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Tuesday Mailbag: Titans Fans Share Their Thoughts as the Season Ends, and the Offseason Moves Begin


NASHVILLE – The 2022 season is officially over for the Tennessee Titans.

The 2023 offseason is now under way, and already there have been some developments.

Following the team's season-ending loss to the Jaguars, the mailbag immediately began filling up. Some of you voiced your displeasure, others expressed a different sentiment.

I included a ton of comments/questions in here, and others will flow into the next mailbag.

Let's dive in as we embark on what's next…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Don Green from Knoxville, Tennessee
I'm proud of how our guys try, and confident that Josh Dobbs should be our #2 QB calling has got to be better. Predictable 1st down runs don't help Henry even if that's part of the mindset to "let him run". How we manage their passing game, either tighten up coverage or pressure their QB has to happen. OL line has to do their part, same for our receivers. Positives as we end the season....gutsy calls going for it on 4th and starting to see some long passes. And some trick plays keep their defense guessing. Looking forward to next season and what changes take place with staff and team. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Jim: Hi Don. Well, I've been getting a lot of emails about the playcalling on offense all season. On Monday, as I'm sure everyone has seen by now, head coach Mike Vrabel decided to make a change on his staff by parting ways with offensive coordinator Todd Downing. We'll see where things go from here…

Bobby Dréke from Prince George's County, Maryland
Valiant effort in a must win game. Todd Downing Showed all season long he couldn't call a second half. Dennis Daley should not play another down for us. Our strength and conditioning coach should be fired as well. This season should show Vrabel and Ownership that being cheap,stubborn and conservative in the off-season isn't not a formula for success in the NFL. We were swept by a team full of young talent and speed. The blue collar physical approach isn't going to work forever and might also be a reason for the inability to stay healthy. I still believe in Vrabel but he needs to look in the mirror as well 7 straight losses to end the yr after having a like 89% chance to make the playoffs better hurt enough for him to see that Downing's offense has been a liability for now 2 seasons. Last year we won in spite of the offense being bad, this year it was just awful and hurt the team. This game was a perfect example of everything that went wrong with this year's titans.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Bobby. You got your wish on Downing.

Greg Serheev from Bedminster, New Jersey
What a shocker, another Titans loss. This has got to be the biggest collapse in Titans history!!
7 straight losses
Can't score a TD in the second half to save their lives(THE ENTIRE SEASON)
4th string O-line
Horrific secondary!!! Especially the DBs!!
Receivers who can't catch or get open
An Absolute dismal meltdown of epic proportions !!!
I understand Jim, that you have to be positive and all but give me a break here!! The injuries are not an excuse. Every team has them and every team still manages to score more than a couple of TDs in the second half all season long.
Not looking forward to next year either because no one will make the necessary changes needed to win a Super Bowl. No one will get fired. No one will be held accountable and next year will be no different than this year!! If this was any other franchise there would be an entire house cleaning with dozens of people being released, let go and fired immediately!! It doesn't take a genius to figure that out but NOOOOO...not the Titans!! Lets just keep getting destroyed by terrible teams. Lets keep teaching the wrong techniques on how to cover receivers. Lets keep drafting bust after busts. What is going on here???!!!
Sick of this team!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Greg. I work for the team, so if you're looking for me to rip everybody and demand folks be fired you're coming to the wrong place. With that said, I don't have to be all "positive," and I've pointed out plenty of shortcoming in here. It's impossible to avoid during a seven-game losing streak. This year's team wasn't nearly good enough – injuries or not – and plenty of things need to be better moving forward.

Elden Neemia from Honolulu, Hawaii
Any regrets since now it's over for the season? My answer is not at all. Kind of understand to stick with reality if am honest with the details. Often people say doing the same thing expecting different result is insanity. True. Did mentioned before, regardless of who under center, the result is consistently about the same especially the score. Time to rest and move forward. Plenty work during off season. Thanks Jim for all you do. It's been an interesting season. Aloha!

Jim: Aloha, Elden.

