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Tuesday Mailbag: Titans Fans React to Sunday's Season Opening Loss to the Saints


NASHVILLE – The Titans let one get away on Sunday in New Orleans.

When I opened up the mailbag after the game, it was already loaded. And the feedback continued to roll in on Monday.

So, let's get right to it.

Buckle up …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
What can I say? The offense looked rusty, maybe starters should play more pre-season? Tannehill was terrible. New offensive coaching scheme wasn't impressive... and as usual, the Defense kept us in it. On the positive side, Folk looked good. You're there at practice, Jim... those guys practice together, on the field, right? They don't have ZOOM practices right? Oh and I feel for you, Jim... let's see the QB controversy stuff in your inbox.

Jim: Hi Jack. Talk of a "QB controversy" is just silly at this point. Tannehill is the starter, he just needs to play a whole lot better than he did in Week 1. Just like Josh Allen in Buffalo.

Jonathan Davenport from Florida
Well Jim.....No need to ever watch a Titan game these days. So predictable...absolutely disgusting.
Oline -- D-. Can't pass protect -- Dillard is a joke.
Tanny -- F. awful performance -- missed two easy TD's
Defense B+. -- As usual giving up big plays in the pass game in the 4th. They will get banged up again because they are on the field too long.
WR -- C-. -- Just cant get open
They will be around .500 because they have no offense. Most people will be fine if they contend for the division. Not me. I have been a fan for 45 years and they are no closer to competing let alone winning a championship!
Just depressing!

Jim: I think the grade of B+ for the defense is a little high myself. Sure, the group set the tone and made some plays early, but still gave up too many big plays and couldn't get off the field when it mattered most.

Jeff Martin from Friendswood, Texas
Jim. I'm sorry I have to ask. Why is NWI our main 3rd down guy? This is silly. Use the cap savings and sign Someone else if you don't wanna give Chris Moore the chance. It's not acceptable. Philips and Fulton injured per the usual or our culture.

Jim: I was actually surprised at the snap counts for NWI (51) and Moore (9) myself. Even more surprising to me, the targets – seven for NWI and three for Treylon Burks. I expected to see a lot more opportunities for Burks and can't understand why he wasn't more involved. The head coach said yesterday he will be moving forward.

Kev White from Salisbury, North Carolina
Hey Jim! A frustrating game to say the least. The defense held stout for the majority of the game. King Henry looked great in the first half. The offensive line did better than expected.
Ryan Tannehill. I have defended him since his Dolphin days. He looked lifeless the majority of the game today. Almost as if he's burned out on the team. No passion. No fire. And the offense emulated that lack of a spark at certain points throughout the game. I hope Tanny bounces back from this. I saw way more positives then negatives. Which makes the loss so frustrating.
Did Tannehill seem off to you? First game jitters or do you believe he's just fatigued with the Titans?

Jim: Yes, Tannehill seemed off to me. Not blaming it on "first game jitters" or by being "fatigued with the Titans," whatever that means. He had a bad day. Titans fans can only hope he bounces back and is much better moving forward.

Phillip Carpenter from Bristol, Tennessee
Dear Jim. Explain the difference between Josh Dobbs' fumble that ended last season and Carr's incomplete pass. Kind regards.

Jim: I think Josh Dobbs fumbled, just like Derek Carr did on Sunday. The refs got one right, and one wrong. What's maddening is how inconsistent this play has been called across the league. Did you see the play involving Trevor Lawrence on Sunday in Indianapolis? Same play, ruled a fumble and not an incomplete pass, and it resulted in a defensive touchdown for the Colts. The Titans did a lot of stuff to cost themselves a win on Sunday, but that call was a game-changer.

Steve Scharf from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
: Hi Jim. I'm pretty sure you will be inundated with overreaction Monday observations. I thought I would go with another perspective. Week 1 is the best week or the worst week of the season. Win and everybody says this is our year. Lose and the sky has fallen. In this day and age, most starters don't play in preseason games or are very limited. That definitely showed on Sunday. Tannehill didn't attempt a pass in the preseason and he was definitely rusty, some may say he was awful, bring in Willis, etc. The O line is a work in progress, the secondary looks meh. These are all things that could be fixed. This was game 1 of 17 and a lot could happen over the course of the season. Last year the 49ers and Bengals lost in week 1. They figured it out after that. I'm not putting the Titans in that caliber of teams. I'm just saying it is not the time to panic after one game. It's Titan Up time!

