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Tuesday Mailbag: Titans Fans React to Monday Night's Epic Comeback Win Over the Dolphins



What an incredible comeback by the Tennessee Titans.

Monday's 28-27 win over the Dolphins will go down as one of the greatest in franchise history, and I immediately began hearing from from fired-up fans.

I rounded up the reactions for a quick mailbag…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Reuben Alvear II from San Francisco, California
Comment: I am d@mn proud of the guys, Jim. Prior to this game I should have spoken on what my gut instinct was telling me. I knew the Titans would have to get after T. Tagovailoa to have a chance. 5 sacks and holding him to 240 passing yards was a good showing by the Titan D. Before the opening kickoff I honestly sensed Will Levis was gonna play well, and I also sensed the Titans would win in dramatic fashion. Right before the Dolphins last drive I thought to myself 'We need another sack, Harold.' Then, HLIII resoundingly finishes off Miami with his 3rd sack of the game. To quote Coach Mac: "Hell yes!!!" :D

Allan Stewart from Brookings, Oregon
Comment: Jim, Santa brought me a Christmas gift 2 weeks early but it was delivered by a roller coaster and not a sleigh! What a game! I am going to be walking Titan tall among the Sea Hawk and 9ers fans up here. Levis is the real deal! What a great game he played. We still shot ourselves in the foot too many times but after all it is Football. Hopely the team will build on this and keep it going. Merry Christmas.

Eric McClellan from Metropolis, Illinois
Comment: WOW! How do they expect us to sleep after a game like that? So many things happened in this game. Some good, some bad, some terrible and some terrific. Biggest takeaway I have from this performance is one word. Confidence. If nothing else, a win in a game like that on Monday Night Football is phenomenal for this franchise moving forward. Regardless of how the rest of the season plays out, this builds Confidence in the young players on this team looking ahead to the rest of the season and into next year. I was very "iffy" on Will Levis when we drafted him (and I am NOT a Tennessee Vol fan that hated the pick because he was a Wildcat, btw). But he is, THAT GUY that can lead this team. Look out next year folks, if we get this man some protection and another weapon, we will be on the rise. TITAN UP!

Don Danielson from Reno, Nevada
Comment: Last night's MNF Titans win was simply epic. I only wish I was plopped down in front of my TV to watch the epic victory. Oh, I enjoyed watching the 'back & forth' contest on my 45" flat screen TV from the comfort of my living room couch.... for the first 57-minutes. Then, the Titans began to implode at an exceedingly excruciating level. After "enjoying" the relative drama of the game, I could not bear to watch the last 2-3 minutes. It was such a disappointment. After all, the game was over. Right? How could Coach Vrabel let this one get away? Then, when I awoke this morning, I thought for sure there was either a final score 'typo', or at best, the numbers were transposed. Well, the disappointment is on me. "It ain't over till it's over".. & Vrabel KNEW that.

Vince Stringfellow from Waynesville, North Carolina
Comment: Hey Jim-- I have been a fan of this franchise forever, thru the ups and downs peaks and plateaus. I was wondering if you could ask Ms. Amy to see if the Houston Oilers fight song can be played a couple of times during the game. It goes like this:
"Houstons got the Oilers, the greatest football team ! They move the ball from goal to goal like no ones ever seen . We're in the air , we're on the ground always in control, cause if your talking Oilers, your talking super bowl, Cause we're the..
Houston Oilers! Houston Oilers! Houston Oilers number 1!! "...well thats the first verse anyway. I will be the old guy a few rows behind the home bench w/ my Warren Moon jersey on going completely nuts for my beloved team !! Thanks Jim!!!

Brandon Green from Brentwood, Tennessee
Comment: What an unbelievable comeback. Can't help but think about Wycheck watching that game from up above. It's a moment worthy of a name. I'll offer up one: The Mayonnaise Miracle

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Comment: Hey Jim, 2 days after the unfortunate passing of Frank Wycheck, we saw the "Miracle in Miami"... First, the loss of Frank is a crushing blow but OMG I don't care what happens next week or next season, this was an incredible win by the Titans team we all want to watch. Possibly the best game I've ever seen... top 5 at least. Will freekin Levis and DHop... the next Montana and Rice. Ok I'm a bit excited but it was impressive. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did, Jim!!

