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Tuesday Mailbag: Titans Fans React to Sunday's Win Over the Bengals 


NASHVILLE – What a difference a week makes.

On the football field, and in here.

This time last week I got emails wanting players benched, coaches fired, and questions about the 1st overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft.

After Sunday's win over the Bengals, the conversation has changed.

Let's dive into another mailbag to talk more about what's been a roller coaster season so far…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Milton Tutko from Knoxville, Tennessee
I am 90 years old and am not a football expert. By the same token I am not a computer expert. The one thing I recognize is my computer detailed knowledge is like my football knowledge. I can't design a computer nor can i design football plays. But I can use my computer and watch football and understand the game. Over the last couple of years in watching the Titan game it was always the same. Run never pass. the first three games this season was the same. Even a non-football expert knew what the play was before it happened. The defense knew it was a run and planned for it. I was pleasantly surprised with the Bengal Titan game. The offensive coordinator did an amazing job. I was not even able to guess the call on each play. That put the Bengal defense off of their game plan. It also allowed Henry some running room. The defense was not stacked for his run. Please tell the OC to continue with this plan of attack. Prior to the Bengal game I felt the Titans would be number 3 or 4 in their division. I now believe the Titans could win their division. Go Titans.

Jim: It sounds like you're doing great, Milton. And I'll let the OC know you liked the game plan on Sunday!

Chris Spaulding from Denver, Colorado
Wow.... what a great WIN for the boys and sweet redemption against the dreaded Bengals, this game felt personal after they spoiled are Number 1 seed season a couple years ago... It was the first time in a while I didn't have a minor heart attack just to get a win, no sweat today, I was able to make some wings with a 24 pt lead. I guess my question is: Do you think our division (AFC South) is underrated ? All teams are at 2-2 and playing well, AFC South is on the rise in my opinion and the NFL should recognize that. I'm out and thrilled with beating the Bengals💥

Jim: Based on what I've seen so far, it looks the division is vastly improved, Chris. But it's early. A lot to be sorted out over the next few months.

Richard Stepien from McMinnville, Tennessee
Great game congratulations Titans! Maybe a lot of our so-called fans will stop bad mouthing and complaining. Your inbox will be a lot easier to read. Thanks Jim for all your reporting. TITAN UP!

Jim: Appreciate it, Richard. I love the feedback, I really do. But it is interesting the amount of email I get after losses compared to wins. I had triple-digit emails waiting for me on Monday morning, and they kept coming in all day, throughout the week. It was probably a third that amount at the start of this week.

Mike Temple from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hello Jim. I was in Las Vegas this past weekend to see U2 open the new Sphere arena. It was very impressive, but our Titans were equally spectacular on Sunday! Kudos to the entire organization for a complete and dominating performance. A special shoutout to Offensive Coordinator Tim Kelly for a brilliantly called game. My question is around the offensive line. With Nicholas Petit-Frere coming back this week and Peter Skoronski returning soon, how do you think the Titans will 'reshuffle' the line? I think Chris Hubbard has played well, any chance that he or Petit-Frere are moved to left tackle? If the Titans can stay healthy and build on Sunday's performance, I hope we will be back in Vegas in February - Titan-up! Mike

Jim: Sounds like you had a great weekend, Mike. I saw some videos from that concert over the weekend and it looked absolutely amazing. I need to check out the Sphere Arena myself … As for the o-line, I do expect some shuffling to take place, it's just a matter of when.

Abe Harrell from Charlotte, North Carolina
Hey Jim I was unable to watch the game but I am very happy with the outcome I was just wondering what you thought the difference was between this game and last week???

Jim: This time the Titans were the ones with 27 points, and the other team with 3 … 😊

Samuel Barattiero from LaVergne, Tennessee
I'm going to make it short and simple. I do not like the Treylon Burks slander. No he might not be a AJ Brown replacement, but I do think he will be one of our future wide Receiver 1's. Everybody calling him Wr2 and calling him a bust. Same with Chig. No neither of them have been big this year so far but it is not totally their fault. Yes they need to work on not dropping, etc. However I do not think it's fair to them to have 100% of the blame when we can barely make a play especially with our O-Line issues. Thanks I hope you have a great day!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Samuel. I hate it when players get called a "bust" because they got hurt. And, that's what Treylon Burks is dealing with right now – an injured knee. I thought Treylon showed promise during his rookie season last year. I think he was on the verge of some big things this year, before he injured his knee in Minnesota. Right now, his top priority is to get healthy. I still think he's going to help the team win games this fall.

