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Wednesday Mailbag: Titans Fans React to the Firing of HC Mike Vrabel


NASHVILLE – Mike Vrabel is out as head coach for the Tennessee Titans.

Now, the search will begin for his replacement.

The reaction came in fast and furious after Tuesday's news.

Some hated it, some celebrated it.

I'll do my best to reply to some of the questions, and comments, although I know some wrote in just to vent.

Let's go …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Randy Wilson from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: Thank you for all you do. I have been reading you for decades, since your time at the Tennessean.
I have been a Titans fan since they were called the Tennessee Oilers. I rooted for them when they were in Memphis counting down to the day that we would be able to support them in our city, Nashville, TN.
One of my best friends watched Steve McNair in person at Titans stadium, after loud boos, come back on the field and single-handedly put the team on his back. He made unreal plays and sacrificed his body to beat the Bengals 36-35. McNair became my favorite sports figure that Sunday, and I became among the Titans suggest fan. From that moment on, I rarely missed a snap.
That was a day I will never forget. So is January 8, 2024, but for much different reasons.
We had the best coach in the NFL, one who, with some support from an arrogant and deceitful front office, could have won championships for this town. He was the Coach of the Year in 2021. He often won games we didn't have the personnel to win. On January 8th, he became unemployed.
Not for long though.
We had a roster that competed despite an O line that was weak, depleted and injured the entire season. He had an oft injured qb, and then a rookie qb for the whole season.
We as a fan base were disappointed in the season but knew that we had found a potential franchise QB, a solid core defense, the best coach in the NFL, and hope. Hope for the future.
That hope is not only gone, the reality is that I hate the Titans today, and I will never, not ever, root for the titans again.
I don't care if the Titans go to the Super Bowl next year, which isn't very likely. I have rooted for the Titans for the last time.
I will root against them with more fervor than I rooted against Tom Brady and the Patriots, and that's a lot. I will root for whatever team Mike Vrabel ends up coaching for, even if it IS the Patriots.
I hate the Titans almost as much as I hate the insanity going on in our city, and our country. It might just be a reflection of that. God forbid we have a coach that demands excellence from his players, and character from the people he surrounds himself with. That asks for accountability and responsibility from those he chooses to associate with.
We wouldn't want a coach that is called a "leader of men" by the very people who play for him. Would we? Why WOULDNT we fire the head coach that players say makes them want to run through brick walls for him?!
Yesterday , I loved the Titans, and was excited about what the future held. Today, I hate the Titans with every fiber of my being. I assure you, I am NOT alone. Not by a long shot.
Thanks for your time Jim. I know you are an "team" guy now, and can't voice your true opinion anymore, and that's sucks. But I'll do it for you because I know you must feel the same way. And thank you for all you have done for "the fans". Or former fans.

