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Tuesday Mailbag: Titans Fans React to the NFL Debut of Rookie QB Will Levis, the Oilers Throwbacks, and the Booing at Nissan Stadium


NASHVILLE – The Titans got back in the win column on Sunday.

They did it with a new quarterback – rookie Will Levis.

Next up is a game on Thursday in Pittsburgh, against the Steelers.

Let's check another mailbag at the start of a short week.

It's jam-packed, once again.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Peter Palmer from Miramar, Florida
Question: Finally. The Titans finally have a QB in Levis. Having Henry in and the running game rolling as it did opened up the passing game. Though the Falcons pass rush has been dismal this season which certainly gave Levis a lot of time to throw . Levis though has shown he has the ability to get the ball out quickly but most importantly he was fantastic in going through his progression. My question to you Jim is if Tannehill were to be healthy this week if the Titans should start him over Levis. I know Titan Nation will be disappointed if Levis were not named Titan starter. Titans Up!

Jim: Mike Vrabel said on Monday the plan is for the team to start Levis if Tannehill can't go. I think I'd be surprised if Tannehill is healthy enough to play on Thursday, considering he didn't take part in the walkthrough on Monday, and he missed two games with a similar injury last year. The game is now two days away. But, we'll see. The team returns to practice today.

Cody Connally from Detroit, Michigan
Question: How do we get a message to the fan base to NEVER boo a player again?? Nothing pissed me off more than hearing the fans "Boo" Malik on Sunday. He's a 24 year old kid who is doing his best. I promise you no one feels worse or is more upset for his performance more than he does. It's just unacceptable, offensive to him and his family, and it's embarrassing as a Titans' fan.

Jim: Hi Cody. I'm actually of the opinion fans were booing the decision to take Will Levis off the field for Malik Willis, but I understand that's hard to discern and might have been a combination of the two. Either way, you'll find it's a big topic of conversation in this mailbag.

Rod Peckett from Rockhampton, Qld, Australia
Question: Jim - your article "6 things that stood out" this week should have been 7 things that stood out. The 7th thing were those Oiler Uniforms. As a supporter since 78, I was back in the House of Pain, looking Vrabel to be dressed all in black. They couldn't do it every week - but wow they looked special.
Thanks mate - love your reporting.

Jim: Thanks, mate. Sounds like everyone loved them!

Brian Cline from Toledo, Ohio
Question: Hello Jim. First off i'd like to thank you and the Tennessee Titans for giving us fans a forum to ask questions and give our opinions (positive or negative). I don't have a question just an opinion. I have been a long time fan for 40 plus years. I remember getting the monthly oiler newspaper! Anyhow I just wanted to say that I was disgusted and disappointed to hear our fans booing when Malik came into the game. I'm not saying I liked it at first either but he's one of our players and deserves respected as such. But these are probably the same people that will say negative things about Tannehill since Levis had a good "one" game. Thanks for letting me vent and I just wanted to let the players know that not all the fans are fair weather fans.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Brian.

Seth Fischer from Lynchburg, Virginia
Question: Excellent win today! I say keep the Oilers unis because they helped today. Levis proved that he is the guy today. Love Tannehill, but his time has come and gone. Also, to all the fans that were booing Malik, please stop hating on the guy. He's playing his best out there and to boo someone when they are giving their all is just inconsiderate. I know he didn't play his best today but still, come on y'all.

Jim: The Oilers unis looked great for sure!

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
Question: Wow, what can I say but 130.5 passer rating from Will Levis! Let the controversy begin! No doubt we should be going forward with our new QB! A huge shout out to the King with over 100 yards on the day! And DHop, what a game from him as well. Our DL showed up and was lights out! The OL gave Will time to throw and did better. All in all a great game on all 3 phases! Jim, what do you think about Will Levis? He did look like a well seasoned vet out there and gave us fans some hope for the rest of the season!
I would be curious as to what Vrabel's take on the game is as well.
I am a big fan of Tanny, but his time has come and sadly gone and I hate seeing him take anymore punishment. Time to retire and enjoy life with his family! Just my take on things!
Thanks for all you do Jim in keeping us all informed and please tell the team thanks again from us fans for a great show today!