Dannie Riley from Celina, Tennessee
When is someone going to mention the poor play calling?

Jim: Um, where have you been Dannie?

Jack Walker from Calabasas, California
Hey Jim. Well... Just the latest punch to the gut after 2 months of punches to the gut. I don't have any answers, Jim. I still think that handing off to DH in low probability situations is crazy. I'm speaking specifically about that 2nd down run on the last series. Ok, so 2023 season is several months away. How do we fix this? Probably start with a top 10 draft pick but we need around 5 round 1 draft picks, lol. We have a QB who has had injury issues and is aging. We have an OC who is too predictable. Great RB but can't run him into a stacked box every play. We have D backs who can't keep their hands off of opponents, our best wide receiver is a rookie TE... And we can't get pressure on the QB anymore. I'll just say it, Jim. I think this group of players has peaked.

Jim: The team will look a lot different next year, Jack. The Titans are scheduled to pick 11th, btw.

Fabian Salcedo from San Benito, Texas
All I want to know is, why didn't we throw the ball a bit more on first down? I truly believe that our offensive coordinator needs to go as this was one of those games that our play calling was just the same thing over and over again (like most of the year). Also, let's hope we get better lineman as this is one of the main reasons our quarterbacks had such a hard time. Furthermore, I want to thank our defense and their coordinator as they had the correct plays called most of the game. Thank you for allowing me and others to provide our views.

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Fabian.

Jamie Konitzer from Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Well Jim, we were finally put out of our misery on Saturday night. Now is it time to get into the Lamar Jackson sweepstakes?

Jim: No.

Carlos Perez from Columbus, Indiana
Hi Jim. Thanks again for all your great work. Tough loss, but proud of how the boys kept fighting (specially the defense, the King and Chig). The sole thing I can't understand is taking Henry off the field for the two most critical plays of the game. I think the team is an average OL unit and a WR away from being a real contender (along with getting rid of the injury bug). Is going to be a looong offseason, but I trust Amy Adams will bring the right GM on board and Vrabel will address the obvious OC issue we have. Titan Up!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Carlos.

Travis Storie from San Diego, California
: Have to be honest that I thought our team was going to lose (vs Jacksonville) before the game even started. It seems like they lost their drive and tenacity over the past few months…especially in the pass rush over the last several games. I don't know if it's the scheme from the coordinator or the players, but it's something that needs to be fixed. I also humbly believe that we need a new offensive coordinator. I hope you and your family enjoy the off-season and look forward to next year! TitanUp!!!!

Jim: Thanks, Travis. Best to you as well.

David Stalder from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jim. I'm too old and sick. I can't make it through a rebuild.

Jim: Stay strong, David!

Neil McGeehan from Derry, Island
Hey Jim, who would have thought this after the win at Lambeau!! Sadly the wheels came off. I think everyone who watches the team can see the problems and if they are fixed in the offseason, hope springs eternal! If they aren't fixed then next year could be even worse. Thank you for taking the time to interact with fans, i really enjoy reading the mailbag. Though i think some folks forget that you are a fan too!
Enjoy your summer Jim.

Jim: Hey Neil. I appreciate you reading. It's a long time until summer. Things are going to look a lot different around here by then.

Jordan Newbury from Cushing, Texas
The season is over and it's going to be a long offseason. I'm sure my comment won't be original but here it is. I truly hope that Mike Vrabel is still our HC come Monday. The man is a winner, but I do feel he's a bit stubborn with his philosophical approach to the game. I don't think it's a safe bet to play the ball control and great defense game any longer. I'll take a 38 to 31 victory over a 17 to 10 victory all day because at least I have a bit of security in knowing the offense can put points on the board in a hurry. Then again, as I wrote that last sentence, I thought about Arthur Smith's offenses that put up big points yet still no SB. I don't know what to think or even wish for, Jim. I suppose I'm just disappointed as many other Titans fans are. But hey, here's to next year! TitanUp!

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Jordan. Mike Vrabel isn't going anywhere.

