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Tuesday Mailbag: Titans Fans React to the Kevin Byard Trade and Much More


NASHVILLE – The bye weekend is over.

The Atlanta Falcons are up next, on Sunday at Nissan Stadium.

This is the third mailbag since the Titans last played, and the questions continue to roll in.

Things spiked on Monday, when safety Kevin Byard was traded to the Eagles. I continue to get plenty of reaction on that development.

Let's dive back in, starting now…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Vincent Schiavello from Bayville, New Jersey
Jim, I am a season ticket holder (Club Level) and just read the Titans traded Kevin Byard to the Eagles (now he joins AJ Brown). With a 2-4 record they still had a chance of making the playoffs. Anything can happen in the NFL. But the Titans trade there second best defensive player. Who on the Titans make these ridiculous moves? It cannot only be the new GM. Head coach and ownership must agree. If so, they should go. Again, The Tennessee Titans do not want to win. I have concerns about the future and is it worth continuing my season tickets. Thank you. V. Schiavello

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Vincent.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
Kevin Byard for some dried up gum from underneath the gym teachers shoes???? That's Ran Carthons idea of being a leader? KB has never missed a snap let alone a game. He's the best safety this team has ever had and Michael Griffin, Blaine Bishop, Chris Hope and Lance Shulters were no slouches. We get Edmunds who is a back up and swap late round picks? What is going on Jim? First we had Robinson who traded AJ to the Eagles and now Carthon trades away our defensive leader to the same team? What is going on? We got NOTHING in return for AJ and we get even less back for Byard? 30 years old and a cap hit is what all these talking heads are gonna spew at us. Well guess what. When I comes to the model of consistency and putting the team first there is nobody that ever been a Titan that embodies that more than Byard has. I'm a fan from 1995 Jim. I've seen EVERYTHING this team has done. I've stood by them. I've bought DOZENS of Jerseys. This is just disturbing. Ran Carthon is not fit for the job. He has to go. This is just mind blowing. You gotta make this make sense man.

Jim: No doubt Kevin Byard has been one of the most dependable – and best players – ever to play for the franchise. I'm not going to argue against it.

Greg Serheev from Chester, New Jersey
Hello there Jim. I just heard the news about the great Kevin Byard.
Another bonehead trade in my opinion. It really doesnt make sense if you think about it. KB is still at the top of his game (best in the league). The leadership he possessed was invaluable. The only one in the secondary who actually knows how to tackle. We're not going to replace him with a 5th or 6th round pick and the guy who we thought is the same caliber player as KB was actually the Eagles worst defensive player (Edmunds). Can't tackle, can't cover with 0 picks. Great job GM!! We keep giving the Eagles our exceptional players and they keep giving us their scraps and we're just dumb enough to fall for it over and over again. Didn't we learn our lesson with the AJ Brown trade?? AJ is quietly becoming an MVP candidate with his numbers this year. Trading KB means you already gave up on the season. That's the message you're sending to us fans. What happened to the "there's plenty of football left" song and dance?? You just gave away our most valuable piece on defense and for what?? Who's next, The King??
I really hope KB and AJ win the superbowl this year. They deserve it!! I wish KB and his family all the best and thank you for everything you put into playing for the Titans! Love that guy!!

Jim: I don't know of a single person who doesn't like Kevin Byard around here. This was a business decision. I understand a lot of folks don't agree with it. KB's cap hit is scheduled to be over $14 million next year. He wasn't coming back for that in 2024. So, this was getting two picks in exchange for what would have been his last season in Tennessee, maybe 11 games. At least that's the way I see it.

Erick Taylor from Porterville, California
Not a question really more of a sad day to see Kevin Byard get traded…. He has been a great titan and leader just a great example for a pro so thanks for reading this.

Jim: No doubt. Thanks for sending, Erick.

Josh Bomar from Knoxville, Tennessee
Jim....... I'm so disappointed in the Byard trade I can't even speak face to face to anyone about it, so I figured I'd just rant about it here. Why didn't we just include Derrick in the package and get 5th 6th 7th and 8th round picks and a lifetime supply of Nathan's hotdogs? If Henry would have went to the Eagles as well, at least I could have a team to pull for this year. The tank is on!!! What a joke.