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
Comment: Well, Jim, this slice of humble pie tastes terrible, as it should. I didn't think we were going to win another game this season, and after the pick-6, muffed punt return and bad lateral I figured we were just finding more creative ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of...well...close losses.
I said last week that although overmatched roster-wise, our team always plays hard, and last night was no exception. Miami only scored because we gave them the ball on our doorstep *three times*, and even then we didn't make it easy. Kudos to the guys on D stepping up, especially with Simmons on the sideline. King Henry looked mortal last night but did bang in for two scores. And I thought Levis and D-Hop were spellbinding - even more impressive fighting uphill last night than they were in the dominant win over Atlanta. Loved seeing Levis' passion and confidence as we turned the tables on a great team.
I hope this win is a reset for our coaches and players. Yes, we're missing the playoffs, but we can to continue to Vrabel (new word meaning "play hard") to determine the core personnel for 2024 while the 1st/2nd year players get valuable experience that will only help going forward.

Seth Fischer from Lynchburg, Tennessee
Comment: Hey Jim, I know this is late but I am writing this on the tuesday after the game. Funny because i think mostly everybody (Including myself) had already given up on the Titans this week. And yet:
-The Offense Looked Greatly Improved
-The Defense Balled Out
-DHop played like his vintage self
-Special Teams was so much better
-The Titans controlled the game
And this was a game against the Miami Dolphins. I Think regardless of overall record this year, I think Titans fans can have hope, because I think the Titans were either winless against teams with a winning record last year, or close to that. The Titans have already beat 2 teams with winning records this year, and a couple teams that were pretty good last year. And, the Titans may have a shot at a playoff run? They need to win out at least, but with 2 games against a shorthanded Texans, 1 against the struggling Seahawks, and an effort like monday night against the Jags, and the Titans might squeeze into the Playoffs. Fingers crossed.

Terry Anderson from Glasgow, Kentucky
Comment: Wow what a win in Primetime. Never gave up. Great job fighting.

Jeffrey Busby from Terrell, Texas
Comment: First of all I would like to thank You for going into the CRAZZY state of Florida and doing a great job as You do every week. Now was that a great comeback or what. Do You thank the Titans can beat Houston next week? As it looks the Titans are the only team to win this week in our division. Have a great day and again thanks fer all You do and God bless.

Neil Carr from Bingley, United Kingdom
Comment: WOW!!! Great comeback!!! Just makes you wonder where we could have been had we played like this against 'lesser' teams. Either way, nice to see, and a very pleasant surprise for sure. Titan up!!!

Matt Myers from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Comment: Just read where you had started towards the press room after another heart break, I stayed up to watch a game I told myself I wasn't going to watch, mostly for the same reason, and then in the span of a minute I was mad at myself for staying up it was over. 14 points after such a hard fought game. I was thinking about how different this team will look in a few months. Then out of nowhere my favorite team showed up, they did what they have done for years now under Vrabel fought! People slam Vrabel and want him fired, I read it in your mailbag every week, this is exactly why he is there exactly why you keep him, it has been a tough season for sure but these guys aren't planning off-season adventures yet, they show up and fight, outmatched by a team that basically is an Olympic track team, they fought. Even with the obvious flaws in our roster a few breaks over the course of the season and we are talking about maybe being the division champs, with exactly this roster. So give our team and coaching staff a little credit everyone is so quick to hate on them! These guys are well coached even Garrors mistake I think was more a product of trying to make something happen to win, it didn't work out but I think he was just pushing. And watching Levis grow into a hell of a player was awesome. These guys have fight in them, and as a guy that grew up there I appreciate being tough, it's what middle Tennesseans are, and our team mirrors it! Have a blessed day sir!

Tom Meyer from San Antonio, Texas
Comment: Well Howdy Jim, My goodness what a game! working as a Santa at a mall I caught the last of the first half and the entire second half. I had told my wife that the Titans would probably get blown away in this one. I turned on the TV and was shocked at the score. I stream my games and the second half was buffering really bad so I missed the muffed punt and the bad toss to Henry. I had no idea of what had happened and the score was suddenly 27-13 Miami. I did get to see some impressive defense and some strong play from Levis and suddenly the score was 28-27 Titans. I thought I was going to have heart failure form stress when Miami had over a minute to score and they only needed a field goal to win. Geeze what a great game and hats off to the team for fighting hard. I did noticed I saw some names of players I hadn't seen or heard of on both sides of the ball. Where did these guys come from and why did it take so long to put them in as starters? I am sold on Levis, he has proven he can handle the NFL game ,he does have a ways to go but he is the real deal. What a fun game to try and watch! Thanks for what you do and everyone have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Stalder from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Comment: Hey, Jim. How does Vrabel feel about Levis winning the Angry Run Scepter this week? And don't be alarmed, the popping sound you heard was just the heads of several anti-Vrabel apologists suddenly coming free of their you-know-whats after the 2-point conversion and subsequent victory. If you listen closer, you can still hear the muffled whines of the remaining apologists through the baffles of their own entrails, as they try to convince themselves that Vrabel isn't an awesome coach…and also that they don't remember eating peanuts.