Jim: Hi Randy. First off, thanks for reading all these years. Time has flown by since I started covering this franchise way back in 1999, sporting bangs and a mullet. I was a young man then. In the 25 years since, I've seen a lot, from hirings and firings to wins and losses to untimely deaths of players, coaches and others in the organization. I go back to the Bud Adams, Steve McNair, Eddie George days. In the last part of your submission, you noted I'm a "team guy" now, and that's true. And, because of that, there are things I know I can't say, or I might get fired like Mike Vrabel. But I always try to be honest, and don't try and "spin" things, like some think, or suggest, I do. So, here's a little bit of what I'm thinking after this news: I like Mike Vrabel. I think he's a good football coach, and a good man. He's as competitive, and wants to win, as much as anyone I've ever been around. He's a great teacher, demands excellence from his players, and he's widely respected because he's earned it. He's been an upstanding member of the community, doing a lot of great things off the field. He has a great family. He's had success here on the football field, and I truly think if he'd kept his job, there's a good chance he could have righted the ship. And, as irritable as he appeared to be, I always thought his intentions were good, and he wasn't the jerk he might've looked like at times. He's just wound tight, and he's all about football and winning. He'll be missed by a lot of people around here. I also think he'll get another job, and predict he'll do well. With all that said, he wasn't perfect, and I think he'd admit it. And, when I caught wind this move was taking place, I can't say I was shocked, because I get it. The Titans have lost 18 of the last 24 games under his watch. I've said in this mailbag many times this season the team underachieved. Instead of winning close games on a consistent basis, his teams had been finding ways to lose them. The Titans have led the NFL in players used the past few years because of all the injuries, something Vrabel, or the franchise, hasn't been figured out. Yes, it's football, and I know guys get hurt, but it's been at a dizzying pace. And, let's face it, as much as prior GM Jon Robinson has been bashed around here since his departure, he gave Vrabel and his staff a roster in 2021 that was the AFC's No.1 seed, and built to win the Super Bowl. Under Vrabel's watch, that didn't happen. Take the easy route and blame it on Tannehill for the three picks, but that Titans team blew a golden opportunity and should've won the Super Bowl. For one reason or another, things have spiraled down since. Last offseason, Vrabel made some changes on his staff, he had more of a say in the roster building, and things didn't get better. Now, the franchise heads into the offseason with a boatload of cap space, and a high draft pick. If Amy Adams Strunk had decided to give Vrabel another year and didn't get the desired results in 2024, and then decided to fire him at that point, then the franchise would've spent all that money and picks for a new coach who might have a different plan. I think about all this, while acknowledging there might also be some other behind the scenes things that led to the divorce. I get right now a lot of fans, like yourself, are frustrated and upset, unsure about what's next. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have some concerns moving forward, and, as you mentioned, I work for the team. But I'm keeping the faith. And, before you abandon ship, as someone who has followed sports and stayed loyal to all my childhood teams, I can only suggest that you sit back and see who the next coach is, and give him a chance like you gave Jeff Fisher, Mike Munchak, Ken Whisenhunt, Mike Mularkey, or Mike Vrabel. Some of these past hirings, of course, didn't work at all. But I do know some good candidates are out there, and I can guarantee you the owner and Ran Carthon and everyone else around here wants to win. No one is happy with where the franchise is right now, but the optimist in me can envision better days ahead. I can't make any promises about what's going to happen next, because no one knows for sure. The NFL is full of surprises. Did you have the Texans winning the AFC South this year after finishing 3-13-1 a year ago? All I can say is hang in there, Randy, and thanks for writing in.

Chad Bamsch from Gallatin, Tennessee
Question: Hello Mr Jim. Appreciate all that you do for the team. Something I don't understand is why constantly firing a coach is going to make the team better when it only hurts the team because they have to put faith and trust in another leader. What's your thoughts on this seems like it ruins the momentum?

Jim: I get the concern. Best case scenario is you get a guy like Bill Belichick or Mike Tomlin or John Harbaugh or Pete Carroll and you stick with them through the ups and downs. The Titans had that in Jeff Fisher, and they're still looking for that in a new coach. For a while I thought that guy was going to be Vrabel myself. He had six years. Now, it's someone else's turn.

Mary Holleman from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Question: My husband and I are totally ticked at the firing of coach Vrabel!!!!! It was not his fault that he had to deal with injured players!!! I'm not even sure we'll watch them anymore!! Please pass this on...

Jim: Will pass along, Mary.

Greg Stauffer from Charlotte, North Carolina
Question: Hey Jim, as always love your work, I check it out everyday! Wow! Varbel firing is big deal. But I have a completely different view on the Titans situation. I am originally from St Louis MO. I watched the St. Louis Cardinals move to AZ. I watched the St. Louis Rams move LA. Both with what I would classify as greedy bad owners! So the Titans fans are absolutely blessed to have a great owner in AAS. Her decision on Vrabel may be great or it may not. Time will tell. Bottom line AAS is invested in Nashville and that is the most important thing. I am excited about the future for the Titans. Promising young QB, great draft positions, lots of cap space, new stadium on the way, and a new coach and staff coming. Titans fans relax, have faith! BTW I am a retired LTC and the Leadership is a combat multiplier. AAS showed decisive leadership! TITAN UP!

Jim: Appreciate it, Greg. A lot of opinions in here, and love hearing all sides.

Morris Lewis from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: Not a question, but a statement: I'm not renewing my season tickets. I am a charter season ticket holder whose name is on the big board of the people who bought PSLs back in 1999/2000, so this is a big deal. I have stuck with the Titans through some pretty lousy coaches, and now they fire a guy who is going to be listed among the greats someday. The team never gave up on him - as the last few games have proven. Amy Strunk can run her team the way she sees fit, but I am not going to waste $3000+/year on tickets and who knows how much for PSLs in the new stadium. Thanks for listening, Jim.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Morris. My parents (Randall and Kay Wyatt) are on the big board at Nissan Stadium, too.