Jim: Hang in there, Josh. So should I cancel our Zoom call?

Diego Valladares from Pass Christian, Mississippi
Hey Jim, it's the ole bitter Titans fan on the coast of MS again lol. Just saw the news about Kevin Byard going to Philly. This is just genuinely heartbreaking to be a fan of this team. Why do we do this so much? We trade Pro Bowl players and get 6th rounders and backups in return. Why is this team such a joke? We've done this forever. First Eddie George goes to the cowboys. Then we ship McNair, Mason, and Rolle to the ravens. And now this nonsense again? First it's AJ gone to the eagles and now Byard. Does someone in Philly have dirt on us? I really don't want to be a fan of this team anymore. This is depressing.

Jim: I hear ya, Diego, but unfortunately, that's the NFL. It's not a "Titans thing." Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Reggie White, LaDainian Tomlinson, Reggie White, Brett Favre, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Joe Montana, Christian McCaffrey, DeAndre Hopkins … I could keep going and going and going. I hate seeing Kevin Byard go, but I get it. I wasn't shocked by the development, to be honest.

Terry Anderson from Glasgow, Kentucky
Jim we are making the Eagles better!! Way to go sending our best secondary player away for nothing. Stupid! Good luck to Byard get the Super bowl this year in Philly. Our dumbass management won't win one here in Nashville.

Jim: Time will tell, Terry. One thing I can promise you: The HC and GM want to win.

Jared Mixon from Valdez, Alaska
Well, it's Monday and I read the news. The Byard trade has settled it for me. It's clear this season is a wash- sugar coat it and spin it all you want, but the fans know. Trading away one of the few reliable leaders on this team- a man who epitomizes Titan football is heartbreaking and soul crushing.. This is more painful than the AJ trade and has me wishing I could get a refund for my NFL subscription this season.
Just to be clear to those in charge of the team. We fans root for the players- players we watch week after week, season after season. We don't root for GMs and owners.. Continue to trade away the players we love to watch and you'll lose more of us.

Jim: No doubt a tough day for Titans fans, Jared. I get it.

Bobby Turnbow from Dyersburg, Tennessee
The titans should just forfeit the rest of the season. Trading Kevin Byard shows they have no interest or intention of trying to win games. Just forfeit and call it a day.

Jim: No forfeits upcoming, Bobby.

Reinhard Schiendorfer from Fosdinovo, Italy
omg. who's next?
Thanks god that I am not a GM but only a fan.
But as a fan it is just breaking my heart to see that my stars have to go. one after the other.
Maybe the king could help them to get a ring.
I keep my fingers crossed.

Jim: Tenere duro, Reinhard. Tieni le dita incrociate.

Tom Meyer from San Antonio, Texas
Howdy Jim, Well it's been awhile since I last wrote you. thanks for keeping us informed. I just heard where the Titans traded Kevin Byard to Philly. sounds like De'ja' vu all over again. I bet the fans will be screaming over this one. The reality is something had to be done and Kevin was one player who had some value and I am happy he will get the chance to play in the playoffs after a stellar career. The facts are that the Titans need to do some house cleaning,they have too many players that are good backups but not many who are Quality starters mainly on the offensive side of the ball. The only really good starting lineman are Skoronski, Hubbard and possibly Petit Frere but I have my doubts on him. I would like to see Dillard sat and someone else given a shot ,I would also like to see Corey Levin given a shot at center. he seemed to do well last year and well when asked to fill in along the line. The defense is stout but there seems to be a lack of motivation, letting a division opponent run all over them was a concern. The bottom line is the Titans need more quality players on the o-line and d-backfield as well as better linebacker play( see the Colts Game). I don't see them winning too many more games this year,but who knows anything can happen. I have seen subpar teams light it up on Superbowl contenders many times. The good thing is they will have a top 10 pick next year and have added two mid round picks they did not have with the Byard trade. He will be missed as he was a favorite, but like I said he deserves the chance to make the playoffs. I expect to see some others possibly traded before the deadline. Thanks for letting me put in my two cents in for what it's worth, as I have stated before if I was smart enough to be a coach or Gm I wouldn't be sitting home watching the games. Talk to you again soon Titan Up!

