We Believe in What we are Doing

Reporters have been asking us all week how we can quantify our 9-0 record. It seems people on the outside are having a hard time figuring out why we are still undefeated, but the answer is very easy.

We believe in each other, in this locker room and in our coaching staff. We've said it before, but we have no superstars in this locker room. We have guys that step up when we ask them to step up. Kyle Vanden Bosch goes down, David Ball and Jacob Ford make plays. Vince goes out and Kerry comes in and does an exceptional job for us. We have two running backs that can take the ball to the house. We thought we only had one, but we found out we have two of them. They say our receiving corps isn't good, yet we have guys like Justin Gage and Brandon Jones and our tight ends making big plays for us. They are guys that no one ever talks about, but we have several players that are stepping up to make plays and we believe in what we are doing.

We're also finding ways to win. If a team is going to take away one dimension of our game, we have to be able to sell them on the other. Fortunately for us, we have a great quarterback. He is throwing the football well and we have guys making plays downfield, which makes our job easier.  If we have to throw the ball 500 times to win a game, we don't care. As long as we keep stacking up wins, that's the most important thing.

The other important aspect is we are a team that holds each other accountable. You want guys that are willing to be held accountable, don't get frazzled when things get tough and will come from behind and win the games you need to. You want teammates who can make plays when you have to. That's an important part of the makeup of this team.

We're going to need to be at our best on Sunday because the Jaguars need to win this game, or else they have a very slim chance of making the playoffs. We're expecting their best shot on Sunday. We have a long-standing rivalry with Jacksonville and any time you play a division opponent, there's always some bad blood there along the line. We're going to trade blows and hopefully we'll come out on top.