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Tuesday Mailbag: Titans Fans React to the Acquisition of WR Julio Jones

NASHVILLE, TN - JUNE 07, 2021 - Julio Jones greets General Manager of the Tennessee Titans Jon Robinson in Nashville, TN. Photo By Donald Page/Tennessee Titans

NASHVILLE – So, if you haven't heard … the Titans traded for Julio Jones over the weekend.

On Monday, we asked for your thoughts on the move.

In this Tuesday's Titans mailbag, we're rolling out the responses.

Thanks to those who chimed in …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Hunter Phelan from South Pasadena, California
I felt like Sunday morning was like Christmas Day when I read the news, and got my favorite present that I wanted haha. Couldn't be more excited. Welcome to Titans Nation Mr. Jones!! I feel like this is the biggest trade we've ever made in this organization. Want to commend Mr. Robinson on getting the deal done. If this move doesn't say he's not serious about bringing the Lombardi Trophy to. Nashville, I don't know what does. I hope Mr. Jones finds lots of success, and more importantly can be healthy and help lead us to the Titans first Super Bowl win were all longing for.

Asa Hart from Portland, Oregon
Hey Jim. I would like to begin my question with a 4 page rant, but alas, I am tired and a mere snarky sentence or two will have to suffice. First off, you heard it from me first (and, believe me, that's authoritative) Jon Robinson is a genius... and this is coming from the guy who was the first to say that JRob was a washed-up clown for the draft. I know what you're saying: "But Asa, you've only watched one college football game in the last 6 years because you're gainfully employed to do things unassociated with football." Or "I thought you swore to never follow the Titans again." But, I also know what Google is and I can fog up a pair of glasses and I just read that Julio makes us good again. And now, question: Could you give JRob a high five for me on the Julio thing? Seriously, that was awesome!

Brett Heard from Nashville, Tennessee
I know we got a big name in Julio Jones. But I still have in the back of my mind that we let a 26 year old Corey Davis (that was developed in our offence) walk for 12 million and then trade for a 32 year old that we have to pay 15 million for. Would the better long term answer not have been re-sign Davis? I also hope that this works out better than some of the other big names WR the Titans have brought in over the years (Yancy Thigpen, Carl Pickens, David Givens, Randy Moss, Andre Johnson). I get we have to compete during Henry's and Tannehill's contracts, just hope this doesn't hurt in terms of money that could have been spread out for some other depth players for this year and next.

Rob Rayburn from Clarksville, Tennessee
We finally got Julio! On paper this is one of the best offenses to take the field probably since our Super Bowl run. This is an amazing core of guys and expectations are going to be high. With that being said, how much pressure does this bring to the new offensive coordinator, Todd Downing?

Alberto Armando Téllez Salcedo from Durango, México
Saludos Jim, una vez más escribo para agradecer a la dueña Amy Adams Strunk a J Rob que en el confiamos, por la excelente contratación de Julio Jones, una vez más el equipó se ve agresivo en el off season con la llegada de Bud Dupree, Denico Autry y Janoris Jenkins, además de un excelente Draft donde llegan jugadores como Caleb Farley, Monty Rice, Elijah Molden, Rashad Weaver y Brady Breeze y a la ofensiva Dillon Radunz, Dez Fitzpatrick, Racey McMath. Tenemos Coordinadores nuevos que fueron promovidos Downing y Bowen y este último tendrá el apoyo de Jim Schwartz nuestro viejo conocido. Pese a que aún tengo mis dudas en tener a otro TE, NT y PK, el equipo se ve muy competitivo. Esperemos ganar finalmente el Super Bowl. Por favor Jim agradecerle de mi parte a la Sra. Amy y a Jon Robinson que han logrado mantener al equipó en los últimos años con récord ganador, una final de conferencia y un campeonato Divisional. Titán Up. Claro y también al Coach Vrabel y a mi jugador favorito Derrick Henry. En México amamos a los Titanes.
(Translation: Greetings Jim, once again I write to thank the owner Amy Adams Strunk to J Rob who we trust, for the excellent hiring of Julio Jones, once again the team looks aggressive in the off season with the arrival of Bud Dupree, Denico Autry and Janoris Jenkins, in addition to an excellent Draft featuring players like Caleb Farley, Monty Rice, Elijah Molden, Rashad Weaver and Brady Breeze and the offense Dillon Radunz, Dez Fitzpatrick, Racey McMath. We have new Coordinators who were promoted Downing and Bowen and the latter will have the support of Jim Schwartz our old acquaintance. Although I still have my doubts about having another TE, NT and PK, the team looks very competitive. Let's hope we finally win the Super Bowl. Please Jim, for my part, thank Mrs. Amy and Jon Robinson who have managed to keep the team in recent years with a winning record, a conference final and a Divisional championship. Titan Up. Sure and also Coach Vrabel and my favorite player Derrick Henry. In Mexico we love the Titans.)

Ben Feld from Knoxville, Tennessee
Love the Julio move. Since (as far as I'm concerned) cap was tight before the Julio acquisition, does this latest trade mark the end of any additional offseason moves for the Titans? Having one of the league's best offenses is great, but I still think the Titans should be looking for additional help at the TE and pass rush positions. Looking forward to another great season!

Jaquaylon Porter from Moore, Oklahoma
Hey Jim, I've never been on a mailbag before so this is cool, but I love the trade for Julio Jones I feel like Julio is that missing piece for us to get to the Super Bowl, but I wouldn't be surprised if we were to add another vet at the TE position.