Jim: Hey Steve. Appreciate the perspective, Steve. As you'll see, a lot of different opinions in here today.

James Kaufmann from York, Pennsylvania
Hope all is well. I'm sure you will respond like you have always. I'm sure you will respond we will see next week as everything is never definitive as you work for the team. This is still the same exact nonsense as last year. Vrabel in his usual BS "Well we talked about turnovers and mistake free football " . Tannehill again 3 picks one with Chig wide open and Tannehill throws into double coverage. Literally over and over the same non sense this is truly the definition of insanity the last 4 years. The reason the Jags will win the division Trevor Lawrence is progressing as a QB and Tannehill is still the same guy he was in Miami. 2 3rd down conversions going midway through the fourth quarter. Doug Peterson won a superbowl with Philly yet here we sit hoping to find our way back to one since losing the big one in 99. At some point Vrabel has to be held accountable . To say he didn't know about our garbage drafting is a to admit complete organizational failure. We draft picks that have been released after a year . Anyway I'm done rambling ..Nothing like wasting another 400 bucks on a losing product this year buying Sunday ticket.

Jim: Dang, is Sunday ticket really up to $400 now?

Donley Canary from Raymore, Missouri
Good Afternoon Jim: So disappointed with the Titans performance. I am a huge Ryan Tannehill fan, but he was terrible Sunday. He had no chemistry with his receivers today and IMO that his why you play at some point in the preseason games; not just do three handoffs and walk off.
Mike Vrabel coached poorly and several of his decisions were questionable. For example giving up a field goal and not believing in your defense. Also, settling for a fifth field goal was ridiculous. Why not go it? If you fail, Saints are deep in their territory and maybe we can stop them! I had also hoped Tim Kelly was an improvement over Todd Downing as OC. No rhythm or reason to his calls today and Henry sat on the bench when we needed him on the field. Oh well, at least we will have two high draft choices next year to hopefully rebuild the team. Perhaps we will draft another offensive tackle and a quarterback in 2024! Seems like we have done that alot the past two years. See ya in Nashville this weekend, Jim!

Jim: See ya Sunday, Donley!

Donnie Brown from Ashland City, Tennessee
Jim, hope alls well, I know you gonna have alot of questions to answer. So, let me throw something at you. My opinion sitting a lot of starters out on all preseason games don't allow real game time for players to jell with each other. I don't care if they play a quarter. They're professionals, they have done it in past years and managed well. But I would think everyone knows and expects more consistency. Tannehill was very bad and admits it. Burks was only targeted 3 times. Didn't see much out of our tight ends either. O line showed up against a top notch defense. Defense showed show up with just 1 TD allowed. Henry as always does his job both running and receiving. Play calling was very good, but our receivers can't catch the ball IF it ain't thrown as a catchable ball!
Seeing our division opponents score and move the ball I can see we're we will finish if we don't step up and deliver…. Let's Go Titans. Donnie Brown

Jim: Hi Donnie. I know the "lack of preseason action" theory is a sticking point for a lot of folks. Personally, I just don't buy into it. Can't see how playing a few series in the preseason against back-ups would make a guy sharp two weeks later against a different team, a better defense, in a hostile environment, when a defense is game planning. Not worth the injury risk IMO. (And I get this is easy to second guess). The offense was shaky, to say the least, on Sunday. But I attribute it more to Tannehill simply having the worst game of his tenure in Tennessee, and the offense going through some early growing pains with a new OC. Patrick Mahomes played a good bit in the preseason, and the Chiefs didn't look great on offense in Week 1.

Steve Boxwell from Corpus Christi, Texas
Hello Jim. Big Titan Fan. Believe we should have won that game.
The defense played really good.
Unfortunately throwing 3 interceptions cost us that game.
Hopefully they can get it corrected.
Otherwise believe we should let backup start at quarterback.
Because trying to win on just field goals
This is not going to win many games.
Believe they need to open the offense more.
Thank You.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Steve.

Dennis Utterback from Louisville, Kentucky
I know it's just one game. I believe it's going to be another long boring season. I took a hard look at the Titans schedule. I strongly believe the Titans will not win ten games this year. Sad to say the Titans cannot score one touchdown, but give up three interceptions. The Saints had a 3rd and six and the Titans got burnt on a deep play unacceptable. The Titans let Jim Schwartz get up out of there and kept Shane Bowen. You got to be kidding me. This team is not going anywhere it needs a complete overhaul.

Jim: A complete overhaul after one game? C'mon, Dennis.

