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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After a Busy Week


NASHVILLE – It's been a busy week in Titans Land, with players coming, going, and staying.

Even if everything doesn't appear on this web site yet.

I'll explain more in this weekend's Titans mailbag, which starts now.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Chris Davis from Jackson, Tennessee
With a lot of the NFL teams getting players off the free agency, any reason why the Titans have been 98% silent on signing anyone? Thank you for letting Titan nation to ask questions!

Jim: Hey Chris. The Titans haven't been 98% silent, I promise. But let me explain why you haven't seen some of the reported deals on this web site, or on my Twitter feed. As a team, I guess you could say we're on the conservative side as far as releasing news at this time of the year. While the team has announced new deals for some of its own players, it hasn't for free agents previously with other teams. And, here's why: Leading up to the start of free agency, the league doesn't want teams announcing they've "agreed to terms" with players from other teams for a number of reasons, including "tampering" concerns. While some other teams have announced they've agreed to terms with players since the new league year officially began on Wednesday with a "pending a physical" attachment, the Titans, in most cases, prefer to wait until the player comes in and passes a physical, and then officially signs, before announcing the roster move. So, while at least five players have reached verbal deals with the team (as national reporters have reported) the team won't make some of these moves official until a day or so from now. It's my understanding the new players will be in town soon. So, stay tuned. I can assure you no one in the front office was on vacation last week.

Allan Stewart from Brookings, Oregon
Just a comment, not a question. Watching the players who are being released/cut reminds me of when I was working: What have you done for me recently? You are only as good as you last review! And then management complains that there is no "loyalty" with our employees. I always felt and told them that loyalty is a two-way street. Loyalty comes from the top and bottom. I realize that sports is a business and decisions need to be based on what they consider is best for the company. But when you see loyal employees like Ben Jones and others who have given their all for the team" company cut, it hurts. I took an early retirement because I could see the writing on the wall. I was not a conformist and would push the limits of management. Relationships with the community didn't matter. Results didn't matter it was you didn't fit our image. I only wish the best for those who were released. They were Titans and should be proud.

Jim: Hey Allan. No one wanted to see Ben Jones go. He's one of the all-time great Titans, embodying everything you could want in a Titan. But Ben also suffered at least two concussions last year, which caused him to miss five games. He's banged up, and he's going to need time to recover from other ailments. It's tough to move on, but this is a business. There is such a thing as loyalty, but c'mon, this is the NFL. Of course you'd love to see guys play forever, with the same team. It doesn't always work out that way. Just look around the league.

William Young from Las Vegas, Nevada
Hi Jim. Resigning NWI, Really? What's next Cody Hollister! I think both of them are nice people but as football players No! Vrabel said he wants to get faster and he was also quoted saying "who in the hell are we going to throw to!" last season. What's happening? Vrabel's words are not matching his actions so far with the WR's?! Not a good start in the WR area Jim!

Jim: Hey William. So, I guess you're included in the overreaction crowd. I was surprised to see the blowback after NWI's deal was announced this week. I feel I need to remind everyone it was a one-year deal with no promises. And, it's mid-March, a long way from the start of the season. This team, and its roster, is under construction. More WRs will be added, and there will be a competition for roster spots and playing time. I'll also say this: NWI is a tough kid who works hard, has made some plays, and he's also been available – and that's more than you could say for some others. It's not his fault others got hurt, which helped him move up the depth chart. While folks might not want to celebrate his return, he certainly doesn't deserve to be bashed. Let's let some things play out at position.

Judy Kaye from New Edinburg, Arkansas
When are the Titans scheduled to go to London?

Jim: Hi Judy. We won't know that until probably early May, when the schedule comes out. It's my understanding the game will be sometime in October.

Roger Piccirillo from Bridgeport, Connecticut
Hi Jim it's become clear to me Jim that you don't want to post anything negative about Derrick Henry. Anyone who can't see that he's holding that offense back even with his 1500 yd then they don't know what they're looking at including you.

Jim: Hey Roger. If you came here looking for me to bash the team's most productive player over the past five years, you came to the wrong place. And, it sounds to me like you don't know what you're looking at.

D Sadler from Memphis, Tennessee
Hello Jim. Thank you for all your hard work of taking our questions and comments. I just have a comment: Rumors of Kevin Byard and Derrick Henry have truly upset me as a fan. I love this team, but I have to question some of their decisions. Why don't they restructure Tannehill's contract? I know Ran Carthon has a lot to fix that was left for him but Kevin and Derrick have been our most solid players
Year in and year out and to possibly speak of trade and have another team benefit from their services and leave us high and dry again is unacceptable. Still upset about the AJ Brown travesty. SMH. I hope they make this right for fans and again stop being mediocre. Thanks for time and letting us vent.

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, D.

Greg Grainger from Brentwood, Tennessee
If Ben Jones resolves his health issues and decides to continue playing, would the Titans consider bringing him back?

