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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – It's Tuesday, and today is the official reporting date for Titans training camp.

I'm reporting for duty for the latest Titans mailbag.

We're getting straight into this one…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Joe Levickis from Joelton, Tennessee
Hey Jim! Looking forward to some Titans football this fall! I was wondering what you thought about the competition at Right Tackle? I think in a normal year you'd have a lot more reps to base a starting decision on. Do you feel like Dennis Kelly has a little more of an edge because of his familiarity with the system and trust with the Coaching Staff? I have to imagine live reps against Defensive Linemen are going to be just a fraction of what they would be in a normal year.

Jim: Hey Joe. Well, my thinking is Dennis Kelly is the present, and Isaiah Wilson is the future. When that future begins as it relates to a starting spot really depends on how quickly Wilson can get comfortable and assert himself. But keep in mind Dennis has done a solid job every time he's been called upon – he's a solid player, and that's why he was signed to an extension. My expectation is Dennis will be the starter in Week 1. I'm looking forward to seeing Isaiah in camp, but he's got a lot of catching up to do and the lack of OTAs, minicamp and preseason games has made his job a lot harder as a rookie.

Rex Greene from Athens, Alabama
What's you take on no UDFAs being cut yet? Most think young players are at a disadvantage. Do you believe the Titans have a different idea?

Jim: Hey Rex. Good observation. I've noticed when teams around the NFL started trimming their rosters to get to 80 players, a lot of them parted ways with their undrafted free agents. The Titans have taken a different approach right out of the gate. The Titans waived/released six players on Sunday -- defensive lineman Amani Bledsoe, linebacker Nigel Harris, tight end Cole Herdman, receiver Trevion Thompson, guard Zac Kerin, and running back Shaun Wilson (waived-injured) – to get to 81 and not one undrafted free agent was in the group. My take: The Titans know what they have/had in the guys they released, and now they want a chance to evaluate the undrafted rookies for a couple of weeks. If the team ultimately decides some of the earlier releases are better, then they could potentially swap them out as long as they're still available.

Steve Schmoldt from Antioch, Tennessee
Hi Jim, if the games this year are played without fans in the seats, will they pipe in crowd noise to celebrate a good play? And if so, will they also pipe in the crowd booing for a bad play or botched call from the officials? By the way, I'm really looking forward to watching the Titans this year!

Jim: Hey Steve. A lot of things are currently being discussed. At the top of the list: Finding ways to get fans in the seats. The team continues to work with the NFL, state and local officials on a solution for fan attendance at Titans games this season. So that's the focus for now. If that doesn't happen, then it's on to Plan B.

Willie Davidson from Clinton, Tennessee
Hello TITAN I am wondering how about shutdown corner from Clinton, TN that's 6'2 can show his GOD-given talent to the TITANS!!! $$ which I can be that Tyreek Hill problem.... My nickname is The BLANKET. PASS TO THE COACH PLEASE. I'M BITING AT THE CHANCE!!!

Jim: Hey Willie. You sound like a heck of a prospect! I'll let the GM know. Btw, my nickname on the intramural basketball courts in college was "The Dentist." I had a jumpshot so sweet it would give you cavities... I still don't know why the NBA never called. Hope you have better luck.

Demetrius Arnold from Phoenix, Arizona
Hi Jim it's me again. This time my question is about Corey Davis. With all the attention on Derrick Henry the play action should make it easier for Ryan and the receivers. Do you think Corey Davis will have the break out season we thought he would have had last year? Thanks again and always TITAN UP!

Jim: Hey Demetrius. Good to hear from you again. I agree the presence of Derrick Henry should free up things for all the receivers, from Corey to A.J. Brown to Adam Humphries to tight end Jonnu Smith, and others. I like Corey – I think he's an underrated receiver who is a really good pro and teammate. And heading into the final year of his contract, he's especially motivated.

Adam Finlan from Columbia, Tennessee
I am a Down syndrome my name is Adam we went to the training camp with Marcus Mariota years ago in 2016 with special Olympics good luck for super bowl Tennessee Titans underdogs Derrick Henry is a dark horse good luck.

Jim: Hi Adam. Thanks for writing in. I hope you had a great time when you came to training camp. You met a really nice guy in Marcus, and I'm sure he enjoyed meeting you as well. I'll tell Derrick and everyone you said good luck. Have a great day.

Mike Frahm from Correctionville, Iowa (Small town...not a prison)
Hi Jim. There are so many people wondering about Jadeveon Clowney, but I think he just wants to get paid and not put in the work. Seattle traded a 3rd. pick and a couple of players to Houston for him. Do you think the Titans could pull off a deal like that with the Jaguars for Yannick Ngakoue?

Jim: Hey Mike. Hope all is well. I don't hate this idea, because I think Ngakoue is a heck of a player. If the Jaguars do end of trading him, however, I'd be shocked if they traded him to a team they keep looking up to in the division standings.

Gregory Hanserd from Nashville, Tennessee
Morning Jim. I'm concerned with getting into the games as a season ticket holder. How many will be allowed and how will they choose? Are they refunding games or applying it to next year?

Jim: Hey Gregory. As I mentioned to Steve earlier, the organization continues to work with the NFL, state and local officials on a solution for fan attendance at Titans games this season. Right now, it's a fluid situation. If fans are allowed, it's not going to be anywhere close to capacity, I can tell you that. If the team is allowed to host fans this season, seating charts will be reorganized to comply with social distancing guidelines and other health requirements, and new seating options will be emailed to season ticket members in the coming weeks, upon approval from government authorities. Season ticket members have also been given the option for refunds and deferrals. Wish I could tell you more. Stay tuned.

David Buffington from Bastrop, Texas
Did the Titans sign Jadeveon Clowney?

Jim: Believe me, David – if this happens, you'll know.

Mark Gartrell from Milton, Indiana
Hi Jim. First time writing in, long-time fan since big Earl's famous Monday night game against the Dolphins, been hooked ever since. We've been teased through the decades with teams with Super Bowl caliber but never quite getting there. I think with the direction the team is going and with the support coming from the top starting with Mrs Adams and on down, this should be a dynasty in the making!!
Secondly, I think I have a possible solution to issue of players kneeling for the National Anthem. My thought is the players saluting while they kneel, which will show respect for the military but still supporting the need for change in our nation for social injustice. Thanks for reading. Titan Up!!!

Jim: Thanks for sharing this, Mark.

Steven Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
With no preseason this year what do you think is the Titans' record is this year?

Jim: 0-0 at the start of the regular season.

Have a great week everyone!

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