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Tom. I suspect this is it as far as trades go, but we'll see.

Dustin Gwaltney from Norman, Oklahoma
Hi Jim, I love the work you do for us Titans fans. I don't expect this to make it into the mailbag but I just have to do a little bit of venting.
I have followed the Titans since 99 because they were winners and expected to be good. This team hasn't been expected to be good by anyone other than the fans for nearly 20 years. In 08 they weren't expected to be good and had a great season but we know how that ended. Just a couple of seasons ago went to the afc championship but nobody expected the Titans to be good. Just two seasons ago were the worst #1 seed to ever get the bye. This season nobody outside of the team and fans expected the Titans to be very good and quite frankly I just don't think this team is very good and the fo must have the same feeling.
Why do the fo tell us the fans one thing and then make it clear that is not the truth? You do not trade away one of the franchise players for sixth and seventh round pick and a bench safety If you aren't thinking rebuild. If this is not the start of rebuild why trade away KB for NOTHING? At this point Henry should have been the obvious trade but I can see nobody wanting to give any picks for him since he is a fa after this season.
To me it appears that someone thinks Tannehill getting injured is cause for all of a sudden fire sale. Or someone in the fo is trying to win philly a championship instead of the Titans.
The way the Titans have drafted the past several years a six and seventh rounder's are most likely going to be practice squad material or not be with the team more than a season or two.
I know at this moment it is not a fire sale but it starts with one great player and then another and another and before you know it the team has no talent left and appears they are going to try to start over with sixth and seventh rounders? How do you replace one of the best safeties in the league with a six or seventh? How do you replace one of the best wr's in the league with a fourth? History of the Titans tells us that they will not be able to replace them at least not in the draft but pay some backend of their career player. Lets just trade away big jeff and harold landry for a couple of fifth and six's and see how long it takes to field a formidable defense. Other than Henry we don't have any offensive players that any other team would actually give picks for. WTF Jim?

Jim: It made it, Dustin. And I appreciate you taking the time to share this. I can tell you this trade had nothing to do with Ryan's injury, or his status moving forward. I hate seeing Kevin Byard go myself, but after the team asked him to take a pay cut, I can't say I was surprised by yesterday's development. And, I don't think it means the team is "tanking" either. As I mentioned to Tom, I suspect this is it as far as trades go, but we'll see.

Kilroy Caldwell from Blues Hill, Tennessee
What are we doing? One GM trades AJ (who probably would have ended up, as the best Titans receiver ever) to the Eagles and it ultimately gets him fired, witch should. Next GM- trades one of the best safeties, and fan favorite Byard to the same F?CK!*%$ Eagles, for what, a 5th & 6th round pick and another Eagles back up player (not impressed with Dillard). I hate to say it, but when they trade King Henry or don't resign him next year, I will always be a Titans fan, I just don't think I can stomach to watch or in my case listen to them anymore. Good luck, I'm sure there will be a lot of backlash over this.

Jim: You're right, Kilroy, there has been backlash.

Jeffrey Busby from Terrell, Texas
I am a die hard fan. But trading players like the ones they did makes me think they are giving up on the season. What do You think?

Jim: I do not think the Titans are giving up on the season.