Alan Ray from College Grove, Tennessee
Hey Jim. An old adage says, "Never send a letter when you're angry." The creator of those words of wisdom obviously never watched a Titan's game. My god what a frustrating game to watch as a hopeful Titan's fan. If our offense was a building...they would condemn it. Tannehill. Three picks. Throws into double coverage and doesn't even see Chig wide open for a TD. Can't buy a 3rd down. Misses wide-open receivers. Kelley's Offense is pitiful. O-line is pitiful, again. Or should I say, still. Games should be fun to watch. The Titans leave me with a twisted gut and headache from frustration. And it's been that way for a while now. First game, I get it. But so what? You can play a good game and still lose. I don't mind the loss nearly as much as the way we play and lose. All the Rookie QBs made Tannehill look like a Rookie. Maybe Ryan should have played a little in pre-season, huh? But it may not have mattered. A leopard can't change its spots. He lost us that game with his piss-poor play. Not single handedly...but almost. I won't mind if you don't publish this one. I'm sure you'll have a stadium of similar missives from which to choose. What a bummer.

Jim: Hope you feel better, Alan.

Fred Trotman from St. Louis, Missouri
I'm gonna be honest I originally came here to talk about how tired I am of Tannehill, how we overpaid him BEFORE we paid Henry and just that whole rant but I'm not. Yes, I truly believe Tannehill lost us this game but it was a team loss. The decision to give up on the run was terrible and Henry hasn't shown that he can't handle 20 plus touches a game. So that was on the coaching. The drops I counted 2. Defense caved on the crucial drive of the series. So yes it was a team loss. BUT, Tannehill was off most of the game, 3 picks because he underthrew the ball, over threw a wide open Chig Okonkwo, and threw a wide open Tajae Spears out of bounds. Even if he caught it he would've been out. Today needs to be a wake up call that EVERYONE needs to play in preseason to get those in game reps. I understand coaches wanna rest players but that's clearly a hindrance. O-line did better than I expected although they did allow 3 sacks. I am proud of this team and it's only week 1 so TITAN UP n let's beat the Chargers next week.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Fred.

Clint Phillips from Fletcher, North Carolina
Play calling and the O-line appear to have improved. QB play HAS NOT improved at all.
Please get another QB ready to take over this franchise ASAP.
Oh yeah , I forgot.... QUIT PLAYING CHICKEN $#1+ BALL!! GO FOR THE TD!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Clint.

Justin Whitney from Crestwood, Kentucky
Hi Jim. Longtime Titans fan here, ever since the franchise moved to Tennessee and my local news in western Kentucky carried the Titans games. Assuming the year doesn't go well as far a QB play (based on the start). Do you think there is a realistic chance we pick a NEW franchise QB if we find ourselves with a top 5 pick next year?

Jim: Oh lordy, already thinking draft after Week 1?!?

Tommy Henley from Cookeville, Tennessee
Hey Jim always thankful for the news, but you know and I know bad news is coming but Jim I can always say you've always been fair but firm with us fans, my question Jim is bout Tannehill, Jim do you personally think Ryan was pretty rusty , do you think it was because he hasn't played d as since the Chargers game last year I think it was now, funny an were playing them next week hopefully Tanny gets some get back then but with that said would you if played Ryan in some preseason games to get more reps that's wat I think personally , but thanks again Jim I'm sure you'll have some crazy talking fans good luck buddy . Titan up y'all ! Lot of football left!

Jim: Sprinkle a few periods and question marks in here next time, Tommy. My head is already spinning enough. 😊

Bob Easley from Austin, Texas
Jim, I couldn't get the game in Austin, so I listened on the radio.
Nick Folk - Yes:)!!!
Though our defense couldn't stop them at the end, the defense played great holding the Saints to 16 points.
I'm still encouraged about the season. Last year, the Saints had the 5th best defense in the league - they were so good that the Saints promoted their Defensive Coordinator to head coach. We must acknowledge we were facing a very, very tough defense!!
Though I was hopeful, in reality,, how can we expect our offensive skill players to be sharp in game one when they didn't play together in the preseason? Now, stay with me here because I'm not saying they should have risked injury by playing in the pre-season. It may just be that since all teams play a 17 game schedule - maybe it is correct to keep your key skill players out of pre-season - I don't know. What I am saying is that if you hold them out of all the pre-season games - we shouldn't expect them to be in top form on opening day, especially against a defense like the Saints. Now, I like hearing the coaches and players saying "no excuses", but there is still this reality.
I still think we'll go 12-5 because our defense is VERY good AND our offensive skill players (including RT) are also VERY good and barring injuries, will keep getting better. Look out Chargers!!!

