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Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Another Batch of Questions From Titans Fans as Head Coach Interviews Begin


NASHVILLE – It's been a wild week.

Not just in Nashville, but across the sports landscape.

But I know you came here to discuss the Titans, so let's do it.

By the way, the team started its interviews for their vacant head coaching position on Friday, and they'll continue on Saturday.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Joe White from Kingsport, Tennessee
Question: I know the last mailbag was tough. I have a question more for the fans than you. So many are saying that Vrabel was the best coach in the NFL and how stupid it is to fire him. Then why didn't we win a Super Bowl? I like Coach but come on we didn't get where we all want the team to go. The fans in New England are ready to fire a coach than won multiple Super bowls for have a couple down years. Fans are a strange breed. I am a Titans fan and get frustrated like everyone else. I was shocked at the firing too, but I listed to Ran Carthon's press conference and I believe he and ownership have an idea of where they want to be and how to get there. Of course, that is the Super bowl. Will it work? At this point we don't know but if we are really fans, we will stay around and find out. Thanks for allowing me to express my thoughts.

Jim: I appreciate it, Joe. I like Mike, and I understand why some fans are mad the team let him go. But folks seem to be forgetting how miserable things have been from a win-loss perspective since the middle of 2022. The Titans have lost 18 of their last 24 games, and the team finished dead last in the AFC South last year after ending 2022 on a seven-game losing streak. The Titans won two playoff games in six years under Vrabel, and ZERO over the last four years. Even without some behind the scenes contributing factors, the overall success on the field hasn't nearly been good enough.

Sadish Siva from Manchester, England
Question: Hey Jim. Still shocked about Vrabel being fired but have accepted it and now looking to see what ends up happening with the coaching search.
My question is: Why does the NFL allow coaching interviews go on while the nfl season is still in play, specifically during the post season.
It seems it is unfair to the playoff teams whose assistant coaches and coordinators might be distracted because they are doing interviews as well for potential head coach hires.
It also is unfair for those potential head coaches that happen to be on playoff teams that have a great run as the tendency is for potential landing spots to be filled up early as no team seems ready to wait for the final teams to finish before concluding the process.
This might also give an unfair advantage to teams playing the superbowl as their staff is less likely to be poached as positions fill up during early playoff rounds.
What should happen is no one is allowed to hire a coach until the superbowl has been played. Then everyone, teams and head coach candidates alike can have an even playing field and these candidates would not be distracted and put the best product out there in the playoffs (I really do think it affected w Arthur Smith as OC of the Titans that year during our very brief playoff run before he was hired as the Falcons head coach.)

Jim: Hi Sadish. I hear ya, but the NFL clock is fast. And, the NFL has slowed the interview process down in recent years as far as when interviews can take place. There are benefits to finding a new head coach sooner rather than later. Coaching staffs need to be built, and with the Senior Bowl (Week of January 29) and NFL Combine (Week of February 26) in the horizon, that adds to the sense of urgency. Waiting until after the Super Bowl (February 11) to start interviews or name a head coach would make it really tough.

Kalani Clemente from Halawa, Hawaii
Question: Aloha Jim. Mahalo, for all that you do to keep the Titan Nation informed. I have been a true Love Ya Blue fan for 55 years, and reading all the comments from the Monday Water Cooler Club, I get it with the firing of Mike Varbel. I know there are a lot of young offensive/defensive coaches out there can turn this team around, like anything in life you have to give the process a chance. For all the people that say they are not going to cheer for the Titans anymore and not attend any more games, Mahalo more seats for the real Love Ya Blue Fans.
One more thing Jim this past Christmas was one of the best, my ohana got me a throwback Oiler jersey with my high school football number (#65), and my last name on the back.
Mahalo Nui Loa,
From this Proud Hawaiian Oiler/Titan Fan Titan Ilalo (Hawaiian for the word up).

Jim: Mahalo, Kalani. Sounds like you have a great ohana!