Randy Porter from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Eagles Training Academy", that should be the sign above St. Thomas Sports Park. I write this with little hope of it making the cut, considering the massive number of letters you will no doubt reccive after the Kevin Byard news. I try and be objective and positive with my comments most of the time, but this trend scares me. Who's next ? Henry,, Jeffery Simmons ?, Tannehill ?? It seems we are determined to reward every core player, players we could count on, with little appreciation and loyality. In the case of A.J. and Byard, we reward them with a real shot at a Super Bowl, while lessening our own chances. How are fans supposed to get excited about a player the Eagles didn't want and two late round draft pics ?? I always felt that this team never, ever gives up, and fans support that win or lose. But this seems like a throwing in the towel situation by management. Fans put faith in the coaches and G.M., but that has its limits. When fans see no effort to fix the woeful O-line, that got our QB hurt again, a backup QB, that's still not ready, all while weakening our defensive secondary with their struggling corner play, fans start to question everything. Fans want to be optimistic and excited about our team, our new G.M., the new stadium and seeing the throwback uniforms proudly on the field and in the stands. They want hope, even when losing. But, hope comes from seeing positive changes and adjustments during games and with the roster and staff. Without that, everyone's hope fades. Don't get me wrong, my comments are not aimed at the Byard trade alone, but rather the apparent trend. As for the scathing comments, i'll yield to my fellow readers. So please Jim, try and shed some light on things, because a lot of fans need some positive hope going forward toward the trade deadline. That said, I hope we still keep the Falcons fans out of the stadium Sunday!

Jim: Hope all is well, Randy.

Mary Jane Knox from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
Say it ain't so....Byard to the Eagles???? If so, this is gonna be hard to recover from. I've got to quit buying jerseys, they always get traded.

Jim: It's so, Mary. My son-in-law has a Byard jersey himself…

Hector Sanchez from Tehachapi, California
How does this help us Jim, trading away our second best defensive player for a 5th and 6th round. I've stuck with this team for a long time but my love for them is fading away with these God awful decisions being made. Don't know how much more I can take.

Jim: Appreciate you weighing in, Hector.

Suzi Reyes from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hi Jim. A very sad day for Titans fans to see the great Kevin Byard traded. Everything he did on and off the field was with excellence, and he will be greatly missed. I understand the business aspect of the trade, although online, just as it was with AJ Brown, the comments are that the Titans were fleeced. The grades I've seen, Eagles-A, Titans-C-. How would you grade this trade?
Gaining a few late round draft picks and an unknown player are not enough to satisfy the Titans fans. I'm sure Carthon knew this was not going to be a popular decision and he did it with the what he thinks are in the best interest of the team for the next few years. Still doesn't take away the sadness of losing Byard. This move had definitely not endeared Carthon to Titans fans.

Jim: I'll admit, Suzi, it is kind of sad. Kevin's a great guy. I got to know him well. He'll be missed for sure. I'm not going to do a trade grade, though. How can you give a grade for draft picks that haven't been made? I get it doesn't look good today, but time will tell.

Tim Keen from Gallatin, Tennessee
Jim do you think the Titans will go after a quarterback if Ryan is out for a lengthy time and if they go that route who do think the Titans would go after? I'm sorry I don't think Willis is a NFL quarterback.

Jim: Hey Tim. If Ryan can't play, either Malik Willis or Will Levis will be the team's quarterback. I don't anticipate the Titans going outside the building to get someone else.

Jon Arte de Vaca from Seattle, Washington
Hi again Jim. I know this question is gonna be an annoyance for you, but hear me out. Why shouldn't the Titans be sellers and shift their focus away from being competitive and instead focus on the future? Here me out: 1) This roster ain't it. They are not winning a super bowl this year, let alone the division. 2) They have the political landscape to do this, seeing as they JUST fired their GM last year. The messaging is easy: "Hi fans, we've decided to sell off this year, collect draft capital, and plan for the future. It's nobody's fault who is in this building. Ran Carthon's draft and FA class was mostly solid, so we want to give him as much draft currency and cap space as possible to build a new Superbowl window. The fans will understand. 3) You have a new stadium opening in a few years. That will be a GOLDEN opportunity launch a rebranded Titans team that can actually win. When the Titans moved to Nashville, they were good immediately, which captured a generation of young fans. Now, they have a unique opportunity to do it again and make the Titans brand more than a small market mediocre team that chokes in the playoffs. If they can field a great team the season that the new stadium opens, and be electric and great like they were in 1999, this could change the franchises future and fortunes for decades. But it has to start now. This lame, boring era of ground and pound must end sometime, why not now?