Jim: It was a frustrating game to watch, Bob, so be glad you listened on the radio instead. But I applaud your patience..

Tom Meyer from San Antonio, Texas
Howdy, Well I just watched the Titans lose a game they should have easily won. While I have remained a Tannehill fan even before he joined the Titans I have to say he needs to have more work in preseason. He looked out of rhythm with his receivers and looked to be forcing his throws. I have often wondered why the Titan receivers don't seem to get open like the opposing team( no matter who they are playing) the opposing receivers seem to be wide open on 75% of the time. The titan receivers seem to covered and have to fight for contested balls. I had fully expected DHop to be more open. Well it is only the first game of the year and I am sure they will continue to jell into a good team. I was actually yelling at Tannehill for not seeing Chig wide open on the ball he threw to Dhop that was intercepted. I counted 3 times the team should have scored a touchdown mainly form the quarterback have scored a touchdown but failed because of miscues. Overall I wasn't too concerned about how they played since it was it was the first game of the season and they haven't really played together against an opposing team. Hang in there guys and Titan Up! P.S the defense looked good except the D backs.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Tom.

Brock Martin from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Wow, Tanepick looked awesome we are in for a long season with him behind center.
Let the kids play if we want any shot at making the playoffs. Jim, I know you are paid to be positive and tell how good Ryan is but it's not the case. The only bowl we are. headed for is the toilet tough to watch

Jim: I missed that in my job description when I was hired, Brock, but appreciate the toilet bowl joke – haven't heard that one since third grade.

Costa Babalis from Laval, Canada
Hope all is well Jim. It was like watching Clint Eastwood in the Good, The Bad & The Ugly. The Good was our defence, they looked ready, hungry and a cohesive unit. The Bad was our offensive coordinator, do not understand when you have a stud in Henry and you don't use him. Spears had more plays than Henry, you won't win games like that especially when your Quarterback is struggling throwing the ball. The Ugly was Ryan Tannehill, he did not look ready, I understand he was under pressure at times but when he did have ime, his decision making was ugly. It's one game and we move on but I really hope we utilize Henry more if we want to win games. Titan up!!!

Jim: I do appreciate the creativity here, Costa.

Chris Spaulding from Denver, Colorado
I'm not gonna bash our team over a sloppy week 1 loss to a below average team in my opinion. Now our defense was as advertised Arden Key and Denico Autry Simmons and a lot of others were disruptive all day.. My question is on the offense of side of the ball , why are we lining up in empty set formations on 1st down and not giving the ball to our best player DH, I support Tanney but he needs to clean up some things because I thought our O-Line started to clean things up later in the game... My biggest question is why Vrabel settled for that field goal especially with the fact it was the closest the Titans were all day to the end zone all game, gotta go for it on 4th 6 that late in the game sorry but this was a bad call because one first down for the Saints and it's over , that field goal call has left me angry, we should have won this game today, but there is still a lot of season left and I'm staying positive, let's get the ball more to 22 and get our offense rolling against the Chargers next week.... Titan up Nation##StayStrong

Jim: Agree with a lot of this, Chris.

Russell Mills from Pegram, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Thank you for all the great work you do. As all the Titans faithful are, I'm disappointed with the week 1 loss, but it's a long season and I expect Mike Vrabel will right the ship. For the most part I liked what I saw from the defense, but offensively, I feel like Derrick Henry should have been more involved in the run game. With 3 interceptions on the day it sure looked like Ryan Tannehill was in post season form, so my biggest question would be, is it too early to start calling for Malik Willis?
P.S.: Shout out to my co-worker Kintae from Murfreesboro, every time I'm late for my shift it's because I'm at his desk talking Titans football.

Jim: Yes, it's too early to start calling for Malik Willis. … And, speaking if Kintae…

Kintae Harris from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hey Jim, this is being written after a frustrating loss to the Saints. Do you know why Tyjae Spears was in the game so much? Derrick Henry had a good first half and I expected to see more of the same in the second but it did not materialize. We all know that Derrick gets better as the game goes but it seems the coaching staff did not allow that to happen. Do you know if that is a new philosophy with Tim Kelly or just the way the game went?

Jim: Hey Kintae. So, it sounds like Russell is blaming you for being late… Tyjae is going to be a factor all season. Personally, was surprised he got more snaps than Derrick (34 to 30). I suspect Derrick will be more involved moving forward (Mike Vrabel said this yesterday), but Tyjae is going to play a bunch on third down and in longer down and distance situations.

