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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Ahead of Monday's Game in Miami


NASHVILLE – It's almost time to turn the page to Monday Night Football.

No, it won't make the sins of the first 12 games go away, but still, it's always exciting.

The Titans are scheduled to fly to Miami on Sunday for Monday night's game against the Dolphins.

But first, let's bang out this mailbag…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Barrett Sutton from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: Jim, what players do you think have shown improvement on the Titans, other than our big defensive linemen? Spears and NWI come to mind.

Jim: Hey Barrett. I get the sense some people think because the team hasn't been very good, everybody has been bad. A lot of guys have improved, including all the draft picks and a bunch of other young guys. Plenty of the veterans are holding steady, and improving. If the Titans would've found a way to win some of these one-score games they've lost, I'm betting we wouldn't be having these types of questions come up, but they haven't, so here we are.

Vincent Shelton from Memphis, Tennessee
Question: I asked you a few months ago why the Titans don't wear the white helmets when they wear all white and you said that the NFL don't allow it. So why does every other team wear different helmets?

Jim: The NFL allows teams to have two "looks" with the helmet, so a third look isn't allowed. So, the Titans have their primary navy blue helmet, and the white Oilers helmet they'll wear twice this season. Pulling the Titans logo decal off the navy blue and putting it on the white helmet would be a third look, so it's not allowed.

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Question: Hey Jim, first I just want to say that I don't appreciate the "replace Vrabel" rumors. The players always give 100% or more and a lot of that is because of Vrabel. So I see we let go another recent high end draft pick... sigh. I look around the league and I see all these teams with blossoming talent from recent draft picks... and here I see almost exclusively swings and misses. Oilers/Titans fan since the 80's here and I see a team struggling to play the old strategy without the personnel to do it. Miss Amy, if you're listening... wholesale changes in 2024. Change the offense playbook and defense playbook and build the personnel to accomplish it. The fans will be patient if we see effort to change... create a vision for what you want the team to look like. Able to put up 30+ most weeks and a fast pass defense and effective run defense that can pressure the passer. Seek the right people in free agency, develop our own talent and draft wisely. And the way you build the team matters. Look at the Commanders, traded Sweat and Young because they weren't happy with the team and are looking to get younger in 24. You might not post this message because it's more of a week 18 type mailbag letter but just love this team and appreciate what you do!

Jim: Appreciate it, Jack. Sounds like a great plan, but it has to be executed correctly to work.

Kelly Kraft from Brentwood, Tennessee
Question: The O-line is, and has been, a train wreck for years now. I know one guy that could not only fix it, but help in draft selection of better players since they can't seem to ever hit on one. Would it be in the realm of possibility to get Mike Munchak back as O line coach, and if so what would it take to do so? Thanks Jim!

Jim: I'm betting Mike Munchak is enjoying life away from football right. Honestly, Kelly. I have no idea what it would take for him to get back into coaching. Haven't talked to him recently.

Jeff McRae from Hartselle, Alabama
Question: Hated to see Stonehouse go down. He's the only punter I've ever been excited about watching. Kern was awesome but Stoney is a different animal. Love the passion that players are playing with. Mistakes are obviously being made, but I don't have any doubts regarding effort.
I have the solution to get us back on track!!! Vrabel needs to bring back the stache! He's more intimidating. Please share this Jim. It's the secret to success.

Jim: Hey Jeff. Yeah, I hate it for Ryan, too. Saw him the other day. He's in good spirits, already looking forward to coming back better than ever. As for the Vrabel stache, this is a hairy subject …

Keyna Cobbs from Vicksburg, Mississippi
Question: Hello Jim. I have a statement. I am a die-hard Oilers/Titians fan who still hasn't gotten over the lost of AJ Brown. I have a statement. If we can fix the o-line we go to the playoff next year simple and plain!!! And I seriously hope we spend out 1st & 2nd round picks on o-linemen that we can groom. Taylor Lewan was injury prone yet better than both of our present starting Tackles & we also let a 1st Team All Pro RT (Jack Conklin) walk. We just let our OG's walk out of the door also (Nate Davis & Rodger Saffold). Derrick Henry is getting hit in the backfield FAR TO OFTEN The two young QB's will be fine in my opinion. Skill positions we're cool but not great (I hope we keep Nick Westbrook-Ikhine) our defense is very good (even better if we stop going 3 & out so much so they can rest). I hope our QB's can stay healthy behind our sub par O line and make it to the season. Thanks Jim this was therapeutic.

Jim: Appreciate it, Kenya, Hope you feel better.