Jim: The way Levis played has certainly generated a lot of buzz, and stirred up a lot of opinions. I admit, he played a lot better than I thought he would. Don't get me wrong – he'd been looking good in practices. But I was really impressed with his poise, and his play.

Jeffery Raney from Pittsburg, Texas
Question: Hi Jim, those uniforms looked awesome as did the whole team. Levis played like a pro and if he continues to improve may end up being the steal of the 2023 draft. The team deserves a lot of credit for their effort. I would still like to see Kinsey returning punts though.

Jim: Appreciate it, Jeffery.

Donnell Smith from Lancaster, California
Question: What's going on Jim? Sunday was a great day watching my titans inform the league that we are still standing tall. Great game was played today can't be more excited to see what's coming in our next game. Levis showed the world he has what it takes, same mind frame next game and we will have that win. Let's go TITANS!!! HAVE A BLESSED NIGHT JIM!

Jim: Have a good one, Donnell.

Jim Westbrook from Pasadena, California
Question: Hey, Jim. First off thanks for everything you do to keep us fans in the know.
Of course - nice job rookie (smile). I'm sure a lotta folks will be clamoring to let Will keep the job.
However, I have to give a shout out to the O-line! I think that might have been their best game this season!
So, Nick at left tackle was awesome! Please don't tell me that Dillard had to come in at left because Hubbard got hurt playing right tackle?? It's crazy to imagine that our starting left tackle is our backup right tackle?!? I think we need a different option there!

Jim: Hey Jim. I thought Andre stepped in and did a good job on Sunday. The challenge is much different on Thursday, however, with Watt and the Steelers.

Terry Anderson from Edmonton, Kentucky
Question: Great win for the team against Atlanta. Will Levis looked like a quarterback who was in control. The offensive line showed up and as I recall 1 sack maybe 2 all they gave up against Atlanta. D-Hop gets 3 touchdowns and Nick got 1. Marcus threw for 4 touchdowns in his first game to. Famous Jamis and Tampa, 1 vs 2. The Titans chose second overall in the draft when Marcus was drafted. Trade deadline is here and maybe other moves will be made before the mailbag is posted. My disappointment with the Kevin Byard trade is he was a Titan. Drafted here played here every game he was never injured. He seemed to be a good leader. Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed and Ronnie Lott were great safeties and they spent most of their careers at one team. I think Lott ended up playing a couple years with the Raiders can't remember. Ed Reed was a Raven. Troy was Steeler. I understand that football is a business ect but it's not easy finding leaders. When Kevin is done he should be in the ring. I'm done now. The defense looked good at times. The offensive coordinator had a great game plan. Let Levis throw it down the field. Jim he had time to throw it deep. Ryan Tannehill was a great teammate and was encouraging Will the entire game and Malik was put in a spot to me was unfair in a way. Basically after the fumbled snap on play 4 was his undoing. I've watched football and played for years and it's damn near impossible to play 2 quarterbacks. Montana wasn't taken out for Young to play a snap or Troy Aikman for Jason Garrett. I believe that game plan was a mistake but having both ready to play was smart. Levis could have played like a rookie and made mistakes. Then Willis would have played enough to get a rhythm. It's not fair for him to get booed. He seems to be a very nice person. I don't want to sound rude but he doesn't have the arm talent of Levis. We have running backs who can run so we don't have to gimmick the offense by running our quarterback primarily. Lamar Jackson is amazing but he's injured a lot. Look at Richardson in Indy. I have rambled enough. Interesting question though If Tannehill is healthy do you play him? I personally think it's time to move on and think about the future. Your thoughts?

Jim: Hi Terry. I'm going to steal a line from Mike Vrabel: Let's let Ryan Tannehill get healthy first. And while we wait, I'm thinking there's a good chance we'll find out even more about Will Levis.