Mike Temple from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Question: Hello Jim. First, I want to say thank you to Coach Vrabel! As a season ticket holder since the team moved to Tennessee, I've seen lots of highs (Music City miracle & Super Bowl appearance) and lows (back-to-back 2-14 and 3-13 seasons in 2014 & 2015). Coach Vrabel led us to the second best run (2018-2021) in modern team history, only Jeff Fisher's 1999-2003 teams won more games. Not only did his team's win on the field, but they represented the organization and our communities with class - well done sir. Second, it's been 4 years since we played Kansas City in the AFC championship game. An amazing eleven Titans from that team made the Pro Bowl or were named All Pro during their careers - Tannehill, Henry, Brown, Lewan, Saffold, Jones, Conklin, Byard, Casey, Landry, and Kern. These guys produced many great memories! But we can't live in the past (only Harold Landry is likely to return for 2024), it's time to rebuild for the future. I'm wishing our owner and GM the best luck in their coaching search and assembling a new, exciting and better team. Hopefully the next chapter is our best, Titan-up! Mike

Jim: Appreciate it, Mike.

Alan Walker from Alcoa, Tennessee
Question: My two cents regarding the firing of Vrabel. I'm going to trust the process. I can't pretend to know all of the behind the scenes situations that may have prompted this move. My feeling is that our owner has shown that she has a pretty good handle on things and wants to win. That leaves me realizing that at least on the surface, we want the same results……and it ain't my money. Every decision that I have made in my business and personal life required time to see if it was a good or bad decision. A fresh perspective may be just what is needed. Keep the faith and watch how this unfolds.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Alan.

Stacy Gorman from Colorado Springs, Colorado
Question: Well, this email is just going to be a vent because I can't believe the Titans fired one of the best coaches in the NFL. What is going on in Nashville?
Season tickets prices going up substantially the last several years.
New stadium that will price all of us founders that helped build the success of the team over the last 25 years watching from our seats at home.
GM that is unproven and somehow thinks he is going to get a quality coach for a team that just shafted Coach Vrabel means you will get an unproven person in hopes they can strike magic. Ask the Broncos how unproven GM's and coaches work. They have been rebuilding for 8 years and are now upside down on the salary cap because of poor front office decisions.
I guess Amy is playing the lottery with the Titans and trying to find lightning in a bottle that will only serve as a hard sell for fans trying to decide to put down small fortunes on PSL's for the new stadium.
Building an organization is a process that doesn't happen overnight and in a time when fans are being asked to constantly open their wallets I just don't believe you are on the right track.
Great coaches give you a chance each week even when their front office gives them talent that isn't elite. Thanks Mike for 6 great years of having the experience of knowing each week the Titans had a chance of winning!!
Headline Prediction Jan. 2026: Titans fire GM and coach after two losing seasons.

Jim: Time will tell, Stacy. But, being very frank, I can't sit here today and call Mike a "great" coach. Mike has proven to be a good coach so far. He's an outstanding teacher, he's very smart, he's a strong leader, he's a savvy motivator and he's a tireless worker who gives everything he's got to win. But, with all due respect, great coaches win Super Bowls. I know coach Vrabel didn't have a Super Bowl caliber roster in 2022 and 2023, but he did in 2021 and that team lost in the first round of the playoffs. While the 2019 team had a great run, the 2020 squad also underachieved. We all know how the last two years ended. Six years was a pretty good runway to take the franchise from good to great. Under Vrabel's watch the Titans never got there, and now another coach is going to get a chance. The NFL is a "what have you done for me lately?" league and lately, the Titans have been doing a lot of losing.

Reuben Alvear II from San Francisco, Calfornia
Question: Hi Jim. Did the Titans have success under Mike Vrabel? Yes. Could certain areas have been better under his watch? Yes. Time will tell if the choice to part ways with Vrabel was the right move, or not.
It was bittersweet, yet poetic and satisfying that in Coach Vrabel's final game the Titans beat the Jaguars the way they had beaten so many other teams under Vrabel's watch. With a bruising, dominant running game. Being efficient and opportunistic in the passing game. Playing physical and tough. It was heart warming seeing Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry seemingly turn back the clock to better days. Yet, onward we go!

