Wednesday's Training Camp Notebook

Quick Hits from Camp

• The Titans had a special teams practice Wednesday morning that was closed to the public.  The practice was outside and thanks to the recent rain storms was in very comfortable temperatures.

• Wednesday night's practice was also closed to the public.  It was originally scheduled to take place at LP Field, but was moved inside the Titans indoor practice facility due to the afternoon rainstorms.

• Tonight's practice was very lively, as both sides of the ball were playing with high intensity and constant competitive banter was being tossed around.

• Kerry Collins had a nice practice, as he connected on a couple of long touchdown passes during the team periods.

• At one point during practice, the offensive and defensive lines both left the bubble to do some work on the outdoor practice fields.

• Alvin Pearman made one of the more eye-catching plays of practice as he made a diving one-handed catch in the end zone with tight coverage from the defense.  The catch drew a lot of attention from his offensive teammates.

Off the field Q&A with Raheem Brock

What is your favorite thing about Nashville?

"The people, they are definitely different from up north—people aren't all that friendly up north.  Other than that, I haven't really had an opportunity to go anywhere yet."

What did you do during the offseason?

"I took my kids to Jamaica.  It was their first time going and they had fun."

Favorite hobby off the field?

"Off the field I just work on my record label, Be Smooth Entertainment.  Other than that, I work with my restaurants, my foundation (Brock's Kids) and play Xbox."

What are your plans after football?

"Just what I've been doing in the offseason.  I have my record label and artists that I work with and my businesses that I run.  I like to thank the community, so I plan on doing a lot of community work."

Who's your favorite musical artist?

"My all-time favorite is Biggie Smalls and then Jay-Z after that."

What's your favorite vacation spot?

"Dominican Republic"

Kobe or LeBron?


What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

"Inception, it was real good—crazy movie."

If you were on a reality television show, what would it be?

"Probably For the Love of Ray J, but it'd be For the Love of Raheem"

What is in your refrigerator right now?

"Gatorade, bottled water and fruit."

Jeff Fisher Quotes

(on whether the New Orleans Saints are trendsetters by trying an onside kick in the Super Bowl)

I know Pittsburgh did it in the Super Bowl against Dallas.  It's available and you see it.  We prepare for it on every kickoff.  Coaches are going to look and scheme things up and see if they can have an opportunity to gain possession.  We had three or four against the Colts four or five years ago.  There were other reasons for that, but it is an effective tool.  Clearly the Saints felt like they had an opportunity based on what they had seen.

(on Jason Babin's performance with William Hayes sidelined)

Well, he worked real hard during the offseason.  His reps have been helpful.  I'm a little bit concerned that he might be getting too much.  He's Kyle-like (Vanden Bosch) in that he is a full-speed player, so at some point you have to watch his reps.

(on whether Jason Babin is benefiting from the extra work)

Well he is comfortable in our system.  He fits the system very well.  At this point, I think he understands everything that we are doing and knows exactly how we want to do it.

(on whether the new position of the umpire had any effect on the Titans game)

We didn't have any issues in our ballgame to speak of.  The officiating department is going to look at it and see if there needs to be any modifications after a couple of weeks.

Daily Trivia Question(answer on Tuesday, August 16)

How many current Titans players have played in LP Field as a visiting player?

Tuesday's Question:

How many current Titans own Super Bowl rings?

Answer: Four, Chris Hope (Pittsburgh-2005), Jake Scott (Indianapolis-2006), Nate Washington (Pittsburgh-2005 and 2008) and Raheem Brock (Indianapolis-2006). 

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