Diego Valladares from Pass Christian, Mississippi
Hi Jim, quick question. I had the privilege this weekend to see the boys play in Nola this weekend since I live about 45 minutes from New Orleans. I watched a ridiculous game. Why is it that King Henry was averaging 4 yards per carry in the first half and we decided in the second half to come out in shotgun and spread it out with spears? This was baffling even to the saints fans that were next to us. How is it that Henry is clearly eating up the saints defense and we decide to just pull him in the second half when he's doing so good. Come to think of it, we did the same thing in a playoff game against KC a few years back. Is it because the NFL is like the WWE and I scripted? I ask because that's the only thing that makes sense. There's no other reason to switch from the run when it's working and when you're a run first team. Jim please tell me something I can put trust in because it's not fun being a two tone blue fan watching your team implode to a Derek Carr run offense. It's a bunch of crap.

Jim: Hi Diego. As you see, I got back-to-back questions on the lack of carries for Derrick Henry subject, and others are out there. Let's see if the plan changes moving forward. I think it's safe to say the plan vs the Saints didn't work.

Neil McGeehan from County Derry, Ireland
Hey Jim, im guessing the mailbag is pretty full after that game! We all know why the Titans lost the game but we dont know why Henry spent most of the game on the sideline, is he injured or what is going on? Please make it make sense!

Jim: Make that back-to-back-to-back questions on No.22.

John Deane from Wellingborough, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. I'll keep it brief- 15 Carries?? Apologies as I'm not normally negative.

Jim: I think this counts as four in a row. … And today, this doesn't qualify as being negative. 😊

Chris Berry from Cleveland, Tennessee
It's going to be a long mailbag day for Jim…. I know week 1 is always a good week to take the "under" because offenses start the season slower than defenses, but jeez. Does this feel a little deja vu with another great defensive performance and the offense just can't do their part? I absolutely hated the referee performance (whistling the Carr fumble??), but this game sits squarely on Tannehill. Bad decisions and bad play from the QB position. He could have easily had 5 or 6 interceptions in that game and we all know you can't win in the NFL with bad turnovers.

Jim: A busy day in here for sure, Chris.

Tyler Ebert from Hanover, Pennsylvania
As always, thank you for your incredible coverage of our Titans. But boy-oh-boy was that a disappointing loss.... I'm sure you are going to get a lot of hate mail this week so, I'll try to spin things a different way: Yes, Tannehill played arguably his worst game as a Titan. Yes, Derrick should have been on the field more in the second half. Yes, the protection and secondary play was abysmal. But here are some things to be optimistic of: the run defense (until late) and the pass rush played very well. Folk appears to have "solved" the kicking issues for now. D-Hop is as advertised and should only get better as the season goes on. Stonehouse is still a stud. Although personnel and play calling seemed very strange (empty sets, looking at you), it is nice to see a new philosophy being put into place and it will only get better as the season goes on as well. Let's not overreact (I know most will) to a week 1 loss, we started 0-1 last year before ripping off wins to get to 7-3 before that historic end of season collapse... The next few weeks have tough games on the slate (Chargers, Browns, Bengals, Ravens) and if we can stay healthy and execute a bit better, we should emerge with some solid wins.
I do have one quick question: I understand wanting Spears in on obvious passing situations but i felt like the rotation of Spears/Derrick let the defense key into what we wanted to do on offense. However, I simply do not understand not giving Derick the ball more in the second half when he was very successful running the ball throughout the game. Is this something we will see throughout the year or do you believe we will see a shift to get our best player the ball more often? Side note, I'd love to see more split backfields with Spears and Henry on the field! Thanks Jim, Titan-Up!

Jim: Appreciate it, Tyler. A lot of fair points in here. I'm sure you've seen we've hit on the Henry/Spears angle in here. Time will tell on this, whether it was a matchup specific thing/a Week 1 surprise em' thing or whether it's a philosophy change because of new personnel. I tend to think we'll see plenty of Derrick moving forward, but again, Tyjae is going to play, too. As mentioned previously, Vrabel said on Monday Henry is going to be a big part of what the team does this season, as usual.