Jim: You're right, Reuben. And, onward we go. Interviews with two candidates have already taken place and more to come this weekend…

Jerry Miller from St. Louis, Missouri
Question: Good morning Jim, Thank you for everything you do! Man after reading the Wednesday ask Jim I was no longer as mad about the Vrabel firing. I was way more hot about all the "fans" saying they will no longer support or watch this team. First off let me say yes the firing of Vrabel sucked. He was a player and fan favorite but lets look at the facts. Last year the Titans had to win 1 out of the last 7 games last year to win the south and get into the playoffs. Then this year we lost 7 games by one score. That falls on the coaching staff. Yes we have had a lot of injuries over the years but so do other teams that are playing this weekend.
So back to the "fans" wanting to leave. BYE!! I have been a die hard fan of this franchise since the Moon era. When they left Houston for Nashville I was bummed but not mad. They needed a new start. Never in my 30 plus years of being a fan of this franchise have I ever wanted to leave. What has kept me here is the ownership. Living in STL and getting a front row seat to see what happens when your owner doesn't care about the city nor the fan base. This city will never have another chance at having a NFL team in this city. Also, No matter how the media painted it. It had nothing to do with fan support, come to a Blues, Cardinals or City game. So the folks of Nashville should be happy they have Amy as there owner.
What really bothers me is I go to as many Titans game as I can afford. The last game I went to was when the Titans got the 1 seed and faced the Bengals. When I showed up in Nashville and walking on Broadway it was a sea of orange and black. Then at the game the same sea was there. Home field advantage should be mostly the home team. What makes me sad is a lot of the tickets they get including mine are from season ticket holders. This was also the case for two other games I went to this year. If you're going to complain about the team's decisions they make and you're a season ticket holder then show up to the games and don't sell them to the visitor!!
And in closing of my rant. I will always for as long as there is air in my lungs be a die hard Titans fan! Let's remember I live in the city that beat my team in the super bowl. You know how many "one yard short" jokes I heard. But one day when the Titans win their first Super Bowl it will be amazing!! TITAN UP!!!!

Jim: I appreciate it, Jerry. Hopefully the new coach – and getting back to winning again – will help restore the home-field advantage.

Scott Martin from Satellite Beach, Florida
Question: Hello Jim, hope the New Year is going well for you and yours
I recently called out a so called negative Nelly who writes for a Titan web site, I'm sure he still is (WL) .
Now I would like to point out some of those who wrote and podcasted (JM, HRT) and others that there was some big CONSPIRACY with Vrabel forcing AAS' s hand so he could go to the Patriots and had some direct path with Mr Kraft hiring him.
Well that was horse hockey! Mayo in Vrabel out, I'm so surprised at the levels folks will reach to supply fans with doubt, based on nothing but their own twisted opinions.
That's why this forum is so appreciated, regular fans can vent , provide conjecture , faith in future, and their own ideas. IMO, Vrabel worked his way out of favor, 1st by the product and the way we were losing, the lack of discipline in penalties, pass coverage, blocking, tackling etc… 2cndly by the predictable play calling, and at times situational poor play calling by OC and DC, which stings because we see it over and over. 3rdly the fact that he ran a good old boys coaching staff, even when they proved underwhelming, was surprised and relieved he canned Auk in season. Obviously that wasn't enough to save him.
Sadly, I really liked Vrabel, he was a great coach and leader, his flaws were mostly loyalty based, I believe he would have benefited from more new age OC with schemes and play calling, not sure how much he interfered with T Kelly, but we all saw what took place through the year.
I wish Vrabel well and hope he learned from this, so in summary, I believe always wanting "his guys" cost the Titans and fans a better lineage of victory under him. I thank him for all his hard work, but agree with AAS in we need more! TITAN UP, Let's go! The future is now.

