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Weekend Mailbag: From the Pro Bowl, Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


LAS VEGAS – What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

Case in point: This mailbag is now out for all the world to see on the Internet.

It's been a busy week here as four Titans – and the team's coaching staff – have practiced all week leading up to Sunday's Pro Bowl.

Meanwhile, the questions keep rolling in from fans.

You've hit the jackpot with this mailbag …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

John Byars from Austin, Texas
As a Oilers/Titans fan since 1963, and I have seen a lot as a fan, good with the bad. I have one question for the front office: What are the future plans for Logan Woodside? I am not down on RT, I just have a good feeling on him and his future with the team if we don't lose his services to another team. I hope to see him get a chance to play more often. LUV YOU BLUE/TITANS TOO 2022.

Jim: Hey John. This falls into the TBD category. Logan is an exclusive rights free agent, which means the team can keep him if it wants to. My bet is the team will make a tender offer to Woodside, and he'll be in the mix for the No.2 job again in 2022. Coaches continue to be impressed with his work ethic, and his performances in practice.

David Vallee from Storrs, Connecticut
Hi Jim. Huge fan of yours and the Titans. I love reading your answers to all the suffering fans in Tennessee. I would vent but I've accepted the loss and must move on. My question to you sounds a little nutty but it might work: What if we were to inquire a trade to the Atlanta Falcons for Matt Ryan let's say a Ryan for a Ryan and maybe give them a 4th or 5th round draft pick? Both Ryans could use a change of scenery Arthur Smith loves Tannehill It just might work. We already have Julio. Who has a better history with Julio than Matt? To me it makes perfect sense. Anyway, thanks for listening love you man!!

Jim: Hey David. I appreciate it. But I wouldn't bet on this one transpiring. Just can't see it happening. And personally, at this stage, I'd rather have Ryan Tannehill than Matt Ryan.

Dakota Houston from Knoxville, Tennessee
I hope all is well. I was curious on your thoughts of a Jimmy Garoppolo pick up? I know Tannehill is the #1 QB right now, but Garappolo would add great competition. Would you think that is possible if he becomes a FA or do you think it's highly unlikely as he is more of a starter than a second-string competition pusher?

Jim: Hey Dakota. Good to hear from you again. I can't see this happening either. My bet is Garoppolo ends up somewhere as a starter. And again, I'd rather have Ryan than Jimmy G.

John Denson from Franklin, Tennessee
Is there truth to the rumor that Aaron Rodgers is building a house in Franklin?

Jim: Hey John. Jared Stillman of 102.5 The Game is your guy on this. He's thirsty for a scoop, and I guess a high-profile NFL QB buying property in Nashville qualifies this time of year, especially with it being open season on Ryan Tannehill. Does that mean Rodgers is going to end up with the Titans? Well, George Kittle moved to Nashville, and I saw him yesterday here at the Pro Bowl wearing a 49ers helmet. Keep in mind Stillman was selling Tom Brady as a Titan-to-be a week ago before he announced his retirement (Oh, well), and then he changed the subject to a trade for Russell Wilson. Then along came a property deed. I like Stillman, and I find him entertaining on air a good chunk of the time. The guy can talk with the best of them, and I actually agree with some (but certainly not all) of his hot takes. I like how good he was to late Titans GM Floyd Reese, and the Reese family. Heck, I can see and hear Floyd looking down laughing at Stillman trying so hard to sell his Titans QB takes. I noticed him lobbying credit for his Rodgers "scoop" this week on social media, which is something people do when they don't get a lot of scoops. Hey, maybe one day one of the theories/pitches Stillman trumpets on air will one day come to fruition. And maybe Aaron will invite him over once when he settles in to watch a few old episodes of Jeopardy in the offseason. Titans QB possibilities for $800 ...