Mike McLane from Macomb, Michigan
Hey Jim. My buddy and I are heading to London for the game next week. We booked through the NFL experience and they have a great agenda. I was wondering if you are attending and what the Titans have planned?

Jim: Hi Mike. I will be in London, and I plan to bounce around. Hopefully I'll see you there.
Here's a look at all the festivities for Titans fans:

Reinhard Schiendorfer from Fosdinovo, Italy
One week ago, there was quite a big bashing of the o-line. They were guilty, that RT could not throw and the King could not run. And now? They (and their coaches) are the true unsung heroes. Am I wrong?

Jim: Hai Ragione, Reinhard. Molto è cambiato.

Patrick Meadows from Giddings, Texas
Thank you Jim for what you do. We can't wait to hear your thoughts on all things Titan every week. Oiler fan since 1978 here. It was bitter-sweet seeing Henry pass Earl Campbell but love them both so loving watching a Hall of Famer in 'The King'. Also tired of watching other players on other teams be 'Crowned'. Derrick is the only King. My question is this: Mason Kinsey did a nice job in the return game Sunday. With Kyle Phillips having three more weeks to return to play, why on earth would Titans release Mason Kinsey and not have him return punts?

Jim: Because Kyle Philips can return punts, and he's eligible to return this week …

Donnell Smith from Lancaster, California
What's going on Jim, how about that game? Now that my Titans I'm used to seeing very dominant. This was the best game this season, If my Titans come out like this every game we will for sure see a Super Bowl. Gotta stay strong and aggressive. Our squad is the squad.. TITAN-UP!!! Have a blessed night..

Jim: Need to keep it up for sure, Donnell. Big game coming up on Sunday in Indianapolis.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Happy Sunday Jim! What a turnaround, as far as offensive production. A win is a win, and against Cincy is great. The O'line has got to get better, I know help is on the way, I cannot wait to see what it looks like when Nick Petit-Frere and Peter Skoronski are back. Defense looked great! Now time to get a Divisional win!! Have a great week Titan Nation!! As always Jim, TITAN UP!!!

Jim: A good day for a cookout, Jeremy!

Russell Mills from Pegram, Tennessee
As always, thank you for keeping all the Titans faithful informed the best you can without breaking any rules. I've been chiming in frequently these days, mostly just to complain when our guys have a bad day, but I don't want to be the fan that only writes in to criticize. I'd like to congratulate our team on a well played game in all phases against the Bengals, that was the Titans team we've been looking for. You previously said when they schedule was released you envisioned us being 3-3 at week 6, well, we're one step closer to your prediction. Here's to hoping we make it 4-2 instead!!!

Jim: Appreciate it, Russell. A win this coming Sunday would be huge.

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Hi Jim. I understand 3 things about the Titans:
1. The pass rush is legit
2. Derrick Henry is good at football
3. DeAndre Hopkins is good at football
This is about as inconsistent of a start as you can have. That's why I was only able to name 3 things I know for certain about the Titans. All things considered, I thought the offensive line did fine. The pass protection was a bit suspect at times, but at least they were opening up lanes for Henry. Mike Vrabel needs to send a message loud and clear to the locker room that if everyone keeps doing their part, we're gonna win alot of games this year. Let's hope Tennessee keeps this up, I'm cautiously optimistic for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.

Jim: I hear ya, Evan.

Rick Smith from Union, Kentucky
k Jim, I was wrong, I wrote you a few weeks ago with a long message and I finished it with, I would be the first to say I was wrong, so again I was wrong. This team showed it has what it takes to win. Now I want to see consistency, I know they are not going to win every game from this point on but showing the heart, passion and determination and a few breaks Sunday is all anybody can ask for. Also, I have really been dreading this week, Driving from N. KY to Nashville (not expecting the turnout we got) having drive 4 hours back home, and then having to hear all the Bengals fans crap from employees and neighbors for weeks almost made me stay home. With that said, I want to give a huge shout out to Titans fans that showed up, Nissan was rocking and I am the one for a change walking around with my head up and big smile on my face this time and I don't have to say a word. Have a great day Jim, and Titans, keep proving me wrong!