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion, Jon. This came in before the Byard trade was announced, so you were ahead of the curve on this thought process.

Carl Connelly from Crossville, Tennessee
Jim. I was living in Nashville when the Titans came into town. My wife and I watch them each week. With the way the whole team is playing this year I wonder is it time to put in Levis to see if he can be the future of the team? I know that Willis came in last week but if you are in a losing season and you drafted in the first round a quarterback, maybe it is time to see him play. Also is the problem with the offence the play caller?

Jim: Hey Carl. Technically, the Titans drafted Levis in the second round (33rd overall). I am aware a number of fans would prefer seeing him. I've been getting a lot of feedback in the mailbag on this subject. … I don't think the problem is the play caller.

Luis Macouzet from Victoria, Mexico
I have been a fan of the Titans since they were the Houston Oilers, I was a fan from a very young age when I saw the legendary Earl Campbell play.
I love this team and it really hurts me when they lose, we have had glorious, extraordinary moments, but the reality today is that we have a mediocre team, I love the titans and I know that we will get ahead. Thanks Jim, God bless you.

Jim: God bless you, Luis.

Brandon Warner from Huntsville, Alabama
Jim. This season has done little to inspire any type of optimism, however last year we were 7-3 and in a good place and then lost 7 straight, so who's to say, and please keep the laughter to a minimum, that this year sitting at 2-4 with 11 games to go that something changes and provides a spark and we go 9-2 with the remaining games and end with an 11 win season. We have good talent and most levels of our team, minus the o-line obviously. I have faith that they will turn it around and we will have a better season. A lot of people are knocking Vrabel, and while I do share in some of the gripes about him, he usually has our team very prepared. The Ravens game was closer than it looked, minus the 2 costly penalties, the Jeffrey Simmons one and the I believe was Fulton PI call that gave them 2 first downs, we had a real good chance at winning that game. Oh, and the Tanny int. So just wanted to give some positivity for our team amid all the negativity. Titan Up!

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Brandon.

Heather Mims from Columbus, Ohio
Hi Jim.How are you this afternoon I had Just Got Done Reading your Article About the Titans Has to Do Better in Road Games also win in another places Home/ away Games It's embarrassing By going away game and Lose A team that Doesn't have a good Record Like some of them And the O Line is Terrible and Tim Kelly is worsen then Downing What in the world he keep Taking Henry out of the Game Then Tannehill Just Don't know How to stay Healthy instead of Getting Hurt Like you said in the article that Tannehill Got sacked 19 times in the season Who Does that? My question for you is That Is Derrick Henry Staying with the Titans? Because the Reason I asked that I keep seeing people spread Rumors again On Facebook about Henry's Trade I am sick and tired of this I Need some Answers from you Jim Right Before the Deadline comes then 2 When Amy Strunk Adams and Ran Carton Going to take time talk to coach Vrabel also tim Kelly what is the Problem why is the team Keep losing Games something Has to Be fixed Before November 2 against the Steelers And it's Prime video for Thursday night Football thank you Jim

Jim: A lot of rumors out there, Heather. Hang in there!

Darris Mays from Carrollton, Texas
Hello Jim. I hope all is well! I know I'm always saying we need a new head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator. Well Jim, We do. We had one of the best defensive coordinator in our building and we let him walk. Congratulations Cleveland Browns. I would really like to see our team make some changes asap. If we lose after the bye week, I think it's time to say goodbye to our head coach. Have a blessed day.