Jim: Hey Greg. I don't see that happening. As I said recently, when Mike Vrabel issued a statement thanking Ben for his time with the Titans, I think that signaled the end of an era.

Doug Frizzell from Chattanooga, Tennessee
with it being likely that WR Corey Davis might end up being a cap savings cut with the Jets, especially with Allen Lazard on his way to New York now, and along with 2nd year WR Garrett Wilson along with Elijah Moore as of now, any chance the Titans would consider giving Davis another look on contract, maybe something in the two or three year range? I know he's battled some injuries throughout his career but I'd personally like to see him back in Nashville......veteran leader and we def. could use more WR weapons....thoughts?

Jim: I wouldn't hate this.

Rudi Newman from Vienna, Austria
Hi from Austria, i know it's a business and keeping players who want to get paid is not easy. But i think every team has only a few players who leave their heart on the field for their organisation - the so called leaders who form the Identity of a team. We saw the outcome on offense last year with the AJ Brown trade. Some players are not replacable like King Derrick. For me David Long is such a player. He showed it every week with his performance on the field. So why let one of the best LB's go?

Jim: Hey Rudi. Don't get me wrong here – I've always been a big fan of David Long Jr. I love the way he plays, his passion, etc. He's a good player. But we can't sit here and say he's not replaceable – he was inactive, and replaced in the lineup, for seven of the team's games in 2021, and for the final five games in 2022 because he was hurt.

Graham Taylor from Knoxville, Tennessee
I hate to say it as a UT grad, but Vandy sure got screwed on Selection Sunday. However, do you get the sense that the Titans just aren't the best-looking destination for many free agents? An apparent rebuild can't be the most attractive scenario for any free agent. Given the price tag, it certainly looks like David Long just wanted to play for a contender. I know it's early, and we may very well sign some quality guys. But the David Long contract just gives me a bad feeling.

Jim: Vandy did get screwed on Selection Sunday. Deserved to be in ahead of Auburn, Arkansas and Mississippi State from the SEC alone. See above for my thoughts on David Long.

Dell Davis from Winchester, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I really enjoy your work. A lot of rumors surrounding Ryan & Derrick. The panthers trading for the #1 spot really takes us out of contention for a qb in the draft this year. With Ryan and Derrick back this year and if they stay healthy, we're probably looking at a mid to late round pick next year. More than likely knocking us out of the top two qb's next year also. My question is wouldn't it be a better to blow this thing up this year as opposed to keep waiting. Get what we can in a trade for Ryan & Derrick now. And this is unpopular opinion but also Jeffrey Simmons. We have to have reset eventually. Why not take advantage now?

Jim: The Titans are not "blowing this thing" up.

Alan Ray from College Grove, Tennessee
Thanks a lot, Jim. I truly appreciate your response to my email last week when I asked about Tim Kelly saying we weren't predictable last year. And I agree with your answer. But I wish you would have worded it differently. I mean, did you have to say the exact same thing my wife said? Ver batum? When I mentioned to her my query made your Mailbag segment she quietly smiled. But when I read your answer she sprung to life. "That's exactly what I said! Did he really say that? Because I told you it didn't matter what Tim said or what we did last year, what matters is what he's going to do this year... and Jim said the very same thing I did! See, I told you...last year doesn't mean anything now, yada yada." Okay, okay. I get it. Sheesh! Can't blame a guy for askin'. That said, my wife also coined a clever new word the other night as we were discussing the Titan's recent acquisitions. I asked what she thought about the new moves and she said she liked them a lot. Then she said, "We just have to believe in our new GM and trust his... Ranalytics." I like the word and I think she's right, again. And you say? Titan Up! -Alan

Jim: Always listen to your wife, Alan. 😊

Anita Dewey from Zachary, Louisiana
Hi Jim. My Husband Told Me He Was Reading An Article About Derrick HENRY Being Traded. I Started Watching The THEN OILERS IN 1978 AS A #BIG Earl Campbell Fan While Watching A Game WITH My Daddy. When The OILERS Relocating To Nashville I Relocated AS WELL THOUGH I REMAINED IN Louisiana. HENRY IS The TITANS OFFENSE So The Conversation SHOULD NOT BE Happening. HENRY IF The Titans EVER HAD A CHANCE IS TO MOVE Ahead FURTHER IN The Division AND Playoffs IS TO KEEP HENRY. ITS NOT HENRY'S Fault They Trying To Send Him IN The Middle OF EIGHT DEFENDERS...ROLL HENRY ROLL...
I Stated This Pas t Season I Wasn't Going To WATCH THIS Season, OR Attend A Titans Home Game, BUT There Could Have Been A Change OF Mind THOUGH HENRY Being Traded I KNOW I WILL NOT Watch OR Spend Money ON A Game Ticket, A Plane Ticket OR NO Rental...
I'll TAKE My Nap@12 R 3 R 7:30 ON
Be Blessed AND ROLL HENRY...

Jim: Good to hear from you, Anita. Enjoy those naps!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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