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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After the Team's Win Over the Packers


NASHVILLE – Ten games into the 2022 season, the Titans aren't a perfect 10.

But the Titans are 7-3, winners in seven of their last eight games.

On the heels of Thursday night's win over the Packers, another wave of questions/comments made their way into my inbox.

Let's open it up in the weekend edition of the Titans mailbag …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Neil McGeehan from Derry, Ireland
Jim, how about those Titans!! Receivers making big plays, tight ends scoring touchdowns, Henry still running like a train! Fantastic stuff. And the Defence, wow! Unlike the Chiefs game, I didn't mind the very early morning rise 😂.

Jim: Hey Neil. It was certainly an all-around effort. The Titans took control of the game at Lambeau, and never let up. The offense was as good as its been all season, and the defense just keeps coming no matter how many guys are banged up. But there's plenty of room for improvement still, and that's a good thing.

John Clark from Chesapeake, Virginia
Good morning Jim & Titan Fans!!!
Great win in Green Bay last night Henry continues to break records our Receiving core is finally stepping up and the coaching staff finally called a great game. My comment is I feel comfortable saying that our Titans will make it to the playoffs but my only concern is will the offensive play calling be consistent will the receivers be consistent and will Tannehill be consistent. I think the coaching staff should start planning for KC, Buffalo and Baltimore now. I know it's still a lot of football to be played but like they taught us in the Navy proper planning prevents piss poor performance! Also with the injuries we need to stress the next man up and go find some more offensive fire power on the O line and outside the ball on defense and offense. Thanks for keep us updated and letting us vent I need your therapy at times! Lol be blessed Jim and Fans Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!! #Titanup

Jim: Hey John. The Titans are preparing for the Bengals now. If this team is fortunate enough to make the playoffs, they'll worry about their playoff opponents then.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. HUGE win in Green Bay. With five defensive starters out, they still kept the Packer offense contained for most of the game. The coaches and players really did themselves proud. Ryan Tannehill was really accurate and demonstrated that he can win a shootout if he has to, even if the opposing quarterback is a future hall of famer. The offensive line was very good. Dennis Daley has really been a find at left tackle. After a bit of a slow start, he has played excellently the last couple of games. Nick W-I had his breakout game last Sunday and now TB comes through with his. Austin Hooper continues to be a big contributor, and Chig seems to always make his one catch a big one. OC Todd called a great game. We all know what happened after the team returned to Nashville. No need to discuss that here. One concern is the special teams on kickoff returns. There seems to always be a penalty that puts the offense in a hole. It didn't stop Ryan, Derrick, and company last night, but it can be a big problem if it continues. Hopefully, that can be addressed and corrected. Finally, my question: if Randy Bullock can't go against the Bengals, will the team stay with Josh Lambo or bring in another kicker? Thanks, Jim.

Jim: A lot of solid points here. Yes, the penalties on kickoff return are frustrating, and they need to be fixed. As for the kicking situation, it's way too early to say. Bullock has not been put on Injured Reserve, which means he's currently week to week.

Mike Temple from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Congratulations to the entire Titans team and organization for a great win. Our most complete game of the season to date with multiple stars - Tannehill with a season best performance, Treylon's breakout game, King Henry doing his thing, a super game called by OC Todd Downing, and of course our tough, physical Defense imposing their will on the Pack. Jim - the icing on the cake was seeing a video posted of the team FaceTiming Ben Jones after the game - how cool was that! Now we just to get everyone healthy. Here's wishing Titan players, coaches, and fans a healthy and happy Thanksgiving holiday! Titan-up, Mike

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Mike.

Collin H from Fairview, Tennessee
Hello Jim. Just gonna go out and say I LOVE the bully ball and the fire that this team shows. It's the reason we are going to be in the playoffs. With that said, I just don't feel confident that this team can go far. Lack of receivers and pass blocking has plagued us along with the occasional mishap by our young secondary. How can this team get to February?
Titan Up!

Jim: By winning in January

Pamela Saldana from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Fantastic win in Green Bay. Perhaps it will quiet the naysaying pundits a bit and give the oddsmakers pause. Then again that might not be a good thing since it seems the Titans play better with a chip on their shoulder. The bottom line is we are a 7-3 team. We are a winning team. And we are an evolving team. The offense is beginning to gel.
Maybe this win is the beginnings of more positivity amongst a fan base that has been spoiled on 4 straight years of winning under Vrabel. Sure, some criticism--namely of offensive play and play calling-- has been warranted and that has been discussed ad nauseam, but the constant drumbeat of negativity is off-putting. With all the criticism, one would think we are closer to a 3-7 team than the other way around.

Jim: You said it, Pamela, not me

Ayan Natarajan from Mason, Ohio
Hi Jim, what are the chances of the Titans getting Jalin Hyatt in this year's draft?

Jim: Um, 1 on 32?

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
Hard to enjoy that hard fought win at Green Bay when our OC reportedly made the worst call of his season after the plane landed. If true, thankfully no one was hurt by his actions. I'll never understand why people with money and fame don't hire drivers to avoid any chance of incidents, whether real or contrived.
Jim, given the image the org is trying to project and live up to, did we just lose our OC?