Stephen Turner from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: A big Titans fan here and I am greatly saddened by the coaching change.
Do the Titans really believe they are going to get an upgrade from Mike Vrabel?
This will be a very difficult decision to explain if it does not work out for them.
I sincerely hope it does and that there is a plan ready to go, but it's hard to understand why they'd make such a quick decision.

Jim: Time will tell, Stephen. Again, I like Vrabel. But let's not ignore the fact the franchise has won two playoff games in the past six years. The owner wants more, and I get it. If the Titans whiff on this hiring, you're right, it's going to set the franchise back.

Jeffery Raney from Pittsburg, Texas
Question: First off thank you Jim for your reporting I think you do a great job of being discreet when needed and sharing when its appropriate. I would like to thank Mike for his work and dedication to the Titans. Mike will land on his feet and be a great head coach if not sooner or later. I was wondering what this means for the rest of the coaching staff? I did not really agree with Mike's apparent reluctance to hire from outside the organization key coaching positions and coordinator positions. I hope whoever the organization hires that they are open to new ideas when changes need to be made.

Jim: Appreciate it, Jeffery. The assistant coaches remain under contract. The next head will have the option of retaining them if he chooses. The coaches will also have the option to take another job if one is offered. I suspect some will stay, but most will go elsewhere, because that's usually the way it goes.

Nico Beckers from Bonn, Germany
Question: Hi Jim. I just read that the Titans fired Vrabel and I am pretty shocked! I was totally expecting him to be back (the other thing I was pretty sure about is, that we would let Tannehill go (even though I liked him a lot as our QB, but it looks like we have a pretty good, young and fresh replacement in Levis and that's the business part of the game) and I thought the most surprising thing that could happen would be, that we wouldn't resign king Henry. Now I'm very pessimistic about the Titans' future. Being a fan for a long time now, I feel like Vrabel was the first apt HC we had since Fisher (and I liked Vrabel a lot more). Now I am afraid that it will take us another 10 years until we find a good HC again, while Vrabel will beat us with his new team (that just needs a better Oline than ours). Maybe I should just switch to whoever hires Vrabel (most likely a joke :) but that's how much I am disappointed by that move). Hopefully Amy's vision comes true, but I'm not seeing it right now. Best regards.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Nico. I get the o-line was bad, and it needs to be better. Let's not ignore the fact Vrabel was responsible for putting the starting five out there, and involved in the construction of the group during the offseason. Not saying it's all his fault it has underperformed, but he's not completely innocent in all this. Just saying.

Beau Siddens from Covington, Indiana
Question: Jim. Thank you for a great year. Just heard about Vrabes. I know it's business and I would bet 14M he will be going to New England in less than a month. If Carthon doesn't resign Henry, I don't know if I will continue to be a Titans fan any longer. I know Henry is expensive, but he has also earned a career spot on this team. I want to root for a team that has a core belief system, which I believe they have since Vrabel showed up. I'm very discouraged at the news. Who would you like to see take his place?
Thanks again for all you do for us fans and potentially former fans.

Jim: I need to see the list of potential candidates first, Beau.

Leonard Cooke from Jacksonville, Florida
Question: Oohhhh My God!! I can't believe what I just read. Amy has decided to relegate the Titans to the bottom of the AFC south for the foreseeable future by firing Vrabel. It was bad enough that they let Brown go, then Byard. Now they're letting coach go and will follow that with Tannehill and Henry. I used to think she was a great owner. That ship has sailed. Good luck filling that billion dollar stadium with the mediocre team they'll be fielding for the next few years. I for one won't renew my season tickets after 27 years. I just can't justify thousands of dollars of spending for constant disappointment. On the plus side Jim, you won't have me railing through you anymore. Thanks so much for the forum and honest reporting you've given us for almost 3 decades. You've been one constant in this organization.

Jim: Hey Leonard. Well, the Titans are currently at the bottom of the AFC South after a terrible, underachieving season, that's for sure. We'll see where things go from here.