Neil Carr from Bingley, United Kingdom
Question: Hi Jim. After another close, painful loss last Sunday, I opted to look back at some of our scores this season. We have lost 5 games by 1 score or less (a combined total of 23 points). What is needed to turn those close games into wins? We can start by stopping shooting ourselves in the foot by making cringy mistakes that are avoidable on offense, defense and now special teams! But we also need play makers that can grab hold of a game a turn close losses into close wins. I like Levis but he only has 1 target worthy of passing to who can truly make a difference - so many other teams have more than 1. Our running game looks good but that O line needs a huge re-think for next season. My biggest concern is on defense where we have so few difference makers it is sad. Simmons is clearly one but we lack a true authorative 3 down LB who tackles for fun, and our secondary is easily the weakest in the league (I am still in disbelief that we allowed a 50 yards + pass in overtime!!!) How many interceptions this season?
We need difference makers (I know they are hard to get hold of), we need options, we need to keep teams guessing and only then might we see those close games become close wins.
I do not think we are a million miles from it but free agency and draft picks need to be on the ball next season otherwise it may be another long season. Here hoping! Cheers

Jim: What's needed to turn the close losses into wins? If I knew, Neil, I'd say something. But this is what I have been saying – the Titans used to win these types of games on a regular basis, but it's not happening now. These Titans have been finding ways to lose, and it's getting old, I know. Hang in there. Cheers.

Ashley Wilson from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Question: Hey how u doing.

Jim: New phone. Who dis?

Seth Fischer from Lynchburg, Virginia
Question: Well, this is starting to look like an average Titans season. Injuries, self inflicted mistakes, fans calling for coaches heads. Titans will probably get torched on Monday and Tyreek Hill is going to go insane. Always next season though.

Jim: Not sure why you wasted your time in this one, Seth.

Nathan Metzger from Paducah, Tennessee
Question: So my wife and I are curious...
Do the blue medical tents on the sidelines have any interior lighting, or is it illuminated by the small screens located at the top of the sides.
Any light you could shed on the subject would be appreciated.
Thanks for all you do Jim!

Jim: Interesting question, Nathan. I haven't actually been inside of the blue medical tent (I suppose this is a good thing). But I've been told the slivers of mesh on each side provide the only light inside, and it's enough. A lot of stuff goes on in there, as you can imagine …

Isaac Tipton from Sumter, South Carolina
Question: So after the colts loss our season is over Hope our guys keep up the hard work and get stats in but maybe next year for the Super Bowl run. TITANUP always. We need to pay Henry to stay and build an O-line and we're golden. The new stadium is coming and can't wait to visit it but when I go I wanna know we have a chance to win the game too. Are we planning new coaching staff and/or strategies for next year…you know try them this year and perfect them. Love what you do Jim. Titan forever

Jim: Appreciate it, Isaac.

Randy Phillips from Mount Vernon, Illinois
Question: From watching Sunday's game I believe that the Titans should spend part of their cap room next season to keep D Henry and D Autry around for a couple of more years. Although they may be getting older by "NFL Standards" they are both still playing at a high level. What are your thoughts about the two of them staying in the two tone blue? The NFL is for sure a game of inches. If you flip the Saints, Steelers, and Colts game to W's the Titans are setting at 7-5 with 5 games to go. Any fan wanting the team to lose for draft position must assume a higher draft pick leads to higher production which is obviously not the case. Just look at the 2 players I stated earlier's draft position!

Jim: Two good ones for sure, Randy. It's going to be interesting to see what happens with those two for sure.

Scott Spurlock from Leander, Texas
Question: Hey There Jimbo, I'd be neighborly and ask how are ya? but the season is pretty sad. Not as bad as some I saw back in the good ol days in Houston, I think there was a 1 win season.. You get the idea. And shoot me for sayin it but you guys in Tennessee need to find out how it feels, We went through tons of this back then while you guys were no doubt steelers fans yeah Terry Bradshaw was all that. Anyway Could you pass on to the guys upstairs that since the season is pretty much a bust, how about if they start having a little FUN. or at the least making the game fun to watch. I don't much care for the run it down their throat stuff... It seems they have cleared their throat and they just laugh at us. We're draggin up the rear and for good reason. Can you say predictable ??? And why is it we get great free agents and when they get here they are not so great? Then they leave the team after a year of nothing and become great again? Does our coach not want great players to be great? Is he trying to show them how average they can be? Eh what do I know about anything ???? I just watch and call myself a fan I guess that's not important anymore. .. The product is getting mighty stale. I have two options living here in Texas and The Texans and Cowboys are at least fun to watch. Thanks for your time and keep doing that voodoo that you do so well.

Jim: Hey Scott. Not sure what kind of voodoo I'm doing, but thanks, I think.

Have a great week everyone!

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