John Donavan from Pullman, Washington
Question: was pretty unrealistic to expect a bunch of DoorDash drivers to beat an up an up-and-coming NFL team. The window has officially slammed shut in our be honest that door was closing fast before the year anyway. Time to rebuild, but that will be difficult considering the hole we are in with the cap and AWFUL contracts.
1. New GM with a brand new young personnel department that can evaluate talent.
2. New offensive philosophy...starting with a new OC.
3. Some self reflection from Vrabel -- EVOLVE... for the love of god please EVOLVE offensively.
4. Henry and Byard hold a team clinic on how to prepare your body in the offseason.
5. Need a stellar draft class.... Pleeeaase bring in some speed on both sides of the ball.
6. Need to cut selective veterans to create cap space.
- Lewan
- our 80 million dollar bust Dupree
- rework Tanny -- if he is gonna stay
7. For the love of god please overhaul the Oline.
There is a ton more to add to this list for the Titans to become REAL super bowl contenders. I just wonder how many number one seeds from the year before failed to make the playoffs....Just gross.
Enjoy the bad taste in our months for the next several months folks.

Jim: I appreciate the passion here, John. But c'mon, DoorDash drivers?

Cliff Cushman from Magnolia, Texas
Hey, J.W.!!! I don't know what the mailbag is going to look like, but I am as proud of this team as I have ever been. Playing the cards you are dealt is part of life. These guys played their asses off. Problem is that the ones suiting up were mostly rookies and UDFA's because so many vets were in and out of the lineup due to the injury bug. Continuity in football or any team sport is vital. Thankfully, we had a coach who can get these guys to focus and play each week. That was no small accomplishment. Man, I wanted that win! We were competitive, yet sloppy and outmatched personnel wise. This Dobbs kid can play, btw. Its obvious to me that we have the right head coach and the right owner. The other stuff, like filling the roster, I can only say that has to get fixed. This window for a SB run is closing fast. We need to address the offensive line and either get a hold of a beast at TE or FB to block for 22. Signing Simmons is a MUST and if that means releasing some players, so be it. Some, I suspect, will be retiring. I wanted to wrap this up by thanking the coaches, players, trainers and you J.W. for another exciting year!!!

Jim: The mailbag has been a rollercoaster so far, Cliff. Hang on…

Jose Rodriguez from Alamogordo, New Mexico
Tough season! We had a good chance at it but that is why is called the blind side. I definitely like Dobbs hopefully he will come back. Not all was lost we have good draft position. Proud of the guys on the effort. Wait to next year!

Jim: I thought Josh Dobbs did an admirable job myself, Jose.

Roberto Hernandez Jr. from Centennial, Colorado
I've been watching the Oilers/Titans since 1960 when George Blanda was the QB. Except for the Steve McNair days when they went to the Superbowl, I haven't been as proud of our players who played with the hand they were dealt and showed perserverance and tenacity. I have to admit I was on the fence on whether it would be better for the team to tank for a better draft position or play all out and let the chips fall where they may. Since they were competing for a playoff spot for me it was a no brainer. As Herm Edwards once said, "You play to win the game." I don't think the Titans need a complete rebuild. I think Taylor Lewan, Bud Dupree and Cunningham need to be cut to save cap space and maybe Tannehill's contract could be re-negotiated. Draft/FreeAgent picks for LT, WR, CB, LB, OG or OC. Pay Nate Davis, Jeffery Simmons. I just didn't see enough imagination from Todd Downing. When there are six or seven in the box someone should be able to get open for 5-7 yards on first down. But hey, I'm just a fan, not a coach. What do you think?

Jim: Hey Roberto. I think there will be plenty of changes. I wonder myself just how drastic they might be. And yes, I can't lie, I was frustrated by the team not mixing it up on first down as well.