Jim: That vaunted Browns defense didn't look so great on Sunday…

Julie Wilson from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim! I am going to make a point first in observations even though people say get rid of QB Tannehill. First and foremost...ALWAYS... The Offensive line has to protect the QB. I know Tannehill is not as mobile as he use to be, however, that is key for a QB to be successful. Yes, Willis has shown improvement for a 2nd year QB, but he still makes mistakes as he did in England. Timing, knowing when to throw it away instead of holding on and eating the clock up. QB's do not have to be heroes when time has ticked away. Throwing into double coverage has been an issue. Our Offensive line needs work. However, we have had injuries and health issues. WR Hopkins, defenses know how good he is....He will always be covered. We got use out or TE's, Runningbacks Henry and Spears. If not running use short pass plays to get us in the redzone. Sometimes, it is not necessary to go big. Sometimes, it's better to play it safe than risking the ultimate. That would be inceptions and fumbles. I have been a fan forever, however.....Titans need to prove to Nashville they deserve that new Stadium, because whether you know it or not, it will still comes out of the taxpayers pockets. For us to get to Super Bowl status, we have to win regular season games and the playoffs. I would hate it if the Titans would have to look for new home because not enough sales to keep them in the Nissan Stadium. What are your thoughts?

Jim: My thoughts? The Titans -- and the city of Nashville – will be getting a new stadium, by 2027. And, it's going to be spectacular.

Nacho Ordaz from Madrid, Spain
: Hi, Jim! Thanks for attend me. My wife and me were at London past Sunday. It was a great weekend, starting in The Almiralty pub where we could see to Delanie Walker through a window (because the pub was full) and to know to Mike Keith, the voice of Tennessee, that said us the Titans will play at Madrid soon. Sunday, we were happy felling like a Titan fan more into the great family Titans. Thank you to everyone for making It possible. It was very special for us! Now a easy question...Since Tannehill injury, Henry disappeared from the Tennessee ofense. Is he ok???

Jim: Sorry I missed you at the Admiralty Pub, Nacho – I was there as well. It was packed! I'm happy to hear you had a good time. As for Derrick, he is ok.

Travis Hayman from Spencerville, Indiana
Good to talk with you last year at Lambeau, my boys thought it was great!! Seems that game was the last win before the beginning of the downward spiral. Just my opinion here, but the OC getting arrested after that game seemed to have a little more impact than what it appeared …I suspect fingers were pointed at the GM for breaking rules while on the team plane, then we took a smack down from AJ Brown and the Eagles, then JRob is fired and we looe out. Just seems to me that the culture has really changed since JRob was fired, but what do I know, maybe Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone?!? What's your opinion on this Jim? Has the culture changed? That's the question, regardless of all my conspiracy theories.:)

Jim: Hey Travis. I think your conspiracy theories are a little off, and outdated. Sorry. The culture is different because the team is different. It's Mike Vrabel's job – and Ran Carthon's job – to turn this team into a winner.

Edward McKinney from Antioch, Tennessee
Hello Jim. I was wondering if it was okay for you to share insight in what you are seeing from Willis and Levis in practice (since Tannihill is out). Do you feel the WRs and coaches have an extra pep in their step when they come out to throw? How is their vision of the football field or awareness of defenders when facing our defense?

Jim: I do get to watch practices, Edward, from beginning to end. It's among the benefits of working for the team. If I discuss what I see during a closed practice, however, I wouldn't be allowed to watch practices. I hope you understand.

Anthony Cappadona from Brentwood, Tennessee
Jim, I have been a season ticket holder since the beginning. At this point of the season doesn't the GM and coach have different goals? Ran, most likely sees a team that's not good enough to make the playoffs. And Mike Vrabel's goal is winning the next game with the best team he can field. The Titans are short on draft capital that would make this team better in the future. If Ran starts trading players for picks, it obviously makes Mike's job harder. So, both of them have to agree to making the trades for draft picks? Now for future? Tough dilemma and not easy to reconcile. Thanks for giving us your weekly insight, some of the emails after a loss have to be brutal.

Jim: This is a fair, and good, question Anthony. Mike and Ran are on the same page, but you're right, it makes for some tough conversations. The team made a tough decision on Monday for sure.