Jim: Hey Scott. I heard from a lot of fans up in arms about the Titans not trading Vrabel to the Patriots, and what a mammoth missed opportunity that was by Amy. I know they would've pounced if he'd ended up there. Well, as it turned out, the Patriots wanted Jarod Mayo instead – it was written into his contract that he would be Bill Belichick's successor, per Ian Rapoport. It sure quashed the "missed trade opportunity" talk in a hurry.

Gayle Hase from Carrabelle, Florida
Question: Good morning, Jim. Not so much a question as some thoughts after reading Wednesday's mailbag. At first, I was surprised by the negative take on the firing of Titan's head coach Mike Vrabel. But after reflection I can understand that initial reaction though I disagree with it. A different analysis of his tenure might go like this; Mr. Vrabel came into a team loaded with talent that truly was a Super Bowl contender. His first two years cashed in on that attitude and load of talent. Since then, the team has steadily declined and now is in a state of much needed rebuilding. I'm sure there is plenty of blame for ownership and the rest of the front office, but the head coach is the captain of the ship. His continual complaints about errors and effort, especially this season, really started to "rub me the wrong way". Having the team prepared for Sunday is the head coach's job. If he doesn't motivate them who will? I do believe he was hamstrung by the team's seeming dislike of a quality offensive line but if he allowed that to happen or failed to correct that course, I believe that ultimately, he must accept responsibility. Mr. Vrabel seems to be a dedicated and sincere professional and I for one never minded his "surly" disposition. (who wants a nice guy leading a bunch of "warriors"). I wish him well and expect him to find another head coaching position. In that I wish him much success (except when playing the Titans). I feel Ryan Tannehill should retire. It's a young man's sport and much of Vrabel's demise can be blamed on Tannehill's decision making. I will miss Derrick Henry, as fine a running back and human being as I've observed in over six decades of NFL watching. I don't think he will get the respect from the organization he deserves.
I enjoy reading your writings on the Titans and look forward to doing so in the future. I've enjoyed the Titans since their move to Tennessee. Hoping for an entertaining next phase.
On a happier note, a little over a month till "pitchers and catchers report". Perhaps a Dodgers and Cardinals NL Playoff in '24!

Jim: Thanks, Gayle. Fair points, all of them. I'm already ready for baseball! But first the Titans need to find a new coach.

Taz Jones from Valencia, California
Question: Hello Jim. First time writer and want to start by thanking you for keeping us fans informed. I've been a fan since the Rams and Raiders LEFT LA. I've stayed a true fan since they were the Houston Oilers. There have been some good years and quite a few tough years but I've remained supportive through it all...and I will continue to do so. I respect what Vrabel was able to do in his time here, but he needs this firing to become a better coach. 10-15 years ago, he wouldn't have been let go because the record would have been better. Today's game is no longer one where you can rely on strong defense and an 80% run focus offense. If the team wants to consistently challenge the teams that are now consistently in the AFC postseason, we need to evolve. We need new blood that is going to open to new ideas and trends. I wish Vrabel the best wherever he lands next, look forward to some great future victories against his next team, and welcome who's next with open arms. I believe in Ran's experience and vision. I see everyone saying this is a 5-10 year setback and want to jump ship...hope you pack your floaties. This could likely be a 5-8 game set back when you look at cap space, draft position, and the pieces that we already have. Anyways, thank you again for being the voice of our Titans and for hearing out the voices of the fans.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Taz. I've seen plenty from both sides of this. I appreciate your optimism, and I think you make some good points.

Carlos Perez from Columbus, Indiana
Question: Hi Jim, hope all is going well, I was reading Tuesday's mailbag when my son texted me the breaking news. I haven't written you since last offseason when I said we were a contender… but as you have said it, the team underachieved. No hard feelings if I don't make the cut. My comments in quick hits fashion:
1. Want to say thanks to Tannehill, one of the best QBs we have had!
2. Don't want to say thanks to Derrick yet… I still hope he will come back in 2024… a player like him fits any scheme… if the new HC wants to have a good start, he has to tell Ran he needs the King in the team… will see.
3. Thanks a lot to Vrabel, great coach, but having your buddies as assistant coaches is not how you get the most out of your team… hope he learns the lesson, I'm sure he will be signing with another team soon. Will see if he hires Craig Aukerman as special teams coordinator.
4. I trust AAS view… firing Vrabel seems risky, but taking high risks can bring high rewards… time will tell. Titan up!!!