Tim Brown from Kansas City, Missouri
First off I wanna thank jim for sitting here and taking this crap from us I appreciate it I just need someone to vent to and here's the perfect place. Second I wanna thank Joshua dobbs for sitting there and throwing a check down on a forth down with the game on the line. I think he might be the smartest man I know. And last and not least I wanna thank Todd downing for being one of the best offensive coordinators alive. "Sure the jaguars won't think I'm running the ball on first down after doing it the last fifty times" he's so intelligent. But in all seriousness fire the Todd downing please.

Jim: Hey Tim. I appreciate fans weighing in to voice their concerns/anger/appreciate, and to vent. It shows they care.

Randy Phillips from Mount Vernon, Illinois
There are so many things I would like to say about the game on Saturday night and the season in general, but I am going to keep it too a few statements and one big two part question. To any Titan's fan that thinks Mike Vrabel shouldn't be the Titan's HC next season that is ridiculous, and to any Titan's fan that thinks Todd Downing should be the OC next season that is beyond ridiculous (if the Falcons let Arthur Smith go then someone should call him ASAP). Now to my two part question: why is your best offensive player on the sidelines consistently on 3rd down (see Rex Ryan's thoughts on that), and why did the Titans try to throw the ball on the 3rd and 5 that was called a fumble and subsequent game winning TD? The defense was playing great in the 4th quarter and the Jags actually had -1 net yards! Try to run for the 1st down and if you don't get it make the Jags use a timeout and let Stonehouse pin the Jags by kicking it out of bounds or out of the back of the end zone. Make the the Jags earn the tie or the go ahead TD. That puts the pressure on the Jags to score. In closing to any Titan's fan that wanted the team to lose last night for a better draft pick an earlier draft pick does not guarantee a home run. Look at the Titan's lineup and one can see that some of the most talented players where not top 10 picks. Henry, Byard, Long, Autry, Simmons, and the one that got away AJ (watch Vrabel's reaction at the draft to see how he felt about AJ getting traded)! Hopefully the Titans can get some things lined out in the off-season and get back to winning next season!

Jim: Hey Randy. The Derrick Henry question became a popular one in here this season. I wish I had a great answer for you, but I've wondered myself. As for why they called a pass on 3rd and 5, I didn't have a problem with that – you play to win the game. The Titans were trying to put the game away. My question was: Why didn't the Titans have a play called where Dobbs could've gotten the ball out in a hurry, which would have prevented him from being hit? I am with you on going to 4th down and punting wouldn't have been the worst possible thing that happened. And, of course, the worst possible thing happened.

Chris Berry from Cleveland, Tennessee
That's all she wrote folks. Different week, same story of the defense playing well and the offense not doing enough. I think Downing will have to go, but it is tough to pin it all one place. The o-line personnel in last night's game wouldn't be recognizable with who would have been expected to play at the beginning of the season. Burks plus Woods was not close to replacing the loss of AJ Brown. Chig continues to impress me as a good pick last year and Hooper as a solid signing. Feels like we have a lot of holes to fill this offseason. Hopefully the Titans don't fill up a hospital with injuries again next year.
Do you think Dobbs has a place with the team next year? I'm curious what his money would need to look like compared to what we owe RT next season.

Jim: I like Dobbs. I'd like to see him back. But I'm not sure Dobbs is back if Malik Willis is back. I suspect Josh potentially earned more attention from folks elsewhere as a legit No.2. This is among the tough decisions the team will have to make.

Carol Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Before the critics start, because I know there will be many, I am sorry our season ended the way it has without a division title. However, considering all of the injuries and some of the turmoil it was to be expected. I hope over the rest of the year there will be some serious reflections on what needs to change because it's for certain some kind of change is sorely needed. I hope during the draft in April better decisions will be made about the players we need to keep and those we need to trade. I will end the way I have since the one time we actually made it to the Super Bowl: There's always next season and the start of that season is less than 9 months away. TitanUp.

Jim: Best to you, Carol.

Jeff Gray from Katy, Texas
Why did the Titans stick with Dobbs? If your offense can't score in the second half the ENTIRE year then he obviously can't make adjustments and surly should not be leading any offense except maybe at a high school. And should Vrabel be fired if he can/s see the writing on the wall?