Marc Ritter from Oneida, Tennessee
Long time Oilers/Titans fan and avid reader of your column. Now with the dust settling and emotions calming down a bit, I can look at this Titans team and see what ails us. Yes, made some really bad decisions, but he made some great throws. That's just who he has been, who he is, and who he's going to be. He's not an Elite level NFL qb, but I think he can take this team to a Superbowl. I think having a more consistent offensive line would go a long way into us getting the best version of Tannehill that we can get. Pass protection was spotty most of the season, although it was getting a little better recently. While Tannehill did regress this year, I think the O-Line was a big part of that early on. Couple that with playing multiple games with very limited receiving options and a new offensive coordinator, it's not a shock he didn't have a great year.
Going forward, I'd like to see the Titans add one or two receiving options, a more dynamic 3rd down back, and some O-Line help. If they can re-sign Landry, and added some DB depth, that'd be a plus. I think addressing the offense is first priority. I'm not sure if Todd Downing is the answer at coordinator, I'm thinking a change would be beneficial. Vrabel is loyal to his guys though, and I give him the edge when it comes to assessing his coordinators.
I'm hopeful next year the Titans can be even better. There's no reason this team shouldn't be a 12 to 14 win team. We've been hammered by injuries and we overcame a lot. I think this team is still on the right track, and next year we'll be talking about a Titans Super Bowl appearance! Okay, Columbia Blue tinted glasses are off now. :D

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Marc.

Mark Scruggs from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. This is a friend of yours' and your Dad. This is not so much a question but a statement of support. I am all for sticking with Ryan Tannehill. He has taken the Titans farther than any quarterback that we have had since Steve McNair. I was at the Bengals game and sure he had a bad game but so did Aaron Rodgers and a bunch of other so called "elite" quarterbacks that weekend. Just look at how the great Patrick Mahomes played (vs the Bengals). He has given us so many exciting moments the last three years that we should not give up on him now. He just needs more practice with his first team receivers and the new OC. There is no doubt that he can lead the team to the Super Bowl and I hope that when he does it will prove all the doubters wrong. Looking forward to 2022 like never before. Thanks to entire team for their hard work and the excitement you give us every Sunday!!

Jim: Hey Mark. Good to hear from you. I'll tell my dad you said hello. I appreciate you weighing in. It's been wild, some of the venom hurled toward Tannehill after the season. Based on my mentions and emails, I get the sense a lot of folks are done with him. I get tired of seeing some of the negativity to be honest, because I remember the 2-14 and 3-13 days so well, and the franchise has come such a long way over the years. I get fans are frustrated. I can promise you the coaching staff, the front office and the players are even more frustrated. But it's good to see folks like you taking the time to pledge support for Ryan because I mostly hear from those wanting to bash him, which they have every right to do if they want. Again, I get folks being upset, and there's no denying the fact Ryan hurt the team in the playoffs. He picked a bad day to have a bad day. But I still think he's a better option than a lot of the other options out there.

Michael Miles Sr. from LaVergne, Tennessee
Jim, I have enjoyed reading all the people that have written to you and your response to them. The last game hurt, in more ways than one. My wife, son, daughter in law, and I have each got a seat for regular season. For the playoffs we could only get two of the four seats, don't understand why, but when we got to the game we had two Bengals fans next to us, in my wife's seat and mine. Come to find out they both are Titan season ticket holders but are from Cincinnati and just wanted them to win. Also we had to watch our team give the Bengals at least six points on turn overs. We will be back next year same seats for each game come sun rain or snow. Just want to say I am really tired of hearing all the fans saying we will never get there, to the SB, if they don't think so go somewhere else. Thanks for all you do.