Jim: You made the cut, Carlos! Hope all is well.

Ben Geppert from Richland, Washington
Question: I was a little amazed by the negative reaction to Vrabel's firing. He is a hard nosed coach that keeps his players motivated. They play hard. Problem is they did not play well. Wrong players in wrong positions making the same mistakes over and over again. So whose fault is that? I think he was a bit stubborn and maybe loyal to a fault? How are all these fans so blind; look at the last few years. Horrible offense!!! With no innovation or change. So focused on special teams and they sucked. So I for one am so glad for this change; it was the perfect time. New coach can get the right coaches and players!!! We are gonna always be tough; it is the titans/oilers nature. Remember we even got out toughed a few times over the last few years. Hope we don't over compensate and forget the D.

Jim: I hear ya, Ben. And personally, as I said in here during the course of the season, players playing hard for their coach should be a given. These guys are professional athletes getting paid a lot of money. It's their job to play hard. It's the coach's job to win the games they coach. The Titans have lost too many games around here. Personally, I'm tired of writing about losses.

Kenny Gore from Horse Cave, Kentucky
Question: OK, I've got to say: You are NOT a "Titan Fan" if you are "Leaving/Rooting against the team/Following Vrabel to his new team/Never attending or watching another game as a result of a HC firing. You are a fan of that HC; NOT THE TEAM.
I for one think Vrabel MAY have success at his next stop. However, it was time for change here. He was a good HC for several yrs; however, no one can claim the results of the past 2yrs were acceptable. No matter who you want to blame to exonerate him. I feel like the time is right for this team to finally step into the modern NFL. We all KNOW Vrabel is NOT the type of HC who will be accepting/changing to accommodate that... He is stubborn & set in his ways. He wants to run the ball to limit the exposure of his defensive scheme... And while that may work for a while; we all have seen that more modern teams are winning Titles in the NFL now. Unless you have an absolutely talent laden roster; this old school exotic smash mouth idea of offense, is not winning a SB. Not when other teams are capable of scoring in seconds. And now we have the type of QB that is capable of those kinds of plays as well! Not getting him into a system like that would be criminal!!
Bottom line... There have been a LOT of times I did not agree w/like things about the direction of the team. I hated the Mularkey hiring; but he got us back to the playoffs & changed the culture around the team... Which somehow is always credited to Vrabel. And as much as fans want to act like Vrabel is the sole reason this team has won; he inherited a roster that Mularkey won a playoff game with the yr before! The Vrabel is a genius crowd always seem to ignore these facts; & the facts that the Defensive HC has not fielded consistently good defenses!
I will as always support the team... I may whine & complain if I don't like the hire or the way things are going... However, I am a TITAN FAN! I WILL NOT bug out because they make a move I do not 100% agree w/ or lose a player/coach I like...

Jim: Yeah, I agree Kenny. If you're bailing on the team for parting ways with a coach, you're more of a fan of the coach than the team.

Mark Rivard from Tennessee
Question: Where have these fans been the last 2 seasons? The Titans fell on their face in the playoffs 3 years ago and have been a bottom dweller ever since. I am a firm believer in loyalty. Vrabel was loyal to the players he wanted. If they were not his choice he left them to die on the vine. Lewan was a perfect example of his loyalty issue was after Taylor signed his last contract he was useless and just drawing a massive check. It was past time for Mike to be let go. The NFL stands for Not For Long and Vrabel wore out his welcome. Time for new blood.

Jim: Thanks for writing in, Mark.