Jim: So you're telling me you wanted the team to go to Malik on Saturday night?

Dan McFall from Four Oaks, North Carolina
Well Heck, 2 plays, that was the difference. Josh Dobbs thank you. Way to come in and make an impact. I hope they keep you on the team. Im disappointed in the outcome but proud of the effort. Hopefully the O line will be addressed in the off season and that will solve a lot of problems. Defense did a good job again. Get some rest guys. I'll be here next year rooting as loud as ever. Coach Vrabel, thanks again, You're still one of the Best in the league. Jim thanks for all you do keeping us updated. Come Back Stronger TItans. I'm Out......

Jim: Appreciate it, Dan.

Rick Foltz from Harrisburg, North Carolina
: Hello Jim Happy New Year to you and yours.
I just finished watching this final game. Just saying a fifth grader could have been the defensive coordinator against this Titans offense. Every first down was predictable, and there was nothing that surprised this Jacksonville D at all. I looked into Doug Peterson's crystal ball as well and see some frustrating seasons coming our way Hopefully some coaching and player personal looks completely different next season.

Jim: Thanks for weighing it, Rick.

John Roberts from Delray Beach, Florida
Jim. Season ticket holder for almost 20 years. Comment rather than question.
The fans and season ticket holders are stakeholders just as much as the players coaches and owners.
We deserved better, especially with the quality of the coaching staff, specifically the coordinators.

Jim: The head coach fired four of his assistants yesterday, John.

Carol Knipper from Sevierville, Tennessee
Do you think Coach Mike Vrabel will be back next year? I hope so!! He's a Great Coach!!

Jim: Yes.

Pat Keely from Aurora, Illinois
Hey Jim, you do a helluva job covering the Titans and keep up the great work!
First off, I'm grateful for Damar Hamlin's recovery and hope the trend continues, but more importantly, Denny Kellington is truly a hero for saving his life under very difficult circumstances. I take it the Titans training staff will definitely be doing a refresher on this as we hope this doesn't happen again, ever.
Back to the Titans...Honestly, this was a tough season (and loss tonight) but this team needs to heal and figure out their roster....the injuries really piled up and it goes back to my argument about the cba. There needs to be 4 preseason games and players need more practice in training camps. I feel like the # of injuries have piled up all over the nfl because of the new cba.
Your thoughts on this?
The Titans have really taken it on the chin these last 2 years with the injury bug. I think after the Cincy loss, I came to the realization that this team was in trouble in terms of depth and etc., as my expectations dwindled with each loss. It was really hard to keep up with the new names on the roster but those kids played their hearts out deserve a lot of credit.
Here's hoping the team heals up and gets ready for '23!
Also, is there a possibility that RT may be released and the Titans may pursue Carr?
Titan Up!

Jim: Thanks, Pat. Wishing the best for Damar is something we all can agree on. … I talked to Ryan on Monday, and he expressed his desire to come back. We'll see if he gets his wish. The Titans need to decide on their OC and GM before deciding what to do moving forward at QB.

Jeffrey Busby from Terrell, Texas
: I thank the Titans were robbed on that fumble in the game. Dobbs arm was going forward. Also the call was made all full fast. Too fast to make a call. I have one question. What do You think the Titans will do at QB in the off-season?

Jim: I was shocked to see it decided so quickly, although I have to admit, I think it was the right call. See above on the QB situation.

Richard Colestock from St. Cloud, Florida
Hi again, Jim....sadly it'll be a while before we chat again but even after 6 straight loses we sure didn't lay down and give it to them!
I thought Dobbs it a really good job considering being with the team for 17 days....I hope somebody considers keeping him on the roster for next year. I think he deserves a least.
Observation: I believe our season would have been drastically different if Jon hadn't kicked Brown to the curb....horrible move!!
Vrabel deserves a lot of credit ...he gets the most out of what he has...the players play their hearts out for him.
2023 will be better for Titan nation but it won't be that easy anymore...the Jags are here to stay so TITAN up.
Have a great summer Jim!

