 17-game regular season.

On Sunday, the Titans will play their first AFC South game in Indianapolis, against the Colts.

Let's keep the conversation going while we count the hours to kickoff.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Matt Montanaro from Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Hi Jim. I think one thing we can all agree on is that we have no idea which Titan team will show up week to week. I really hope we find consistent solid play similar to Sunday. I'm curious, what is the deal with Trevis Gipson, he saw no playing time in September even though his preseason was solid. Was he injured and not 100% or was it a case of Vrabel and staff not sold on him. He clearly showed his worth on Sunday and now Vrabel comes out and says we will see more of him.

Jim: Hey Matt. I like Trevis, too. I actually asked Mike Vrabel about this. Vrabel said Gipson, who played just three snaps against the Bengals, is going to play more moving forward. I think he's earned it, too. I talked to Gipson this week, and he has a great attitude. CLICK HERE to read that piece.

Beau Siddens from Covington, Indiana
Hey Jim. I'm about an hour away from Indy and scored tickets to this Sunday's game!
I'll be accompanied by 2 Colts and 1 Bears fan(s), because we Titan fans are rare in these parts. I am ecstatic! I was at the game 2 years ago when Henry broke his foot and we came away with the win. Let's hope for no injuries this time.
Questions: 1. What is the best method to meet you and the players/coaches. I would really like to shake hands with you and Vrabel. I plan on being at LO Stadium around 11:00 EST, possibly earlier.
2. Do you think Petit-Frere and Skoronski are the key players that we've been missing on the O-line?
I believe we have multiple weapons on Offense, however, the pocket and lanes have been crumbling to quickly to develop plays. Kelly made good adjustments last Sunday with play calls. Let's see what he can do with a decent O-line.

Jim: Congrats, Beau. Best advice would be to get close to the Titans tunnel in pregame. Gates usually open two hours before kickoff. Some guys will stop, others will have on headphones and they won't be able to hear you. Give me a shout if you see me … I think NPF and Skoronski will definitely help. NPF has been ruled out for Sunday, however.

Kelli Hanlon from Nashville, Tennessee
Mason Kinsey - I understand NFL is a business but what did we gain waiving Kinsey? He did a good job Sunday and we reward him by waiving him…. I was floored. I just don't understand the reasoning, can you help me? I feel like we jerk him around a lot.

Jim: Well, the team gained Kyle Philips. … But I'm with you, Kelli, hate it for Mason. He's a fine young man who works hard. I'm sure you've seen he was signed back to the practice squad. The reality is Kyle and Mason do similar things, and right now Kyle is viewed as a better option. I understand some might not agree with this. The cool thing is Mason's attitude never changes, whether he's on the active roster, or the practice squad. The team is fortunate to have him.

Sheldon Kahan from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. I was a big Laker fan in LA during the Chick Hearn era. Chick was famous for providing a "words eye view" of the game which was aired on television as well as radio. It was referred to as a simulcast.
The Titans have an equally gifted team of announcers in Mike Keith, Coach Mac and Amie Wells.
I find it frustrating to have to listen to and be distracted by the TV announcers and their self-indulging anecdotes instead of benefitting from the insight and enthusiasm of Kieth and company. So what I like to do is turn the radio on and the TV sound down.
Problem is, they're not in sync. If the radio is behind the TV coverage I can sync them myself by putting the TV on hold for a few secs. When the radio is ahead of the TV that's not possible unless I want to pretend to be a psychic.
So my question is why can't the radio put a slight delay on their broadcast and create a simulcast? I'm sure it would boost they're listeners, ratings, and revenue. And those who want to hear all the unrelated self-absorbed blatherings of the TV announcers can do so to their heart's content. Is this too much to ask for?

Jim: I hear ya, Sheldon, without a delay. But what about the fans who take radios to the game and listen? I know a lot of folks who do that.

Dan Lorenz from Ringwood, New Jersey
My son and I are going to the London game against the Ravens. What jerseys are the Titans wearing?

Jim: Hey Dan. The Britches Report usually comes out on Wednesday of each week. Make sure you're following me on Twitter, make that X, at @jwyattsports.

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
Good Morning Jim; Keeping my fingers crossed that our OL comes together and NPF and Skoronski are good to go this weekend, as I believe we will need them and the rest to come up strong against a tough Colts front line. I was wondering how Colton is doing? I know they had him on the field last week, but with his height he might match up better with those corner backs of the Colts. What do you see in practices and your feeling on how he would do? This is a big divisional game and one we must win. Thanks for all you do to keep us all informed. Have a great day!