Gabriel Briggs from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: I enjoyed reading the previous mailbag and hearing the diverse opinions of my fellow Titans fanbase. I was a season ticket holder from the beginning, and I too gave up my tickets a few years ago because of disillusionment with leadership and decision-making. I do not have a question as much as a statement or comment to reassert my discontentment with ownership. I view the Titans akin to other teams I will not mention but anyone familiar with the game we love will recognize. We are captives of bad and disconnected ownership. As fans we can only hope that the team is sold one day soon and that the bevy of new owners enjoy their prodigious investment and the wealth it provides and know enough about business to understand that football people need to direct football affairs and work in the interest of team building and a product that rewards fans for their loyalty and their own financial investment in the NFL product they support with their hard-earned wages. I am a native and remain an ardent fan of this team and I hope to see changes that matter in the near future. As a footnote, only a fool would not match any contract Henry is offered on the open market.

Jim: Thanks for sharing your opinion, Gabriel.

David Weatherspoon from Memphis, Tennessee
Question: Jim, I have always appreciated your work particularly before you were hired by the Titans. With the current firing of Vrabel, I'm very disappointed with the decision Amy Adams Strunk has made. It appears to be continuing a trajectory of head-scratching decisions. I find this to be similar to the trading of AJ Brown. That was a horrendous mistake, that was infuriating that draft night. Now, the team fires Vrabel whom most believe, including myself, to be a top 3 coach in the league. It's hard to listen to Adams Strunk talk about finding the right coach in the staged interview she did when I and many others believe she just fired the right coach. I'm frankly very disappointed with the Titans and do not see how this decision makes them better going forward.

Jim: Appreciate the feedback, David.

Eli Hamilton from Idaho Hills, Idaho
Question: Hey Jim! I know that there is a lot going on in the organization right now but im going to trust the process with finding the right head coach for this upcoming squad. Im writing to you today about what I think we should do at this upcoming draft, I hope that Ran reads the mailbag and takes this into consideration. I feel that having as much draft picks as possible gives the best opportunity to strike gold on a player. Which leads me to believing that instead of staying at 7 we trade back to 10 or wherever the Vikings currently are picking. Let them pick there quarterback of the future while we get a extra 3rd and 6th round pick then we proceed to draft Rome Odunze out of Washington. I dont think there is many legit free agent Wrs out there this year except for Tee Higgens who is going to be expecting a massive contract. Id rather draft a young wr that is explosive and can create separation then go sign some offensive linemen that have already proven themselves. Thank you for all you do and for your dedication to this program!!

Jim: Appreciate it, Eli.

Darryll Forney from Greencastle, Pennsylvania
Question: Not a question but a comment. I can't believe all of the people who want to jump ship because the head coach was fired. It isn't the first time and certainly won't be the last. I think people need to relax and trust that the Titans will turn this thing around. We have a good young QB to build around so let's give them the chance to do it. I'm pretty excited about the possibilities for next season and can't wait to see what the team looks like. Thanks and TITAN UP!!

Jim: Some things to be excited about for sure, Darryll.

Justin King from Haymond, Kentucky
Question: I don't have much to say other than if the Titans organization does not do absolutely anything and everything period to get Harbaugh from Michigan they blew it when they fired Vrabel. If they think it's not possible, MAKE IT POSSIBLE. Give him anything he wants. History shows young coaches don't win Super Bowls. The veteran coaches always rise up and school the young coaches, with exception of Sean McVay winning with the Rams. Just look at the last 20 to 25 years.

Jim: I'll shoot you straight, Justin: Don't bet on this happening.

Mark Nevar from Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada
Question: You have heard from me before My thinking on Vrabes was he was going to the Patriots maybe not this year but coming up next year he was gone to NE anyway. We Need a fresh start!!!!!!!!!!! im good for the short term..but if he ends up anywhere else than NE ..., i will be pissed. This move will be judged by the he next head coach hiring. Cheers

Jim: Appreciate it, Mark. Vrabel's not going to NE, by the way.