Allan Stewart from Brookings, Oregon
Question: Looks like we have a QB! What a great game. Titans win without a field goal. Who would have thought? I bought a Titan Turkey Sub at Subway to enjoy while watching the game with friends. Last time I did was opening day and didn't go over too good. Really enjoyed it Sunday. Cool to see Hamilton High School Alum Warren Moon be honored. Perhaps the season isn't lost after all. TTITAN UP!

Jim: I was able to talk to Warren at the game. What a great guy!

Stephen Arnold from Kingsport, Tennessee
Question: I'm a long-time reader, first time writer to the mailbag. Man we sure needed this game! Our guys looked awesome in them love ya blues Oiler uniforms!! The crowd energy could be felt for sure! I was watching the game with a couple of Dolphins fans and they were even getting into it lol. Hats off to Levis for "balling out" in his first start, it reminded me when Tannehill took over in the 2018 season. He brought a spark to the offense when it was desperately needed. So going forward, do you think our GM and Coach will start Tannehill again? I know it was only one game from Levis but I sure hope he made their jobs harder! Thanks Jim, take care! Oiler Up today!

Jim: Hey Stephen. Let's see what the practice report looks like today…

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Question: Well Jim, I imagine there are a lot of happy email and messages this week.. There is no way to put Levis back in the box!!! That kid looked good! He knew where to go with the ball, there were a couple of times it was about a half second late, but Hopkins mad due. He has that swagger and confidence want from a QB. I know it is a bit size sample, but I think Vrabel and Ran made a great pick. Have a great week JIm and as always TITAN UP!!

Jim: The mood has definitely changed compared to last week, Jeremy!

Raymond Coons from Saugerties, New York
Question: Hey Jim, after a tough week with the Byard trade, all the talk about the fire sale supposedly going to happen at the deadline, the many questions you are going to get on who the QB is going to be moving forward. I would like to lighten it up just a bit. I would love to see these Oilers uniforms back in the NFL permanently. They in my opinion are the best colorway/ combo ever. Think about it...... if the oil derrick on the helmet was replaced by the flaming comet it would work very well with this uniform combination. I do understand that when the Oilers moved to Tennessee that the franchise wanted a clean start, something new, a new state, new name, new logo, but these need to be back in the league. Do you think the franchise would ever consider going back to them. The team would still be the Titans just with the Oilers style uniforms. A few tweaks on the field colors/end zone lettering, maybe Titans in red on Columbia blue background. What do you think? Have a good week, and thanks for all you do to keep us fans informed.

Jim: Hey Raymond. Loved the throwbacks myself. Can't see them becoming the regular uniform, though. Next time you'll see them this season will be on December 17 vs the Texans in Nashville.

Garrett Bane from Cambridge, Ohio
Question: Hello Jim. What a great debut by Levis. To be honest I don't watch many college football teams, so I was never against or for the Levis. Win or lose this week at Pittsburg, I want to see consistency from Will. I hate the fan base at the game booed when Willis came out, however, I believe they were aimed toward Vrabel, as he has shown a stubbornness the fan base isn't happy about. Regardless, I feel fans should show a little more class and support the team in Sunday.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Garrett.

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. That was an insane win, and a very needed one. I dont think Tennessee will be trading any other players except MAYBE Tannehill.
Also the first thing I wanna address is the whole controversy about the fans booing every time Willis came on the field. I'd say it was more of them booing Vrabel for the whole 2 QB system instead of Willis. I think they would've done the same thing if it was Tannehill out there and not Willis. Still it's not a great thing to do, but I don't think they were directing it at Willis himself, but we're all entitled to our own opinions.
I just wanna point out that before Sunday, we hadn't scored 28 or more points since January 9th, 2022 against the Texans. They couldve scored more if Chig Okonkwo hadn't dropped that pass at the end of the half. But DeAndre Hopkins... 3 touchdowns when he entered that game with 0. This is what happens when the offensive line gives the QB time and the receivers actually get separation consistently. This felt like a totally new football team, and I'm all here for it. Let's just hope they don't completely fall apart on Thursday against Pittsburgh. That'll definitely be another test for our offense.
The defense deserves their credit too. It wasn't perfect, but it didn't have to be. The pass rush finally came to life, the LBs Al-Shaair and Gibbens were everywhere, and the secondary even made some plays here and there. It got a bit dicey at the end there, but tough to complain.
Let's get a win in Pittsburgh 💪

Jim: That's right, Evan. Need to get to 4-4.