Jim: Hi Bill. Mike Vrabel addressed Todd Downing's DUI charge on Friday.
Here's a bit of what he said:
"I have spoken to Todd, and I have spoken to (Amy Adams Strunk), and (GM) Jon (Robinson) and I have been in communication with her, and with the league," Vrabel said. "The league has policies with regard to these incidents, and we'll make sure that the league has all the information that they need."
Vrabel said he couldn't answer specific questions about the incident "out of respect to the legal process, and the process that the league has."
"I will say, however, that we all have a great responsibility as members of this community, and as coaches and players of this organization, as fathers and husbands and teammates, to make great decisions," said Vrabel, "and we understand that.
"… It's something that we are going to take very seriously. We are going to gather all the information that we can, figure out what the next step is, and do our best to move forward."

Tom Meyer from San Antonio, Texas
Hey Jim, well I hope my Thanksgiving crow is going to taste good. I am sure it will go down easy after the win over Green Bay. The team played a well rounded game and the coaches especially OC Downing calling a well thought out game plan. The offense gave the defense the time to rest and harass Rodgers all night. Tannehill was spot on and Burks showed what will only be a great player as he gains experience. Overall the team played a great game, they even scored in the fourth quarter! Now lets hope this springboards the Titans to a run to the playoffs. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Jim: Happy Thanksgiving to you, Tom.

Larry Belfich from White House, Tennessee
Great Victory Friday. Quick question: Do you think Dillon Radunz can replace Dennis Daley at LT? He has more potential and he can't be worse then Daley.

Jim: Hey Larry. I get this question a lot. I don't get the sense this is being considered. In fact, Dillon Radunz is listed as a back-up guard on the depth chart, and Le'Raven Clark is listed as Daley's back-up at left tackle.

Chris Berry from Cleveland, Tennessee
Credit where credit is due. The offense pulled its weight plus some in cold weather and without Ben Jones (I was concerned there). Well done Downing. We've got 4 families (20 total) from Cleveland headed to Nashville for the Bengals game; so hopefully the players benefit from a well earned rest on the long week!

Jim: Have a great trip to Nashville!

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durago, Mexico
Hola Jim otra vez yo jaja que siga la buena racha, vaya partido de todo el equipo ahora sí todo el equipo jugo excelente, desde Tannehill, Henry, Simmons, McCrary, Stonehouse, Haskins todos muy bien, excelente playcalling de Todd Downing, solo el pase en segunda y una yarda por avanzar donde le interceptan a Tannehill es la única mala llamada. Pero en general muy bien. Jim nuestro Draft de este año ha estado de lujo Treylon Burks, Roger McCreary, Chigoziem Okwonko, Hassan Haskins, NPF y se que cuando regresen Kyle Philips y Chance Campbell lo harán muy bien.
Espero que las lesiones de rodilla de Denico Autry y de femoral de Kristian Fulton no sean graves y estén de regreso junto con Molden, Hooker, Ben Jones y Racey McMath.
Saludos desde Durango, Mexico estoy súper feliz. Felicidades a todos y que siga el equipo mejorando. Soy fan de Treylon Burks desde que estaba en Arkansas, Roger McCrary en Aubirn, Chigoziem Okwonko en Maryland y Hassan Haskins en Michigan, lo mismo que de Nicholas Petit-Frere escribí sobre ellos en el offseason antes de que llegarán al equipo como posibles candidatos a ser seleccionados y mira Jim ahora empiezan a ser una realidad. Felicitarme a JRob y al Coach Vrabel por favor. ARRIBA LOS TITANES!!!!

Jim: Siempre agradezco los comentarios positivos y de felicitación, Alberto. Los Titans definitivamente jugaron un gran partido en ambos lados del balón. Ahora, tienen que seguir así.

Len Cooke from Jacksonville, Florida
Amazing game by the team this week!! We were lucky that Rodgers missed at least 4 wide open receivers or the game could have been much different. Kudos to the next man up mentality. How the defense played so well with 1/2 their starters out says a lot about this team and this coach. And i finally have to give credit to the OC. he was terrible as a play caller until the last 2 weeks. Somehow, he woke up and has put some trickery and misdirection into a predictable offense. it showed. go titans!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Len.

Randy Porter from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Hey Jim ! In a recent Mailbag, a fan made a keen observation and inquired about Vrabel's "game day" watch. In your response, you offered valuable insight that piqued my curiosity and knowing that elusive information was likely paramount to many fans, I wanted to expand on your thoughts. Through the use of modern technology (zooming in), I reviewed a lot of game tape for clues. In doing so, a startling yet satisfying revelation emerged. No doubt, coach can clearly be seen head-bobbing, patting his foot, and mouthing the lyrics to "Message In a Bottle" on more than one occasion. During one game, it even seemed he was drawing inspiration from the "Friday Night Lights" soundtrack. However, upon even closer inspection, the true value of his timepiece was spotted. Scanning the reflection in Vrabel's sunglasses, he clearly has "Mailbag" on the screen during game breaks. This came as no surprise really, considering the wealth of information that is available from fan letters. After each game, easy to follow instructions, corrections and demands are posted, as well as advice on play selection, personnel assignments, game strategy, staff changes, and game management, This is prized information that any coach would cherish. To date, few if any coaching issues have emerged, that haven't been addressed extensively in Mailbag. To have this wisdom at his fingertips, would certainly provide indispensable comfort on game days. In fact, I'm betting that the coach utilizes this valuable resource during weekly game-prep as well. So Jim, while offering your insider perspective on a simple timepiece question, you opened possibilities that all Mailbag analysts can take great pride in. - I mean, WHO said coach never listens to us ?? - Titan Up!

Jim: This makes even more sense now, Randy!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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