Tom Angora from Rochester, New York
Question: Jim you have an honest assessment that the team underachieved this year and there were sure some days where it was upsetting to watch the team make the same mistakes repeatedly. That said moving on from Vrabel is risky at best. I am along for the ride regardless but I hope the vision includes a wide open offense and Will Levis being unleashed. Still just in disbelief because Vrabel's teams played hard and were in most every game.

Jim: I agree, it's risky, Tom. The easiest thing would have been to keep Mike Vrabel. This could turn out to be a bad move that sets the franchise back. But there's no way to know for sure. Remember, after the NFL Draft, this mailbag was filled with folks ripping Will Levis, and the team for picking him. Same goes for some of the media ripping the decision to fire Vrabel right now. Nine months later, most folks are in agreement Levis was a great pick, and is a guy worth building a team around. Let's see how things play out.

Richard Colestock from St. Cloud, Florida
Question: Hi again, Jim. I just had to write in one more time about losing the HC
I think Mike Vrabel was, is and always will be a class act and from sitting here and the only reason he is gone is due to excessive player injuries and burnout, both of which created the losing record over the last two seasons.
He needs to take a year off....and come back strong.
I wish him, Derrick and Tannehill all the best.
Have a really good off-season Jim, we all appreciate what you do for us Titans fans!!

Jim: This offseason, as predicted the other day, is going to be wild, Richard.

Scott Weaver from Brownsville, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim hope all is well, just heard the news on Mike Vrabel I like Mike just felt he was a little stubborn with his assistant coaching decisions, but I wish him well and no doubt will be a head coach on another team in 24. i really hope they can bring in a coach now who can help develop Levis, I really see franchise QB with him just need to work on a few things. Def need to get the Oline fixed and speed at WR. I dont think the cupboard is empty but a lot of uncertainty right now but I am an optimist that this team can turn it around quick and compete in 24, AKA the Texans this year. Well Titan UP and be well.

Jim: Appreciate it, Scott.

Jeffery Moore from Sparta, Tennessee
Question: Hello Jim i heard that the team is let Mike go I had an idea maybe Amy or somebody would be interested in asking Eddie George to come back to the team as head coach I mean he is one of the reason we went to the Super Bowl over 20 years ago both him and Steve McNair I know he head coach for tsu right now but I think he might be a good coach. Thank you. Jeff

Jim: Everyone loves Eddie, but don't bet on this happening, Jeffery.

Diego Valladares from Pass Christian, Mississippi
Question: Well, well, well……here we go again. Good ole titans ownership crapping the bed again. I've been a fan of this team since I was 7 years old watching McNair, George, and Wycheck. I'm 31 now. 24 years I've been around thru thick and thin. All the changes. And all of the mediocrity. Then Vrabel came along and changed everything. We were a hard nosed team that was exciting to watch. Sure there were some frustrating things but overall the dude brought a punch you in the mouth culture that we needed and was fun to get behind. Now he's fired? He's hung out to dry because of stupid JRob that hamstrung us with dead money contracts? How are we supposed to put a team together with no money? Those are logical questions though. Something this ownership has never cared about. It's clear that they are totally fine with being a cannon fodder team for the NFL. A team that's never going to go anywhere and will consistently be mediocre. When I say I'm done with this team and franchise please don't think "good riddance". I know it's just football and I understand it's a business but this has been the hardest team to be a fan of. This team will never have a die hard fanbase like the eagles, steelers, or packers because of this non sense. Enjoy whats left of your fat and docile fanbase that is okay with this crap product you're building. I'm sick and tired of being let down by this ownership and team year after year. I'll be a fan of whatever team Vrabel goes to. I hope he goes to a division rival and kicks the Titans ass twice a year.

Jim: I get the frustration, Diego. It's obvious you're not alone. But, as you said, you've been a fan since you were seven years old. I don't understand now rooting against your team because of this.

Neil McGeehan from County Derry, Ireland
Question: Jim, if social media is anything to go by, the mailbag will be full of mass hysteria this week!! My opinion is that Vrabel's time had just run its course. Got to AFC game & had a great chance to make a Superbowl but fell short & the team has got worse each year since. I am great believer in having no sentiment with sport, yes fans can have heroes & fav players but time moves on. Some fellow Titans fans are going to have to come to terms with that pretty quick!