Jim: Thanks for writing back in, Rick. Those Bengals fans were pretty quiet on Sunday. I can't imagine you'll be hearing much from them this week either.

Zaydon Raney from Conroe, Texas
Do you think the Titans will make it to the Superbowl? If yes who would go with them?

Jim: *I picked it, Zaydon, but not making any Super Bowl predictions here on October 2. 😊

Will Lambert from Paducah, Kentucky
Nobody wants to admit it. NWI is our best WR. Dude is a machine. The Oline was much improved as well. I am proud to be a Titan fan this week. I guess we'll lay down next week, since we seem to play one hard and lay down the next, but this one was fun to watch. My question is, why do we do that? Hopefully I'm wrong.

Jim: I like NWI, Will, but DeAndre Hopkins is the team's best receiver. … And, no one is ever "laying down." It's a week-to-week, competitive league. Through four weeks, 12 teams are 2-2, and eight teams are 1-3.

Terry Anderson from Glasgow, Kentucky
Hello Jim hope all is well. Great win Sunday against the Bengals bout time they got the best of Burrow. Henry looked great and Tannehill played well. Limited stupid turnovers except for the one interception. Big Jeff getting fired up and seeing Vrabel getting hot fired the team up. The fans were amazing at the game and the team played so hard all the questions the Bengals fans were answered. Who they, not to be who dat. Who they think gonna beat them Bengals? Last Sunday it was the Titans. Let's get the king resigned already. Henry needs to be a Titan for life. Keep up the good work Jim. Titan Up.

Jim: Have a good week, Terry.

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
Thanks for all you do Jim to keep us informed. Wow, what can I say; give Tannehill a little time and viola. He did have some hits and scrambles, but the OL did give him some options and when they did, he connected! Defense was outstanding and Henry got his mojo back with some blocking holes that let him do his thing! Can't wait for NPF to get back this week and maybe some tweaking done on the OL for better chemistry. All in all, a great effort and win against a team that has had our number for sometime. Unfortunately we have been on the road and only saw a few plays here in there, but great catches by those who fought to get open against the defenders on them. So Jim, do you expect to see some more shuffling on the OL? Hope that Skoronski is good to go for this week, as it looks like the Colts have mastered their issues as well. We do need to win these division games! Go Titians!

Jim: As I mentioned earlier to Mike, I do expect some shuffling at some point. Depends on when Skoronski is healthy enough to return, and when Nicholas Petit-Frere is back in football shape and ready to go. I will say I think Chris Hubbard has done a solid job, which makes it a little more interesting.

Al Posnack from Spring Hill, Tennessee
Jim, what about Taylor Lewanr coming back to help the team at left tackle? I know fans have been down on him but he was hurt. I believe he can help us if Vabrel and staff will give him a chance. It would be a one season contract and one last hoorah for him and retire a Titan.
By the way it was a great game in all phases vs the win over the Bengals Sunday. Go Titans!!

Jim: Taylor Lewan is not coming back. … It was a solid performance vs the Bengals.

Howard Turner from Atlanta, Georgia
Waddup, Jim "VisorPen" Wyatt
It has been quite the anti-climactic start after a very positive preseason outlook on the season. #NotGood
I know most of the fans chiming in have expressed all the icky feels as a result. We haven't established our identity yet; looks like we're still trying to find it. #3WeeksIn #WhichTitansTeamAreWe?
However, if you'd allow me to provide a slight glimmer of hope and expectation it might help the doom and gloomers.
The Titans started 1-2 in 2019, the year we shocked the league and went all the way to AFC Championship game to face Mahomes and the Chiefs. #Just4YearsAgo #HowSoonWeForget
Our Titans started 2-2 in 2021, the year of the Divisional playoff game against Burrow and these Bengals. #Just2YearAgo
And yes, Tannehill lead us through both of those seasons. Much like now we were ready to declare that the sky was falling early, but we saw our squad turn it around.
Yes I know each year is different but lets not act like it's impossible for us to find a way back to contending for everything we hoped to get out of this season. The division is wide open, nobody has blazed out the gate. Hopefully we can make this our pivot week and change the trajectory of this thing. #TheDefenseFromWeek1 #TheOffenseFromWeek2
We haven't put it all together yet, but this can be the week!
Jim, this is my TitanUp call to the faithful. #IFeelADubComing
- Hashtag Howard

Jim: Got this email before the game, Howard.


Have a great week everyone!

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