Jim: Hi Joe. Colton is doing well, working hard, getting better. Did you see where the Lebanon City Council proclaimed October 3 to be 'Colton Dowell Day' in Lebanon? There was a proclamation by the mayor, Rick Bell. Thought that was really cool. Read the story: HERE.

Donna Mansfield from Humboldt, Tennessee
Hey Jim! How far can Nick Folk kick? From what I've seen so far Nick is doing a great job kicking for the Titans. Tell him to keep up the good work and have fun doing it. Thanks!!!

Jim: Looked like he had plenty of leg on that 53-yarder, huh, Donna? Nick was asked this after the team acquired him. He said his distance actually hinges a lot on the wind conditions, weather, turf, etc. It's apparent he still has pretty good range for sure.

David Buck from Germantown, Tennessee
Don't forget the fans Jim with your "6 things that stood out" (from the Bengals game).
That's 2 home wins in a row where us fans showed up and were very loud and supportive.

Jim: No doubt, David. The fans were great. There were still too many Bengals fans in the house for my liking, however.

Jonathan Hess from Roanoke, Virginia
Hey Jim I absolutely loved what I saw out of the whole team on Sunday all three phases of the game how important was it for them to play like that going into a divisional game this Sunday and is there any chance we see a shake up in the o line or would you leave the same bunch out there since there starting to play a lot better together I believe in the o line needing time to jell the other thing is I think Westbrook-Ikhine has proven to everybody that he can help us win do you see his playing time go up even when burks comes back I truly believe that if we play like that we can beat anybody in the league. Thanks for all you do.

Jim: NWI has been an underrated asset for sure, Jonathan.

Chris Berry from Cleveland, Tennessee
: I gotta say, the Titans turnaround came a week earlier than I expected. I've stayed a believer of the Titans being a playoff team, but I thought it would start when Skoronski and NPF got back into the lineup. It seems like some combination of Brewer, Brunskill, Hubbard, Skoronski, Radunz or NPF should make up the starting five. Do you have any insight into which of those might be most comfortable at left tackle?
Side note: It is really refreshing to have Folk hitting kicks this year. The kicks from the past few years were enough to give us all some gray hair.

Jim: The Titans have options. I think several of those guys are capable of playing left tackle, including Andre Dillard. This decision will be made by coaches.

John Clark from Norfolk, Virginia
Hey Jim! I hope you read this before Sunday game against the COLTS. This game has to be won in the trenches upfront. We need for the offensive line to block and open up gaps for Henry to run through and allow Tannehill to have time to throw the ball also discipline. No false starts or holding calls. We need for the coaching staff to mix it up and not be so predictable but making sure they keep the ball in Henry hands or dialing up plays for Hopkins. I'm ready for our passing defense to step up and take things to the next level with creating turnovers and winning on defending the pass. Hopefully the Defensive line and linebackers will have QB for brunch this Sunday. This game is a game our Titans can make a statement on who rules the AFC SOUTH. Thanks Jim

Jim: Big game for sure, John.

Randy Porter from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Hey Jim! Well, what a difference a week made. We witnessed the dramatic result of some changes and improvements Sunday. First, We saw exactly what our QB can do when he has time to drop in the pocket and scan the field. Second, we saw our beloved Derrick Henry having fun, hitting second gear and bashing the defense. Third, we saw our receivers getting open and making plays. Fourth, we saw creative play calling by Tim, getting deeper into the play book. And last, we saw glimpses of a grin on Mike Vrabel's face, several times throughout the game and once during his postgame presser. This was all made possible by the performance of the O-line. Every successful team has a strong O-line and the Titans had a new look Sunday. A big hats off to those guys. Sure, there's plenty more to do, but congrats to every coach and player for a complete game Sunday. What I didn't like was the massive number of seats sold to "Who Dey" spouting Bengals fans. PSL holders should be ashamed and clearly put a few dollars over the team and their own self respect. But, that's their problem. The other puzzling thing is the die-hard social media critics, who masquerade as fans, while wallowing in negativity. A few of them STILL find a way to criticize Sunday's effort. I'm guessing they are a real joy to hang with at parties. To those critics I have to ask - Is everything OK at home ?... Would it help to speak with someone ?? They clearly can't be made happy. The great thing is that most Bengals fans pouted and eased out of the stadium during the fourth quarter. After the game, there were happy Titans fans everywhere and the chorus of "Who Dey" had gone eerily silent. Again, there's not much to dislike about this team effort. The coaches adapted, the defense was menacing, the special teams impressive, and the offense put on a show. So, thanks guys, you made us proud.

Jim: Now it's time to keep it going, Randy.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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