We Won't Take Jaguars Lightly on Sunday

I can see why Coach Fisher thinks we're the underdog going into this game.

The games the Jaguars have lost have not been blowouts. The games they have won they have dominated, so this is still a very good Jacksonville football team and we won't take them lightly.

We know it's going to be a physical ballgame and we don't expect anything less. Jacksonville is always going to come out and play us hard. Division games are always important, especially to see who is going to run the AFC South. It's going to be tough playing in their environment. They came here and got a loss and I'm pretty sure they're going to want a little revenge, so hopefully we can go down there and play solid football on Sunday.

In our first meeting we were able to eliminate their run game. I think we held them to under 35 yards rushing. That's a huge compliment to our defensive line and our coaches putting together a good game plan against a very solid running attack they have with Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor. I think it's imperative for us to go out and try to eliminate the run and force them to become one dimensional with David Garrard and force them to try to beat us through the air. Offensively, we did a good job of running the football and managing the ballgame. That's going to a key in getting another 'W' on the road.

When you play a team year in and year out, they're familiar with you and you're familiar with them, so a lot of the tendencies don't change too much. It's a matter of who's going to play the most consistent for 60 minutes. It's still about blocking, tackling, running and catching the ball. You have to go out and execute on Sunday, and whoever does that the best will win the game.