Scott Taylor from Dayton, Ohio
Greetings Jim. Hope you & yours are doing well??
Jim. The Titans better figure this out and figure it out quickly.
Man 2-4 is in a bad place and I truly hope I'm wrong but I don't think I am but I don't think that we will break,.500. Tanny is hurt q.b is a big ? Mark and the defense can only hold on for soo long b4 it starts getting hit with injury ( hope that doesn't happen) but it is part of the game
And then we got every analysis talking about trading "THE KING D. Henry and I TRULY THINK THAT'LL BE A BIG MISTAKE. He is the offense or 60 - 70 % of it especially when they let him run over 20 times? Everyone knows that the King get better with carries. It's as if they are going to fase him out and let Spears take over. And please don't get me wrong but so far Spears has been well worth his draft pick. And I truly enjoy watching him grow as a player and man. But the King still has a lot in the tank. Well Jim I guess I got on here to rant and I appreciate that we fan have this to be able to do. So THANK YOU JIM. For giving us this platform to vent ask questions etc etc. Well Jim here to hoping that the Titans figure it out and quickly because if not it'll be a long long season. Not to mention everyone screaming for someone ass or head but they'll be screaming it. Well Jim I've ranted enough so with these parting words I'll say God bless you and yours and the whole Titans organization and pray for some W in the process. Take care Jim. T.Y. Scott

Jim: Appreciate the well wishes, Scott!

Miller Hile from Nashville, Tennessee
Throw the ball to Deandre Hopkins and start will Levis!!!!

Jim: Point(s) taken, Miller.

Jenna Ziebell from Rostock, Germany
Hiya Jim. just wanted to asked if you think that the London game at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was a home game for the Titans? We have been there and for my sense of justice the Ravens have to come to Nashville for their home game! Kindest regards Jenna.

Jim: Hiya Jenna! It technically was a Titans home game.

Bob Galasso from Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Hi Jim, its been a while since I've reached out... I've been mourning the loss of my beloved Dodgers early exit once again in the first round of the Divisional playoffs after once again managing to win 100 regular season games - I hear youre also a big Dodgers fan so I share your pain... okay so on to football... I have followed the Titans / Oilers since Earl Campbell's rookie season, through the Luv Ya Blue era and then the awesome Run and Shoot era with Warren Moon and of course was lucky enough to to witness the Music City Miracle, with Steve McNair and Eddie George leading the team to the Titans Super Bowl in 2000... the "One more yard" scenarrio playing out...
My point is that this Team lke those before it is part of this legacy and although we haven't reached the pinnacle of celebrating a Super Bowl yet, its not from a lack of trying. Its going to happen eventually, I really believe it, I only hope I live long enough to see it. I really enjoy reading your column because even though our fan base is quick to praise the team when they're winning and yet demanding heads roll when they're not, you seem to temper the good and bad and yet add a little bit of humor.
So lets talk about the good things happening as we go into the bye week... Our special teams has been really good... Nick Folk remains perfect and Ryan seems to have picked up where he left off last year. Brillant moves by Cam and Amy bringing Nick in.
I hear alot of talk about how the Titans should unload Henry and that he has lost a step or two... I would love to see these same critics try and stop him in the open field one on one... Lol. Derrick ois averaging over 4 yards a carry, has a higher completion passing average than some QBs and has been improving in the passing game. I love Tyjae Spears as well and he's really made plays when provided the chance, but I think that theyshould keep both because they are diffenet types of runners and compliment each other well. The offensive line needs to be a better job opening up lanes for them to be more effective... Even Earl Campbell (my favorite RB of all time) had a hard time running when he was getting hit behind the line or was on his back. (see the 1978 and 79 playoffs against Pittsburgh)
I've got tickets to the Titans - Pittsburgh game coming up on November 2nd and looking forward to seeing the Titans playsince I don't get to Nashville much. It would be great to meet you there if you have the time.
If the offense can get healthy and stay on the field hopefully we can come away with a win against the Steelers. Our defense has played streaky but the red zone defense seems to be playing well otherwise. Do you see anything happening going into free agency coming down the pike? I know your guess is as good as mine but I really think we could use some more help on the O-line.
Thanks Jim and I hope to see you in Pittsburgh, PA

Jim: I feel your pain on the Dodgers, Bob. I'm not expecting any big acquisitions coming on the o-line, but I do anticipate some shuffling. See ya in Pittsburgh!

Have a great week everyone!

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