Pamela Saldana from Nashville, Tennessee
The defense played well enough to win although the secondary gave up too many passing yards. The offensive line was lack luster, but they did just enough to get by. The play calling was less predictable, but only a tad bit more effective. The receivers dropped too many balls, didn't get open enough and Derrick Henry wasn't given enough carries to influence the game. Yet, despite this C- performance, if Tannehill managed the game better, if he picked up a couple of 1st downs with his legs and completed just two more passes that any first year, first round NFL QB (let alone a 12 year veteran with a huge contract) should make the Titans win the game. But no, instead he holds the ball too long, shuffles aimlessly in a collapsing pocket and throws 3 interceptions. What gives Jim? Did he have a bad case of the flu? He sure played like it.

Jim: I wish I could give you an explanation, Pamela. I watched the same game everyone else did.

Drew Ater from Atlanta, Georgia
Hey Jim. Great work brother and thanks for all that you do to keep us updated and current on our Titans.
I'm sure you're getting a ton a messages from people being frustrated from the play of Tanne. I know it's a feeling out process with new a OC & other than the obvious with Tanne missing Chig & Spears what would you like to see the offense improve/do differently in week 2? We can't just dump Tanne. He's still at the moment our QB1, D-Henry is still HIM, D-Hop looked great and played some great defense at times, and our D-Line balled out most of the game. Not to mention Nick Folk being the most consistent thing since my acid reflux. A lot of great things to take away from this game when people step out of their feelings and look at the bigger picture. Thanks Jim & Titan Up my friend!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Drew.

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
Well Jim, don't want to say I told you so, but Dillard looked pitiful and the rest of the offensive line, well, I will leave that to others on here. Tanny looked slow and his 3 interceptions looked awful. All those times in the red zone and we come away with 3 points each. Sadly, I believe we are doing a disservice to our great defense and put them in with more time on the field than the offense at times. I know we will see everyone jumping on Tannehill but it is certainly due. After what I saw of Willis in the preseason, he gives us the best to succeed at this point in time! Did they forget Henry the last half of the game? Not sure on the play calls either, but since it was the first game, lets see what happens when we see the Chargers! I also thought that the offense was.
Thanks for keeping us informed and curious to see what you thought of that game.

Jim: The biggest takeaway from me was the team let a very winnable game get away, primarily because of poor play on offense, and bad day from the QB. I also know it was a bad Week One for the Chiefs, Bengals and Bills, among others. I have a pretty good idea what the football conversations are like in those cities today.

Dick Clodfelter from Bell Buckle, Tennessee
Hello Jim. Your Mailbag is great, always good reading so please continue the good work. Too bad the same can't be said for the Titans today. Just some of the same old problems carried over from last season: offensive line breakdown, poor pass defense, not sure play calling or bad execution--or both. With the benefit of hindsight now, what do you think about the decision to keep RT out of significant preseason play? He looked rusty to me and made some poor decisions by throwing into double coverage where our receivers had no chance to make a catch. I also wonder about some replay reviews. Well, there's still a chance to go 16-1. Titan Up.

Jim: Thanks, Dick. I know some folks don't agree with me on this, but again, I'm not a big 'starters must play in the preseason guy." I've said this many times before. Play Tannehill in the preseason and then you have to play DeAndre Hopkins. Well, what would everyone say if either of those guys got hurt in a meaningless preseason game against another team's back-ups? I know exactly what they'd say. I knew these preseason questions were coming. Heck, I started getting them on Twitter after the first 3-and-out of the game. The Titans offense looked bad on Sunday, and Tannehill was off. There's no denying it. But, again, I just don't think playing a few series in the preseason would have changed a lot. … Tannehill's second worst game of his Tennessee tenure was the playoff game against the Bengals --- after playing the entire regular season. "Rust" isn't always the answer.

Peter Palmer from Miramar, Florida
I'm so disappointed in the Titans play calling. Relying on Tannehill to win the game when he has shown absolutely nothing in the game. Our giving him all that money cost us Aj Brown and us keeping some of our Ol players. Henry is our best player but yet we keeping relying on Tannehill. Please tell me why?

Jim: Tannehill can be blamed for a lot of Sunday's problems, but he's not the reason A.J. Brown is no longer with the team.

Tim Horn from Huntingdon, Tennessee
How long are we going to wait before we go after another quarterback? Tannehill is a good quarterback, but he is not taken the titans to a Super Bowl.

Jim: Hi Tim. You do realize the team has drafted a quarterback in each of the past two drafts, right?