Brian Kroboth from Emmaus, Pennsylvania
Question: Howdy Jim, gotta love the TTP (Titan Tush Push). Please wear the Oiler Unis in Pittsburgh Thursday to bring back some memories and bring the pain to Steeler Country….gotta like Level Headed Levis. Titan Up y'all!

Jim: No Oilers unis on Thursday night, Brian. This week's Britches Report will be out soon…

Joel Tanaka from Aiea, Hawaii
Question: This debut by Wil Levis reminds me of the Brock Purdy situation last year at San Fancisco. Four passing touchdowns were unbelievable. Now to shore up the defense and signal calling with Kevin Byard gone.

Jim: Hey Joel. Let's face it, the secondary was inconsistent with Byard. I agree it needs to keep improving.

Reinaldo Roman from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Question: Can you please give a quick shout out to John Clark from Chesapeake Virginia? Looks like the Tennessee Titanics put a nice team win together. Too bad John missed it. Titan up!!

Jim: John let us know last week he's no longer a fan of the team…

David Buck from Germantown, Tennessee
Question: Dear Jim.
Great weather, great crowd atmosphere, great win!
Late in the game my wife asked who I thought should get the customary game ball……..Hopkins or Levis?
I said neither, give it to the punter.
Great overall team win, including fans and coaching.
Go Titans.

Jim: Hey David. Ryan Stonehouse did have a hell of a game…

Raul Gonzalez from Cuernavaca, Mexico
Question: Please keep the Oilers uniform forever, it is the most beautiful in the history of the NFL, throw away the Titans uniform, it is horrible. and I will be your fan, as I was an oil tanker fan for many years. Thank you.

Jim: Hop on board, Raul!

Bob Easley from Austin, Texas
Question: Hi Jim, I told ya'll Will Levis would do this!!! Oh wait, no I didn't - haha😀!!
Though all our TD's were on passes. I think our key was the balance of running and passing.
Also, the defense needs to keep improving💪
Great job Titans…. Let's put 3 or 4 or 5 wins together and remember Levis is a rookie AND injuries happen so we still need to get RT healthy…so we have options going forward. Go Titans

Jim: Have a big day, Bob!

Jonathan Humphrey from Rumsey, Kentucky
Question: Jimbo Jimbo, WILL LEVIS Win-bo!!!!!!! Feels so good to get a win and my gosh WHAT A WIN!!!! I'm from KY as you see and i have the utmost faith in Will. I've seen what kind of arm he has and i just knew he would have a great first game. As you know during the past few weeks i have not written the mail bag because I never want to be negative and i know you were getting bombarded by negativity and there wasnt much positivity i could write you about but this is the redemption we needed and the spark that will hopefully renew the energy of the down trodden fans. I felt like Henry wasnt all there yesterday even though he broke another hundred yards. And even though the thoughts of Byard being gone sent a tear down my face our defense renewed my spirit with some very VERY great red zone stops. All in all the game was very entertaining to watch and i felt the Titans Titaned-UP for this one for sure! :) My question is and im sure everyone Will (pun intended) ask the same question about Will...coaching staff even remotely thinking of keeping Will in the game even after Tanny is better? Im not a Tanny hater by any means and you know that by now about me but its hard to deny that Will is getting it done and I havent done my homework but Im sure its been a few seasons since Ryan threw 4 passing TDs in a game. I believe it was the Jags game in 2020 but i may be wrong. As always much love and respect Jim for all that you do and TITAN-UP!!!!