Jim: You're right, Neil, the mailbag is filled with emotions. Keep reading below for more. But I appreciate the passion.

Vickie Richardson from Elizabethton, Kentucky
Question: Why fire the best coach we ever had? I am so mad about this, the team & coach was working on winning. We would have been there soon. I don't know if I will support the Titans after this. Thank you.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Vickie.

Barb Bolen from Old Hickory, Tennessee
Question: What are the Titans thinking?? Vrabel was coach of the year and took us to consecutive playoffs, I know we didn't make it to super bowl and that is the first think to everyone's mind. Also, are they getting rid of Derrick Henry so the can win a super bowl for someone else?
What are the Titans thinking? .....Derrick can't do his job if he doesn't have the offense line and Vrabel can't do his job without the proper team. I am disgusted with the Titans right now.

Jim: I hear ya, Barbara. Vrabel's fate has been decided, but too early to know on Derrick, though.

Grant Teckmeyer from Omaha, Nebraska
Question: Hope you are doing well my friend! I trust you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! Before I get to my question, I wanted to let you know my wife and I had the privilege of attending the Falcons-Titans game this season and we had a fantastic time and got to enjoy a great game, a Titans win, and a spectacular debut from Will Levis. Very memorable! Well, this news was a shocker. I, for one, am disappointed to see Mike Vrabel fired. It's my belief that he deserved another season to build around Will Levis behind an improved o-line and some added weapons. Unfortunately, Amy Adams Strunk saw it differently. My question is this: why was Ran Carthon answering questions by himself today with the press? To me, Strunk should have been there with him, helping lead by answering some of those tough but necessary questions. Thanks again for all you do Jim. I hope your Commodores can make it back to Omaha this summer!

Jim: That's a fair question, and I know others have raised it as well. I can't speak for the owner, but she did put out a statement and did an interview with Mike Keith. If I still worked at The Tennessean, I acknowledge I probably would want to speak to her as well. But there's just too much unsettled business right now, so I'm sure that's part of the reason. Hope all is well, Grant, and I hope to see you again in Omaha in June!

Morgan Reynolds from Melbourne, Australia
Question: Updated question after the firing of Mike Vrabel.
Hi again mate, what a crazy thing seeing Mike Vrabel fired. Sometimes the soap opera of modern professional sports is more confusing than my five year old's attempts at explaining spongebob. I hope the next chapter of the Titans can be more consistent and stable, because while it had been looking good, something was never quite right. I really fear that Derrick Henry will not pull on the two tone blue again in 2024, and while that will break my heart, I hold onto some hope that the new coach and office will keep him on. Anyhow, it must be a strange time for everyone at Titans, but where there is hope there is happiness. Cheers, Morgan

Jim: Cheers, Morgan.

John Mellos from Montreal, Québec
Question: Hello Jim. Damn... I really don't know how to begin to describe how I am feeling right now. Shocked and deflated are a couple words that come to mind. I have been a die hard and blindly loyal Titans fan for the past 20 years. I have been there through the good times and the bad times, and every Sunday I don the team colours and feel a great sense of pride to be a fan of the Titans. (One of very few in the province of Quebec) And I will continue to do so for many years to come. When I think back on the past 20 or so years many proud moments come to mind. Steve McNair winning the MVP, Vince Young's miraculous comeback against the Giants, Chris Johnson going over 2K, Marcus Mariota catching his own touchdown pass and leading that comeback victory against the Chiefs, just to name a few. But in those 20+ years I don't think anything has brought me more pride as a fan than to call Mike Vrabel our coach. He brought me my favourite years of the Titans and some of the gutsiest wins I have ever seen. He brought a certain swagger to the Titans that had me believe that we could win any game we played, even with half the roster on IR and a moldy piece of Swiss cheese for an offensive line. I just can't believe it's over so soon. And while I trust that ownership has a better understanding of what the team needs than I do and while I'm looking forward to seeing what we do with this rebuild. For the moment, I can't help but look back on the past few years fondly and wonder if we've just made a terrible mistake.

Jim: I appreciate the passion, John. The past few years have actually been rough in my mind, and that's why we're here. Hopefully things will improve in time, and with a good hire.