Drew Ater from Atlanta, Georgia
Hey Jim. Great work brother and thanks for all that you do to keep us updated and current on our Titans.
I'm sure you're getting a ton a messages from people being frustrated from the play of Tanne. I know it's a feeling out process with new a OC & other than the obvious with Tanne missing Chig & Spears what would you like to see the offense improve/do differently in week 2? We can't just dump Tanne. He's still at the moment our QB1, D-Henry is still HIM, D-Hop looked great and played some great defense at times, and our D-Line balled out most of the game. Not to mention Nick Folk being the most consistent thing since my acid reflux. A lot of great things to take away from this game when people step out of their feelings and look at the bigger picture. Thanks Jim & Titan Up my friend!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Drew.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, Tennessee
Hey Jim, such a frustrating Sunday. Tannehill was off. His timing, rhythm and execution was not there. Not playing at all in the preseason is showing. He was late with throws and just horrible reads on the two interceptions. I hope he gets it together this week.

Jim: Can't argue with any of this.

Chuck Rhoten from Kingsport, Tennessee
I'm not going to be all gloom and doom, the defense looked great. They had a couple of missed assignments but overall they did their part, the pass coverage was the only shaky part of the defense. The offense I would have like to seen us get Henry more involved and more play action. I don't think we are built to be a passing team. The O-Line was not bad but not impressive. The LT was pushed around most of the game. Tannehill probably should have thrown 5 INTs, we was lucky the Saints dropped 2. I think he missed 2 TDS, but I think with more reps he will improve. We did not look in rhythm but hopefully with reps that improves. I do think we will be in contention for the division again this year.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Chuck.

William Coward from Fairview, Tennessee
Soo, Tannehill didn't practice much pre-season. After Sunday, doesn't another QB get a chance???

Jim: No.

Chris Miller from Jackson, Mississippi
8 game losing streak and now we cannot score touchdowns. The decision to hire this o-line coach, retain Aukerman, and hire from "within" on Kelly falls at the feet of Vrabel. If you wanna play defensive minded maybe you can get key stops on 3rd down? Maybe not. 3rd and 12 conversion. Cant stop 3 and 6 at end of game. Busted coverage happened several times today. Henry had it Sunday and when he did we didn't run it. Unreal.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Chris.

Andy Brown from Leeds, England
Hi Jim. I have defended Tannehill for years, and he has been a good QB for us, but he seems to have a pattern, 2-3 good years then can barely make a throw. His arm strength tonight looked appalling, then he overthrew one of the most open TD's we will ever see.
If we are gonna throw 3 INT's a game id rather play Levis or Willis. At least they'd get exposure and practice reps. They literally cannot do worse than Ryan did tonight, and make no mistake, that saints defence was one of the weaker ones we will play. God help us against some of them.
How long do you think they'd give him before they consider a change?

Jim: Not after Week One.

Ramon Manuel from Nashville, Tennessee
Only 3 observations I want to relay after the Saints game.
1. The problem at the corners is not solved yet
2. Need lateral movement from wide receivers and they need to find a free spot where the QB would be confident to throw the ball
3. The QB should be able to move laterally to find the best spots.

Jim: Got it. Thanks, Ramon.

Benny Peterson from Erwin, Tennessee
welcome to the 2023 tennessee titans football season,oh well,same ole crap different year,vrabel still sucks,offensive coordinator still sucks,tannyhill still definitely sucks,defense plays their ass off to no avail.when or will it ever change,got started with a gm now lets continue with coaches starting at the top.this type of football will never win this day and time in the nfl.

Jim: This seems like an overreaction to a one-point loss in Week 1…

Lee Bumbalough from Smyrna, Tennessee
With Vrabel now with 11 straight losses in a row & another OC that looks like the last one, what do you think the chances of Vrabel losing his job this season if he loses a few more in a row?
Miss Amy is spending Billions to build a new stadium & wants a SuperBowl here, sure does not look like this coach or coaches will be the ones to get the job done, what do you think?

Jim: For starters, I think you've exaggerated the losing streak. Secondly, I think Mike Vrabel is a really good football coach.

Chip Townsend from Eads, Tennessee
Hey Jim, how many more years will it take the coaching staff and managers to realize the Titans need a new QB? It just a continuation from the previous several years. They can not score in the red zone or any where else, multi interceptions. One two or three every game. Defense hold opponents to 16 points and 5 field goals later we loose. No other offense, even Henry has been stopped and stopped. A new total look at the offense should be in order. Starting with the QB, and reserve QB. Thanks

Jim: Thanks for writing in Chip. Tannehill's contract is up after this season. His future in Tennessee hinges on how things go the rest of this season.