Jim: I know a lot of folks from Kentucky are especially fired up about Levis…

Scott Taylor from Dayton, Ohio
Question: Howdy Jim. Hope all is well with you and yours?
Jim WOW is all I could say Sunday, what a game. THAT WAS TITANS FOOTBALL. Yes sir
That's how it should look a lot of the time.
Great team win. Willis included. And I truly don't feel that he should've been boo'ed at all even the announcer said that it was a bad snap. Not his fault. Young man just can't get a break. So now back to the game overall. DHop is still a beast and I was excited when he got signed and I am still excited about it. I think you understand. So now the coaches and management have a tuff decision as to who to start? Levis or Tanny ?? And I kno that Ryan is getting some got money this year so they want to use him as much as possible + the experience of the game And being more educated on defense stand etc. So what do you do ? I kno what a bunch of Titans fans are going to be screaming. ? We have seen what tannehill can do?? So why not the rookie he seemed to have given the Titans a spark and won the game?? I can almost see your mailbag now lol.
Especially those who wrote in after Vrabel presser they are going to be questioning it A BUNCH ???
Well Jim don't know that I really had a question you. But I did want to congratulate the team for a great team win. Defense was running around making plays special teams did a excellent job of flipping the field. Stonehouse has got a booming leg. And then the offense was clicking and Levis lðŸ'€ked really good in his debut.
Having said that. Fans please understand that this was 1 game and the young man is still learning and is going to have trial and error so don't buy superbowl tickets yet??? Still a lot of winning to do yet. Well Jim I think I bounce around to about everything in here and I appreciate that you give us this platform to do it with.
Jim. again thanks for everything that you do for us fans to keep us informed. Prayers to everyone. And keep stacking those W Titans.

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Scott. I always find it interesting how some folks get so worked up over what Vrabel says during the pressers, like he expects him to say exactly what he's going to do, especially at QB. Levis will start on Thursday if Tannehill can't play. Tannehill didn't take part in a walk-through yesterday, and now the game is two days away. Draw your own conclusions on that. Vrabel will worry about the Buccaneers next week.

Ed Lake from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Question: Stating the obvious, Levis's performance without benefit of any game experience whatsoever was beyond dazzling. Being an eternal optimist (a requirement for long-time Titans' fans), I am ever so hopeful this is just the beginning. But we need to take a collective breath-short week, Steelers at home-not an ideal situation for his 2nd start. Fingers are crossed that the Steelers' constant defensive pressure won't bring him crashing down to rookie earth. BUT...if he shines? Commence the QB controversy. GO TITANS!

Jim: I hear ya, Ed.

Will Lambert from Paducah, Kentucky
Question: Jim, I can't remember enjoying a game more than Sunday. I'm drinking the Levis Cool aid! I only saw him make one mistake all day. We all saw Will play well. My comment is about the booing of the crowd when they put Malik in. After the game press conferences the players were irritated, and I get that, but I'm not sure if they understood that the booing was not about Malik, it was totally about the coaching decision. We had a guy out there making good decisions and making plays. I was watching from home, but I had the same reaction as the crowd... don't interrupt this flow. I hope Malik realizes that. I'm not anointing Levis yet, but today was nice. Let's GO!!

Jim: I agree with you on this, Will. I don't think the booing was necessarily directed at Malik either.