Robert Hines from Cookeville, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim, I can only imagine what your inbox must be like. Thank you for taking the time and effort to keep us informed.
I guess I do not really have a question as the shock is still reverberating. So Coach Vrabel is Coach of the Year two years ago, and now he is expendable?
Which ever team gets him is a winning organization, which we are obviously not.
I'm donating my colllection of jerseys, etc. I give up, I've supported this team for 30+ years. Enough! At least make a weak effort to give your fans hope.

Jim: I hear ya, Robert, but you said it: Mike Vrabel was coach of the year two years ago. The Titans have gone 7-10 and 6-11 since. I know he didn't have the league's most talented roster, but it's a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league. In time, this decision will go down as a really bad decision, or a good one. Right now, it's all open to opinions, and we're seeing plenty.

Bob Leonardi from Luzerne, Pennsylvania
Question: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and her name is Amy Adams Strunk. Thank you for my belated Xmas present in firing Mike Vrabel. One question: What took so long? Now we can get this team back to what it once was. Respected and feared.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Bob.

Terry Rogers from Bowling Green, Kentucky
Firing Mike Vrabel as the head coach of the Titans was just plain dumb. He is one of the best coaches in the NFL in my opinion and the Titans keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
Blaming Coach Vrabel for the Titans record this season is not good football sense nor is it good business sense. As a foundation season ticket holder I have hung in there with my Titans since the beginning at Nissan Stadium. I plan to continue to do so. But I am getting tired of the executive Suite making dumb decisions. I know that as a fan there's a lot I am not privy to but firing a top level coach is simply dumb and there is no better way to put it.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Terry.

Benny Peterson from Erwin, Tennessee
Question: Hallelujah, one year to late on firing the worst coach in the nfl, stubborn, bullheaded, afraid to go outside of his control, its going to be all about me thinking, thats what it gets you in modern day football as in life. the worst judge of talent whether it be by drafting or free agent signings or other means iv'e ever seen, people blame the gm on all this but you know the head coach has a say so on drafting etc.all these tv nfl shows and all the tennessee media and way too many titan fans act in shock, can't believe there's that many people out there who just don't know what it takes to be good and succeed in sport and business and professionalism. i can now return to the stadium for home game one this year after a two year absence of attending garbage football and be hopeful of watching a professional team and the way all you titan fans that was cheering for a win sunday against the jags all for a moral victory, losing a spot in the draft, just proves my point JIM.

Jim: Thanks for voicing your opinion, Benny.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Question: Well Jim. Just when you thought you would be able to relax for a few days and let the keyboard cool off after the season, AAS goes and fires Vrabel. I have no clue what led up to it, how it got to this point and it's none of my business, I get it. I listened to her interview and tried to really listen and not hear. When she said she did not want to wait 3 weeks and get behind, then comes back with she wants to cast a wide net and take her time, I am not sure if I turning left or right. I have no clue what that meant and I hope Ran picks a great coach. Are there candidates out there better than Vrabel, short answer NO! So lets see what's next. I gonna try and fire up this grill one more time and hope there is no more breaking Titans news! Have a great week Jim and as always TITAN UP!

Jim: There will always be breaking news, Jeremy.

John Parham from Mount Pleasant, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim! 1st time poster here. Just giving you my 2cents on Mike Vrabel 's firing. IMHO, dumbest move possible by the Titans. They should have given him 1 more year. His offensive line needed overhaul, he has good, young players in Spears and Levis he should have been allowed to coach up along with good mentors in Hopkins and Henry if Henry stays, and a good offensive coordinator would be a good idea as well. Defense is there with a little tweaking for the secondary. Vrabel could have taken the team to the playoffs next year. Instead Amy Adams is setting the team back 2+ years. I'm old enough to remember her father firing Bum Phillips in another bad move. Anyhow, we'll see. GO TITANS!

Jim: You've been around a while, John! Thanks for chiming in.

Joni Daniels from Antioch, Tennessee
Question: Shock, disbelief, disappointment - take your pick! That's how I'm feeling after hearing the news about Mike Vrabel. I thought and still believe he is a great coach. I continue to try and make sense of what the Titans organization is doing but I give up! What's next???

Jim: Well, Joni, a coaching search, and hiring a new coach.

Have a great week everyone!

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