Jared Mixon from Valdez, Alaska
Disappointing lose, but a few positive takeaways: WE HAVE A KICKER! I was sooooo worried about the kicking situation, but it seems that is going to be an area of strength this season. Also, the secondary made a huge turnaround from last season. I know there were some plays they gave up, but it was wonderful to see them swarm to the ball and create coverage sacks. Hopefully, the two that went out with injuries will back on the field soon.

Jim: This is true on the kicker. I think the secondary could've played a lot better – gave up too many big plays.

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
Hate that we lost a winnable game, and although one point on the road is very competitive, we're just as 0-1 as if we lost 60-10.
I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering why we didn't take a shot on fourth down from their 11 at the end of the game. Either way, unless we literally ground the clock to a TD, we're giving the ball to them and hoping the defense snuffs them out. But I'd rather do that up 3 than down 1. Even if we didn't get in and turned the ball over on downs, they're at their own 11 or worse. So whether FG or downs, we are still losing and still need to score.
I think just about every team in the league, if facing us under those circumstances, would go for it on 4th down. Six yards isn't automatic, but it also shouldn't be something we don't feel confident we can achieve. Am I wrong to think we showed a lack of confidence in our offense?

Jim: I think it showed confidence in the defense, and the defense let the team down by not getting a stop. And, Vrabel made that decision because he believed the defense would give the offense another chance, banking they'd put together a drive to get in FG range.

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Hi Jim. People are gonna freak out over Tannehill's performance, and understandably too. He threw 3 picks and lost the game for Tennessee. I also did a watch-through of the game and counted three times where Tannehill had a man wide open for a TD and either didn't see it or overthrew it. But I also wasn't exactly a fan of the snap count and play calling.
First of all, I'm not sure why Tyjae Spears is out here getting more snaps than Derrick Henry. I get the penalties set us back and forced us to pass more than we wanted to but let's not pretend that they weren't doing it on clear run downs too.
Another thing to add to passing more than we should've, you're simply not gonna win the game by giving the literal best player in MAYBE the history of the franchise 15 carries while also making Tannehill pass the ball 34 times. I feel like Tim Kelly got too cute and went away from what works.
I thought the offensive line did fairly well, considering they were up against one of the better defensive lines in the league. Dillard looked uninspiring, but I thought Skoronski did a nice job, same goes for Hubbard and Brunskill.
The defense looks as good as advertised. Arden Key is a beast, Autry was getting pressures left and right, and Tart was an absolute unit in the run game.
The offense needs to pick it up. Receivers were getting open, the offensive line stood their ground, but Tannehill man... he's just gotta do better.
Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get that off my chest. Have a good week, Jim. Let's get 'em next week!

Jim: Have a big week, Evan.

Jeremy Kain from Plattsburgh, New York
Jim, What a deflating start to the season. When your Defense holds the opponent to 16 points on the road, that needs to be a win. Tannehill clearly was not doing his job. But as the game approached halftime, it seemed to me that he wasn't the only one that needed to be questioned. After a big interception in the closing minute Tannehill was sacked. With multiple timeouts to use the Titans let the clock run out. The momentum changing interception was then minimized. Why not take a couple shots downfield? Tannehill obviously needed to work on his targeting and there is always the strong possibility of getting a PI call when you take a deep shot… In the second half the play calling double downed on Tannehill throwing the ball and veered away from using Henry. It's kind of hard to set up the play action pass when Henry is on the sideline. The touches Henry did get in the second half were in predictable running downs. I thought Tim Kelly was going to move away from that. Not only was Henry oddly absent too often in a tight low scoring game, Okonkwo, Burks and he had only eight combined targets out of Tannihill's 34 attempts. We might have a playoff ready Defense, but what took place in the second half offensively will not produce wins.

Jim: A lot of frustration in here, Jeremy, as you've seen by now. Thanks for taking the time.

Johnny Ray from Brandon, Mississippi
Jimmy. The loss to the bengals in 2021 with 3 pics and strong defense all the way to today looks so similar as a team. Last year defense played well and special teams, Oline, offense, injuries hurt us. Now fulton and hooker Already banged up. Our biggest questions going into this season was the decision to promote Kelly, Carter's assistant, and retain Aukerman. Those decisions were on full display Sunday. Now Kelly made some good calls, but we also didn't use Henry right. It is only week 1, but a 8 game losing streak and 0 TDS seems like a big hole. Are we done?

Jim: We're not done, Johnny, we're just getting started. With the season, that is…

Have a great week everyone!

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