Alberto Armando T�llez Salcedo from Durago, Mexico
Question: Hola Jim excelente dia, unicamente para comentarte que estoy muy contento por volver a ver los Jerseys , casco, fundas de mis amados Oilers ya sabes que soy un apasionado desde la franquicia desde 1978 y desde esas fechas no he d jado de apoyar al equipo de mis amores Oilers/Titans te comento que en Mexico algunos aficionados que le van a otros equipos dicen que no son los Oilers y bueno les explico que es la misma franquicia que creo el gran KS Bud Adams y se la llevo de Houston a Memphis.
Quiero expresar que Will Levis me dej� con el ojo cuadrado, lo vi jugar en Kentucky pero hoy tuvo un partido so�ado, lo mismo la Linea Ofensiva jugo muy bien principalmente NPF, espero que se recupere pronto Chris Hubbard y pueda jugar el jueves contra TJ Watt y Alex Highsmith va hacer falta. Tambien quiero destacar� D-Hop, Jeffrey Simmons, Harold Landry, Denico Autry que temporada, Jack Gibbens, Arden Key, Amani Hooker, Ryan Stonehouse y unos bombazos de patada. Kristian Fulton dio gran juego, esperemos que Roger McCreary regrese pronto.
Estoy muy contento de que Derrick Henry no salga del equipo pues es mi jugador favorito en la actualidad junto a otros que son hist�ricos como Earl Campbell, Dan Pastorini, Robert Brazile, Elvin Bethea, Billy Johnson, Ken Burrough Brazile el doble 00, Mike Munchak, Bruce Matthews, Cris Dishman, Ernest Givins, Haywood Jeffires, William Fuller, Steve McNair, Eddie George, Sean Jones,Ray Childress, David Williams, Jevon Kearse, Blaine Bishop, Samari Rolle, Keith Bullick, Frank Wycheck, Derrick Mason, Chris Johnson, Derrick Henry, Jeffrey Simmons y Roger McCreary entre otros.
No me gust� mucho el abucheo a Malik Willis pues es parte del equipo y est� en n aprendizaje.
Me encant� ver a tanta leyenda que vi desde peque�o en este partido, fue como un sue�o hecho realidad.
Por �ltimo le mando un gran abrazo y felicitacion cordial a la jefa Amy Adams Strunk y a todo el staff al Coach Vrabel principalmente. Aqui en Mexico los amamos y siempre hemos sido fieles en buenas y malas. So�amos con ganar un Super Bowl.

Jim: Hola Alberto. ¡Sé que te encantaron esas camisetas! Will Levis jugó un juego de ensueño. Pero ahora tiene que hacerlo una y otra vez. Probablemente no siempre juegue tan bien. Tendrá algunos altibajos, pero creo que tiene posibilidades de ser un muy buen mariscal de campo. ¡Eres un gran seguidor del equipo! Sé que todos lo aprecian.

Thomas Lyons from Charlotte, North Carolina
Question: Have a feeling stores in Nashville are about to sell out of Mayo.....
This game was exciting to watch, with Levis, Dhop, and Jeff Simmons playing terrific. We did let the Falcons hang on for too long, that is my only complaint. All the same, just happy we came away with the W!

Jim: I hear ya, Thomas.

Dee Kelles from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim great win just a statement, Definitely don't feel it was necessary for some Titans fans to boo Malik.

Jim: Thanks, Dee.

Tommy Henley from Cookeville, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jimbo! Hope all is well and want to say thanks for the news an insight of our , players, coaches Ect. First I wanna say Wow! did Levis come in there for us or what? I wanna ask you this Jim is there a resemblance of Will an Payton Manning? I mean the way he holds the ball, an the pump fakes , even the way he does that little bounce when he stands in the pocket. I mean I'm not saying he just like em , but he does remind me a lot of em hey could you ask him for me who was his favorite QB growing up, if he says Payton then Wow! Really Wow! I'm so proud of this team an the way they played Sunday against the Falcons ! I no there's a few things they gotta clean up, but it's a start I truly hope this is a good sign, winning some football games, an I do wanna say to these Titans fans,hey people don't be booing the players like some did Sunday that's not good people, even if you was booing the coaches , these guys plays there hearts out for us fans. And as for fans we should hold up for our team good or bad we are TITANS NATION an players that get drafted here, you don't want that in there heads with this booing crap! So please keep the booing to yourself! sorry Jim I hope this gets to some of these fans , but thanks again Jim an Hey! Y'all Titian Up !

Jim: Thanks, Tommy. A lot of folks chimed in on the booing today. So, who was that booing?

Randy Paltzer from Kaukauna,Wisconsin
Question: Good day Jim. Good start to the Levis Era! Let's withhold judgement though. Way to early to think Superstar. Alot of things to be excited about though. There is one thing I think we need to address though. Should we dump the Titan gear and stick with the Oiler Powder Blue??? Might be the reason for our success. 😂🤣😂

Jim: A lot of folks chiming in on this, too. I'd definitely keep as the alternate, but the Titans should stick with the Titans unis as the primary uniform, in my opinion.