Jim: Titans season ticket holders flipping to the Bengals?!? Oh man, that's tough to hear. I guess loyalty and home ties run deep, but who dey? OK, you don't have to name names… 😊

Matt Montanaro from Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
I am a life-long Oilers/Titan Fan. In all honesty, I am becoming so increasingly frustrated with the overall state of this franchise. It seems that we just can't get into the upper echelon of NFL franchises. Hell, I can't even find Titan merchandise up here most of the time. I think a big part of it is the fact that every time we are on the verge of gaining the respect we deserve, we fumble - case in point this year again vs. the Bengals. I have tried hard to figure it out. I think Vrabel is a great coach but I also think that he is reluctant to bring star assistant coaches on staff for fear of losing grip or dare I say - recognition. It seems that he brings in the average coaches because he knows he can outshine them or control them. Todd Downing is taking a lot of heat right now and rightfully so. He got severally outcoached. How can we be surprised? He didn't have a proven track record and he was a suspect hire in the first place. Could this be Vrabel protecting himself? I move on to Tannehill. I think there is one glaring fault in Tannehill. I watched him on the sidelines when things were not going well and he didn't have the face of determination. Crap - there were times when he was smiling. Focus man - you need to step up if you want to be paid the bucks. He didn't have the win at all costs killer instinct. On the flip side, Burrows had it and it proved to be the difference. If ownership is looking to win then they need to find the intangibles and bring them on board. If they don't see that then we are doomed to be in the bottom of the barrel of the NFL hoping for a miracle season that brings us to a Super Bowl victory. It is time for management to look deep and hard and figure out what the Titans want to be.

Jim: C'Mon, Matt. Can't get in the upper echelon of NFL franchises? No, the Titans haven't won a Super Bowl. But the franchise has produced six straight winning seasons, has been to the playoffs three years in a row and four of the last five years, has won back-to-back AFC South titles, and is just a few years removed from making it to the AFC Championship Game. The Titans were the top-seeded team in the playoffs in 2021 based off their regular season, when they produced 12 wins. You make it sound like the Titans are bottom feeders. There's not an "s" in Burrows, but I'm giving this take an L…

Jon Kerlikowske from Franklin, Tennessee
Hi Jim. I know J-Rob is at the Senior Bowl from your Tuesday post. Do the Titans send representatives to the East-West Shrine game? Thanks!

Jim: Hey Jon. Well, Jon was actually at the East-West practices before he went to Mobile, and the Titans had representatives at the game, too.

Steve Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
Hey there Jim, I know Pro Bowl games aren't official Tennessee Titans games but do you think the Pro Bowl is Todd Downing's do or die game?

Jim: Um, no.

Troy Patterson from Iowa Falls, Iowa
Hi Jim. That was a disappointing end to the season. I really felt 2019 and this year was there best chance to get to the Super Bowl. Last year it was the defense that held them back and this year it was the offense. I know they dealt with a lot of injuries but I also think the play calling held them back. I like Tannehill just not sure if can get us over the hump, his decision making on some of his throws I would expect some rookie QBS to make. I look at the likes of Mahomes, Allen, Burrows, and Herbert they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Looking at next year's schedule the Titans have to face all 4 of those QBS. I do think management needs to start to address the QB position sooner rather than later knowing that Tannehill is probably will be gone after next year. They have an aging OL, Henry I believe will under contract after next year also at his position not sure how many more years he will play? Maybe if they were not so run oriented and have to carry so much of the workload he might be able to get a few more years. What are their chances of resigning Foreman? Kern I would guess is on the verge of retiring and not sure if Bullock is the answer for long term kicker. Have a great off season!

Jim: Hey Troy. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I welcome the feedback here. As for your questions, I suspect the Titans will try and keep D'Onta, but I'm curious myself what his market might look like. We'll see what happens with the kicking game. I'm not ready to bid farewell to Kern yet – he's still performing well, and he's a great guy. I like him being on the team.

Leonard Torres from Mexico, CDMX
Hola Jim. I'm a Mexican Oiler/Titan huge fan since 1989, and will always be with all my heart, I feel we're so close to achieve that goal, but just want to know what went wrong, from your point of view? What's the key to achieve that SB goal we dream, thank you Jim y QUE VIVA TITANES!!!!! Saludos desde México!!!!