Kevin Hamner from Pleasant Hill, California
Long time reader, long time fan, blah, blah, blah. This isn't a question just wanted to say how pleased I am with our front office. J Rob finally brought a star to Nashville. Julio Jones is probably the biggest acquisition this franchise has ever made. I understand the ramifications that it will probably cause us. But this is a franchise that has never won a super bowl. I'm fine with going all in, no risk, no reward. I know fans are gonna complain that he's 32 and injury prone, but if this works out the way it looks on paper our offense will be even more dynamic than last year. Being a fan through the bad times, this is why you stay faithful to your team. Every now and then, they have a window and those are the years that get you through the bad ones. Can't wait for the year to start!! Titan up!!!

Aaron Forsberg from Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Nicolas Delamare from Laval, France
Dream comes true, Jim !! Rumors in sports are always same feelings... Lots of excitements when you see it and finally disappointment BUT Jim, there's no disappointment when you have JON ROBINSON (#InJrobWetrust) as your General Manager, he's a playmaker !! And what about Julio ? One of the greatest receiver to play the game....So excited with our team BUT it's time for the boys to go to work, it's time for Titan nation all around the world to support our guys because we have the same dream...The pride to see our team, our franchise, our family with a beautiful ring !! Stay healthy guys with training camp and let's go together for a great season... TITAN UPPPPPPP AND WELCOME JULIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!

Sara Goforth from Columbus, Indiana
I think the trade for Julio was the best trade the titans have made outside of the draft .

Luke Atherton from Alexandria, Pennsylvania
Great signing now let's win the Super Bowl.

Camryn Payne from Columbia, Missouri
Howdy, Jim I'm really happy with this trade granted I would have been happy if the trade didn't happen too ( I agree with your point about being able to resign young talent on the roster). I'm excited to not see Julio's impact on the offense but also contributing to the development of Aj Brown. With Aj learning more from Julio and his physical gifts Aj will be even more exciting for the years to come. Thanks for all your hard work Jim!

Will Marsh from Cincinnati, Ohio
Happy about the trade for Julio. Love it..Titanup. I just have concerns about the defense. We could be stronger on the edge and could use a Bet at corner. I think we still need a better look at Tight End as well. That said I give Robinson and Vrabel credit for a great move. It looks like we are in win now mode... so let's get those other pieces. Bringing in Julio will also bring in other talent that wants to win.

Marion Youngblood from Antioch, Tennessee
Titans are a better team with Julio. A 32 year old Julio is better than Corey Davis. Whether this makes the Titans a Super Bowl contender depends on if the Titans have the coaches to make this offensive talent mesh.

Carol Thomad from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Congratulations!!! The Titans got Julio now what about the Defense??

Dennis Utterback from Louisville, Kentucky
No question, just a statement. Tell the Titans they could get Delanie Walker back for a cheap price. Just some added insurance since they now have Julio Jones.

Steven Kelleher from Flagstaff, Arizona
Am I the only one that while yes I'm excited about Julio I'm wondering at what cost of the future? I'm thankful we didn't trade a first but still a second and a fourth are valuable pieces for the future and we traded them for a 32-year-old receiver that is coming off an injured season.

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durago, México
Es una tremenda adición al equipó, que le da al equipó más variedad en el ataqué, haciéndolo casi imposible de detener. Es un gran acierto de JRob y claro de la dueña Amy Adams Strunk, pues se mostraron agresivos al ir por el sabiendo que su contrato salarial los 3 años siguientes son altos. Pero esto solo indica que nuestra directiva está en busca de levantar por primera vez un Trofeo Lombardi. Saludos Jim y por favor dale las gracias a Amy Adams, a JRob y al Coach Vrabel pues el equipó ha sido armado para ganar la División, pelear la Conferencia y por qué no el Súper Bowl.
(Translation: It is a tremendous addition to the team, giving the team more variety in attack, making it almost impossible to stop. It is a great success for JRob and of course from the owner Amy Adams Strunk, because they were aggressive when going for him knowing that his salary contract for the next 3 years is high. But this only indicates that our board is looking to lift a Lombardi Trophy for the first time. Greetings Jim and please thank Amy Adams, JRob and Coach Vrabel as the team has been put together to win the Division, fight the Conference and why not the Super Bowl).

Matt M from Knoxville, Tennessee
Jim just wanted to say thanks and Titan Up!!! Holy Off-Season!

Aundra McGlockton II from Phoenix, Arizona
Great move for the team since the window won't stay open long. Still need more pass rush but this is sensational! Do you think we could see any additions on defense or is JRob satisfied?

Josh Bomar from Knoxville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. So we got him! I know AJ is stoked, since he was recruiting the hell out of him via social media lol. If Julio can stay healthy I'm super excited about our wide outs. I'm sure you're gonna have every question in Tuesday's bag about this though, so I'm going to steer this one in a different direction. I'm going to make a bold prediction and say that Coon is not only going to make the roster, but I predict he will get substantial playing time. After barely missing the Olympics as a wrestler, he has to have good foot work and vice grips for hands, right?!?! Get this guy the proper coaching and the sky is the limit. I do think it is classic JROB though, to give a guy a chance who hasn't played since 2013 in High School. He seems to always have some insight on hidden gems. Titanup everyone. It's going to be a fun season to watch yet again.

Have a great week everyone!

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