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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The Titans rookies, including the draft picks, are in town for the team's rookie minicamp.

Before heading out to watch the action, let's knock some questions out in this weekend's mailbag.

Here we go…

Gill Moore from Pasadena, California
Hey Jim. Lifelong Oilers/Titans fan here. I have a question and a comment: How is Jarrell Casey doing Will he be ready for OTA's ?

Jim: I talked to Jurrell this week. He spent the early part of the offseason getting healed up, but he said he feels good. He's added some weight and should be good to go. I suspect the team will be careful with him, just like everyone else recovering from injuries. But Jurrell has no concerns.

Kyle Leach from Peggs, Oklahoma
Hey Jim. Thanks for taking time to read my question. My question is, with J-Rob and coach V's background from the Patriots, do you think they will get rid of players such as Casey as good as he is before he gets up there in years? Or is he too good of a player and cornerstone for this franchise? #TitanUp #ForTheBoys

Jim: Starting off with back-to-back questions on Jurrell here. Jurrell is a cornerstone of the franchise, and a guy worth holding on to. You mentioned the Patriots, citing their willingness to get rid of players. Heck, you could also point to a lot of Patriots who've been lifers with the franchise because the team keeps them. I think Jurrell fits in that category in Tennessee.

James Gordon from Spring Hill, Tennessee
Hi Jim, I wanted to take one last look at the Titans 2018 season by reviewing the outcomes and performances of each game. I have given a grade - this is just an armchair fan's opinion so I would love to know if there are any glaring differences from your more expert vantage point. The grade is based expectations given the strength of the Titans team and their opponent.
At Miami (L 20 – 27) C+: I give the team a passing grade given the weather and the injury situation
Texans (W 20 – 17) B+: They got it done against a good team without Mariota!
At Jax (W 9 – 6) A-: Defense came to play and Mariota did enough against a great Defense
Phil (W 26 – 23) A: Cory Davis breakout game
At Buf (L 12 – 13) C: Only the Ravens gave up less yardage per game than Buffalo
Ravens (L 0 – 21) C-: When you lose to one of the best defenses in the league, you cannot give a failing grade
Chargers (L 19 – 20) B: They played well enough to win against a playoff team that only lost 4 times in the regular season.
At Cowboys (W 28 – 14) A: Mariota was nearly perfect
Patriots (W 34 – 10) A+: Can this be anything else, really!?
At Indy (L 10 – 38) D: Even if Mariota is not knocked out of came, they still could not compete
At Texans (L 17 – 34) D: Two bad grades back-to-back
Jets (W 26 – 22) B-: Titans let the Jets hang around to the very end
Jax (W 30 – 9) A: Henry has breakout game
At Giants (W 17 – 0) A-: Defense was amazing and offense did enough
Redskins (W 25 – 16) B: A Mariota-less win gets you a B for sure.
Indy (L 17 – 33) C: With a back-up QB, I give the team a passing grade

Jim: Interesting take here, James. And I appreciate the effort. When I look back at the season, I count nine As and seven Fs. It's all about the final result in my mind.

Sean K from Santa Clarita, California
This will be my 41st year rooting for this franchise. Love reading your responses, especially on the really nutty questions or statements. Well here is mine: Take away the best offensive weapon from any QB is the NFL, in the 1st game of year, and reset everybody's record. For MM to lose Walker, for sure cost the Titans 2 wins (maybe even the Dolphins game and Bills) I think this is an overlooked point when talking about MM and the Titans last year. Having Walker out there draws a lot of attention away from the WR's. It was a huge loss for Titans and also one that was barely addressed by management during last season. To be honest I originally wanted the Titans to trade the pick and not take MM Not b/c I don't like MM, its b/c the roster was terrible at the time. More picks would have been helpful. (which we ended up doing the following year). The Titans front office, and multiple OC's and HC (and 1st two years of terrible roster support) have never giving MM a chance. Titans would be foolish not to sign him and surround him with stability and playmakers. Also I know the team is a power run team, but does not mean we have to run on 1st down, all the time. Mix it up. Offense always looks crisp in the hurry up. Since Jeff Fisher this team has had mentality to get a 3-point lead and run the clock. Today's NFL - teams play to score and win, not score and hang on for dear life.

Jim: Appreciate you weighing in, Sean.

Darris Mays from Lewisville, Texas
Hey Jim, I hope all is well! I have a question. Why can't Jon see what we see as fans, if you bring in Ndamukong Suh you're a playoff team maybe even a Super Bowl team instantly. Casey and Suh who's going to beat us in our division? I love my titans, but I'm tired of seeing the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Jim: Hey Darris. I think every team's fans – except the Patriots – is tired of seeing New England in the Super Bowl. Suh has become the Dez Bryant of the mailbag in recent weeks. I said this before: I've heard a lot of folks wanting Suh, but haven't heard a lot of internal buzz about this. Not saying it won't happen. After hosting him on a visit last offseason, the Titans know what they'd be getting. And I talked to Suh at the Super Bowl in February, and it sounded like he enjoyed his visit. He has a comfort level with d-line coach Terrell Williams, and the fact Cameron Wake is now with the Titans probably doesn't hurt. So we'll have to see how things play out…

Dominique Jennings from Miami, Florida
I Don't have a question... My name is Dominique and the "Tennessee 2Tone Blue Titans" is my FAVORITE TEAM, Facts. And no matter what, ↕️ they will always be my Favorite TEAM. So as a fan outside looking in, Let's be the team to give Dez Bryant a shot. Also I feel if we give him that Shot and with him knowing this might be his last opportunity to play the NFL. I can see and feel he'll play with a chip on his shoulder with all that's being said about him from all angles. So "Expect" Dez Bryant to go Hard. That ballin energy he carries with him as a WR, our WR need that Fire 🔥. Plus D. Walker getting up in age J. Smith not producing our WR could use that vet confidence. Keep example Redskins gave AP a shot and AP came with it because he also had a chip on his shoulder pretty much the same reason. 🤔🤔🤔

Jim: Speaking of Dez …

Sandals Southworth from Piketon, Ohio
Hi Jim! I have a quick question regarding content. I am unsure if the Titans are eligible for HBO's Hard Knocks, but even if they are not would you happen to know if the team has any plans to do something like they did with "Igniting The Fire"? As always, thank you!

Jim: Hey Sandals. I wouldn't bank on Hard Knocks. The team is eligible, but it's also in a position to turn down the opportunity. So it sounds unlikely. As for Igniting the Fire, Part II, the chances are really good for that to happen.

McKeeg Russell from Moffart, Colorado
My question is about the signing of Derick Roberson from SHSU. It's kind of a perfect fit for me being born in Huntsville and a lifelong Oiler/Titan fan. I saw some had him graded as high as 2nd round so I was surprised to see him undrafted. Personally (as a Homer) I think he's got potential to be a starter and a serious talent. What are you hearing and what are your thoughts on his possibly making the 53 and even taking a starting/rotational role?

Jim: Hey McKeeg. Derick is one of 13 undrafted free agents now on board, and I've heard some good things about him. I agree – it's sounds like a lot of folks are surprised he wasn't drafted. I need to see him in person – and in action – first before I can go down the road of whether he makes the team or earns a role or not. He's at a good position to compete. I'll get my first look today at rookie camp.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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