Jim: Gracias Leonard! What went wrong: It's pretty simple in my mind. The Titans sabotaged their chances with turnovers and mistakes. These playoff games oftentimes come down to a handful of plays that determine a game. The Titans didn't make those plays, and the Bengals did. The Chiefs, Bills and 49ers, along with the Packers, also failed to make plays in games that ended their season. The Titans need to make those plays in the clutch next postseason, and they can't afford to turn the ball over. I've defended Tannehill in here because I don't think the loss was all on him. Some other things contributed to the defeat. But there's no doubt QB play in that game wasn't as good as it needed to be, and in the playoffs, the best players need to play their best.

Patrick Eichholtz from Sunrise, Florida
Hello Jim. I don't have a question. I just want to thank you for your fair and level-headed coverage of Ryan Tannehill. I am a Dolphins fan of 40+ years and was sorry to see Ryan go. I am of the opinion he was never given the tools (i.e, OL) in Miami to reach his full potential and suffered from ignorant writers and critics who think "Dan Marinos" grow on trees. High bar to live up to indeed. It remains to be seen how high Ryan's ceiling is. I hope for him and everyone in TN it's a Super Bowl win. Regardless of the outcome, it has been refreshing following your coverage of him and this team. South Florida, unfortunately, has many, not all, writers who care more about self-promotion and use manufactured controversy and hype to further their agenda rather than solid and reasoned assessment to provide honest feedback about the Phins and Ryan Tannehill. You have always been fair and called him out when he deserved it but never emotional or irrational, even in the lowest of times. As I suffer for Ryan Tannehill, because I do care about him as a human being, I am grateful for you and your fair ongoing assessment. God bless you, Jim, and thank you. It means a lot to this long suffering Dolphins fan.

Jim: Hey Patrick. I appreciate this email, and the comments. Some might call me a Tannehill homer, but there is a human side to this, and I hate it when things turn ugly, and get personal. I remember when the late Steve McNair was loudly booed during the season opener back in 1999, the Super Bowl season, when he returned to the game – against the Bengals – after being injured. Mac caught a lot of grief early in his career, and it also got ugly. He was able to settle in and become one of the franchise's most popular players. I can't say for sure what's going to happen with Ryan moving forward, from his long-term status with the team, to his play. But the guy has won a lot of games during his time in Tennessee, and I guarantee you he feels worse than anyone about the way the season ended for him, and the team.

David Hosein from Surbiton, England
Hi Jim. Like most bitterly disappointed that one and done in post season. After the injury troubles of last season everything looked good - defence looking strong and a healthy team but not be.
Having read the mail over last two editions I wanted to answer a few comments. As lot of Monday quarterbacks.
Vabrel was criticised for taking points off board but it was a non play so he only had option of kicking 5 yards closer or play from 1 yard. I have no issues with call and you cannot use what happened to prove it was wrong as events change.
One assumes after Foreman's long run he needed a breather and same might be true of Henry. So likely it was a stop gap play. I don't believe Downing called a play where Tannehill throws at an unblocked Bengal! I do think at 9 yard line you should be throwing in end zone or inside 5 not a flat route.
On the 3rd and 1. Vabrel said it was an option play. Multiple times over last 2 years that play was run for TD or first downs and I don't think it's been unsuccessful. Unfortunately Tannerhill chose wrong. There were 3 lineman in middle, 2 on Lewan and 1 on TE and middle line backer 7 yards deep. So perfect for sneak or Henry up middle. The OL blocked perfectly for a middle run but the DE stayed home and broke the play.
The next play was a mess.
Anyway this year is done.
Defensively things look very good. A young secondary that surely will be even better next year and a tough front. I expect Brown and Evans won't be here so depth needed.
Offensively some more WR/TE fire power. With AJ on field we went 11-3 with him missing 1-3. Though I'm not a fan of signing high priced free agents so draft real speed and TE with presence.
Road starts here for Super Bowl in 2023

Jim: Way to send us out, David!

Have a great Pro Bowl weekend everyone!

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