Mike Smithfield from Madison, Tennessee
Comment: Just an incredible comeback! And this win was a complete team effort with great coaching, Levis taking charge, great plays by Hopkins, Spears, and the rest of the offense, big stops by the defense, and a new punter that looked solid.
Middle TN really needed this. Between the tornados and Wycheck's passing, it has been a rough few days for the area and for Titans fans. I hope this win lifted everyone's spirits.

Caden Diehl from Spring Hill, Tennessee
Comment: Hey Jim, Wow. What a game. Super fun to watch. I think both defense and offense played a great game. There were a few big plays on defense we let slip, but overall, I think they played great. I love the fight in Levis and I think he's a keeper. My question for today is this: why do the Titans constantly run D Hen up the middle? Would you agree that most of his best runs are when he gets outside with some space? He can get up the field quicker, and can just body people along the way. The pitch/toss play that got away from us last night is kind of I mean. Your thoughts? Thanks for all you do to allow us fans to get a closer look at the team. Have a great week and TITAN UP.

Mark Allen from Apple Valley, California
Comment: Hi Jim. Im a long time Titan fan. I want a top five pick, but I also want that game to end exactly the way it did. Did King Henry make a diving catch for a first down? Watching DHop play football is fun. But I would be amiss not to congratulate the Defence for keeping the potent Miami offense to 6 points (minus the 21 points we gifted them). Awesome job! There has to be some good college players in the top 15 picks right?

David Johnson from McKenzie, Tennessee
Comment: I don't know what I'm angriest about. The Titans repeated fumbles in the game with Miami or at myself for turning the TV off after the last fumble. I could not believe the news this morning that the Titans won. My wife had fun chiding me about it. I laughed when I read your recap and admission you'd given up on the game, as well. Will Levis really is the real deal. If we can keep him healthy, he's going to be a foundational piece going forward.

David Buck from Germantown, Tennessee
Comment: Let's make some noise in the NFL world by winning out! Titans can do it!

Alan Ray from College Grove, Tennessee
Comment: Hey Jim. How do you like this eponymous sobriquet? WILL POWER!
Great win!

Heather Mims from Columbus, Ohio
Comment: This is Not a Question I am soooooooo Happy Right now then 2 We thought the Titans be out scored By the Dolphins Like they Did to other Teams we wasn't sure what would Had Happen
To Our Rookie Quarterback Will Levis He Did a Wonderful job He did Made a Mistake By throwing the Interception and the Dolphins scored That Right There was Frustrated I was in Bed watching it til they scored after I logged off Facebook for a Minute then came Back in I see everyone's comments and said that the Titans Coming Back after I saw Last was 13 tied Now it was Them 27 Titans 21 I was Like Yessssssss! And I was Praying 🙏 Hard for the Titans to win on the Road game when the Titans had the Ball I think Henry scored Touchdown 28 them 27 Oh My God! The Game was over I was Excited then today I celebrated singing 🗣🎶🎶and Dancing 💃 TITAN UP LET'S GET TITAN TOUGH LET'S WIN ALL THE WAY NEXT SUNDAY 17th 6-8
24TH OF DECEMBER 7-8 31st 8-8 IN January
9-8 The Titans should be able to get in the Playoff after they keep winning BE BLESSED JIM WYATT MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

Randy Porter from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Comment: The 2023 Tennessee Titans are the FIRST team in NFL history to make a 14+ point comeback in the final three minutes to win the game ! - Was it determination ?.. Was it over-confidence by Miami ?..Was it pure luck ?.. or, was it a nod to beloved Frank Wycheck and another "miracle", pulled off by the Titans ? Whatever it was, it was a stunner by any standard. In a game that seemed defined by massive blunders that gave Miami three, yes three touchdowns, as well as the continuing Titans mistakes, something happened. On this Monday night, in front of the NFL world, the Titans found a way to finally win instead of lose. The defense, without Jeffery Simmons, were a menacing presence the entire game and caught the usually high-powered Dolphins offense reeling most of the game. The offense, though not explosive, found itself facing a two touchdown hill to climb after gifting Miami with a big lead and little time remaining, then managed the unthinkable. The Titans were a massive 14+ point underdog coming into this game and were scoffed at any notion of them having a legitimate chance. Well, on this night, the laugh was on.. well, everyone. I'm left not knowing what else to say about this game, that may go down as one of the best Monday Night Football games ever seen, and possibly one of the biggest upsets ever achieved on prime time. Hats off to these Titans. While fans, friends and family are heartbroken over the loss of Frank Wycheck and sending their love to his family, these Titans made Frank proud tonight I think.. It was certainly a miracle.

Have a great week everyone!

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