Darris Mays from Carrollton, Texas
Question: Hello Jim. I pray all is well. I think the writing is on the wall. It's time for Tanny to take a seat. I was happy for our rookie QB he played a good game. I still would like to see some changes made with our coaching staff. We're 3-0 at home and can't win a game on the road. Thursday night will prove me wrong if we can come out with a win. Until then I think our defensive coordinator and our head coach needs to go. Sorry Jim. I know we just won, but coaching has been a big part of our losing. Go easy on me Jim. I just want better for our team. Have a blessed day.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Darris.

Randy Porter from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim ! Well, it may just be one game, but what a game it was ! Fans were treated with what appeared to be a different team Sunday and reason for optimism.. The defense bullied the Falcons O-line and terrorized both Atlanta QBs. Our O-line stepped up in a big way, creating good holes for Derrick and giving Levis time to use that big arm. We finally got to see what "Will Power" looks like and Will should be proud. D-Hop was exactly what this team needed and showed what he can still do when given the opportunity. No, the Titans weren't perfect Sunday, but they sure did those Oilers uniforms proud. I still think those are among the best looking uniforms ever created. The fans Sunday were excited and energized, although there were way too many black jerseys in the stadium for my liking. I was embarrassed however, by the unnecessary booing of Malik. Willis has struggled no doubt, but it's not because he's not trying and doing his best to help this team. No, his "best" has not proven to be enough and we all see he's not ready to take the reins yet, but he didn't deserve that. It was classless by the fans and frustrations aside, I think we're better than that. And BTW, the ball that got away from Willis was clearly a bad snap. But, you learn in Jr High to just cover the ball and not try and pick it up. That was his only mistake and he was trying to salvage the play. Right now, we should appreciate 100% effort by any player, whether their talent is enough or not, and Malik is doing everything he can and without complaint. That said, a big congratulation to every player for stepping up Sunday. Will was great and again, the "Will Power" was impressive. It's was great to see some holes for Derrick finally, allowing a solid 100+ yard game again. I thought Tim had a good game plan and the O-line allowed him to get more creative as well. I do have a question Jim - I noticed throughout the game that shotgun snaps were constantly off target, making Levis reach to his right to grab the ball. That happened time after time and could be dangerous. Is that where Will likes the snaps, or are those just off-target snaps ?

Jim: Thanks Randy. I think some of those snaps were off target, including the one to Malik Willis, which helped doom him.

Chris Allen from Houston, Texas
Question: Greetings Jim!! Man it feels good to get a win!!! # Bent not broken.. can we get to 4-4 heading into the mini-bye? Look Jim I know we have been tough to deal with for most of last season and this season and we forget that since 2016 we have literally been playing for something meaningful in the final 2 weeks of the season each season- even in our 7-10 campaign in the final week we were playing for the division. So to me 4-4 means 0-0 after the mini bye with 9 games left. If we get to week 17 playing for something especially with starting 2-4 future looks bright with 8 picks, 90 plus million in cap and a passionate young Qb, but this season still matters and I'm thrilled we have a good chance to keep Derrick and Deandre. The best thing for a young Qb is a great running game and reliable veteran hof Wr. Yes there will be growing pains for Levis- it's only one game but hey I'm taking 4 TDs and a win over Ints and a loss. So one week at a time. Congrats to a solid debut for Will Levis.
That said Jim not going negative but wish we can pass 2 suggestions on:
1. We cannot let Watt destroy this game and heaven forbid hurt our Qb of future. We need to be humble and learning from other teams is part of that. Play the tape of MNF 49ers vs cowboys. That game plan was perfection of the 49ers attacking parsons with 2 lineman all game just going at him. We cannot approach it like we did bosa, and Garrett or it's just not gonna work. The entire game plan needs to be limiting Watt.
2. I have been a fan since 1990, we sometimes have this habit of making back-up Qbs look so good. If we are going to insist on running 4 man rush most of the game-it's exhausting on a front 4- please rotate people in like Gipson and Murphy, give the front 4 help if we won't blitz. We must keep pressure on their young Qb.
Thank you Jim and Titan up.