Jim: The Titans desperately missed A.J. this season, no doubt about it. The Jaguars closed the year strong, but saying they're here to stay is pretty optimistic for a team that's been irrelevant for a long time. Props to them for winning the division, but let's not rush into making them the NFL's next dynasty.

Don Green from Knoxville, Tennessee
I'm proud of how our guys try, and confident that Dobbs should be our #2 QB calling has got to be better. Predictable 1st down runs don't help Henry even if that's part of the mindset to "let him run". How we manage their passing game, either tighten up coverage or pressure their QB has to happen. OL line has to do their part, same for our receivers.
Positives as we end the season....gutsy calls going for it on 4th and starting to see some long passes. And some trick plays keep their defense guessing.
Looking forward to next season and what changes take place with staff and team.
Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Jim: Thanks for staying in the loop, Don.

Russell Alexander from LaVergne, Tennessee
Hi Jim. I guess it is time for the Titans to start getting ready for the draft. Quick question. Has the NFL contacted Vrabel yet and apologized for calling the clear forward pass by Josh Dobbs a fumble and pretty much costing the Titans the game? Time to start preparing for 2023!

Jim: Yep, time to start preparing for 2023…

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
Sorry. to see the season end this way against one of our menaces, but I appreciate the effort by our team in this one. There were some terrible calls by the refs and that fumble, sure looked like a forward pass to me, but that is football! Lose some, win some! Dobbs looked decisive and the D line, like all year, put forth their best. The OL needs some corrections for sure as well as the secondary, so obvious! Burks has been hurt off an on all year and seems to can't catch the ball at the most opportune times! Looks like a bust to me. We need to cut our losses and move on! The Jags are the new Titans and found a way to win when needed. I remember those games when we made a run to the Super Bowl and Fisher declared Jacksonville "our home away from home"! Ah, those were the days! Now, to dream about our picks for the next draft and hopefully we make some good ones. Looks like some rebuilding years are coming, so buckle up everyone, it could be a long few years before we put the team on our backs and get some respect when we deserve it! Jim, I will finish this off by wishing you and yours a very happy New Year and a huge thank you for keeping us up to date on all things Titan!

Jim: Happy New Year, Joe! Have a great 2023!

Randy Porter from Hendersonville, Tennessee
: Well Jim,after seeing some other holiday Mailbag offerings, I thought I would close out '22 and start '23 with one more -

''Twas the last chance at playoffs, after getting some rest,
in hopes that this game, would shows us their best.
The stadium was filled, with foot-stomping fans,
some dressed up like cats, screaming "Trevor's our man!"
The Titans walked in, with a new quarterback,
with Tannehill hurt, from too many sacks.
The mission was clear, to win at all costs,
forgetting the things, that had them so lost.
They all took the field, we had the ball first
a quick 3-and-out, then things just got worse.
Our defense came on, with blood in their eye,
but the secondary let Jags receivers go by.
Our offense came back, feeling calm and relaxed,
but protection broke down, which led to more sacks.
"On Dobbs, on Burks, on King Henry too",
"block Brewer, block Levin, and block Jordan Roos",
Protect our poor QB, they're coming in fast,
but they ran right by Daley, as they've done in the past.
Dobbs, twisted and turned, doing the best that he could,
but then lost the ball, like they hoped that he would.
And that's how it ended, it really was sad,
for the Titans we love, to have a season this bad.
But as a new year emerges, they know what to do,
start making some changes, that's long overdue.
When Miss Amy walked out of the stadium that day,
she didn't look happy, and they all heard her say -
"Out coaches, Out players, and those that don't fit,
enough is enough, I'm tired of this.."stuff" (sorry, I couldn't think of a rhyming word with "fit")
As for the fans, there's always next season I guess,
we'll use the time off, to forget this years mess.
But at least we have Mailbag, so we'll all be alright,
So Happy New Year To All, and To All a Good Night !

Jim: All these poets, and I didn't know it… Thanks Randy.

Have a great week everyone!

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