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Question: Hey Jim, while I was shocked by the firing of Vrabel, I refuse to follow the mass "Exodus" by fans who claim to be finished as fans. A team is bigger than any player or coach. Here's the bottom line. The Tennessee Titans haven't really changed in 25+ years. I clearly remember jokes about Eddie on first down, Eddie on second, incomplete pass on third then punt. The team needs a big change and I hope ownership doesn't seek out a new coach to "play Titans football", I hope they bring in a coach to redefine "Titans football". Let's bring the "Air Raid Offense" to Nashville!

Jim: Glad you're not hitting the road, Jack.

Daryl Stjohn from Panama City Beach, Florida
Question: Just got done reading the mailbag on firing of vrabel. i didn't like the move but if you don't win in the NFL you don't coach.its funny to me all those diehards that watched fir 25+ years going to other teams I say later we don't want them here if they think that way. They think the titans are bad there are teams that never have won way worse than what we have in just hoping that we don't keep any of are coaches it's time for someone and something different. Go titans fan always not when we are just winning.

Jim: Have a good one, Darryl.

Carol Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Question: What is in the water in Nashville?? It seems like we just keep making mistake after mistake. The true fans are being tested. I'm beginning to believe our team is like the superstitious story told about Babe Ruth and the Boston Red Sox. I believe our troubles began all the way back to the trade of Steve McNair. Seems like every time it looks like we are close to making it to the Super Bowl again, we get stopped. We have struggled over the years to keep a good head coach, a defensive coordinator, and an offensive coordinator. We are plagued with injuries and some of the trades we have made have not always performed up to expectations. The ones who do excel are traded off. It just makes no sense. Now it seems we are looking at a trifecta of disaster with Henry rumored to walk away, Tannehill is just waiting for his next team and last but certainly not least one of our very best head coaches in years has been fired. It just makes no sense especially in light of the fact we are supposed to have a new stadium. Who is going to fill those new seats if we look like that 3/13 team of a few years back??

Jim: I'll be honest, Carol, I drink a lot of Propel. :) And, I hate to say it, after losing seven straight to end the 2022 season, and finishing 6-11 last year, it gave me flashbacks to those 3-13 days at times.

Marty Redish from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim, it has been interesting reading all of the reactions from our fellow Titans fans to the Vrabel firing. Been a tough year and losing a coach with the persona of Vrabel is scary. Motivator, leader of men, great example of a player, tough guy. With JRob and vrabel we were called the New England patriots of the south. But who wants to be like Belichick and the patriots?! As it turns out it was Brady, not Belichick and the "Patriot Way" that won all those Super Bowls. The smug attitude that was the Patriot way is not some recipe for success. We have our own culture and the Oilers and Titans have been exciting teams to watch with speed and flash and fun instead of the boring product we've been forced to endure recently. So good luck Vrabel wherever you go and thanks for representing us well, and Titan up everybody and get ready for the next chapter. And my question Jim is how much success has Belichick had without Brady?

Jim: It's been interesting to see the feedback, Marty. I know it's been split. Some hated the move, some applauded it. I never want to see coaches get fired, because it impacts so many families – not just Mike's, but all the assistants. But that's the business. I'm not going to throw shade at Belichick. Yes, Brady was a big part of their success, but Belichick has a lot of rings. He qualifies as a "great" coach, no matter what has happened the last few years.

David Templeton from Morristown, Tennessee
Question: I don't understand the firing of Coach Mike. There were several other reasons that they had a losing season. Number one was the play calling was horrible. Adding injured players and an injured QB and then a Rookie QB getting used to everything. It wasn't all the Coaches fault. Getting rid of Jeff Fisher was the first mistake and getting rid of Coach Mike is the second.

Jim: Good to hear from you, David. Mike deserves a lot of appreciation for busting his rear end. The job, and winning, meant a lot to him. It 's not always all the coaches fault, just like it's not always all of the GM's fault. But Vrabel earned his share of the blame for the lack of success.

Luis Macouzet from Victoria, Mexico
Question: I thank you Jim for all your comments made to the fans, I didn't like that they fired our coach either, but after reading all your answers I think you are absolutely right, let's give the answer in time, God bless you greatly...¡¡

Jim: Good idea, Luis!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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