Jim: 4-4 would be huge, Chris. Sure better than 3-5. … Titans better block Watt, which is something every team has trouble doing. … Murphy was inactive on Sunday. We'll have to wait and see what the plan is for Thursday.

Howard Turner from Atlanta, Georgia
Question: Yo, Jim! #LooksLikeWeGotUsAQB! #IfYouSaidYouSawThisComingYouALiar #WhatADebut!! #ShortAndSweet

Jim: #ThanksHoward.

Russell Mills from Pegram, Tennessee
Question: Hello Jim. I hope you're doing well. I want to start out by saying congrats to the Titans on the win Sunday and I loved the Oilers uniforms. I don't have a question, I just wanted to express my displeasure for the booing when Malik Willis took the field, I felt that was completely unnecessary. I know the talk all week leading up to the game was that both QB's would be utilized, so I'm going to try to be optimistic and assume the booing was not directed toward Malik, but instead because the rotation came after only 3 offensive plays. I was very pleased to see Will Levis played extremely well, but Malik is still every bit as much a part of our team as any other man on the roster and should be appreciated. Based on what I know from the media coverage, all this guy has done since we drafted him is work his tail off and give everything he's got to improve and make the Titans a better team. Anyway, give the team a high 5 for their performance against the Falcons. And if you happen to run into Malik, let him know that some of us are glad to have him here in Nashville. I'll be watching Thursday night!!!!

Jim: I'll let Malik know, Russell. It was cool to see his teammates come to his defense after the game.

Mike Smithfield from Madison, Tennessee
Question: My motto this year is "until the Titans lose a game in Nashville, they aren't out the race". They still have 5 more, all winnable. Can the Titans do what they did in 2019 when they made a QB change at 2-4? Levis, much like Tannehill was in 2019, is just way better than expected. I just hope they can finally win a road game Thursday night against the Steelers.

Jim: Best to you, Mike.

Tom Meyer from San Antonio, Texas
Question: Howdy again Jim, well what a difference in the Titans. I watched the game live and then again on replay just to be sure I was seeing what i thought I saw, The Oline did a good job of protecting Levis he seemed to have plenty of time to throw and did a great job of making his reads. They also opened holes for Henry and Tajae. I did see a little let down when Hubbard went out ,but overall the guys did a good job.The big test will come with the upcoming Steelers . They have a better defense than the Falcons. This will be a real test for the offensive line and for the defense. I noticed that Fulton seemed to play more like he used to maybe he has settled down and decided to just play ball. Levis looked great he really seemed to be having fun and looked in control of the game. I have to say that Dillard seemed to up his game when he came in,let's hope he can hold his own against T.J. Watts! I feel better about this team after this weekend ,but I am still concerned about the short week and upcoming schedule. Thanks for keeping us informed and the best to you and yours.

Jim: Appreciate it, Tom. Won't be easy on Thursday in Pittsburgh.

Chris Berry from Cleveland, Tennessee
Question: It's a good day to be a Titan. No doubt that was one of the most fun games to watch in a while. Certainly the win, but also just the hope of what could be. I'm not assuming Levis keeps up a passer rating of 130 moving forward, but knowing he has that in the range of possibilities means you gotta give him the chance to develop and play.
A few non-Levis thoughts and 1 question:
I thought the o-line looked better than normal. The defense stayed solid and avoided awful penalties. Stonehouse continues to be our defense's best friend. In my opinion, the fan's boo-ing Malik was directed at coaching rather than Malik. Seems like coaches try weird play calls when we are finally rolling, then it often backfires and kills momentum.
Do you think Ran Carthon is the low-key happiest person in the building today? He definitely got some cover and credibility from Levis shortly after trading away a very popular Titans player.

Jim: I think Ran was happy with what he saw on Sunday for sure. He also knows one game doesn't make a career. Will Levis is just getting started.

Have a great week everyone!

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